Life Onboard When Everything is FROZEN - Sailing Uma [Step 254] 

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18. feb.. 2021





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Bill B.
Bill B. Dag siden
Very entertaining,....and I complained this week that I had to cover the flowers, do to maybe a frost. Enjoy the adventure, and safe travels.
Grady Harper
Grady Harper 4 dager siden
nothing like snow to summon your inner child. the sound of the rock smacking into the ice was great maybe you need two wood stoves ....Dual Wood Stoves would keep ya plenty warm enough maybe get some dog bowl water heaters to keep your toilet from freezing or get some of those pipe heating wires you wrap the outlet pipe in that seeing your plugged into shore power you could do that
Reg Kane
Reg Kane 6 dager siden
Love you guys, Be safe
goph999 7 dager siden
Colin Kulasik
Colin Kulasik 7 dager siden
Kika's reaction to the rock not breaking the ice was priceless lol
generic comment
generic comment 9 dager siden
Might wanna check the PVC piping. PVC can get brittle in freezing conditions and crack. Not sure it would be a good idea to do another distance transit with that PVC pipe after being in freezing conditions- a sistership to my boat that had PVC piping backfitted had the pipes crack and it sank.
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 9 dager siden
We don’t have any PVC under the waterline. Aka, attached to through hulls. All our fresh water plumbing PEX, and everything below the waterline is flexible hose.
PhuketBungalow Info
PhuketBungalow Info 9 dager siden
keep a windlight (candle) or so called gravelight under your sink on a plate and it will never freeze again ;) If you wrap one of this wooden brikets into wet newspaper before you went to sleep you will still having fire in the morning, since it will burn more slowly, we did it with coal when we had ovens 40years ago :D :D ... damn Norway, i would go south but you are really HARDCORE Sailors guys 💝💝💝
Rune Martin Guldberg
Rune Martin Guldberg 10 dager siden
Its a river. Not saltwater... River is called Nidelva. Elv is river.
Rune Martin Guldberg
Rune Martin Guldberg 10 dager siden
@Sailing Uma Gravity works one direction....The fjord outside is brackish salt vise..
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma 10 dager siden
It's tidal, so its brackish water. A mix of salt and fresh.
0 piateed
0 piateed 11 dager siden
Trondheim nice.
Michael Van Winkle
Michael Van Winkle 13 dager siden
sweather weather
drygyn 17 dager siden
I'm definitely months late, and someone may have mentioned this, but if you ever plan on wintering somewhere similarly cold again, you might want to look into pipe heater cables. They're cables that you'd wrap around any pipes that could freeze, wire it to a switch or breaker for long term (or just have on hand for short term), and the cables would provide low-level heating enough to hopefully avoid freezing. Worked for me on a copper drain line in my house that kept freezing otherwise. If done as a project, would save you from having to pull out drawers and such. Keep on enjoying the life!
bdcp 25 dager siden
Anton Kaye
Anton Kaye Måned siden
A Snow angel, made by an Angel.😊
Paul Just
Paul Just Måned siden
Great episode. Sent you a crypto tip on Brave.
Paul Just
Paul Just Måned siden
7 winters aboard and I would highly recommend a heated mattress cover, the only form of heating you can actually achieve via house batteries and an inverter. You'll be amazed by actual Ah usage v rated power. Set on 1 or 2 is as high as you need to go. Batteries heating air, no, but batteries heating people, yes!
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma Måned siden
We have one. But don’t use it that often. We just have a super thick duvet, which is often too warm and we kick it off.
Kriss Pappas
Kriss Pappas Måned siden
Hey, how about using "resistance wire" or whatever it´s called to wrap around all the plumbing (if it´s possible) and make yourself all those hoses heated, when needed ? The kind of stuff you use for floor underfloor heating. Could help.
Sophia Granchinho
Sophia Granchinho Måned siden
How are you dealing with condensation on your boat in the cold weather? Is the 'insulation' you added along the hull working? We are living off our boat on the west coast of BC and currently dealing with a lot of condensation and thinking of insulating similar to what you have done.
Baden Baden
Baden Baden Måned siden
Northern trick to prevent thru-hulls from freezing is to place a bubbler under the boat. Love this artic liveaboard stuff!
John BEE
John BEE Måned siden
Nice video guys. Born and raised in Canada so have done 58 winters of snow and cold, 10 of them in the Arctic. I like winter, but sadly no longer have that wonder at new snow. It is a precioys quality, do not lose it.
Amy Ford
Amy Ford Måned siden
I would love to install a wood stove on my P30, but most marinas I've come across in the US don't allow the smoke. Has anyone found a work around for this?
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma Måned siden
If you're at a marina....plug in an electric heater.
Mattias Vinge
Mattias Vinge Måned siden
Are you still in Trondheim?
Mattias Vinge
Mattias Vinge Måned siden
Oh, forgot that the water is closed😊
Mattias Vinge
Mattias Vinge Måned siden
Also the best way to keep the sink open is let the water run constantly😊
Michel Dawes
Michel Dawes Måned siden
@5:20; Ba ha ha....LOL!😂 TOLD YA, Kika, the look on your face was hilarious!🤣🤣
Michel Dawes
Michel Dawes Måned siden
@5:10; Don’t do it! I swear that it’s not going to break it!!! The snow will act. As a cushion and stop the pancake from cracking.... (I’ll hit play again and we’ll see....)😉
Kasey Bradford
Kasey Bradford Måned siden
honetly, cold weather is one of my only Real Concerns about sailing that isn't solved by Learning, and only because I have terrible temperature regulation and my hands and feet are ALWAYS freezing. I worry what I'd do I went sailing and it got colder than expected. I don't think it'd be fair and acceptable for me to take breaks every time my fingers and toes get too cold to feel them, considering it happens A LOT
Sailing Into the Mystic
How has your chartplotter faired with the cold temperatures outside? I'm looking at buying a B&G chartplotter for my Hunter 30, and I live Green Bay, WI (so yeah, winters can be brutal).
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma Måned siden
Great! No issues. Works cold, wet, hot, in the rain.
Islander 30 Adventures
I wonder if flushing your sink with salt water would help prevent it from freezing. Well I guess it'll freeze at some point too
Stein Johansen
Stein Johansen Måned siden
I once pee´d in -51°C, then it turned into yellow snow before it hits the ground.
Ben Munday
Ben Munday Måned siden
oh. it occured to me as well, its prolly a good idea to tarp the boat to prevent snow coming into direct contact with the topdeck? I dunno. youve prolly tried eveything....
Stein Johansen
Stein Johansen Måned siden
Why? The snow is an insulator. It will keep the boat warmer. As long as you live aboard the boat, leave the snow on deck.
Ben Munday
Ben Munday Måned siden
You kiddo's! Um if yer gonna throw hot water down the drain to thaw it, why not pour a boiled BRINE, down said thruhull? See what im getting at? any vacuum locks or nooks and crannies will get filled with brine instead of fresh: the brine will boil at a higher temp and be more effective as well. just thoughts/tips? great attitude you guys.
Ben Munday
Ben Munday Måned siden
@Stein Johansen yet I figured the chart of temps wa only going to warm past 19 degs. Then my advice would've worked? We're not going to mars here, and many don't have alcohol onboard.
Ben Munday
Ben Munday Måned siden
@Stein Johansen oh. That's smart. Nice infoz sir. Good call makes sense.
Ben Munday
Ben Munday Måned siden
@Stein Johansenpnw, usa
Stein Johansen
Stein Johansen Måned siden
Can I humbly ask you, out of pure curiosity where you from? If I would gess reguarding the way you choose you´r words, I´d say somewhere in Australia or Texas, US.
Stein Johansen
Stein Johansen Måned siden
As sick as it may sound. It would instantly clog the pipe even more, with ice even more frozen than before. Salt is a difficult matter. When poured on ice in freezing temperatures it makes it even colder! But alcohol melts the ice. And they have it availble, they use it for the stove. They did it the most efficient way by pouring hotwater, then to prevent it freezing again they should add some alcohol in the pipe. The same way boiling water instantly become snow/ice in low temperatures faster than cold water, hard to understand. ;-)
Idreece Mian
Idreece Mian Måned siden
Kika's reaction on seeing snow is so innocently child like at going for a snow angel, rock testing the iced water and snow making out of hot water. Dan's telling of blocked pipes to demonstrate how to get them running is very educational. Thanks for all the hard work. 👍💖💝💖👍🍓🍒🍎
Sailing Jibsea
Sailing Jibsea Måned siden
Haha Love it! We feel your pain / adventure , we lived aboard Jibsea through a Toronto winter in -40. Fun balancing the Amps used for heaters and other things needed. Stay warm over there. Love the videos!
Dan Farrell
Dan Farrell Måned siden
But then when you're sailing, so you can't have the big chimney ... in the wind ... the fire goes out and fills the cabin with smoke? When you're sailing in the cold wind? Shouldn't you take out some of the drawers so you can have more chimney _inside_ the boat? Well done, of course, as always.
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma Måned siden
We don’t use it when we’re sailing. We have foul weather gear to keep us warm and dry.
Wm Cottrell
Wm Cottrell Måned siden
Keep the cabinet doors open during cold weather.
Rayana Gimrodal
Rayana Gimrodal Måned siden
Maybe put some heating wires in the plumbing? Similar to what we use here to keep the irrigation tunnels unclogged in the spring in canada. It thaws the ice directly around it.
Rick Måned siden
Wow, that shot of the line slowly coming out of the water with the ice on it was really cool!
Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson Måned siden
Maybe electrical heat tape like for a waterline
Dave Hanson
Dave Hanson Måned siden
Great video. Look into a wabasto/ s-bar heater. Vanlifers use them. 30,000 BTU's.
Mirjam smit
Mirjam smit Måned siden
Nice to watch, brings back memories. I lived on a boat in my hometown, Amsterdam. Had exactly the same problems. ( with no heater ) dishes frozen in the sink. I like to say, since then. I can handle everything in life haha, nothing is hard or cold after you survive living on a boat in winter times. Good luck! summer is coming
Norma Mimosa
Norma Mimosa Måned siden
Those foam mats also work really well for keeping the floor warm, nice and soft to walk or exercise on too.
- UKM Kota Bandung -
Nidelva Måned siden
In Norway, 'Ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlig klær'. (Not bad weather, just bad clothes) And you guys were here in town on our coldest week! So brave. But it warmed up and everything melted in the next two weeks. That's Norway for you. and now, the first week of March, we have loads of snow again, but it's not cold. I hope you're still enjoying it.
Terje Foss
Terje Foss Måned siden
You are visited Trondheim in Norway? Try Lofoten, you wont regret it.
Outdoor Girl
Outdoor Girl Måned siden
Amazing! 💛 I'm planning to try winter/arctic sailing this year 🌬️❄️⛵
Joe Frawley
Joe Frawley Måned siden
One can tell someone never played in the snow. Have fun.
Mohammd Måned siden
I’m from Canada where everyone cries about the snow situation
BDJ M Måned siden
Hahaha, Dan, you're from Canada, you should have known better, glad you guys are doing good despite the cold!!!
Abu Hamze
Abu Hamze Måned siden
Are you still in Trondheim guys?? Let Me know.
Martin Dufinec
Martin Dufinec Måned siden
Hey there guys! I really like the setup you have for the ORIGO alcohol stove. I want to install one in my tiny 27 footer, and I was planning to cut out a hole into the counter, but your setup seems much more convenient with less requiered woodworking and changing the shelves to make a cutout. If it wouldnt be too much hustle for you guys, could you provide some pictures or meassurements for the “craddle” also do you have it on some king of small tracks to go back&forth? Thanks so much if you ever find time to reply! Kind regards from Slovakia, Martin
Fifi CH
Fifi CH Måned siden
Looks dicey that ice..... Brrrrr ! can feel the chilly atmosphere......keep snuggled together😆💞😍😍😍⛵⛵⛵⛵
Cynthia Roswick
Cynthia Roswick Måned siden
I watched a video where they used pool noodles sold at Walmart as pipe insulation. Very cheap
Justin Case
Justin Case Måned siden
Double-check the integrity of your through-hulls. Ice expands. Could result in leaks. For thawing frozen pipes, feed a small-diameter plastic line into the drain. Tape a funnel to the top and pour the hot water into the funnel, direct to the frozen part. It actually looks like great fun!!!
Justin Case
Justin Case Måned siden
Reminds me of the winter church retreat we had in Virginia. The weather had been very cold, so the lake was frozen with thick, solid ice covered in about fifteen inches of snow. Yes, the guys played tackle football on the frozen, snow-covered lake. :)
Justin Case
Justin Case Måned siden
That's awesome! First time I've ever seen a snow angel on a dock!
Kat Corona
Kat Corona Måned siden
Do you have a damper on your flue? Closing that down once your fire is going will help save your wood and make your space extra cozy. I don’t know anything about marine wood stoves, but we heat our 1300 sq ft house with a wood stove in our basement in the winter using two presto logs (just a full sized version of the compressed wood shavings your using) a night. Heating your flue before lighting your fire will help with the down draft on cold, gusty nights. Sorry to be an arm chair expert.
Reda Måned siden
Most genuine "couple in a boat" on youtube
Infinity Times Infinity
My measurement of genuine is if she's wearing make up. Women take off their make up before bed. Our make up clogs pores and makes a mess of our sheets. The fact she woke up without make up proves this video is genuine. Why wouldn't you let us put on our make up!!!
funnyglow Måned siden
Beauty the scenery is so beautiful and stunning.Very enjoyable! Reminds me of my trips where I take the good music like the Guns N Roses, Imagine Draongs or the Delta Parole and then enjoy the powerful feeling of the sea. ¡vamos!
Andrew Hamiltom
Andrew Hamiltom Måned siden
Kika, about your comment how power is in small packages like you. The scots dialect has a saying "there is guid geer in wee bulk", there is good gear in small packages.
Danne Sundberg
Danne Sundberg Måned siden
use alkohol for unklugg ise in your pipes.
Brent Bauer
Brent Bauer Måned siden
Come to Canada, and you can take the 4 months of SNOW with you.....LOL
Kol Måned siden
To melt ice in pipes I used to take a smaller hose and stuff in down the pipe to the ice plug. I then put a funnel on the hose and pour hot water down it so the hot water comes directly on the ice plug. It will melt it pretty quick. The access water will drain upwards and you will feel that its cold. When the ice starts melting you can follow the ice plug, as it vanishing, by pushing the hose further down until the ice is gone.
sean d'epagnier
sean d'epagnier Måned siden
If the wood stove is lower in the boat the heating efficiency increases, however the tendency to clog the flue also increases.
Hurdurdur7RL Måned siden
There's a pretty good reason why most of us in the north lift our boats out from the water for the winter :D
Y MK Måned siden
the opening though hahaha
missVmilne Måned siden
Really good video, so thank you very much for sharing your insights into sweather weather cold life ; - )
Charlie Rubenstein
Charlie Rubenstein Måned siden
Love your saga. Next time it goes to --18, get a nice warm hotel; treat yourselves to a warm bath, and go out for dinner. In the morning, take a jet plane to Florida. Good luck! ©️®️🚣
Tim Allen
Tim Allen Måned siden
Telling it like it is, just great filming guys .. Really capture and share the spirit of it, thank you If ever you do this again (!) electric blankets really rock too on boats, , shhhhhh😊
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma Måned siden
Oh we already have one. It’s been really helpful during the North Atlantic crossing.
Peter Karlsson
Peter Karlsson Måned siden
I hope that i will see you guys in sweden next year. with our archipelago and "Allemansrätten" :-)
Joni Måned siden
heads up... watch all those pipes and fittings that froze because ice is very distructive on plumbing. I learned that lesson winter camping in an rv. I had to redo whole plumbing system and sewer because of tons of split fittings. the majic freezeup is -17*f for an vehicle to freeze solid you can actually hear the pips go 'tink tink tink' when they are freezing. the small heater and open all cabinet doors will help freezing tremendously
Joni Måned siden
oh! heat tape heat.... heat tape& wrap all tanks and pipes that's the best way
James Ford
James Ford Måned siden
Throwing rocks and snow at ice in the marina is a clear giveaway someone has never experienced cold, snow and ice.
Daniel Ratko
Daniel Ratko Måned siden
Try one of those electric gutter cables for your sink and floor drains
Ong Huttau
Ong Huttau Måned siden
Just lovely! You guys, the quality of video, the commentary, the stories, the choice of boat, its propulsion, the places you venture, everything is so well done!
Kwasi Davis
Kwasi Davis Måned siden
This is exactly how I think I'll react the first time I see snow
James Bascombe
James Bascombe Måned siden
Yes salt water does freeze. Lol
Watch and learn
Watch and learn Måned siden
You might want to try something like this. I’m sure they have something similar in Norway. Water expands 9% when it freezes. Yes the pex pipe may withstand the freeze but the joints are probably less forgiving. When a pipe breaks from freezing it usually splits which means a lot of water can come in. Frost King HC6A 6 Feet Automatic Electric Heat Cable Kits, Black More information: www.amazon.com/dp/B000IKOU9O/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_NXB9XWDZVG9KPXP29N7M?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
Marlin Pruett
Marlin Pruett Måned siden
What the hell you doing were it cold. go south
Francesco Saba
Francesco Saba Måned siden
MG guys, incredible cold! You are welcome in our house in Gran Canaria. A strong hug
Travis Williams
Travis Williams Måned siden
Just a heads up, whatever the Norwegian version of West Marine is will certainly carry an anti-freeze that's eco-friendly and safe for human consumption. Folks who don't live-aboard use them to winterize their watermakers and (if needed) fresh water tanks. Depending on how much you're paying for electricity it might be cheaper than putting a heater under the sink. Also, and I'm sure you know this but potentially other viewers don't, as long as it's this cold be sure and check the bilge on a regular basis. The water in your bilge thru-hull there can freeze just as easily as the others, but since you don't see it you might not even notice. Which is unfortunate because a sink that doesn't drain and a head that won't flush are merely gross, while a non-functional bilge pump is second only to fire as the leading cause of sunk boats inside a marina.
alex ryan
alex ryan Måned siden
Did you think about wrapping heat trace on the pipes
Mexican Jesus
Mexican Jesus Måned siden
Lol Nyone that has lived in snow weather hAtes it or loves it
Khy Chapman
Khy Chapman Måned siden
Shame on you bringing Canadian weather to tropical Norway. Shame, shame, shame...
Ritchard Armitage
Ritchard Armitage Måned siden
Hi guys. Richard & Val from Ladysmith B.C. trying to insulate my boat. I know you bought from Home Depot, USA. Instead of one inch square how about doubling up. Would that keep interior a lot warmer ?
Travis Williams
Travis Williams Måned siden
The easiest way to tell is to put your hand on the insulation itself. If the insulation is cold to the touch, then you could benefit from adding more. However it's quite likely that after even a single layer of insulation your biggest source of heat loss is going to be the companionway. If you're a full-time live-aboard it's probably worth investing in a cockpit enclosure. Having no windflow through the cockpit tremendously cuts down on the companionway heat loss. Potentially it's even nice to have in the summer if you ever plan on heading south, as the weather gets quite a bit wetter once you cross the border down into the San Juans. If you're not a live aboard and just want to spend a few nights comfortably on the boat in the marina, a space heater or two and maybe an electric blanket are all you really need.
val woodford
val woodford Måned siden
Dan and Kika. How are finding the insulation that you installed on the deck head and inner hull?
john jones
john jones Måned siden
The cold & snow get old really fast! A message from CANADA, Brrrrr. Use an air pump & weighted hose to keep the ice away from your hull! Not a compressor, just a pump. Good luck 🎅🤶🥶
Connor Perry
Connor Perry Måned siden
I’ve spent the past month and half watching all your vids and have finally caught up. You’ve got me hunting down a little day boat to learn how to sail, and explore some of the amazing lakes here in Ontario.
Matti Love
Matti Love Måned siden
Where can I follow Jack's adventures?
Mya Ky
Mya Ky Måned siden
Omg I'm already loving the energy
Anders Svensson
Anders Svensson Måned siden
Hi ! Do you planning to visit Sweden and Baltic sea ? Nice to see your blog 😀
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma Måned siden
Currently, no. But plans change all the time.
Sailing Saramin
Sailing Saramin Måned siden
Water Maker Easteregg?
Andrew Johnston
Andrew Johnston Måned siden
Deep respect for living on a boat in those temps! Hope it has warmed up a bit now...
callmebigpapa Måned siden
You guys are a joy to spend time with!
dirtdude Måned siden
My goodness, what an awful place
mortymty Måned siden
Hey, thats just 3 hours from where i live
Paulo De Oliveira
Paulo De Oliveira Måned siden
Lol.. Sweater weather not swedder wedder.. Cold lips speak funny..
Paulo De Oliveira
Paulo De Oliveira Måned siden
@Sailing Uma it's all cool.. I'm Portuguese by heritage born in South Africa so ya that comes with some hilarious repercussions..
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma Måned siden
Hahaha although that wasn’t due to cold lips... that was the simple fact that english isn’t my native tongue. 🤐There are certain words that are just harder for me to pronounce 😅
Paulo De Oliveira
Paulo De Oliveira Måned siden
Why would you guys want to stay in Norway over winter? I'm warm blooded and therefore I love South Africa (9 warm months out of every year)..
Thomas K
Thomas K Måned siden
When a Haitian girl meets Snow for the first time :D
Sailing Uma
Sailing Uma Måned siden
Or for the 2nd time ...😂 same reaction really
Klaudia Skyes
Klaudia Skyes Måned siden
C'mon Dan, you're Canadian, -19? That's a summers day!
Tom Phillips
Tom Phillips Måned siden
Lol, Mika the notorious heavy sleeper who hates the “waking up” part id ready to climb out of the rack for some fluffy powdery goodness. Can’t blame her. “snooooow, snowwwwww, snow!” 😀
Tammy Demis
Tammy Demis Måned siden
So glad after binge watching I am now caught up. Confused that haven’t seen/heard anything about COVID. I’m sure Norway has experienced lockdown, or have had some cases? Maybe not?
Stein Johansen
Stein Johansen Måned siden
Annual average deaths 2016-19 versus 2020 are 337 fewer in Norway. (5,4 mill inhabitants)
InfamousDBZ Måned siden
What happens when you want to have kids?
Erik Herje
Erik Herje Måned siden
Sooo good to see my hometown ❤️ Thank you! And for the record: -18°C in the Canal by the railway station where you are, feels much colder than 30°C in for instance Røros, which is one of the coldest cities in Norway in the winter. The humidity makes the difference. Røros is pretty dry, the canal is not 😜 Thanks again for beautiful footage 🙏🏻
Ganger 4,1 mill