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2. mai. 2021





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Declan Bell
Declan Bell 3 dager siden
ref completely lost it
Igon Ndunit
Igon Ndunit 4 dager siden
I'd have put a leveler on Femi for that dive
ftblkevin 4 dager siden
Femi playing like prime timo werner this season
Olivia 8 dager siden
Wtf does Marfo do? Like why is he even in the team.im confused 😑😑
Brady Aucoin
Brady Aucoin 13 dager siden
Anyone know why tolu had to go off for 10 minutes because of a yellow card
HARSHDARSH lopez 13 dager siden
Sorry you should let go of temi he is immature and plays dirty, not the best player either
F 150
F 150 20 dager siden
That pitch? 🤣. Brilliant line clear early
Ryan Selby
Ryan Selby 21 dag siden
Get me in the team manny I’ll be a winger or striker up to you lad replie back to this comment and I’ll give u my social to get in touch 👍
Sean McDonagh
Sean McDonagh 27 dager siden
Why doesn’t Manny play for Utr anymore? Does he just not wanna play? I miss when he and Tobi used to play with Simon coming sometimes
Kyle O'Toole
Kyle O'Toole 29 dager siden
I haven’t watch this In a while but what happens to Thomas and tobi
DMFGuys Olatuyi
DMFGuys Olatuyi 29 dager siden
So many pens
Samuel Akinjisola
Samuel Akinjisola 29 dager siden
Anyone know wha happened to lanre?
A4G09 Måned siden
Great play lads, that bumpy pitch gave me mad ick though 😫
Don Rebel
Don Rebel Måned siden
that was dyer ...!
Eric /Lucas
Eric /Lucas Måned siden
Red for number 8. Wasn’t just that foul. All his tackles were vicious
Henley O'Brien
Henley O'Brien Måned siden
Why don't you play
liam parker
liam parker Måned siden
Your team should have had 2 red cards for elbows rigged as fuck
Bushly Måned siden
JAM v UTR, gotta love the unestablished rivalry.
italiansoccerstar88 Måned siden
Looked like femi went in for a 50/50 and misjudged the #8’s approach.
Arlind Pervizaj
Arlind Pervizaj Måned siden
3:42 he sounds like Anthony Joshua
FragmentatioNNN Måned siden
Anyone else fast foward to the match becasuse the start is just no good footballers waffling like there a full time manager 🤣🤣 and too many talkers
Nathan S C
Nathan S C Måned siden
8 grapes 😂
George shepherd
George shepherd Måned siden
I think JAM think its rugby 😂
PeniS Man
PeniS Man Måned siden
18:58 man was barking
MeloTheYellow Måned siden
the pitch was awful lmao shocking
Phil Gates
Phil Gates Måned siden
What do you use to film your games?
Keegan Pereira
Keegan Pereira Måned siden
Is manny injured?
M ZC Måned siden
That pitch man
Yee Boiii
Yee Boiii Måned siden
wheres tobi?
Gareth Mc Ginnity
Gareth Mc Ginnity Måned siden
Fam som1 kicks my boy I don’t care wat my boy does I’m clocking him
Mado Hosni
Mado Hosni Måned siden
Wait u moved houses are u and Tobi and your other brother living together house tour please
Aaiden Musto
Aaiden Musto Måned siden
23 got burners
Cherrybombpowerful Måned siden
Rilwan sounding like AJ at the start
Falafo Måned siden
Manny never plays :(
NFFL Måned siden
What happened to the other keeper?
yoo huew
yoo huew Måned siden
Deliberate handballs have never been red cards
L Muller
L Muller Måned siden
Count the dives.
Joshua Cuddeford-Jones
he over reacted at 18 24 that is a straight red
Kenzie Cooper
Kenzie Cooper Måned siden
You should play in se dons league it’s more challenging
_Mad_Kidd_Raps_ Måned siden
Even I know as a 17 year old that the penatly given at 6:44 was NOT a penalty, sunday league hire me!
CaptainDawg02 Måned siden
From the off, UTR was the better team no matter how many reds JAM deserved. Side note...while you bag on the color by calling them "grapes"...their kit is 100 times better than that ugly blue/yellow combo they have been rocking for years.
Dem0nxFEAR Måned siden
Anyone else think UTR goalie sound like Anthony Joshua or just me
JoshWindsor Måned siden
Jonathan Films
Jonathan Films Måned siden
That number 8 from the grapes don’t deserve to be on sunday league at all foulin prick😂😂
SplaSshy Måned siden
Wich division?
Sporttd Måned siden
Still confused about the first red card
LBF Måned siden
This must be the worst pitch I’ve ever seen
Paul Hutley
Paul Hutley Måned siden
Not gunna lie temi should of been sent off aswell ,he went across the player with his elbow intentionally
Adam Kezza
Adam Kezza Måned siden
Lix Live
Lix Live Måned siden
For me that reaction is a strait red
FrankRizzo Måned siden
Don’t have to wear masks while you all play? Here in my league we have to. But I live in America where Covid is running wild
Art Madala
Art Madala Måned siden
In the second half it was WWE😂
Radicalz Måned siden
ez wins even on a shit pitch u guys should never be losing against this well done great game
Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison Måned siden
5:15 shat ma sel
The Bootycheeks
The Bootycheeks Måned siden
MK _
MK _ Måned siden
Flanimal 101
Flanimal 101 Måned siden
18:45 it was 4-1 before it was even 4-1 😂😂
Cameron Skilton
Cameron Skilton Måned siden
Where is John
Nerviy Måned siden
Letssss goooooo finally
Jay Lee
Jay Lee Måned siden
Is it just me or does the keeper sound exactly like Anthony Joshua
FutWils Måned siden
I swear EZE players for crystal palace, I’ve heard that name and seen that haircut
Jahleel Marshall
Jahleel Marshall Måned siden
They can do alot of things ..... BUT they cant stop the BLUDCLAAT shine
Justin M
Justin M Måned siden
is there anywhere to watch the full games?
Gga 19
Gga 19 Måned siden
Anyone know where Tobi is ??
xGameFreakx0 Måned siden
The guy scored the freekick looks like specz 😂
Barra Måned siden
AYO! I thought they had Anthony Joshua playing when Rilwan started chatting😂😂😂😂
Shane McKeon
Shane McKeon Måned siden
“I don’t think it’s us letting them back in the game it’s the ref” that’s actually the worst mindset I’ve ever heard
Sam Zini
Sam Zini Måned siden
Especially because, by the looks of it, the ref had a really good game
TPR Gaming
TPR Gaming Måned siden
Why don’t you and Tobi play anymore?
YourANeek Måned siden
Shouts manny and tobi but that tune at the end if fucking weak lads
Alex Cross
Alex Cross Måned siden
How come manny isn't playing?
Krolbert_9 Måned siden
Its funny that all of the players thinks that theyre profesional footballers.🤡
Hank Shepherd
Hank Shepherd Måned siden
UTR filling the gap while I wait for Hashtag to come back. this is a decent series ig but it just goes to show HTU are on another level.
Chase McGhay
Chase McGhay Måned siden
Handball should be a red as he could have placed Rilwan in danger from other players rushing towards the ball.
Kieran Brookes
Kieran Brookes Måned siden
These lot are a bunch of dirty bastards
Carlos Rodriguez
Carlos Rodriguez Måned siden
you guys should make a football game, 99 rated manny
Charlie Gregory
Charlie Gregory Måned siden
Anyone else think rilwan sounds like Anthony Joshua... just me🤷‍♂️
Hamish Murphy
Hamish Murphy Måned siden
that is a definite red
ITS B333Z Måned siden
Utr come along way with players big you up 👏
Harley Reeves
Harley Reeves Måned siden
Why is manny not playing anymore? Someone please tell me
Clarence Måned siden
Life lesson: don’t play football like a dickhead or else your team gets embarrassed 💀
MrKing70000 Måned siden
No8 grape can give it but can't take it!
Brandon Macleod
Brandon Macleod Måned siden
Both red cards easily
Kyle Mitchell
Kyle Mitchell Måned siden
Yes I they deserve it they just can't do that the first one yeah and 2nd one red card all day
Kyle Mitchell
Kyle Mitchell Måned siden
Red card all day
fadedclips _
fadedclips _ Måned siden
Where’s prime Zidane 😂😂
Kyle Mitchell
Kyle Mitchell Måned siden
Where's Tobi has he left the team
Mario Lucas
Mario Lucas Måned siden
Im so late what happend to tobi and manny why dont they play and who are the nee faces
Buckyhop Måned siden
How come manny is not in the squad
VoifleX Måned siden
" two grapes in front of him " lol 11:42
Brad Horn
Brad Horn Måned siden
1:36 Tolu is so good he plays CB and CDM
rory Gibson
rory Gibson Måned siden
can someone tell me why manny never plays
Kye Norton
Kye Norton Måned siden
First time watching one of these videos actually entertaining
Josue García
Josue García Måned siden
Sheeeshhh they bak
KiLLz Panther
KiLLz Panther Måned siden
where is tobi
Aahil Khan
Aahil Khan Måned siden
big up the real one in net
Dan Kercher
Dan Kercher Måned siden
where’s filly?
Mario Alb
Mario Alb Måned siden
Why is manny not playing
Rebel Binx
Rebel Binx Måned siden
Just started watching manny again and why does he not play for Under The Radar FC
Kerrod Riley
Kerrod Riley Måned siden
Number 8 grape all game was pushing and coming in unnecessarily hard. They do it back to him and he blows up. Give it out and best be able to handle it back
Adulfo Salgado
Adulfo Salgado Måned siden
UTR vs Hashtag United?
Ganger 1,7 mill
Ganger 1,7 mill