How Much Money Did PieFace WIN On Deal Or No Deal? 💰 

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PieFace shares stories from his experience from going on the UK gameshow 'Deal Or No Deal', including how sleeping tablets nearly ruined his episode, the strange prize he was offered, and what he spent his winnings on!
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4. april. 2021





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Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast Måned siden
The full episode of this is out now EXCLUSIVELY on Spotify (link in the description) so check it out if you want to hear more of PieFace's mad stories! We've got musician Tom Grennan, AFTV's Robbie and the lads from TGF Bro coming up... so make sure you're subscribed with notifications on! 🇳🇺
joe griffins
joe griffins Måned siden
Don Robbie!!! 🤯🥳. Can’t wait!
staticthreat0 Måned siden
you need a new video editor
Jonny Scab
Jonny Scab Måned siden
Have you seen my baby!?
SDoggo 445
SDoggo 445 Måned siden
Don Robbie 🥶🥶🥶🥶
World Thomas Wrestling
Wtf tgf
CLD 2 dager siden
Big boi him
Dublin Ireland Dublin Ireland
He’s like a fat liesbein
I zVortex I
I zVortex I 8 dager siden
Sean Dennis
Sean Dennis 9 dager siden
Actually like this kid
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 10 dager siden
He won £500
cancel my cab earthling
What is the sum of 🥧
Burt McAllister
Burt McAllister 11 dager siden
“Shaun Attwood special”...😂😂😂
Aden Ali Mohamed
Aden Ali Mohamed 11 dager siden
this guy look like the son of a family guy
scenczyk1429 11 dager siden
That's tramadol 😂
Kian Hedhili
Kian Hedhili 13 dager siden
How is he famous
Jamie Croft
Jamie Croft 13 dager siden
How did he get on so many shows looool
Isaac Drums
Isaac Drums 20 dager siden
Pie wat a guy
Reece Barker
Reece Barker 21 dag siden
That kid Is the next day games
Bobcat 25 dager siden
Connor K
Connor K 26 dager siden
Anyone know the deal or no deal ep?
Duncan Harris
Duncan Harris 26 dager siden
I hope Jack knows how many people would die for this podcast 😂
Kevin Muldoon
Kevin Muldoon 26 dager siden
I first came across this channel and Pieface a few days ago. He's hilarious. Would love to see him come back again.
John Reaney
John Reaney 26 dager siden
The description of the sleeping tablet sounds more like E
Andrew JG
Andrew JG 27 dager siden
He doesn’t look 23. He’s more like 16 or 17.
J C 27 dager siden
Anyone else keep getting NOsections adverts for Jimmy Saville on Discovery?
Fitzy 27 dager siden
white chunkz
LozDog 27 dager siden
I like the guy but his teeth need a brush
Ian Rose
Ian Rose 27 dager siden
This guy is a brilliant guest, the best story teller you have on by a mile , great storyteller
Zolvh 28 dager siden
bristol is the spottttt
ozioy 28 dager siden
Lmao I sit next to pie face at the argyle
CFG IMPOSSIBLE 28 dager siden
Where’s the full vid instead of the Audio
luke 28 dager siden
Chatting shit
Aadil Waghat
Aadil Waghat 28 dager siden
Seems like such a genuine bloke
Adam Porter
Adam Porter 28 dager siden
Quality lad pieface, genuine!!!
Me you and the animal
Me you and the animal 28 dager siden
£7k worth of burgers then?🐷
Happy Hour Podcast
Happy Hour Podcast 28 dager siden
You’re a lovely person.
J-Madz U.K
J-Madz U.K 28 dager siden
He needs to stop gamberling mans all over them fifa packs
Asus Phone
Asus Phone 28 dager siden
Htf has this guy done all this ? He looks about 16 haha
joshyboi madman
joshyboi madman 28 dager siden
His double chins have a better future than me..
Alex Murray
Alex Murray 28 dager siden
Mad got given a pinger and told it was tramadol
Lil Capri
Lil Capri 28 dager siden
Anyone know how I can watch this episode of deal or no deal
James Lapthorn
James Lapthorn 28 dager siden
Let’s go. I love seeing another argyle fan on NOsections or TV. Green Army 🇳🇬⚽️🇳🇬⚽️
Marc Oliu
Marc Oliu 27 dager siden
Just search Pieface on NOsections I think it is Pieface23 but idk
djgmcfc83 27 dager siden
What's the name of his NOsections Channel bud ?
NK66 29 dager siden
Never heard of this guy but what a lad lovely bloke
Ronnie Gilbert
Ronnie Gilbert 29 dager siden
I love pieface but I wish he was good on the sticks
mark brady
mark brady 29 dager siden
This guy should be on stage, he tells a wicked story 👍
Nick czarniak
Nick czarniak 29 dager siden
Tramadol is a opiate not a sleeping pill
Nick czarniak
Nick czarniak 11 dager siden
@86Smally bud it’s an opiate literally google it
86Smally 15 dager siden
No it’s not, not at all, tramadol is a synthetic pain killer, opioids are made from natural opium hence ‘opioid’ the likes of morphine, codeine and dihydrocodeine are opioids
andy thorpe
andy thorpe 29 dager siden
For real thought this was Ralphy may
Chris Dudbridge
Chris Dudbridge 29 dager siden
How many years has he banned from Plymouth’s ground?
wing wong
wing wong 29 dager siden
4:55 if you dont understand why he says "Shaun Atwood specail" Shaun Atwood was an Ecstasy kingpin
ASM 29 dager siden
Pieface on Happy Hour... EnTeRtAiNiNg
SHUEB A 29 dager siden
The offer sounds like arsenal transfer dealings
N star Brum
N star Brum 29 dager siden
This guy should be a celebrity made me laugh halarious
james edmunds
james edmunds 29 dager siden
Ben Edward
Ben Edward 29 dager siden
7 Grand large fries and an apple pie there u go saved u 10 minutes
mrlemonmann55 29 dager siden
This is what happens when you don’t have social media! You ain’t got a clue who any fucker is!! Seems like a ledge though
Expanse 29 dager siden
is it just me or does jack look like he's constantly on the verge of crying
William Hearn
William Hearn 29 dager siden
Pie face what a legend
Joshua K
Joshua K 29 dager siden
Could listen to Pie all day he’s a proper decent guy
Annie Rose
Annie Rose 29 dager siden
Tramadol is an opiate, it made me hallucinate.
86Smally 15 dager siden
Its not an opiate, opioids are made via natural opium, tramadol is a synthetic pain killer
YoGemmy 29 dager siden
I want to be mates with Pieface
Strictly Football
Strictly Football 29 dager siden
Pieface is an amazing story teller
Laudator Bot
Laudator Bot 29 dager siden
Oh lets go class
tilda 29 dager siden
I bloody love him, seems really funny and down to earth
PEENOOSE 29 dager siden
Dude thought he took tramadol but probably took dexies
Amar 29 dager siden
Just me or is his left ear 👂 bigger than his right
Anne marie Hayden
Anne marie Hayden 29 dager siden
I’d never heard of him, but after this I’m going to subscribe. What a man 😂
Jord Douglas
Jord Douglas Måned siden
What a fat pleb
Jord Douglas
Jord Douglas 29 dager siden
@Jack Nobrega he’s just a pure sausage 🤣🤣🤣
Jack Nobrega
Jack Nobrega Måned siden
Allow him what’s ur problem
Kai W-Hardy
Kai W-Hardy Måned siden
The decisive offer extragingivally alert because wrench neatly polish beyond a enchanting crab. infamous, roomy umbrella
Sam Swain
Sam Swain Måned siden
I can’t believe he’s 29
Jake Dawson
Jake Dawson Måned siden
What a legend! Would love a pint with pie
swirvyexe Måned siden
My parents said if I get 100 subs by the end of 2021 I can get my dream pc Bois help me out here I got some really good videos I've been preparing (over a month)
Jonas Roaldsøy
Jonas Roaldsøy Måned siden
Cant belive this guy is almost 30
Jonas Roaldsøy
Jonas Roaldsøy 28 dager siden
Jwwr 29 dager siden
He just never hit puberty lol
Mason Ellis
Mason Ellis Måned siden
I lived in Bristol it’s wired to think that people like this would live near you or even be anything about you
MrsWalls Måned siden
Please upload the full episode here !! There’s nothing like watching the episode
Patrick C
Patrick C Måned siden
Gwon pie my son
Jack Lowe
Jack Lowe Måned siden
Need to find the actual deal or no deal episode
Linkon hargreaves towers
can you do a section on the pod about the Yorkshire ripper
owain hanford
owain hanford Måned siden
Not heard of PieFace before the podcast, but he sounds like a proper legend. Hope all is well lads!
Matt Doherty
Matt Doherty Måned siden
Was a Xanax 💀💀
bigman dex the 2nd
bigman dex the 2nd Måned siden
henry hatton
henry hatton Måned siden
This guys got so many good stories
Man From Tesco
Man From Tesco Måned siden
Pie face is a goated guest
LORDLANKY Måned siden
Young marcus luttrell
D M Måned siden
This man is leaking all the secrets here. The studio won’t be happy
NUFC Måned siden
He won £7000 and an apple pie thank me later 9:30
imJCD Måned siden
The fact he made all of this shit up is some fucking banter class.
Gazwilliams Måned siden
I was on Deal or no Deal and yea that breakfast bar was amazing! Free hotel for 2 weeks, what a great time! Had some amazing drunken nights in Bristol.
Chester Alan
Chester Alan Måned siden
Does pieface live in Plymouth?
Mildog 98
Mildog 98 Måned siden
If it was Tramadol that's for back pain
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu Måned siden
As a fellow Janner I forgot about Pieface. I saw him once outside Sainsbury's on Mutley Plain, I gave him an awkward look like "there's that bloke off the telly". I suppose his fame has been shadowed by Tom Daley. Shame really. Geddon, you avent aged a day bey!
David McDonagh
David McDonagh Måned siden
The guy is a legend I could listen to him tell stories for days, one of the best ones I have listened to hands down
Davey Jones
Davey Jones Måned siden
Pie Face you are a legend of a bloke. Thanks for brightening up my day
037 Robots
037 Robots Måned siden
Funny Story but Important to note! Tramadol is a strong painkiller. It's used to treat moderate to severe pain, for example after an operation or a serious injury. It's also used to treat long-standing pain when weaker painkillers no longer work. Tramadol is available only on prescription.
037 Robots
037 Robots 29 dager siden
@rockguitar2012 Yeah its a synthetic opioid (replacement for Mephedrone), member of my family uses it daily after losing a leg in a car accident, wild stuff! It's got it uses but really shouldn't be made out like its a sleeping tablet. Not trying to stop anyone having "fun" an all but need to know what your getting into - When people are prescribed it and then its reduced or stoped it has led to using street Drugs like Heroin big problem with this n the US.
rockguitar2012 Måned siden
Yeah I was prescribed it once in hospital and had a really bad reaction to it, definitely wouldn't recommend anyone messes about with it outside of a proper medical setting
Antony D'Andrea
Antony D'Andrea Måned siden
I always thought it was going to come out after it ended that it was somewhat fixed. I remember reading the ts and cs of being on the show and it said you weren't allowed to talk about certain behind the scenes stuff until like 5 years after it's off air.
Mike Nolan
Mike Nolan Måned siden
By far the best guest
Dan Holdsworth
Dan Holdsworth Måned siden
Why is he shouting?
Joshua McConaghy
Joshua McConaghy Måned siden
U should do a thing where u talk about the butterfly effect in history. That would be amazing
The King of all Kings
Who is this guy?
Dazza manGlasgow
Dazza manGlasgow Måned siden
For all you's wannabe drug addicts. It's tramadol.
Jonnnyhol Måned siden
Can you have him on every week? He's quality
Can't Stop Won't Stop
I missed this part sorry but who gave him the tramadol sleeping tablet???
Tony Small
Tony Small Måned siden
Don't take the fucking piss 😄
On Tour With Dridgers
The banker just being a normal geezer 😂
Andres Roche
Andres Roche Måned siden
top guest - get him back
joshua sefton
joshua sefton Måned siden
hands down the best podcast ever
Ganger 6 mill