Where Are All the Bob Ross Paintings? We Found Them. 

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Bob Ross painted more than 1,000 landscapes for his television show - so why are they so hard to find? Solving one of the internet’s favorite little mysteries.

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12. juli. 2019





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beardalaxy Time siden
atinywaist ‘
atinywaist ‘ 2 timer siden
the spongebob music in the back--
Buboous 2 timer siden
I just wish they would create a bob ross gallery so fans could visit
stephen 3 timer siden
Meanwhile Bill Alexander, Ross' teacher and the originator of this style and format languishes in obscurity. Very, very sad.
Rafael 4 timer siden
I wanted to know why Bob thought his paintings wouldn't be in the Smithsonian museum. :!
MT Guy
MT Guy 6 timer siden
I sort of wish all those people featured in the video would get together and select maybe 20 representative Bob Ross paintings and sell reprints of them, never letting go of the originals. Maybe do as Paul Newman did and donate to a charity for children like St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. Leaving them in boxes is not a good way to go. That said, this piece made me laugh out loud a few times and I would up all teared up about the impact this guy had on anybody who ever watched him paint. I know I learned a lot about how to appreciate good art from the lessons he gave us.
Steve Häsler
Steve Häsler 7 timer siden
Yes, obviously ther should be a Bob Ross museum, but part the visitor revenue should fund arts programs in schools and for retired people.
Warpgatez 7 timer siden
I’m pretty sure SamadanWoW and Bob Ross are doppelgängers. One went towards painting, the other video games/digital art.
Sky Buddy
Sky Buddy 9 timer siden
We watched this in our art class lol
bismeqo filimdo
bismeqo filimdo 9 timer siden
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Heliophobix Media
Heliophobix Media 10 timer siden
6:16 Is having peanut butter on your desk a normal thing in the states? Just asking...
Kilo Mintoni
Kilo Mintoni 7 timer siden
If you have a good job and you like peanut butter, yes.
Saartje05 13 timer siden
Lot of his paintings are here in the museum in my village in The Netherlands. First world exhibition.
Conexão Walden
Conexão Walden 13 timer siden
Melissa Andrade
Melissa Andrade 19 timer siden
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Henry 20 timer siden
It's amazing the impact someone can have on others throughout time
LazerWolf 21 time siden
Thanks Twitch
Ellen Nelly Rody
Ellen Nelly Rody 23 timer siden
Have a gallery, create profit to create an organization for children or something! Spread the joy of art
Max Headroom
Max Headroom Dag siden
5:12 reminds me of someone that failed art school
Mayank Dhama superstar
Nick Light
Nick Light Dag siden
his perm? are you STUPID that is his natural hair, and next there are several bob ross here at our museum of art
12amcoffee Dag siden
this feels like a casey neistat video
daffy duck
daffy duck Dag siden
Make a bob Ross museum!!!!
Sundraw Sun
Sundraw Sun Dag siden
Happy lil trees 🌲🌲🌲
L Bormi
L Bormi Dag siden
Hey it's that song from Spongebob.
Mahiyat Safiyullah
Do they at least have Bob Ross gallery as that would be cool I would not want to own one for fear of damage but to have a gallery of his art would be cool.
hy dw
hy dw Dag siden
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Maureen R.
Maureen R. 2 dager siden
If you don't want to sell them you should show them. So much good can come of it.
Maureen R.
Maureen R. 2 dager siden
Somebody should open up a Bob Ross Museum and all the proceeds go to saving the happy little animals that he loved in life.
name 2 dager siden
ugh my heart breaks to realize that 10:24 he would talk like that to Bob, he's so mellow, why would anyone talk like that to Bob. :(
Ștefana Dag siden
I don't know the context there, but to me it looks like the host is only reacting to Bob's belief that his work would never be displayed in a museum. The host is incredulous, and asks him to say that out loud. Bob gives in and admits that "well, maybe it will, but probably not the Smithsonian". The host continues, by asking why he thinks that. At least that's how interpreted it. Bob was being modest, and the host was trying to argue the opposite.
Lord Farquad
Lord Farquad 2 dager siden
I miss Harold
Not sure why they don't let people who love Bob Ross buy his painting and let the world enjoy them..instead of keeping thousands of paintings in boxes...
Mister J
Mister J 2 dager siden
The video made me cry.
Derek Beaton
Derek Beaton 2 dager siden
Love to own one🇨🇦✌🏻🇨🇦 great show great painter 🇨🇦👏🏻🇨🇦 RIP Bob Ross🙏
Harriett Neeley
Harriett Neeley 2 dager siden
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Amogus 2 dager siden
What are you trying to say?
Derek Beaton
Derek Beaton 2 dager siden
Raymond Cruz
Raymond Cruz 2 dager siden
I miss Bob, as a child it was so serene and beautiful to watch him to his thing. I never touched a brush I was so in awe of his skill and imagination. RIP you will never be forgotten!
sickmyduck 2 dager siden
what a meme 😂 nosections.info/green/paRyfJ-aaoOwnLY/video.html
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 2 dager siden
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blah kjboub blah
blah kjboub blah 3 dager siden
I think if they auctioned off one of his paintings for charity it could potentially do something very great and dramatically change lives. I never knew bob but I wonder if he'd prefer that over having them sit in a room gathering dust.
ZombieLadyGames 3 dager siden
We need a Bob Ross museum
Ian Oliver
Ian Oliver 3 dager siden
I just discovered Bob several weeks ago on BBC TV Channel 4. Fantastic painter with a soft, compassionate feel for his art. But Bob, man, your paintings, although quite beautiful, were very dark and a bit sombre. Anyway, a wonderful human being - RIP sir!
Will Panda
Will Panda 3 dager siden
I used to manage an art gallery and the way they store these paintings is making me cringe so hard, I'd be shot if I ever stacked a painting on top of another.
Beulah Taunya
Beulah Taunya 3 dager siden
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Sushi Mii
Sushi Mii 3 dager siden
All I can think about after kowalski is KOWALSKI ANALYSIS
Rob Appleby
Rob Appleby 4 dager siden
Good god those "paintings"... lol.
Uth O
Uth O 4 dager siden
Bob Ross was my childhood during the 2000s. I thought I was the only nerd who watched him growing up. I love that his millennial cult following has emerged in recent years
Ladyoz0659 4 dager siden
I think it's a shame that all his beautiful work is locked away in the dark where nobody anywhere can enjoy it. They should start auctioning some of them off and use the funds to create a Bob Ross Art Scholarship Fund. I think Bob would like that happy little idea.
Jopa 4 dager siden
Annette Kowalski is someone who got more beautiful with age, shes someone you could listen to for hours :)
Sailor Mars
Sailor Mars 4 dager siden
i didn't understand why they don't sell the paintings, are they waiting to get more expensive with time?
lch jr
lch jr 4 dager siden
I was never impressed with his product, but always amazed with his technique and personality. Bless you Bob Ross, the Mr. Rogers of painting. And, great story, great interviews, great people.
Fabio Communications
Fabio Communications 4 dager siden
These people knows about marketing.
Максим Пелецкий
Варламова не узнать, постарел то как :)
TeachMe Senpai
TeachMe Senpai 4 dager siden
millions? probably billions in the new future
Donald Gray
Donald Gray 4 dager siden
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Ενυδρείο Τροπικά ψάρια
I’m from Greece 🇬🇷 and they had he’s tv show on Greek tv . Rip Bob Ross thank u for being a beautiful person for the world. God bless your soul
1337Jogi 4 dager siden
Yes - let them rot in Boxes instead of giving the paintings the ability to inspire people and make them happy. Truly a great idea. What a bunch of imbecils.
Maa'khina 5 dager siden
Painted my first one today and it came out rather well. RIP Bob Thank you
Xeliicious 5 dager siden
7:49 Seeing people mention "JOEL" in the chat here makes me laugh
Roger Szmodis
Roger Szmodis 5 dager siden
Did he really want his paintings packed in boxes out of sight in some storage unit?
Lucky otaku
Lucky otaku 4 dager siden
I think he most likely he wanna people to see them be inspired by them not inside box’s hope someone sooner take over the place and put them all in a gallery for the world to see
Шаyн Гаспаров
No interest on selling? Thousands of paintings why not make an art gallery; earn from tickets (visitors) to preserve the paintings. After all paintings decay for like a decade or more.
Omar Mugica
Omar Mugica 5 dager siden
Sincerity is eternal
aͨnͧgͭeͤl 6 dager siden
what lovely video composition. its edited, looks and feels like a documentary that should be almost an hour but its only 10 minutes long. not very long and easy to digest. i love it! bob was a great man and im glad people are respecting him to this day. his paintings should be in a special museum i think!
Kyarah makes art
Kyarah makes art 6 dager siden
“Lets build a happy little cloud. Lets build some happy little trees.” ― Bob Ross
don dark
don dark 6 dager siden
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muece 6 dager siden
So happy that his belongings are in such sweet hands. The people who work there seem just as kindhearted as Bob Ross did
street urchin
street urchin 6 dager siden
Wonderful video
Aly K
Aly K 7 dager siden
His channel has 4.52 million subs now!
Sangpuia Sangpuia
Sangpuia Sangpuia 7 dager siden
Delbert Daphne
Delbert Daphne 7 dager siden
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Donald Rohrbacher
Donald Rohrbacher 7 dager siden
Tears for Happy Little Bob Ross
Benji37 7 dager siden
:( I want bob Ross back :,(
flightvision 8 dager siden
Barbara's = Bob Ross (American English)
Carlos Mancilla
Carlos Mancilla 8 dager siden
OVERRATED, he was never seen painting a face, a human body or an animal. His paintings are not art, they are handicrafts. He didn't know how to mix colors. In short, he did not know how to paint.
Mark Lopez
Mark Lopez 8 dager siden
He should have a museum like Andy Warhol.
sxyangeleyez 8 dager siden
I would cherish a painting forever my first thought. I never knew he was this big. I am 52 I watched him growing up my whole life on public channel 45 in Ohio BUT I learned about him from my grandmother who used to watch in Wisconsin
Verona Ni
Verona Ni 8 dager siden
We'll forever miss you
TANK USHER 8 dager siden
He was actually the man back then.. Like one of the only few Painters who had a TV show..
chestikov2011 9 dager siden
Nancy Kominski was better.
Silverback Gorrilla
Silverback Gorrilla 9 dager siden
They should make a museum with his paintings. A Bob Ross Museum. Plenty of one-author museums around Europe, so why not a Bob Ross museum in the US?
OliviaLynne Doherty
OliviaLynne Doherty 10 dager siden
The idea to not sell them is one I agree with. But, if they ever opened a Bob Ross art museum i'd be in line days before it opened.
Katie Willson
Katie Willson 10 dager siden
So basically his art cannot be enjoyed and felt because they refuse to let them travel to every corner of the world to spread happiness. 😥 When will they let them fly?
Melinda 10 dager siden
people are being selfish. as soon as an artist passes away, everyone wants to take their work and sell it off for others to see. why are we touching Bob’s life works? trying to sell them? can we stop touching history and trying to sell it?
Tabitha Bailey
Tabitha Bailey 10 dager siden
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J M 10 dager siden
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Ced Ed
Ced Ed 10 dager siden
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Pokojni Toza
Pokojni Toza 11 dager siden
Walt Kowalski (used to work for the CIA) *my brain* : did he put Bob to human lie detector like DeNiro?
huey ho
huey ho 11 dager siden
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MADDOXXX 11 dager siden
It is a shame that such work of art are now lying in boxes.
sakii samii
sakii samii 12 dager siden
no one: the video: ques in the sad spongebob theme
Plum 12 dager siden
He ate them
reggiep75 12 dager siden
07:15 - I couldn't help at the cartoon image and the guy saying 'Bob Ross!'
Blanca Henderson
Blanca Henderson 12 dager siden
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William Butler
William Butler 12 dager siden
Bob and that older lady had a thing going on
Miyakocchi 12 dager siden
I thought it'd be a video about the real life places (landscapes) where the creation of the paintings took place :')) It was still a great video, of course.
Reveluv LP
Reveluv LP 12 dager siden
1:25 excuse me is there any people that have profesional to open a frikin box
Mason Nguyen
Mason Nguyen 12 dager siden
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Eva de Jonge
Eva de Jonge 12 dager siden
6:06 harold