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Apologizing: I am not sorry for taking such a long time due to final exams (Jk the opposite of that)
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Things to say: Thank you for being patient with me, I hope this video doesn’t give you too much bad vibes, or it might have been not scary at all, either way, I hope it makes a few of you shake.
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Warning:This is not a video made for kids, it contains creepy atmospheres, people with mental issues and disease, recommended for older teens. There may be jump-scares, so prepare yourself.
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Credits: None of the songs used in the video belongs to me, all music is used for only entertaining purposes
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Instagram: @symphally
Follow me for video updates, edits and some other otaku stuffs I post there :3
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Other: The next GLMM I’ll be working on is revenge if the grey class. I can’t give up on this because many of you wanted me to make part 3. (Believe me I recieve at least 5 comments a day about revenge Of
the grey class. After that I’ll either be making a heartwarming story of a young boy and a high-school boy, or the adventure of four boys saving each other’s butts, one of them is a target of a bad organization who gains fortune by torturing the boy with special value in him.
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Queen amarah1 1
Queen amarah1 1 21 time siden
i anyways love watching horror gacha
wintersnowball1 Dag siden
"Be sure not to be alone in your room at night" Me: does that but instead goes into the center of the house cuz its more creepy :DD
Random Stuff
Random Stuff 2 dager siden
I don't get it...
Joey Sams
Joey Sams 3 dager siden
As I look at the comments Me, constantly looking around my room
Peachy pop!
Peachy pop! 3 dager siden
Part two? Ples
Shannon Wright
Shannon Wright 5 dager siden
is noone gonna mention the fact that he kidnapped her?
Ena Tierney
Ena Tierney 5 dager siden
I watched this last night and where was I?in ma room at night.Thank god it wasn’t scary
{Shaddai_Storytime} 5 dager siden
Plsss do part 2 of this movie plssss
UwU Sub?
UwU Sub? 7 dager siden
Games With Ella
Games With Ella 9 dager siden
*elenas eyes wide open* Me: THATS SO FLIPPIN CREEPY BRO
Lois Garrette Caña
Lois Garrette Caña 10 dager siden
Idk i kinda feel bad about this story but in the end it was kinda funny I know I should feel bad but...-
Rose and Bloom
Rose and Bloom 12 dager siden
I was watching this with my little cousin when the pennywise face part happened at the start she was out I never knew how jumpy she is
NK - 04RM 828391 Tony Pontes PS
Sunny Lavender
Sunny Lavender 15 dager siden
Omg that twist at the end WAS THE BESTTT!!!
inaya rashid
inaya rashid 15 dager siden
0:15 *Instead of screaming* Wut da fu-
JJBĄ M.M.K 16 dager siden
Me hearing pizza mozzarella song 3:14 👁👄👁
Noëla 17 dager siden
melsflowers 17 dager siden
OMG!! This is amazing!! I love this.
Sohail Iqbal
Sohail Iqbal 18 dager siden
The ending was 👍👍👍👍 So special
Sohail Iqbal
Sohail Iqbal 18 dager siden
Me looking at the rules saying who cares when i see the clown i just laugh One time i pranked my sister and she fell of her chair god she ran so fast Shes scared of clown btw
Eveliina Lammervo
Eveliina Lammervo 18 dager siden
This wasnt scary
Spartadawolf 20 dager siden
Make sure ur not sitting alone in your room at night Me:wonders why this seems like its pointed at me
pau pauandthung
pau pauandthung 21 dag siden
EEEEEEH leeeee 3:02 3:03 3:03 3:03 3:03 3:04 3:04 3:04 3:04
pau pauandthung
pau pauandthung 21 dag siden
Risk 1:51 1:51 1:51 Yea Risk risk
Just Chillin over here
I dont get the ending- so is Hazels trying to frame Elena? Plzzzzzzzzzzzz reply so I can understand the ending of this TYSMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
Potchii 24 dager siden
we need part two 😃
Iam_Deja 24 dager siden
In the beginning it said “make sure your not sitting ALONE in your room at night” Well oof, I’m an only child so I have a huge bedroom all to myself and now I’m scared for life TwT
Dana 25 dager siden
11:45 why do they watch anime without me 🥲
Mariah Ochoa
Mariah Ochoa 29 dager siden
The pennywise ✋🤣 u did a good job queen 👑
Rainbow Pistashio
Rainbow Pistashio 29 dager siden
When thomas said to watch a movie Me: she might fall asleep!
Angelite -Chan
Angelite -Chan Måned siden
8:02 please send me a link for the music... I love it
{fly in the_sky}
{fly in the_sky} Måned siden
oh my godddd iam alone and iam scaresdd:{
Paul Bromley
Paul Bromley Måned siden
oh come on thats mean
•-• AZ
•-• AZ Måned siden
Me watching at night alone in my bedroom: O.o
•Moonlight Gacha•
Awww I kinda liked Thomas...
WooJuice Måned siden
This👏is👏awesome 👏
•Moonlight Gacha•
I wish Thomas was alive...Oof
Lala S
Lala S Måned siden
not me vibing to the Jazzy music as Thomas is dying
Bluebxrry Popcxrn
Bluebxrry Popcxrn Måned siden
To whoever’s reading this, I will grab my sharpened stick tonight and I will protect you. LOVE ME^ - ^
•Moonlight Gacha•
Ms. Gacha girl
Ms. Gacha girl Måned siden
I didn't understand the end
Ms. Gacha girl
Ms. Gacha girl Måned siden
@•Moonlight Gacha• ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh😂
•Moonlight Gacha•
Hazel switched places and killed Thomas because she was secretly a psychopath
꧁ Azalea ꧂
꧁ Azalea ꧂ Måned siden
I just love horror things lol 😂
Printer Artist I Also Play MC
'make sure you are not watching alone, at night' me who is alone in ma room watching this at 12PM with all the lights off: 😳
Stella Park
Stella Park Måned siden
0:16 my favorite clown and serial killer
I dont know
I dont know Måned siden
I dont know
I dont know Måned siden
I dont know
I dont know Måned siden
Ella Morris
Ella Morris Måned siden
i like how it's scary but has a little comedy in it
Ella Morris
Ella Morris Måned siden
@•Moonlight Gacha• ikr lol
•Moonlight Gacha•
It literally played classy jazz music when Thomas was about to get murdered😂
Iris And Devon
Iris And Devon Måned siden
This wasn't scary just sad
Opalkit Måned siden
12:09 wake up from snoring *open dm's*
[MĪŚHEŁ] #saveralph
Hello can i transalte your video?
jurnei manning
jurnei manning Måned siden
that very mean
I need to See a therapist
I like the fact hazel is just slitting his chest open and there's just happy music in the background
nisa hamza
nisa hamza Måned siden
Does anybody know how to place props in the gacha life skits without people? And how to get more than one skit at a time?
•Moonlight Gacha•
You can’t. It’s limited.
Kwi0tk1_d0_ J3dzen1a_
7:59 this scene:*exist* me: kiss.
Aaliyah Ramirez
Aaliyah Ramirez Måned siden
I would not consider horror film but the eyes are scary so I would
666star Måned siden
666star Måned siden
Owl My Love
Owl My Love Måned siden
You’re officially one of my favourite people
B a n a n a J u i c e
the horror movie: make sure your not sitting alone in the dark also the horror movie: first scene a clown me: i've seen enough.
IxIDepressedUwUIxI ・
Nanie Veenee
Nanie Veenee Måned siden
I am waching this alone and😳😳im in my living room
Jamie Brown
Jamie Brown Måned siden
This comment takes place before i wach the video when it gives the warning. I'm in my livingroom, at night, but not alone.
Kyra Marsh
Kyra Marsh Måned siden
“Make sure you are not sitting in your room alone at night” Me sitting in my room alone at night :
Wiktoria Kowalczyk
Wiktoria Kowalczyk Måned siden
Horror 2
Diamont Måned siden
I came here for the pennywise jumpscare.
MuShRoOm Måned siden
can you do a video on how u edit this vid or any vid?
Alberts Skateboard
Alberts Skateboard Måned siden
I hate the white hair striped dude because he likes revealing secrets if i ever had a friend like that i would just not be friends with them ever again no more coming back its over forever
The King Penguin
The King Penguin 2 måneder siden
im a kid BUT i have this superpower where anything paranormal i dont get affected by
Cyla Plays
Cyla Plays 2 måneder siden
"Wanna play Truth or dare" Jessii Vee: *"YOU'LL NEVER PLAY TRUTH OR DARE AGAIN"*
•Just-A-Dream• [OwO] #SaveRalph
Hello! Can i translate your video with my languge(turkish) Please qwq
Yeeting Weirdo
Yeeting Weirdo 2 måneder siden
Thomas is like: HELP MEEE AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! The ones whos watching the mini movie: *Dancing bc of the jazzy music* Me: *Laughing bc of how the music is not creepy when a murder scene is happening*
cassiopée pigeon
cassiopée pigeon 2 måneder siden
Symphally : pennywise face Me: lol im 8 and im not scared of scary sstuff but im scared of insects and bugs XD
_ T0RTUR3 _
_ T0RTUR3 _ 2 måneder siden
Ane 2 måneder siden
Wow you know anime toilet bound hanako kun-
Channel Dedicated To Frogs
"It's like you hate spending time with people" She looks edgy
Jakora Juntori
Jakora Juntori 2 måneder siden
20 percent scary) 70 percent sad) 30 percent funny)
potatsterz 2 måneder siden
This already made me scream u dumb poopoo shreck 👹👹👹👹👹
YT UmbreTwins
YT UmbreTwins 2 måneder siden
0:05 I'm doin it rn. What's the worst that could happen?
Leticia Yerena
Leticia Yerena 2 måneder siden
Amala James
Amala James 2 måneder siden
Will there be a Part 2? And why is Hazel like that?
B&B_MoonWolf 2 måneder siden
I’m so confused
Gohan McGauyhey
Gohan McGauyhey 2 måneder siden
Is that deku and uraraka in the background
It's GachaMeme's
It's GachaMeme's 2 måneder siden
Zara Khawar
Zara Khawar 2 måneder siden
POV: creator: don't watch this alone at night everybody: ~making sure ALL the lights are off while they watch this alone at night. me:🙄🖐🏻 also me: ~ can't resist, watch alone at night and puts on creepy music. also me again, but after watching: ~hyperventilates~ me: laughing at myself for being afraid of an animated movie me again: ~sees a demon in the corner of room~ me: hehehehehehehehehehe......... ~blood~
_`Lemøn Zest`_
_`Lemøn Zest`_ 2 måneder siden
What the heck happened to Hazel?! Please answer Symphally!
Corgi-Saurus Rex
Corgi-Saurus Rex 2 måneder siden
I havent finished the whole mini movie im only up to the part where ELENAS FRIENDS ARE LITTLE A-HOLES FORCING HER TO DO SOMETHING SHE DOESNT WANT TO AND PEER PRESUREING HER (edit) oop her friend said she was sorry so its ok and also THAT LITTLE B THAT WAS TRYING TO GET HAZEL GOT WHAT HE DESERVED
Aubby43 2 måneder siden
Me sitting in my room at night eh all still watch it
[ Muchì Teá ]
[ Muchì Teá ] 2 måneder siden
My sleep paralysis demon : scary af but nice ....kinda? It just startes at me , it even talks! It said that i was probably lesbain...... I am ,all though he is very nice but terrifying! ^^
Clxùdii 2 måneder siden
Her: I need to sleep in another room Me: then why can’t you just afford a sleep mask?
• S͜͡t͜͡r͜͡a͜͡w͜͡b3rry _C0w :]
Thomas: *Talks about a sleepover* Up next: The Cursed Sleepover
Nila Ibrahim
Nila Ibrahim 2 måneder siden
make sure ur not watching this alone me:Im all alone
Unicorn Star
Unicorn Star 2 måneder siden
When I saw penny wise I did nothing I was like -_- like bruhhhhhh pennywise lameeeeeee oh and it lame bc I’m use to scared move
Nature Squad
Nature Squad 2 måneder siden
Me realizing my guinea pig is named Hazel: *the fu-*
Maddie edits
Maddie edits 2 måneder siden
Luna Lia
Luna Lia 2 måneder siden
Love means matter
Gxchabxrries 2 måneder siden
Her- make sure you aren't sitting in your room alone at night Me- a-are you watching me
G`LANI JACKSON 2 måneder siden
he got killed haha and it was silly music hahaha
G`LANI JACKSON 2 måneder siden
he really slow dont ask the girl for help while u was trying to kill her i love the end it had me laghing the musin had crying laghing
G`LANI JACKSON 2 måneder siden
Coments:dont watch this alone:i have my demon friend with me sooo dose that count
G`LANI JACKSON 2 måneder siden
ima alone in the dark at night
G`LANI JACKSON 2 måneder siden
i was 1 year late
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