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In Zack Snyder's Justice League, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend that which has held them back, allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented league of heroes. Now united, Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller) may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad, and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.
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14. feb.. 2021





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Imperio Classic Movies
Imperio Classic Movies 41 minutt siden
Walter Hamada: i hate zack, i hate dc and snyder cut... Zack Snyder: I'm About to End This Man's Whole Career
J Alvarez
J Alvarez 48 minutter siden
Look I respect Zack Snyder’s vision for having this movie entirely in the IMAX-like aspect ratio, but the problem is, THIS ISNT GOING TO RELEASE IN THEATRES, in HBO, so unless you have devices with screens that match this aspect ratio in an okay manner (say Apple’s iPAD PRO models), this is just gonna look not very good.
Efor 52 minutter siden
wait didn't we had the justice league film? and it's just the same as this one.
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 46 minutter siden
its not the same movie. you didnt watch the 2017 movie from joss whedon otherwise you WOULD know that its not the same (by watching this trailer).
Why not full screen
Sahlan Kokasinta
Sahlan Kokasinta Time siden
pedro JulioKL
pedro JulioKL Time siden
Hatag Distribution
Same movie with different-angle shots? A different "Director's Cut" cannot save this movie.
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 43 minutter siden
its not the same movie. the trailers itself spoiler so many differences of the story that its weird to embarrass yourself by calling it the same.
Mikke Time siden
do your homework
Wilfirdo Larama
Wilfirdo Larama Time siden
i'm excited about this
Alienoticz23 Time siden
I've watched this an exactly 38 times, many more to come. Gotta get the numbers up This movie will live with me, For a lifetime. I need a collector's edition.
We want Man of Steel 2 with Henry Cavill. Even Suicide Squad will have a follow up and Superman won't. That's garbage.
Slasher Wesker
Slasher Wesker Time siden
o/ #SnyderCut #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague #SnyderCutInLatam Thank You Zack!
Quick Sensible
Quick Sensible Time siden
Release the movie now
Jared Letos Joker is the BEST!!!!
Roberto Tavares
Roberto Tavares Time siden
Superman live!!!
Jay Jay
Jay Jay Time siden
I was waiting for Marvels theme song then I forgot I'm in the wrong neighborhood😅
Rugey Time siden
Is this a remake or different movie? Someone please let me know I’m so confused
Mikke Time siden
the original vision. The production was still at this state five years back but then things derailed due to producers, leading to the farce known as the theatrical version
Sully Cortez
Sully Cortez Time siden
I haven’t seen this yet... so Snyder’s version better be better 😉
BOB _ Time siden
Cadê os br
Gyarados422 Time siden
This looks dope as heck.
ADucksOpinion Time siden
so wait? is this a recut of the old movie? a part 2? and its coming online only? i dont get it..
Mikke Time siden
It was said today that they're aiming for international release now (China excluded)
Mike Navarro
Mike Navarro Time siden
Forget what you saw in theaters. This is the original movie that Zack intended us to see. And yes it’s only streaming on HBO Max unless you’re international.
Jairo Matias
Jairo Matias Time siden
Why is it rated R. Shouldn’t it be rated PG-13?
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 54 minutter siden
why? this has pretty violent fights / story events. doesnt work pg13 just like logan wouldnt work that way.
Jardiel Mendoza
Jardiel Mendoza Time siden
This is waaaaaaaay better dude💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯
Adamethius 2 timer siden
Great. I get to see 2 of the most annoying and hateful renditions of 2 of arguably the most iconic villains. Again. FML. Give me a Bryan Cranston-voiced Luthor, not a "Joker-wannabe" Luthor. Or at least a proper Joker, like Joaquin Phoenix. Not Justin Bieber with green hair and shaved eyebrows. I swear Hollywood just likes to FkUp the DC universe. Cancel that. DC wants to FK itself up. These timelines and worlds are too much of a joke now. Oh, everything is canon except that they're just in a different world. Shit. They don't even know exactly what they want.
Nikita Katse
Nikita Katse 2 timer siden
Зак Снайдер из вери гуд ай вкйтинг ЗиС муве
tehtron 2 timer siden
Looks shithouse
AlphaReturns 2 timer siden
"Sh*thouse" lol.
BowlofIndoMee 2 timer siden
It's been announced its going to be AVAILABLE WORLDWIDE March 18
Waste Fellow
Waste Fellow 2 timer siden
Watch 1:46 in 0.25x speed Thank me later 😇
Daniel 2 timer siden
@AlphaReturns you wouldn't get it
AlphaReturns 2 timer siden
Alberto Carbajal
Alberto Carbajal 2 timer siden
So we just pretend the other one didn’t happen?
Alberto Carbajal
Alberto Carbajal 2 timer siden
@soy yo lmao okk
soy yo
soy yo 2 timer siden
@Alberto Carbajal what are you talking about man? This is the first live action justice league movie, i don't count the parodies
Alberto Carbajal
Alberto Carbajal 2 timer siden
@soy yo the other trash justice league movie
BowlofIndoMee 2 timer siden
That's the parody just like scary movie series
soy yo
soy yo 2 timer siden
What other one?
Ariel Claire Warren
Ariel Claire Warren 2 timer siden
You admit it guys, the movie seems amazing and "Jared as Joker (again)" looks fabulous as well 💙😍🤩😝👏🏻
Juan Pablo Largente
Juan Pablo Largente 2 timer siden
Cuatro horitas de puro ZACK PAPAAAAAAA
Nicolás Leonardo
Nicolás Leonardo 2 timer siden
Bruno Ribeiro
Bruno Ribeiro 2 timer siden
I just wanna see something like the Batman from BvS again. That batman was terrifying.
Ariel Claire Warren
Ariel Claire Warren 2 timer siden
Oh JARED! Uh... sorry... I mean JOKER 😍💙
Stefan Oakes
Stefan Oakes 2 timer siden
I am so excited for this. I just can’t believe it’s getting a worldwide release too! Made my decade. Still have to pinch myself. Can’t wait to watch this.
Drake Manos
Drake Manos 2 timer siden
I need junkie xl's music and green lantern content plz
Eduardo P.
Eduardo P. 2 timer siden
(1:31 - 1:39) EPIC!
Bregne Vakker
Bregne Vakker 2 timer siden
Uh... watching this... definitely... I'm not interested: too much "that's epic" music and "that's deep" voices. Come On! That's just a superhero movie! There's nothing really relevant there, except some American propaganda... The concept is so poor that they needed to title it as if it were a symphony... but "good" directors have bad works too. I won't waste my money on that: superheroes have become anything but fun.
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 51 minutt siden
the joker movie disagrees alongside movie critics, the audience and oscar jury.
Samuel Gritchin
Samuel Gritchin 2 timer siden
Black bars at the top and bottom, black bars on the sides, why not make a movie that has no black bars?
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 50 minutter siden
its imax format... you know... the movies without bars at the cinema.
Naveen Joshy
Naveen Joshy 2 timer siden
Why is there two different versions of joker and Batman
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 49 minutter siden
this is from 2016. before joker / pattinson were made.
Jack Thomas
Jack Thomas 3 timer siden
We did it boys.
Blue Oak
Blue Oak 3 timer siden
At LONG Last 🙏
Christian Strickland
Christian Strickland 3 timer siden
So is this a remake?
Mikke Time siden
no. It's the original vision of the movie
Manzar Fatima
Manzar Fatima 3 timer siden
O my god jared leto is love his acting skills amazing
Azaram 813
Azaram 813 3 timer siden
Zack Snyder’s We live in a Society
Jose Vargas
Jose Vargas 3 timer siden
¡Que tráiler tan brutal, me encanta! Ya no puedo esperar a que se estrene el #SnyderCut en Latinoamérica. #ZackSnyderJusticeLeague
La Que Dice La Verdad
La Que Dice La Verdad 3 timer siden
This movie deserve the Oscars ❤️❤️❤️
zector45 3 timer siden
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 39 minutter siden
meh like bernies endorsement of capitalism / candidates of the bankers? i agree on that one. pretty spineless.
Jack Snaidend
Jack Snaidend 3 timer siden
First steps in the recovery of the Snyder’s superhero/mythological/filosofy vision. #zacksnyderjusticeleague #restoreTheSnyderVerse
Miloslav Neznámy
Miloslav Neznámy 3 timer siden
Looks Exactly like the shit before well a little bit different but still shit
soy yo
soy yo 3 timer siden
What is the snydercut? This is a 4 hour movie fully made by zack snyder, while the 2017 one was 2 hours and only 20 minutes of snyder's footage were used, the rest of the movie was made by Whedon, and in this movie there won't be any single Whedon's scene. What are the diferences? Well martian manhunter, green lantern and atom will make apperances. Uxas will appear in the history lesson which will be 20 minutes not 2 like the 2017 one (uxas will fight against ares and zeus) Darkseid will appear at the end of the movie, desaad, deathstroke and joker( jared leto's joker with a new and better design)will also appear, steppenwolf will have a better design and will be a better villain. Superman will be more of a classic superman beacuse his character arc will be completed, batman won't kill and will be more of a classic batman, flash won't be a dumb and cringy kid, cyborg will be the heart of the movie, there won't be weird CGI moustache superman, no cringy one liners, no useless batman and no random russian family in this version.
La Que Dice La Verdad
La Que Dice La Verdad 3 timer siden
Shut up hater
soy yo
soy yo 3 timer siden
To every who thinks snyder's superman is an emo and doesn't inspired anyone, watch this nosections.info/green/pY1xrZORmoZvtdA/video.html even a baby understand the movie better than the "critics"
Sankət Patił
Sankət Patił 3 timer siden
Can't wait to see Jocker in Action
The XslingshotX
The XslingshotX 3 timer siden
one last ride by Henry Cavill as Superman
kingGaming510 3 timer siden
@The XslingshotX No none od that is true dude what the hell there just bringing Supergirl in that's it they can't even make henry superman leave if they do thay because she is his cousin character and fans won't even watch DCEU anymore literally of the do replace him toa point wb going to not do that.
The XslingshotX
The XslingshotX 3 timer siden
Sasha Calle replace Henry Cavill after The Flash because Walter Hamada wants a female triangle and a batgirl movie is in work and this is Henry Cavill’s last ride as Superman
kingGaming510 3 timer siden
Hush nobody confirmed henry leave fr fr they said they might replace bug I doubt that
iliketowdose 3 timer siden
This shows what a complete and utter hack Joss Whedon is and what douche bags the WB execs were (Hamada still is). Zack Snyder is an auteur, an actual filmmaker and storyteller. He has the balls to not play it safe, break the mold, and honor the DC comics' darker ways. Uneducated marvel tards don't even understand how butchered their favorite Marvel (Disney) romantic comedies are from their source material because they've never read the comics.
Annie 3 timer siden
I agree but Joss isn't exactly a hack, just a dude who wasn't bonked at the right time.
matt rix
matt rix 4 timer siden
Felipe Pinho
Felipe Pinho 4 timer siden
Now just make a WW84.. Zack Snyder edition 😁
mickel robinson
mickel robinson 4 timer siden
This is a what I’m talking about🔥🔥🔥
Ichan 4 timer siden
Came back to check that this is real and that I'm not dreaming about this for the past few months
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 4 timer siden
@HBO Max, Will #TheSnyderCut be available on Brazil on 18th March, as well?
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 3 timer siden
Yeah, but maybe...Brazil isn't included in this "worldwide" scenario, you know...
kingGaming510 3 timer siden
It's been confirmed it's going to be a worldwide premiere on march 18
Paige Anne
Paige Anne 4 timer siden
How lit do you want this shit? Zack Snyder:....yes
thomasanderson parra
thomasanderson parra 4 timer siden
I like more this movies of the league justuce than avengers end game
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 36 minutter siden
the plot is similar. time travel to stop a villain that already won.
Ragno Gaming
Ragno Gaming 4 timer siden
"we live in a society.... Where honour is a distant memory Isn't that right? BATMAN "🔥
Gerry Gerry
Gerry Gerry 4 timer siden
When two smartest kids argue againts the teacher
LEG13N LEG13N 4 timer siden
Stop,I'm one of the best artist of today, you'll love me soon
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 3 timer siden
and you support a domestic abuser. nobody loves people that openly support violence against women.
WatZz 4 timer siden
So how tall is darkseid in the movie?
AlphaReturns 2 timer siden
Lin H.
Lin H. 4 timer siden
Can’t wait to watch
Patuber 4 timer siden
Its gonna be my first time watching justice league
Sham Majid
Sham Majid 2 timer siden
Lucky you
J Styler
J Styler 5 timer siden
#ZackSnydersJusticeLeague we did it! #UsUnited
The RC Element
The RC Element 5 timer siden
4:3 Aspect Ratio??
AlphaReturns 2 timer siden
Yeah pretty cool right.
Ralph Gaspar
Ralph Gaspar 5 timer siden
Just please don't shot all the epic fighting scene in night or dark. Then this would be good 👌
O Miranha
O Miranha 5 timer siden
Quem piratiar esse filme vai morrer junto com seus parentes,vamo ajudar o Zack ai
Kaicata 5 timer siden
Това е Лигата на справедливостта, която искахме да видим! Това е визията на Снайдер!
Dominick Rogers
Dominick Rogers 5 timer siden
“If you can’t bring down the charging bull. Then don’t wave the red cape at it.” One of the best quotes I heard.
Vulcarno Darknight
Vulcarno Darknight 5 timer siden
That's a flashback to Zod adapting to his senses and being "reborn". Same way Clarke is moving his hands and all.
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 5 timer siden
isnt it a callback to his first flight in man of steel?
Matthew Zahoor
Matthew Zahoor 5 timer siden
I want to know what happened between Batman and the Joker.
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 5 timer siden
the apocalypse bonds enemys together against a bigger enemy.
Kelly Mungomo
Kelly Mungomo 5 timer siden
Sign me up !
KAI PHAN 5 timer siden
Them: "They said the age of Justice League would never come again" Me: "It will, It has to"
Subzero Scorpion
Subzero Scorpion 5 timer siden
Joss Whedon: Zack I admit your Justice League is way better than mines. Zack Snyder: I know Joss, there's no comparison!! DC Fans: Thank You Zack!!
Manas Shukla
Manas Shukla 5 timer siden
0:30 *Nietzsche rolling in his grave* 😂😂
Michael Pantina
Michael Pantina 5 timer siden
I really hate Zack Snyder’s DCU vision. Can’t wait till they reboot it all.
Michael Pantina
Michael Pantina 5 timer siden
God I hope not. lol I would love to see some DC films that actually represent the characters well. Unlike Letos Joker, Eisenbergs Lex and etc..... The influence is so strong it went beyond Snyder films to Birds of Prey where they took one of the most badass characters ever, Cassandra Cain, and turned her into a comic relief pickpocket. 🤬
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 5 timer siden
Take a sit, friend of mine. 'Cause, after that, they shall #RestoreTheSnyderVerse and you, shall wait, for the next (many) years to come.
arthur vanheilam
arthur vanheilam 5 timer siden
t g tg t
Vaibhav Patil
Vaibhav Patil 5 timer siden
arthur vanheilam
arthur vanheilam 5 timer siden
Brahim Nallar
Brahim Nallar 5 timer siden
where is green lantern >:(
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 5 timer siden
Here! He's inside my pocket. Take a look!
Vaibhav Patil
Vaibhav Patil 5 timer siden
Josh Neito
Josh Neito 5 timer siden
Now we need to campaign for part too #releaseparttwosyndercut
Vaibhav Patil
Vaibhav Patil 5 timer siden
Laila _
Laila _ 5 timer siden
Bruce: I need warriors. Bruce: [Goes to the orphanage]
Vaibhav Patil
Vaibhav Patil 5 timer siden
Anthony Eldridge
Anthony Eldridge 5 timer siden
18.5 million views in less than a week. Let's see how far we can take this.....
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 5 timer siden
Amira Abd Alazziz
Amira Abd Alazziz 5 timer siden
Joss whedon :we are not enough Zack Snyder :that age of heros will never come again.
MOVIES EDITS 6 timer siden
I love baleman and i love affleck too.. But i used to think that snyder have a vision for batfleck until I heard his reaction to batman killing.. He simply said " Wake the fuck up". I mean how can he destroy the most defining trait of one of the best fictional character of time. If batfleck didn't kill in bvs then the "MARTHA" can be explained. But the problem is zack don't give a shit if our batsy kills or not. He said if we think that then we are living in a dream world. Don't come at me saying batman killed in previous movies too yes he killed but the general audience didn't get the idea when the batman killed the other guys. In batman begins he said " I will not be executioner" And I know that bruce killed that Asian guy after that moment but general audience didn't get that audience will remember that line said by bruce. In TDK he said " I have one rule", then again audience get the idea. If batman kills then the whole point of joker is irrelevant, he wants to break his rule. The reason that batman is so compelling in comparison of other heroes because he does not kill, if he kills then he is no different than punisher or wolverine. Making batman killing people makes him boring. "KILLING IS EASY AND OUR DARK KNIGHT DOES NOT MAKE EASY CHOICES SO BATMAN DOES NOT KILL. when snyder said those he simply does not care about batman at all. As much I love his visual storytelling, I don't snyderverse to be successful, bcoz if it happens then the audience will think of batman as a mass murderer as shown in bvs and he will soonly dethroned by characters as one of the most interesting character of all time along with Spidey. I don't batman to be forgotten after just 20-30 years ago from now. I don't want people think of batman as a mass murderer. Sorry please DoN't rEStOrE ThE sNyDeR vErsE PLeAsE
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 5 timer siden
OK, NOW: _Fallen_ . _Risen_ . _Reborn_ . Next: *Restored* . #RestoreTheSnyderVerse #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague #ReleaseZSJLWorldWide #ThankYouZackSnyder #SnyderCutEnLatam #TheSnyderCut #UsUnited #ReleaseTheAyerCut #MakeTheBatfleckSeries #AFSP
Vaibhav Patil
Vaibhav Patil 5 timer siden
Roman 25
Roman 25 6 timer siden
Vaibhav Patil
Vaibhav Patil 5 timer siden
DARKSEID 6 timer siden
Look! Look! I’m In This Trailer!
Vaibhav Patil
Vaibhav Patil 6 timer siden
Jakub Chalupa
Jakub Chalupa 6 timer siden
I honestly don't understand the hype around this. Zack Snyder gonna do Zack Snyder shit and this is gonna be overly edgy heartless weirdly color corrected mess
Fabián Elbey
Fabián Elbey 5 timer siden
@Jakub Chalupa Man of Steel and Batman v Superman really connected with a lot of people, who fought and resisted for years to see Snyder's true vision of the Justice League, it is impossible that it is a bad movie for the fans who loved the previous ones. This goes in tastes, I love the visuals that he gets with his movies and the mythological treatment that he makes of superheroes with that epic tone, for me it is perfect
Jakub Chalupa
Jakub Chalupa 5 timer siden
@soy yo I'm not hating on it, I haven't seen it yet. What I'm saying is, that this wieird hype around the Snyder cut is gonna bite you all in the ass when the movie actually comes out
Jakub Chalupa
Jakub Chalupa 5 timer siden
@Lucas Hernandes I'm just saying this is what Snyder does. He is super focused on how his movies look and the weird color corection is what he does to do achieve an unique look. Most of the time it looks just bad, though it worked for 300. In this trailer, it just looks like a videogame. We all saw the old Justice League. There ain't a good movie hidden in it. Y'all just setting yourselves up for a major letdown.
soy yo
soy yo 6 timer siden
Why are you even here then? What is the point of watching a movie of a director you hate? Just ignore this movie, go watch whatever you like, and let the fans enjoy this movie. Being a hater its the dumbest thing ever.
Lucas Hernandes
Lucas Hernandes 6 timer siden
You know all about the movie 👍👏
Abhijit Sen
Abhijit Sen 6 timer siden
94 stars to worldwide release
Vaibhav Patil
Vaibhav Patil 6 timer siden
Brett Lehman
Brett Lehman 6 timer siden
Theres no way to make this terrible movie better
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 5 timer siden
There's no way to make your terrible comment better.
soy yo
soy yo 6 timer siden
It was terrible thanks to joss Whedon, there is no joss Whedon now
jcb2582 6 timer siden
God I hope we get a proper resurrection of Superman, with all the emotion that goes along with it. I want to see the TRUE conclusion of becoming the Man of Steel we all know. The ultimate embodiment of what’s good DESERVES it.
Boxnexus6 YT
Boxnexus6 YT 6 timer siden
They should have named it “Justice league: Canon edition”
Mufunwa Maposa
Mufunwa Maposa 6 timer siden
Random NOsections link: nosections.info/green/tq6RhKGMoYGsl8w/video.html
tarun singh
tarun singh 6 timer siden
End of marvel universe rise of dceu. This decade belongs to dceu..
RIGHT MARK 4 timer siden
Ah yes.
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez 6 timer siden
27 days left
Nacho AV
Nacho AV 6 timer siden
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 5 timer siden
Nacho AV
Nacho AV 6 timer siden
Sr. Vivar
Sr. Vivar 6 timer siden
Each like is a dismissal to Walter Hamada.
THE BATMAN Trailer (2022)
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