NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Landing Animations 

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Animations for media and public use. This reel depicts key events during entry, descent, and landing that will occur when NASA’s Perseverance rover lands on Mars February 18, 2021. In the span of about seven minutes, the spacecraft slows down from about 12,100 mph (19,500 kph) at the top of the Martian atmosphere to about 2 mph (3 kph) at touchdown in an area called Jezero Crater.

Perseverance will seek signs of ancient microbial life on Mars, collect and cache Martian rock and regolith (broken rock and dust), characterize the planet's geology and climate, and pave the way for human exploration of the Red Planet.

For more animations and video of the NASA’s Mars 2020 Perseverance rover go to vimeo.com/420043274

For more information about Perseverance, visit mars.nasa.gov/perseverance

Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech



21. des.. 2020





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Ayush rathore
Ayush rathore 14 timer siden
Yashkant Sharma
Yashkant Sharma Dag siden
Jacob Pilch-Bisson
Jacob Pilch-Bisson 2 dager siden
The mindless walk amazingly store because silica increasingly educate beyond a honorable protocol. crabby, juicy fountain
dαvíd ff
dαvíd ff 2 dager siden
whích cαmєrα cαpturє thíѕ?
A Gilbert
A Gilbert 4 dager siden
I would like to reproduce this for a free educational escape room that I am using with schools in the UK, please can you advise me who to contact re copyright. Thanks
J Mayes
J Mayes 4 dager siden
Fun fact: Perseverance landed on Mars on my birthday
Pavitra dixit
Pavitra dixit 5 dager siden
The Nevada desert is looking beautiful under orange filter 😳😍
WARJRI F.F 6 dager siden
Edit everywhere
Diggs5012 8 dager siden
These are animations lol. Thanks I guess
Abracadabra 10 dager siden
who are you
who are you 10 dager siden
Isko record kisne kiya aline ne🤣🤣
Global Media
Global Media 12 dager siden
really an awesome animation...👍👍✔✔
Sahil.✌️✌️ 12 dager siden
This is fake video
TimePro 9 dager siden
Its an ANIMATION. It says it in the title even.
Prasanth Thor
Prasanth Thor 13 dager siden
We are aliens from mars
Asifa Ansar
Asifa Ansar 14 dager siden
It was literally looking that it was fictional when the rocket was using thrusters to get the rover on the surface 😂
layne nadon
layne nadon 15 dager siden
Sic. Lived it.
Mahbubul Hasan
Mahbubul Hasan 15 dager siden
i want to visite nasa
SpaceX super fan
SpaceX super fan 18 dager siden
Puneeth R
Puneeth R 19 dager siden
It reminds me off wall E
Гулден Баймолдаева
Unbelievable! 👍👏❤️
Nirjhar Bhatnaagar
Nirjhar Bhatnaagar 21 dag siden
I wan't to know. Why Dirt Repellent paint is not used on the MARS Rover and Panels..It Could be useful there since no one is around to clean it.?
MITCHELL LANDREY 17 dager siden
@Nirjhar Bhatnaagar Yeah, you're correct: using solar panels on Mars is not a sensible idea. While they would last longer than batteries or RTGs, Mars does have an atmosphere, and it does have winds, and so sand can be blown around and onto solar panels, or dust storms can block out the sun for months (dust storms on Mars are on an insane scale). The fact that they aren't using an RTG either means 1. They haven't stolen-- I mean, designed any RTG yet. 2. They don't have a lot of available radioactive elements in their mines.
Nirjhar Bhatnaagar
Nirjhar Bhatnaagar 17 dager siden
@MITCHELL LANDREY At Least got a reply from JPL :)
Nirjhar Bhatnaagar
Nirjhar Bhatnaagar 17 dager siden
@MITCHELL LANDREY Why China is using Solar Panels then..if i'm not wrong .! for small electronics..hmm..since sun is not so strong there.. right.? Thx
MITCHELL LANDREY 18 dager siden
1. I don't really think dirt repellant paint is a thing 2. Martian sand and dust is fine and electrostatic, so no paint would really work 3. Perseverance uses an RTG, which uses the heat of radioactive decay to produce an electrical current through conductive metals; basically it's nuclear, and doesn't need solar.
Винни Пух
Винни Пух 22 dager siden
Alexis kenndy
Alexis kenndy 22 dager siden
god blessed human's bring
Melstrom Astral
Melstrom Astral 23 dager siden
Yep. This is what earthlings achieved after millions of years of evolution.
Melstrom Astral
Melstrom Astral 23 dager siden
Yo, the quality of this is heck awesome.
Burn TraitorNation
Burn TraitorNation 24 dager siden
all such human impact should be remediated
dom roch
dom roch 27 dager siden
I like perseverance rover becoz its larger, heavier and has more cameras and gets samples for MARS SAMPLE RETURN
DHEERAJ SOLANKI 27 dager siden
Who took the rover landing shorts on mars
ruben subaru
ruben subaru 28 dager siden
why don't they put real images? only 3d, they never went to the red planet !!
Alaa Daqqa
Alaa Daqqa 28 dager siden
#GazaUnderAttack 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 #Palestine_Under_Attack 🇵🇸 🇵🇸 #غزة_تحت_القصف
Pics Reviews
Pics Reviews 28 dager siden
This animation looks so real 👍
Ka Wai Mak
Ka Wai Mak 28 dager siden
I love mars.
HOTTABYCH 29 dager siden
Saini' Car's
Saini' Car's Måned siden
मेरी राय है कि अगर मंगल ग्रह पर कुछ पेड़ पोधो, के बिज को लेजाकर मंगल ग्रह पर अलग अलग जगह पर डाला जाये तो कुछ समय मे सायद वो पेड़ पौधे उगने लग जाये , ओर वहा ऑक्सीजन भी पैदा हो सकती है इस माध्यम से,सायद आपको ये राय पसंद आये, धन्यवाद
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 21 dag siden
@Saini' Car's yes but we need a special room to grow plants there even a human cant survive there for 1 hour on mars
Saini' Car's
Saini' Car's 21 dag siden
@Lucky Izzac आपका कहना भी सही है पर कोशिस करने से कुछ भी हो सकता हे,
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 22 dager siden
you cant grow plants which are exposed to martian air and radiation you will need a pressurised, radiation protective base to grow plants
Mario Ethier
Mario Ethier Måned siden
Ça dépasse la fiction,
MITCHELL LANDREY 18 dager siden
@alfred fanshaw Ce n'est pas ficiton, grenouille-cerveau-grenouille-face
alfred fanshaw
alfred fanshaw Måned siden
C'est de la fiction
Bisa Ular
Bisa Ular Måned siden
Wall-e must be feeling very lonely up there😢
Nishan Tongar
Nishan Tongar Måned siden
Where did the exoskeleton go?
Piyush Yadav
Piyush Yadav Måned siden
The actual one was better than this animation. Quite extraordinary.
Gyeongmin Go
Gyeongmin Go Måned siden
Is this same approach with curiosity landing?
Souravdas Nayan
Souravdas Nayan Måned siden
Huge respect to Cameraman who survived in every place of Mars🤪🤪🤪🤪
Sahil Kori
Sahil Kori Måned siden
Salute to the cameraman
dave h
dave h Måned siden
I wanted to see the jet thingy crash.
Blender Bach
Blender Bach Måned siden
Their animation stinks. I could do a better job with my CGI than they can.
TimePro 9 dager siden
Pretty sure the JPL doesn't specialize in animations but alrighty.
rafael Måned siden
@Blender Bach nice dude I wish you the best. Maybe you'll get big. BTW don't forget to delete that default cube. (yay blender jokes)
Blender Bach
Blender Bach Måned siden
@rafael I am. In fact, I started my very own Space Agency on my NOsections Channel, called BESSA. And I am making my very own Rover Mission using CGI. However, it will take a bit of time. Realism cannot be rushed.
rafael Måned siden
do it
Corvus Corax
Corvus Corax Måned siden
Crybaby 🙄
Unbelievable Universe
ruixiong h
ruixiong h Måned siden
Isn't this what humans call flying saucers......
Weera Sena
Weera Sena Måned siden
Hy im the eliean . You see me ?
이경수 Måned siden
NASA is really a gathering place for geniuses. Ten years ago, the probe was buried in a bunch of balloons and bounced to land. Ten years later, in 2020, as in the video above, they are landing on the planet more precisely. It's a great skill. Like in Korea, you can get a perfect score by solving formal math problems and solving algebraic problems every day The reality is that those things are not easy under education. Especially, it is a problem of Confucian thought. Pretending to be young in the front, and saying that he will not do or not.. For reference, I am the 17th son of Yangnyeongdaegun. However, I hate Confucianism during the Joseon Dynasty.
이경수 Måned siden
미항공우주국 나사는 정말 천재들의 집합소가 맞네 10여년전에는 탐사선을 풍선뭉치에 파묻혀서 튕겨서 착륙시켰는데 10년후인 2020년에는 위 영상처럼 더욱더 정교하게 행성에 착륙을 시키네 정말 대단한 기술이다. 한국과 같이 매일 유교사상에 찌들어서 정형화된 수학문제풀이, 대수능 문제풀어서 점수 만점받기와 같은 교육하에서는 저런것들이 쉽지않은게 현실이다. 특히 유교사상 문제다 앞에서는 젊잖은척하면서 뒤에서는 할짓 안할짓다고 다니는.. 참고로 저는 양녕대군 17대 손입니다. 그런데 조선시대의 유교사상 좃나게 싫어합니다.
Nature Sounds
Nature Sounds Måned siden
Can someone help. I need to know how to make a similar animation. Please reply anyone
Nithish Kumar
Nithish Kumar Måned siden
Lihle Matse
Lihle Matse Måned siden
Mars Måned siden
Don't worry i am taking care of it..
MITCHELL LANDREY 18 dager siden
Please do: I don't trust you so much after what happened with Opportunity
tsohgallik Måned siden
Now if only they actually took real video of their landings.... We have phones that take 8K video now but they can't take 8K Real Life videos of their Rover missions...
MITCHELL LANDREY 18 dager siden
@tsohgallik They did take video of the landing, and I think it's 2160p
tsohgallik Måned siden
@rafael That's not a video it's several screenshots of the helicopter moving and that's it... My statement still stands... NASA loves their animation department too much
rafael Måned siden
what is there to film? mars is empty and nothing but rocks. the only thing we need is photos. and if you want videos there are videos of the helicopter that flew recently on mars.
Pop Petru Razvan
Pop Petru Razvan Måned siden
I had noticed the mars lander. Would not be possible some rezonant crystal that charge with active emanation of ultrasound, some kind of a heat generator? This way the rver will recharge at the place. The rest would be a direct genearator that will genarate heat, heating water condesator or direct " ion thruster". This way the taking off would be very easyly. Congratulation and my verry best regards. An civilian.
Lavitra Garg
Lavitra Garg Måned siden
NASA is always best
Padala Savithri
Padala Savithri Måned siden
Koushik Banerjee
Koushik Banerjee Måned siden
This is Awesome
Jordan Fields
Jordan Fields Måned siden
My question is after a few years on mars? The rovers are as clean as if they went through a car wash. Who is keeping them dust free. My car is dusty after a day in Nevada! I always wondered how no rover or its solar panels are ever the slightest bit dusty???
Thạnh Phạm
Thạnh Phạm Måned siden
If science kills me, l will bring the secret to curing cancer to the ground
coisa de pro
coisa de pro Måned siden
0:27 cruise stage sep, 0:37 entry, 1:06 Parachute deploy, 1:25 heat shield sep, 1:32 back shell sep and divert maneuver, 2:03 skycrane maneuver and landing
Erdal Usta
Erdal Usta Måned siden
The secret
The secret Måned siden
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 22 dager siden
ok boomer
victoria sefoka
victoria sefoka Måned siden
Where did that thing go after dropping perseverance rover
WideAwake Måned siden
NASA Because stealing tax dollars is what we do...
MITCHELL LANDREY 18 dager siden
They make up 1.5% of the US federal budget. I don't think it's any bit wasted honestly.
WideAwake Måned siden
"That's one small theft from man... One giant theft.. From mankind."
WideAwake Måned siden
Devon Island Cgi fakery
WideAwake 17 dager siden
@MITCHELL LANDREY real.... real fake. Cgi, Photoshop. Thats all Nasa is...
MITCHELL LANDREY 18 dager siden
Yeah, this is a CG video of the landing, but they have real video to, numb-skull.
M L Måned siden
What is astonishing is those computer generator images are so close to the real one that the camera send to Earth, even the Mars soil structure and colour. Congratulations also to all those creators of those incredible animations !
Paul David Abraham Mubarak Ching
I am very happy Sirikitiya Jensen is my loving wife, my future company named H - - - Space Architects and Development, Welcome to be my Partners
7668587 0
7668587 0 Måned siden
7668587 0
7668587 0 Måned siden
Sirius5 2 måneder siden
Respect the cameramen that film this.
Aleeza Khan
Aleeza Khan 2 måneder siden
Thầy giáo Mai Thành Đạt
Sahil Khan
Sahil Khan 2 måneder siden
Beautiful video 🎥
Fiza Khan versatile
Fiza Khan versatile 2 måneder siden
I could watch this whole day its amazing 👌
john kasich
john kasich 2 måneder siden
Looks like a ufo invasion
precious gift 'N'
precious gift 'N' 2 måneder siden
Kenneth Whewell-Clarke
Kenneth Whewell-Clarke 2 måneder siden
All alone in the middle of a vast desert.
Brent James
Brent James 2 måneder siden
Wow, that’s all, Wow.
GaneshKate 634
GaneshKate 634 2 måneder siden
I love this
Nimsara Nilesh
Nimsara Nilesh 2 måneder siden
How many days does it take to go to the moon? 🌝🌕🌒
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 22 dager siden
Inacio Nunes
Inacio Nunes 2 måneder siden
Porque só o seu canal mostrando esses obegetos vouãondo avouta do helicóptero. E os outros canal não mostram bom dia.
BeActive Behappy
BeActive Behappy 2 måneder siden
Perseverance rover has already found signs of mOre intelligent life on Mars than a flat earth conference.
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 22 dager siden
thats not true stop spreading misinformation the only true thing is that the flat earthers are the stupidest but there hasnt been a sign of life on mars
Ahmet Taha Zeyrekli
Ahmet Taha Zeyrekli 2 måneder siden
AAP TAK NEWS CHANNEL 2 måneder siden
प्रयागराज@मंत्री नन्दी और मेयर ने प्रयागराज भाजपा के सभी मंडल अध्यक्षों के साथ खेली होली। nosections.info/green/x3qmf4Wod6Gh1dQ/video.html
Ghufran Ahmad
Ghufran Ahmad 2 måneder siden
This is big achievement for nasa....
MARS TV CHANNEL - Stunning Revelations of Mars: VR
Who are you trying to fool (again)? There is no sound in space ánd the surface of Mars has a great variety of colours. Yet again we see the usual ridiculous desert yellow filter applied. We want our money back!
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 22 dager siden
this is an animation.. its not even the real footage so shut up and watch the original footage
WokeTard 2 måneder siden
NASA is a government fraud agency. Billions and billions given.
Lucky Izzac
Lucky Izzac 22 dager siden
what makes you say that?
Kartik Sharma
Kartik Sharma 2 måneder siden
The cameraman did a great job filming rover on the mars
Lynx Alexandra
Lynx Alexandra 2 måneder siden
Where is a real video of this? Where can I find a video of a camera facing mars and watching a little red dot of light grow into a full planet as it approaches? Or where can I find a full unedited video of a rocket going into space? I want to see a camera follow the flat horizon as the rocket goes up and the horizon drops below eye level then gradually curves until the edges of the horizon connect into a sphere directly under the rocket. Real video, unedited, where?
Ragon 2 måneder siden
bune aqqq
Konics 2 måneder siden
Thanks to the camera man for going all the way to mars just to record footage for me and the boys.
JCP Technologic
JCP Technologic 2 måneder siden
Em uma das fotos da Perseverance foi encontrado sucatas de um barco e um fusca. Veja no vídeo nosections.info/green/rJuAq5dnf2d6y8w/video.html
꧁Abhay_Rm_Rajput꧂ 2 måneder siden
Wow so nice well good job NASA
Jew Man
Jew Man 2 måneder siden
A dark room with one light and an object moving around it and that object gets light on all sides. Let’s double the light by spinning the object as it goes around the light. Goodnight NASA
Gurudas Satwadhir
Gurudas Satwadhir 2 måneder siden
God bless you cameraman
La guerrera
La guerrera 2 måneder siden
Its amazing how they control that at that distance
Oscar J
Oscar J 2 måneder siden
Nice cgi But it’s in the desert here on earth
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
New: Mars In 4K
Ganger 41 mill
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
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