Automatic pool stick vs. strangers 

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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

Vitenskap og teknologi



15. feb.. 2021





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SmarterEveryDay 2 måneder siden
Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: www.patreon.com/stuffmadehere/ )
yaldram muqadis
yaldram muqadis 16 timer siden
Destin knows so much yet he's still surprised by literally everything he sees
Moonlight Gaming
I KNEW I recognized you in the video
Aravind kumar s
Aravind kumar s 2 dager siden
No Shit!
No Shit! 3 dager siden
Hahaha he said " who is this redneck? ". I love your content but with that face and hat, i feel like uncle jimbo from southpark talking smart. I guess if uncle jimbo got a little smarter everyday since the show started, he would be smart by now and become a true cartoon of you. 🤣
E 3 dager siden
Bro you are big brain
Foam Smiths
Foam Smiths 17 minutter siden
This is like the most insane thing I've ever seen built on NOsections...
Netherman YT
Netherman YT 21 minutt siden
Imagine doing this type of process to predict future by time calculation and decision making idea... Like what he did in estimate where do ball goes/bounce/etc.😂
my penis has feelings
my penis has feelings 49 minutter siden
When he said 'something somewhere is broken, but i dont have any idea what it is" im like dude... i lost you when you mentioned math and algebra.
Wurmpiej Time siden
"I wanna enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played"... Uhm... Right... I stopped watching after that.
finn baker
finn baker 2 timer siden
Whats the program at 2:50 called
luke hyde
luke hyde 2 timer siden
followed QR code...feel personally attacked
Verechter 2 timer siden
a whole new meaning to 'just the tip'!
Vogel Account
Vogel Account 2 timer siden
Spends countless hours on programming and countless dollars on technology...used 199 dollar pool table from WalMart.
John Tarach jr
John Tarach jr 2 timer siden
After he is done explaining something, he frequently mentions how simple whatever it is and I'm just left questioning my entire life lol
lana A.M
lana A.M 3 timer siden
I wish i was smart
Steven Hurston
Steven Hurston 3 timer siden
What’s the program he uses for drawing and writing on the tablet?
veer tanveer
veer tanveer 3 timer siden
Amazing work . to The most smart hard working person respect from Bangladesh.
chineseniggatron 3 timer siden
how tf are people this smart , bruh i can even set up lights
K.Huynh. 4 timer siden
Mấy ông cơ thủ VN qua đây mua về mà chơi này :v
Carlo Chua
Carlo Chua 4 timer siden
I'm 100% sure that this is what Efren "the magician" Reyes has on his mind
mohmed ahmed
mohmed ahmed 4 timer siden
Respect from a guy who fail to written code for the Stewart platform 🙏🙏
Bibin Venugopal
Bibin Venugopal 4 timer siden
That's too many lines for single function...! 8:41
Riza Irlan
Riza Irlan 4 timer siden
You really inspire me so much, I always feel like I have enough skills and knowledge to do my work just fine, but this video open my eyes and show me what can be done if I learn more and do more with my life that I can do something more in my life, something amazing, fun, or even stupid. But I'm sure as hell this will give my life more meaning than just working 9 to 5 in front of computer every day.
Mahin Vaghela #21
Mahin Vaghela #21 4 timer siden
Everything fun and games 'til Efren Reyes shows up.
M17 4 timer siden
It was my brainnn, encoded in the software.
Kira Yamato
Kira Yamato 5 timer siden
i got 1 question.. what is the road to achieve this kind of programming level??
sebastian 5 timer siden
I'm glad the world has people that are this intelligent, but I really wish they would use their brain to build something useful. It's a bit like going to Mars, pointless
Garrenteed 5 timer siden
Shane is brilliant and I truly wish there was a Micro Center near me.
P 5 timer siden
Aimbot on rifles next?
Gary Vee
Gary Vee 6 timer siden
Holy shit..., how clever do you have to be to be able to build all of this stuff..., I have an above ave IQ..., and this guy is light years ahead of my intelligence. Unbelievable and a huge thumbs up.
Peter Henson
Peter Henson 6 timer siden
You are awesome, man. Keep up the innovative, fun work. Did not know about micro center either- very excited to visit the one here in Minnesota now. Typically, I get my parts from digikey orders. Will be very cool to walk into a store to look at parts😍 Thanks for sharing!
Mootje_dtc 7 timer siden
12:20 what’s a fancy word for mistake lmaoo :’’))
Striker GK
Striker GK 7 timer siden
Or u just have kinesthetic intelligence
testdasi 8 timer siden
11:28: "Sometimes it's best to move on: why quitting is nothing to be ashamed of". LOL, that is worthy of a sub. :D PS: he looks like Eddie Redmayne.
sk sheikhy
sk sheikhy 9 timer siden
I just don't know people like him wasting time for YT video
Ashish Patel
Ashish Patel 10 timer siden
it's like an aim bot just in real life.
Future Hendrixx
Future Hendrixx 10 timer siden
How can I get in contact with you bro I have a great idea and ur definitely the most talented person I’ve seen so far would love to collaborate with you
Katie Donovan
Katie Donovan 12 timer siden
You need to use radio signals, not graphics, to fix the cue, tip, AND ferrule (trust me....you need two points for the tip and ferrule in order to crunch the math right....the tip needs to be a vector, not a point, in order to calculate the friction needed for English)in a 3D plane and then keep the balls AND POCKETS together on an entirely separate plane. These two planes are, again, necessary due to the angular momentum combined with the friction...don't treat the balls in the math as separate from the pockets; the "target" of the math is the TABLE; not the pockets. I can say all this for sure because I have been shooting pool one-handed (no rail-rest B.S, either; I'm talking straight jousting, here)for three decades and I win just about every time. So I think my Kung Fu is strong.
Niceee9842 12 timer siden
@Stuff Made Here you should add the distance from the camera to the bottom of the table's inside as a known factor, then add one of the barcode things on the inside of the table to calculate height by scanning each individual one, the one on stick and table, and seeing the distance between the two. Idk if that's possible, but if it is, it seems viable to me
dafebeme2 12 timer siden
Please have offspring and make the world a better place.
Joseph Hernandez
Joseph Hernandez 13 timer siden
This guy deserves more subs!!!
Yo Bomber
Yo Bomber 13 timer siden
The fact that this man called himself an idiot makes me seem like I’m so dumb I can’t solve 2+2
Matthias Schweizer
Matthias Schweizer 13 timer siden
This guy is too smart
Ben 14 timer siden
I honestly thank you for Dumbing this video down 😭😭😭😂😂
Eleazar Perez
Eleazar Perez 14 timer siden
A collab between Stuff made here & Mark Rober. 😳
Ninja Squad Productions
Ok hear me out... or you could just practice and get good 😐
GunGryphon 15 timer siden
I'd love to visit a Microcenter, I only wish the nearest one wasn't 8+ hours away.
Mark J
Mark J 15 timer siden
Great invention! A cool idea for playing others across the internet would be if the pool cue was fixed to a rail that runs around the table, and a remote user can control it completely....no input required from you - control is passed to each player as their turn comes
lefroy1 15 timer siden
This kid is smart enough to be team-leader at McDonalds... maybe even shift-leader.
Bad-Boi_X7 16 timer siden
Itznoobpro 06
Itznoobpro 06 16 timer siden
Did you invented 8 ball?
TKC 16 timer siden
Next, a self aligning golf club. Every swing it squares the club face. So much easier than your pool cue right? Could probably use a launch monitor like GC Quad for feedback and auto alignment.
Doug Wyatt
Doug Wyatt 16 timer siden
As an avid pool player, I can assure you that creating a simulation app (android, please) to assist players in determining all viable shots given a set of circumstances would be greatly appreciated. There have been a few attempts at this, but all that I have seen fall short in very detrimental ways. The remedies are very simple. Online pool has become very populated and advertising an effective app in these playing domains would, in my uniformed opinion, yield at least $5-$10 an app. If you decide too, I'll be your first customer! Great video!
Chris Kriskovic
Chris Kriskovic 17 timer siden
I see you’ve direct targeted the object ball with the cue ball, target it off the bank and target it in combination..but did you teach it the carom shot?
Travis Beard
Travis Beard 18 timer siden
Could you build me a contraption that calculates the speed and trajectory of beer cans and bashes them back at the people that throw them in my ditch?
shortgeorge 18 timer siden
Great stuff
Kyle Hagerty
Kyle Hagerty 18 timer siden
Tons of ads on this channel
R Gunawan
R Gunawan 18 timer siden
Your mug is so cool..
AlexZander 19 timer siden
He lacks wisdom and experience in pocket billiards. Lining up and getting down on the shot is critical. Having the correct aim will greatly increase accuracy. But that is only part of the equation. Straight cue action/stroke is also critical, which his 'robot' stick solves. But then there is knowing how cue ball spin affects the object balls and position play. 1. He needs to perform this experiment on a much larger pool table, or even a 6 x 12 snooker table. 2. He needs to spend time with some elite players or world champions of their discipline. 3. There are some basic knowledge aspects of pocket billiards he is not aware of when it comes to position play. 4. Putting left or right spin on the cue ball will impart spin(deflection) on the object ball. a. depending on the angle of the cue going through the object ball and how hard it is struck, the cue ball can curve or deflect. b. a cue tip or two with left or right spin can 'throw' or 'curve' the object ball either right or left. Thus, missing the shot. Or help you make the shot if you know where to aim on the object to account for 'throw.' 5. And how hard you stroke/cue action a shot with left, right, top, bottom will all affect how the cue ball comes off the cushions for position play.
M.K. McGill
M.K. McGill 19 timer siden
I DO NOT HAVE TOO MUCH TIME! Says the guy who just made a QR code that redirects to tell someone they have too much time. How the turn tables. Edit: I just got an ad for Payapal QR codes.
Paul Moses
Paul Moses 19 timer siden
Can you do a curve shot where the ball bends around another ball, and like a double back shot where the cue ball bounces of the sides twice before hitting another ball into the pocket
Paul Moses
Paul Moses 19 timer siden
"I agree but" this is way cooler lol
Евгений Слизевич
Your brain is just insane, like you are, omg, very big brain!
Parminder Singh
Parminder Singh 20 timer siden
Florida Man @ 7:44 😂😂
Thatoneidiot 20 timer siden
This gotta be something confusing but atleast im entertained
kuvick 20 timer siden
Bike Life
Bike Life 20 timer siden
I’ve never felt so stupid....
Tomas Utaras
Tomas Utaras 20 timer siden
Damn, i'm looking in a mirror. Success driven obsession.
Anthony Leigh
Anthony Leigh 20 timer siden
Can't believe I sat here and watched this! Some clever shizzle going on in this guys brain and to put it into actual use is something else. These people are the modern day philosophers on steroids. Einstein et al would be proud and also very impressed.
Pol Ayt
Pol Ayt 20 timer siden
Imagine being this guy u tell people what you do for living.. cool channel!
Googie Gress
Googie Gress 21 time siden
Those two are so similar, and it feels like it had to be a computer that connected them ;)
Oleh Boburchak
Oleh Boburchak 21 time siden
Amazing project!
Jack Grones
Jack Grones 21 time siden
But who made robots
Thomas K
Thomas K 22 timer siden
Thanks for the tip on Micro Center. I always miss a physical store when I want to build a new rig.
Oculus Mikki
Oculus Mikki 22 timer siden
You should make your our version of VR gloves.
Hamza Khan
Hamza Khan 22 timer siden
Are you a mechatronics engineer?
Vincent Rickard
Vincent Rickard 22 timer siden
"Stick" sigh
francisoco ruiz
francisoco ruiz 23 timer siden
My friend. love and peace to you and your family.
NUKE 23 timer siden
Video starts at 19:44
Layarketancep 23 timer siden
The next level content creator 🔥
Walter Schopf
Walter Schopf 23 timer siden
One of the smartest humans on the planet
S1L3NT G4M3R 23 timer siden
I can still beat you...
Colby Butler
Colby Butler 23 timer siden
That's not a "pound", that's a "fist bump", but nice cue...G.
Linden Seaman
Linden Seaman 23 timer siden
I feel like the technology you have created here could be really cool for the physically disabled community. Being able to select their shots with switches, puff and sip or other accessible means having the chance to physically play pool with other people.
SebyS 23 timer siden
Where is the fun?
Cancer IP
Cancer IP Dag siden
send this video straight to micheal reeves
Jovl *
Jovl * Dag siden
Stop hacking dude >:(
Arineey Dag siden
I wish i had one of your brain cells..
Gerasimos Rico
Gerasimos Rico Dag siden
My head hurts thinking how he thinks
Mohammad Nadeem
Mohammad Nadeem Dag siden
I seriously want him to be a billionaire
TechyBen Dag siden
Basically, every bug testing ever. You go through everything. *EVERYTHING*. Each line of code calculate it all. Last thing you check, and yep, 2 of the 6 "identical" servos are totally out of spec. XD [Edit] To find out you *also* forgot to turn off the testing mode? Wow. Are we twins or something? :P
Haidar Ali
Haidar Ali Dag siden
i understand nothing but great job
Matthew Dag siden
I worked out the inverse kinematics of a Stewart manipulator by myself for university. It was really fun and had a very nice solution :3
PARVEZ Dag siden
Wtf i have not seen such amout pf work dedication in years. Wtf how can you be able to do this. You deserve all the subs man. This is real conteny
Danilo C Carvalho
Great work, maybe the next step it's a trail around the table to the robot do all the job.
Pablo Duarte
Pablo Duarte Dag siden
Amazing project! 😱
Ed Reusser
Ed Reusser Dag siden
This may be the coolest robot I have ever seen constructed from scratch.
Roseanna Pollitt
That is SO COOL
Gabriel Levandoski
shomallihastam Dag siden
Wow.. Just amazing.
Phantom Slots
Phantom Slots Dag siden
First time watching. Subscribed. 👍
Robert Magen
Robert Magen Dag siden
pls somebody give this man a LOT of money to fund all his ideas and in few years we will go to shit on different planets. simply GENIOUS
X Infinity
X Infinity Dag siden
Efren *bata* Reyes: 👁️👄👁️
Giovanni Bolla
Giovanni Bolla Dag siden
You know what I think? You're the pervert soul of every engineer (as I am, in Italy). I think you're the soul of human intelligence. Now the humanity knows something that never have been thought, before you. Stuff made with the mere love of been made. Thanks
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