losing control : Dancing with the Devil 

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“I crossed a line I’d never crossed in addiction.”
In part I of this fearless documentary series, Demi Lovato and her family and friends candidly open up for the first time about what led to her near-fatal overdose.

The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) helpline
1-800-931-2237 (they also offer click-to-chat messaging)

SAMHSA Hotline for individuals and family members facing mental health and/or substance use disorders
1-800-662-HELP (4357)
TTY: 1-800-487-4889

If you need immediate support, please reach out to your local crisis text line:
USA: Text HOME to 741741
UK: Text SHOUT to 85258
Canada: Text CONNECT to 686868 or 741741
Production Companies: OBB Pictures, SB Films
Director: Michael D. Ratner
Executive Producers: Michael D. Ratner, Scott Ratner, Scooter Braun, Allison Kaye, Scott Manson, Kfir Goldberg, Miranda Sherman, Andy Mininger

Pre-order Demi Lovato’s new album ‘Dancing With The Devil… The Art Of Starting Over’ DemiLovato.lnk.to/DWTDTAOSOID




23. mars. 2021





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David Humphries
David Humphries 2 timer siden
Didn't think she was that fat
P4T21CK K1NG 4 timer siden
Demi needs to come forward with what goes on at Disney, and why she felt she had to take drugs after what they forced her to do. I don't feel bad for drug addicts, but I do feel bad for victims who feel they have to turn to drugs to feel better. I know she's afraid to talk about what happens at Disney, but these people will operate unpunished until the citizens of this country find out the horrible things the people at Disney do to children.
ebony butterfly
ebony butterfly 4 timer siden
Please always share your problems
Jessica Ann
Jessica Ann 5 timer siden
Interesting that her mom struggled with Xanax and that is Demi’s thing. Coke and Xanax. Wonder if her mom ever gave her one to get her to relax. Surrounded by enablers. These documentaries are just bullshit. As a poly addict myself, you can’t use any substance in moderation. You will lose the battle. She started using alcohol and weed then started using heroin and crack. She can not do moderation. She’s in denial. I hope she can find peace.
ebony butterfly
ebony butterfly 5 timer siden
You have a sweet voice
Katie Milillo
Katie Milillo 5 timer siden
Used to stand for you but you are now a self entitled little b. Bye, Karen!! Grow up!
Tina Collins
Tina Collins 6 timer siden
It's awesome that you tore down a taboo wall. I suffer everyday with chronic depression, chronic migraines, bipolar schizophrenia, anxiety -panic attacks & explosive disorder. I go into rage & my life is miserable. I get it!!! The Lord has kept you alive to do this documentary 2 open people's eyes that mental health. I thank you for making this documentary. 😍 Keep your head up! Do what makes you happy!
SommerSwensen 11 timer siden
I love this so much. It's courageous. I love her. But the disclaimer at the end says "it's okay to ask for help" and all I can think is, yes, If you have insurance or some money. It's hard not to be discouraged by that. The barriers are real. Hopefully there will be enough awareness to change that, however, how many people will have to suffer with or lose their life because of it in the meantime.
Miguel Rodriguez
Miguel Rodriguez 12 timer siden
Clown 🤡
Pila Ppppa
Pila Ppppa 15 timer siden
wait, so everybody had to just not eat pizza around her? or a fucken cookie? thats not how the rea worlds works, she needs to work on her issues, not other ppl
ysan01 15 timer siden
This is just crazy and sad-- she’s so beautiful and young... I’m scared for her.. I hope she can take care of her well being. She has her whole Life ahead of her...😔🙏🏼
Anna K
Anna K 16 timer siden
I'm not sure why this says watch free and then tells me it requires a payment to watch. I already pay for NOsections premium...
LeeBeast6 17 timer siden
Intitled 🙄
Rachel Perez
Rachel Perez 17 timer siden
Is anyone else having problems with "this video requires payment to watch" I'm fine paying for it but it literally doesn't give me the option to rent or buy? And also says free on Google searches?
Jennifer Marie
Jennifer Marie 19 timer siden
Dissociative identity disorder it’s real
Taylor Bradford
Taylor Bradford 20 timer siden
She is so strong and so beautiful❤️ she is an inspiration to people with mental health issues
Matt's Fishin Mission
Matt's Fishin Mission 20 timer siden
I saw scooter braun as E.P. and logged off this vid.
Mallory Kate Gish
Mallory Kate Gish 20 timer siden
18:46-18:51 her dance director was telling the bartender to take it easy with her
Matt Deters
Matt Deters 20 timer siden
Demi Lovato: Saving the world from the dastardly scourge of frozen yogurt.
David 22 timer siden
Shelby Hammack
Shelby Hammack 22 timer siden
Demi, I wish there was a way I could talk to you personally, because I really need to. You're such an inspiration. Please don't let that statement put too much on your shoulders though. You're only one person and only responsible for yourself 💖💖💖 love you
Kate Jackson
Kate Jackson 22 timer siden
Did you watch Simply Complicated? Yes, this is her second, oh I have fallen into drugs again, and never learned my lesson, oh I have all this body damage now. Of course you do. You did ALL THIS YOURSELF. We are responsible for dangerous habits. Maybe she has learned now. What a train wreck to be that young and can't get it together....
Bellatrix Lestrange
I've avoided watching this, overdoses hit a heavy and painful spot. I'm really glad I'm watching now though.
Megan Delaney
Megan Delaney Dag siden
Clean and sober 5 years
by me
by me Dag siden
She is really a model and very strong. To have the courage to expose yourself in front of the whole world is to have the courage and the will to change things 💪🏾 ♥ ️
Tyler B
Tyler B Dag siden
I mean I like 80s metal but I listened to her on Joe Rogan and it’s a wild story. Cool lady.
anon anon
anon anon Dag siden
Yes she is a recovering from drug addiction which is a horrible thing but let’s not forget about her ruining other people’s lives. The frozen yogurt stunt just proves how narcissistic she is and how out of touch from reality. Sweetheart there are millions of homeless drug addicts in the streets suffering daily, why is it all about you ?
Dave LC
Dave LC Dag siden
What is this video about ..her problems?? With eating? So a rich singer making her way to success, is now having a problem? Poor million dolor thing!!
Aikaterine Illt
Aikaterine Illt Dag siden
@Dash120z lmao reread your own sentence
Dave LC
Dave LC Dag siden
@Dash120zHow do you know that I am ignorant? Have we met? You may be the stupidest Hollywood follower yet. Just marry her. Sorry she doesn't want you!! Mayby for this.. protect your princess you super gay guy
Dash120z Dag siden
ignorant comment, just because you're rich, talented and famous doesn't mean u won't have personal issues, addiction does not discriminate.
Anita Piñuela
Anita Piñuela Dag siden
hay no se porque entre aqui que hueva escuchar a una persona asi con falta de voluntad en lugar de que se ocupara en ayudar a alguien o a rescatar perritos ocuparse en algo estaba tirando su vida a la basura ya estas grande supera lo de tu padre era su vida no la tuya tienes todo para salir adelante y no estar tirada a la tristesa que pena saber asi de tu vida cuando mucha gente te admiraba y no estabas sola tenias a mucha gente al tu alrededor que pena ocupate y ponte a trabajar asi se te quita la depre no seas floja o quieres ser popular por medio de la lastima hay mejor me voy que horror todas las cantantes de ingles terminan asi
Rafaela Ferreira
at 04:05 the English legends says "woman speaking Spanish" but that's Portuguese! That's a Brazilian reporter.
Arianator fan fr Mady
Elle comprend le français ? 🥺
biptor reiez
biptor reiez Dag siden
Miranda Valleau
Miranda Valleau Dag siden
the way some of the people in her life are talking about eating disorders STILL shows how uneducated they are on the topic... yes personal experience is needed to ever truly grasp the tendrils that ED has but come on.. the way the ex assistant sounded so annoyed and dismissive over having to spend the night because demi ate a cookie?? Like its such a big deal in our heads and everyone thinks we are crazy and overreactive but guess what?? its a real and valid emotion and a constant struggle ! if you are watching this and struggling with an ED or recovery- You are Valid. You are not a burden. You deserve to be understood.
seerpou Dag siden
why is scooter braun an executive producer? i thought he was so bad to her (according to the last documentary)?
camila silva
camila silva Dag siden
Como eu amo essa mulher❤❤🇧🇷🇧🇷
j15 Dag siden
This made me cry so much😭😭😭. Love you Demi❤️❤️❤️
Alex Glenn t hmm
Alex Glenn t hmm 2 dager siden
The day of my wedding is the date of her overdose OMG. So happy she made it ive noticed how much alike we are.
Rofi Uddin
Rofi Uddin 2 dager siden
Im proud of you... Lets throw away the toxic friends that lead you to the 💊
R MS 2 dager siden
She made me cried, stay strong Dem.. 🤍🤍
Barney Stinson XO
Barney Stinson XO 2 dager siden
Crazy how people don’t realise that she’s making money out of this...
YikesRoman! 2 dager siden
who tf would dislike something like this??!
Jesse Montoya
Jesse Montoya 9 timer siden
I did, from 6 different accounts.
Aikaterine Illt
Aikaterine Illt Dag siden
money sports
money sports 2 dager siden
Not happy about her rant on instagram
Melody Wiercinski
Melody Wiercinski 2 dager siden
I don't like the title so un chirsten
kiane starnes
kiane starnes 2 dager siden
Freddy Tovar
Freddy Tovar 2 dager siden
Por favor alguien que sepa donde puedo conseguirlo traducido a español 🙏🙏🙏
Budgie McLeod
Budgie McLeod 2 dager siden
So...because this "woke" fool is unhappy with her existence she actually tried to take down a yogurt shop that's run by women? Go back to sleep Demi! LOL
C G 2 dager siden
wahhhhhh wahhh wahhh
Madison Pratt
Madison Pratt 2 dager siden
Wtf is this
A. M.
A. M. 2 dager siden
She's so full of it. She didn't want to be sober
Dranzer H
Dranzer H 2 dager siden
She should get off social media and move out of LA
Dranzer H
Dranzer H 2 dager siden
It’s almost like her life and identity has been defined by addiction and she isn’t quite sure how to exist without it
Trèfle Moe
Trèfle Moe 3 dager siden
This is so hard to watch when you also suffering from addiction I hope she will get through this because I don't know if I can
Kyleigh Garrett
Kyleigh Garrett 3 dager siden
in my opinion i don't think she forgot the words to sober at the mid California state fair, i think she just didn't want to say that lyrics "i promise ill get help". no hate towards her, i love her! thats just my opinion
นเรศ เผือกเขียว
blkbeauti05 3 dager siden
All that pressure must be a lot. I couldn't handle it personally.
daniel henrique daniel
Matthew Garrette
Matthew Garrette 3 dager siden
I hoped I would see a clip of her "losing control" on Big Chill
Magu 3 dager siden
Karen Lovato
D 1990
D 1990 3 dager siden
Bunch of fake enablers in payroll lol
D 1990
D 1990 2 dager siden
@Barbie hahahaha I’m very straight forward loll and I don’t hate her ... but why me middle class person can manage my eating disorder with half the access she has to help and I lost my dad in war too sooooo !!watch shallon Lester’s video on her ! And her recent outburst on a small business cookie shop says it all loll the ppl who get famous in west blows my mind ! Her singing is whatever so many more talented ppl out there and she is so average looking I Tbh don’t get it
Barbie 2 dager siden
Your so fake
Josh 3 dager siden
Mental health Is real
ES EDda 3 dager siden
OK, so she's a devil worshipper now???
Withnail 3 dager siden
It's a figure of speech, not literal. The "devil" is addiction. Smh it's been a popular phrase for hundreds of years, yet every Qoomer here is freaking out over deVil wOrsHipPers! Same people that thought Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the Devil" was satanic in the 60s.
D B 3 dager siden
Demi Moore?
Ayesha Michelle
Ayesha Michelle 3 dager siden
The crown is heavy❤
Kelli Workman-Reavis
Kelli Workman-Reavis 3 dager siden
So brave to share her truth. It’s not easy
Maggie Meyers
Maggie Meyers 3 dager siden
I never payed much attention to her and her career. Maybe even didn’t like her a time or two. But this is so beautiful and she’s so strong and amazing. Love you Demi💙💙
Ami Stenson
Ami Stenson 3 dager siden
Scary that she still isn’t in the clear from developing schizophrenia as well. I hope she’s had this honest conversation with a therapist before she did this documentary. A psychiatrist would have let her know about the common onset ages schizophrenia occurs. It’s common from ages 14 to 60!! 46 years of uncertainty! 💔 I hope she has been able to compare her and her father’s genetics to see what common markers they share. Knowing if they share multiple markers can help her prepare mentally and to be able to be self aware for if symptoms start. Although schizophrenia isn’t able to be detected in genetic testing yet, hopefully one day soon it will be! 🙏
cerejinha 3 dager siden
acho que ela fazer um documentário falando a verdade, mostrando o que realmente acontecia só mostra o quanto ela é forte, eu tenho mto orgulho do que ela é, de como ela chegou até aqui, e de poder estar na mesma época que ela, de verdade.
YFS 3 dager siden
Played up / contrived, sorry
Random ReRe
Random ReRe 3 dager siden
Well I’m questioning her sobriety after that frozen yogurt drama. Either she’s on drugs again or she just an entitled b. Either way I can longer support her she’s a grown woman she needs to do better
Gaby Lobato
Gaby Lobato 3 dager siden
Lucius Rockwell
Lucius Rockwell 3 dager siden
talk about the uneducated trying to educate... KAREN LOVATO!!!!!!!!
Shelby F
Shelby F 3 dager siden
Her best friend said at 12:45, "I think if your life is set up to be focused on how you're not well, then you're not gonna feel well." I can speak from experience, this is absolutely true. I was struggling in the last year from things that have been happening in my personal life, and at a certain point, it was like everyone around me was only focused on "well you're struggling and having a hard time and you've been through so much. Its been so difficult for you." And sometimes you just need to have people stop talking about your problems and your struggles, and simply encourage you to get better and to be better and to live free of self-judgement. People will feel small if you tell them they've been living it so hard. They will rise and stand tall if you tell them that they are ready for new things.
Jason B
Jason B 3 dager siden
Thats because the devil owns you. Devil = Hollywood / Music Industry
pAuLiNhA DW 3 dager siden
Hei girl... stay strong! EVER!
Phillip Ferrell
Phillip Ferrell 3 dager siden
Oxycodone? Yuck!!!
Britani R
Britani R 4 dager siden
I’m a big baby cause she so incredibly talented and I feel so sorry that she’s going through it. But she definitely is a testimony. She’s so strong. Prayers to her. 😢💓🙏🏽
Nicole Jacobson covers
Guys, bi polar runs in her family so she probably inherited that as well. Look up BI POLAR before you say something mean. That is a terrible thing to live with let alone when your famous and have millions of eyes on you. I know because one of my cousins have it and it's a constant battle everyday. I don't know demi but she must be really TOUGH to be able to get on that stage everytime
Jesse Montoya
Jesse Montoya 9 timer siden
Many people in my family have bpd. Luckily for me, they don't abuse drugs or chase fame.
Britt Joy
Britt Joy 4 dager siden
My father is just like this :( this year was my 21st birthday my golden birthday my mom told him he just laughed at her and ignored I exist.
paige xoxo
paige xoxo 4 dager siden
I feel like she should keep things private in future and that will help her a lot.
Minchos 4 dager siden
she is a junkie
Dash120z Dag siden
a junkie who's richer, more talented and better you.
Veronica Arroyo
Veronica Arroyo 4 dager siden
Saw her interview with Joe Rogan but honestly I feel like she's still so unhappy and stuck. She needs to leave Hollywood for her OWN mental well being. I've seen 2 documentaries of her saying the same thing and doing the same thing. "I showed everyone what I wanted them to see" so what makes it different now? We are seeing EXACTLY what she wants us to see.
Billie Billington
Billie Billington 4 dager siden
No one can help you unless YOU want to get better Acceptance is the first stage and all that
Ashley 4 dager siden
Just goes to show you that money can't buy happiness. I can relate to her alot.
Tiff Brog.
Tiff Brog. 4 dager siden
Kenton Gonzales
Kenton Gonzales 4 dager siden
Sad to say, but we been here before. Sorry!
Maria Romano
Maria Romano 4 dager siden
Cherie B
Cherie B 4 dager siden
She's a massive narcissist surrounded by enablers and coddlers.
Edits by Fish
Edits by Fish 4 dager siden
Saying “is this the real time” or “is this just another ungenuine documentary” is not really positive guys. Recovery is sooo up and down it not just up. The idea of someone making one decision at once that turns their whole life around isn’t realistic. THATS the stories people want to hear. I’ve had very personal experience with family in recovery and people that struggle with this is that the person recovering and their loved ones have to accept that it is something they will ALWAYS struggle with. It’s never completely wiped away.
Wiod 4 dager siden
"Sobriety has to be your choice and no one else's. If it is someone else's choice for you, then it wont last"
Kaylyn Mew
Kaylyn Mew 4 dager siden
i had a drinking eating problem in high school. i would eat when i wanted to i learn the last year with her dont trust people. she was in a nursing home but 10 years i still dont trust people i like to be a onle i haved a cu problem but 10 years still fighting not to but my feelings. is hard not to but i meds i have bad anxiety
Ariana AlcaLa
Ariana AlcaLa 4 dager siden
🤷🏻‍♀️ porque tanto odio al padre si ella resultó igual de adicta y mentirosa????. Al padre básicamente no le tendieron la mano y lo abandonaron; no es acaso injusto? Se me hace muy doble moralista
Dash120z Dag siden
su padre le pegaba y abusaba a su madre enfrente de ella, te parece poco eso ??
Sayira Silverio
Sayira Silverio 2 dager siden
su padre abusó a su mamá, por eso la tiene temor
Philipp Martin
Philipp Martin 4 dager siden
Love her - great piece of work - we as addicts need strong voices like her to break the stigma! But please make it your way without extra pressure babygirl ;) ;*
Peter Petruzzi
Peter Petruzzi 4 dager siden
This is why I don't let my kids listen to pop music. This is not a role model.
Assia :p
Assia :p 3 dager siden
she never wanted to be a role model and she doesnt have to be a role model
Assia :p
Assia :p 3 dager siden
what does pop music has to do with any of that-🤠
PJJ BOSS MUSIC 5 dager siden
Thank you for telling your truth. Much love and respect from Trinidad and Tobago
ALIX 5 dager siden
its getting so visible for the public that her team is pushing her recovery.. i really hope she gets better but unfortunately this "warrior" image doesn't do it anymore, there is something fake behind all of this
ALIX 5 dager siden
i dont follow her all the time bc im not a fan but the only image of her the public like me has is a woman fighting her addiction and constantly working towards being better which is amazing but it really feels like her team is exploiting her to keep this image and get views??
Maverick torres
Maverick torres 5 dager siden
Fuerza demi tu puedes..... y si tu puedes yo también.....
Sara Razor
Sara Razor 5 dager siden
Her body is absolutely perfect. I like that she’s not a super skinny woman. She is a realistic weight for a actual woman. 💗
Kimora Vernon
Kimora Vernon 5 dager siden
I love demi so much she needs to take a break from Hollywood
Neine Naiane Miranda Rocha
Obrigada pela legenda em português 🇧🇷❤
The Truth About my Son