New Riva Racing Parts for the 2021 Yamaha Superjet - Install, Testing, and First Thoughts 

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We've been getting some love from Riva Racing recently and decided to share it with this video featuring the recently released ride plate and exhaust resonator delete hose for the 2021 Yamaha Superjet. Old River blessed us with some glassy water to get a good before and after comparison on the handling characteristics and sound.

Shout out to JetPilot for the warm gear for this beanpole




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badm0t0rfinger 2 måneder siden
Great information! Thanks!
Afawadhi 2 måneder siden
Someone please help me how could I order the 2021 SJ , I live in the middle east (Kuwait) and it’s may not be available to purchase this summer .. any advice?
Victor Bravo
Victor Bravo 3 måneder siden
Saxo tu casa tu Paya sol love 🥰🥰 Saxo
yzfourfiveoh 4 måneder siden
Great videos, Bret! I'd love to see a comparison or hear your further thoughts on how the SJ1050 compares to the SXR1500. I have a modded SJ701 and I'm looking for a second ski. I love the handling and playfulness, but I'm pinning the throttle basically everywhere and feel like I need more. I'm torn between getting the SXR for the power and rough water ability, or waiting for the 1050 to be restocked for the more nimble handling. Bearing in mind that I'll be keeping the 701, which way would you go? I don't have enough space to store 3 skis.
Carl Theodore
Carl Theodore 4 måneder siden
thank you for this video! I got the riva free flow in the box waiting for my preorder SJ - so hyped to shred when its comes
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