YouTuber's Watching YouTubers! (Belle Delphine, Mark Goldbridge & More!) 

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A new venture for the channel as JaackMaate and co bring you the brand new series: NOsectionsrs Watch NOsectionsrs! In this pilot episode, Mark Goldbridge, Max Fosh and more sit down to review an array of interesting NOsections classics. From Belle Delphine's octopus to Josh Pieters prank on Katie Hopkins. Let us know what you think below!
Thanks for watching, you bunch of wet yoghurts.
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7. april. 2021





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rishav rocks
rishav rocks Dag siden
The girl with the pink pants , i don't know who she is but she does remind me of the kath character in the series afterlife.
DA PIJON Dag siden
12:43 bro imma spit out me sugar puffs that made me laugh lmfao
Danny Bird
Danny Bird Dag siden
Honeycomb on the Brie!
Daweed Dag siden
thogdad was having none of it, love that
That woman’s mum is a looney 🤣🤣
Max B
Max B Dag siden
Good concept but Jack looking at the camera breaks the immersion and all the jokes felt very forced compared to regular gogglebox
Dean Storey
Dean Storey Dag siden
Epileptics are weird? 😂 It’s an illness I didn’t choose it 😂😭
Walter Clements
Walter Clements 2 dager siden
Fucking love me some mark goldbridge I do
Kabano Amos
Kabano Amos 2 dager siden
Goldbridge love it!
anna 2 dager siden
lego man damn sad
BeaTrix 2 dager siden
Is he gonna have same batch of NOsectionsrs or not for second episode?
M7cutie 3 dager siden
Omg chi
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
*Of course Posh Boys sister knows Posh Boys Posh Magician Friend.*
Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode
*You need to keep doing this Jackie Boy!*
Damien Towers
Damien Towers 3 dager siden
Jack why do you fake laugh so much in your vids
OHB 3 dager siden
5:00 is that women dumb
IainExe 2 dager siden
Mrs. Lauren
Mrs. Lauren 4 dager siden
Being plant based I almost couldn't bare to watch the octopus part but I made it through laughing because of the "what is her obsession with octipie.. Octopuses.. Octopoe?
DarkDestroyerGaming 4 dager siden
Jake Paul needs knocking out that lego guy was wholesome
MR INFERNO 5 dager siden
Thogdad was quite mean at the last one
RōSHI 5 dager siden
The way jack looks at the screen as he says "ive seen all of it" when talking about Belle Delphine`s content ahahaha!
Alex Whorwood
Alex Whorwood 5 dager siden
Thogdad is so enthusiastic
María Ramos
María Ramos 5 dager siden
33:06 god bless her cause i was thinking the same thing
Olivia Hewett
Olivia Hewett 5 dager siden
Jack, mate, I’ll always love you. Love your content every time
Jack Wilson
Jack Wilson 6 dager siden
Who is the girl with her mum? She's hilarious, not arsed about any of it haha
Jack Quigley
Jack Quigley 6 dager siden
Chi with a C
TKM 6 dager siden
_lilystreatfield 6 dager siden
imagine being that squid thinking 'wonder what happens to me when i die?' little did he know he was gonna be used for an only fans account and having someone make him play mario kart with them
_lilystreatfield 6 dager siden
where did she get the dead octopus?
_lilystreatfield 6 dager siden
ahh 'are you epileptic as well? God knows what you'd do to ya mum!! - Jack the absolute comedian
Venture Pictures
Venture Pictures 6 dager siden
The LEGO guy actually got a lot of help from people and has a big NOsections channel now all of the back of this video. A positive end to a story lol
Aging Horizon
Aging Horizon 7 dager siden
15:54 thogdad moment
Larrikin 8 dager siden
Chi and her mom are so boring
Larrikin Dag siden
@Max B it’s barely humour their just sitting there doing nothing
Max B
Max B Dag siden
American? it's british dry humour
Shane Mcgivern
Shane Mcgivern 8 dager siden
Jake Paul has the personality of a Plank
McKeon Thulani
McKeon Thulani 8 dager siden
Mark's reaction to Bella Delphine is hilarious 🤣🤣
Nico B.
Nico B. 8 dager siden
Thogdad: He has the Coronas in hahaha.
JamManBolitics 8 dager siden
Its amazing how all the people in this video who where for the humiliation of a women that actually fights and addresses the serious issues revolving islam attacking our laws. Living it up who are WHYTE and i can guarantee they live in all majority WHYTE areas in UK 🤔😒 safe in their homes/communities that have near zero minorities in them. The two who did the stunt, plus all those virtue signalling on video, i would LOVE to see them move to a majority all muslim area/city 🤔 Let me guess they wouldnt dare and if not "Are you being wacist" no you arent cause yoy now these areas sck and are dangerous. People are so fake in UK newtered by identity politics.
Monkey Matt
Monkey Matt 8 dager siden
Basically the NOsections Gogglebox. It’s a nice concept and was an enjoyable video. 👍
Aden Ali Mohamed
Aden Ali Mohamed 10 dager siden
4:50 that lady is confused
samuel pearson
samuel pearson 10 dager siden
I’d definitely watch more of this 👍
Diso 10 dager siden
I just noticed the title has change!
Tom 10 dager siden
JACKKK IT HIT 50,000, EPISODE 2 !?!?!?
Natt Miles
Natt Miles 11 dager siden
Love Mark Goldbridge, naturally funny
Sakar Upreti
Sakar Upreti 11 dager siden
This is quality content!
C H 11 dager siden
Is it Thogdad who’s the spitting image of Alfred from Gotham? (Sean Pertwee)
Daniel Cook
Daniel Cook 11 dager siden
They changed the name lol
B1G_M1K3Y95 11 dager siden
hahaha this is way better then gogglebox wtf yo anyone now if there will be a ep.2 / When
william mcintosh
william mcintosh 11 dager siden
Need to make this like a monthly series
Flairings 11 dager siden
16:25 LMFAO
Chloe S
Chloe S 11 dager siden
"Do you know what only fans is?" "Well I have heard of it and people want me to do one." *_sigh_*
abby thomson
abby thomson 11 dager siden
rot frog
rot frog 11 dager siden
this video is so brilliant. please do more with willne, josh peters, cerian, ect
Ali Clan
Ali Clan 11 dager siden
Sorry but Mark Goldbridge has some of the deadest banter I’ve heard. Just not funny in the slightest
Yuri Nameem
Yuri Nameem 12 dager siden
Katie Hopkins is a goddess, people don't listen to her, they just have a pre-conceived perception of her, she can be bitchy and close to the bone, but on many things I fully support what she says.
Broken 12 dager siden
awh. that lego guy. i realy feel back for him
Ciaran Hatchell
Ciaran Hatchell 12 dager siden
“That was the MMA fight” how stupid can can girl be😂😂😤
A God
A God 13 dager siden
All these comments are dead just saying what happened in the video
KishenSedani 13 dager siden
I want @Max Fosh and Tally back for Ep 2, then I will consider subscribing!
Ryan Gauld
Ryan Gauld 13 dager siden
Chairman Lmao
Chairman Lmao 13 dager siden
Jake Paul is so utterly devoid of any charisma or wit that its actually quite painful to hear him speak
Pranshul Dobriyal
Pranshul Dobriyal 13 dager siden
"I cant wait to see when it is bedtime" "Its bedtime, I really didn't want to see" - GOATbridge
Emmanuel Okunade
Emmanuel Okunade 13 dager siden
Shout out to the guy who pointed out the other guy was Asian
JackThePrick 13 dager siden
Where r uuuuuu
Kieran ScottThomasT
Kieran ScottThomasT 13 dager siden
15:54 Thogdad: I'm getting the word...NONCE
-Franjo- 13 dager siden
C I_I I^I t
-Franjo- 13 dager siden
Mark Goodbridge is the highlight of this video
WhiteShinobi1 14 dager siden
so gogglebox 😄🤣
Felix Shore
Felix Shore 14 dager siden
this is original.
T Livia
T Livia 15 dager siden
“Poor girl. She’s obviously not very well.” 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂chi is an icon
Adrammelech 15 dager siden
Looks like Belle Delphine got at least one new subscriber lol
Lloyd Frayne
Lloyd Frayne 15 dager siden
25:00 creasing lmao🤣🤣
Lloyd Frayne
Lloyd Frayne 15 dager siden
22:55 girl in the pink pants ruined vid. Boring af. Why even do the video if u cant be arsed. Cringey af Edit: 25:35 like u all video ffs
gorilla gaming
gorilla gaming 14 dager siden
Lloyd Frayne
Lloyd Frayne 15 dager siden
Belle delphine (or whatever tf it is) aint even good looking. Weird too
blottz 15 dager siden
Just for the people who don't understand the last one. He had been collecting and building for tens of years, putting thousands of euros and hours into it. Having someone come in, say screw you and your livelihood, and destroy your passion. Just because it's Lego doesn't mean it can't be important to some people. It's the same difference as someone coming over and destroying your project car; the car you've spent thousands on, fixing it up and getting it to how you want.
Heekin0 15 dager siden
29:50 jheez the stupidity
Chloe Bumblebee
Chloe Bumblebee 15 dager siden
I really loved this!
Peacemaker692 15 dager siden
34:24 😂😂 thogdad 37:55 I fucking love thogdad
Protato TV
Protato TV 15 dager siden
So it’s gogglebox
valentine 16 dager siden
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Your Local MCE
Your Local MCE 16 dager siden
17:30 had me weak😂
Barry S
Barry S 16 dager siden
Why's it changed from 'NOsectionsr gogglebox'? Surely there's not a legal problem with that is there?
Dean Kane
Dean Kane 16 dager siden
better than expected good times recently discovered the happy hour podcast jackmate is huge on NOsections he keeps popping up all over fair play
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 17 dager siden
The contrast between Chi and her mum and Max and his sister is the best part
Flattheyounger 17 dager siden
I liked this but next time can we have a LOT less from the guy in the blue hoodie.
Phil Mitchell
Phil Mitchell 17 dager siden
Why don't you shut up
Joanne Carrigan
Joanne Carrigan 17 dager siden
Love Jack mate but found this very boring. I feel awful saying it but looks like a lot of people feel uncomfortable and don't know what to actually to say.. Then the guy in navy jumper say talking on his own so unfunny 🙈
Charlie Phillips
Charlie Phillips 17 dager siden
Blaine Gowland
Blaine Gowland 17 dager siden
get jacksucksatlife on it
WhenTheSkyTurnsDark 17 dager siden
Waiting for episode two.
Katie Merrick
Katie Merrick 17 dager siden
Cool video concept! Hope you make this a series!! Keeping the same people :)
Beans 18 dager siden
There was a go fund me and the Lego guy got loads of money back
Tom Mccarthy
Tom Mccarthy 18 dager siden
The KH one. I feel like she had a great time tbf
Athena Leishman
Athena Leishman 18 dager siden
Mark is hilarious
HayesyBoy927 18 dager siden
Beau Mcphee
Beau Mcphee 18 dager siden
Only people who were early know the original title
Cassie 18 dager siden
Thogden: “have you ever heard of onlyfans?” Thogdad: “I’ve heard of it 👀” 😂😂😂
YaboiAmoos 18 dager siden
Why did u change the name
Daniel McGrath
Daniel McGrath 18 dager siden
Ngl the Tory girl ruined it
redwood games
redwood games 18 dager siden
Ima have to stay up till 2am for this shit. It'll be woth seeing jake get fucked up tho
Nathan Smith
Nathan Smith 18 dager siden
i feel so bad for the guy at the end he seems like such a nice person with a passion for something and its all destroyed. passion is irreplaceable.
Coaster Creations
Coaster Creations 18 dager siden
Am I going crzy or did you change the name lmao class vid tho
8DAUDIO 18 dager siden
And the thumbnail
El Aaronio
El Aaronio 18 dager siden
ye gogglebox proberbly said there not allowed
JuniorD1975 News & Views
Loved this 👍 Felt bad for Mr Lego though ☹️
Shea Robertson
Shea Robertson 18 dager siden
The Lego guy is actually doing videos again
Peter Kilner
Peter Kilner 18 dager siden
finally hit one million views!! in less than 10 days i hope you can do more