Making transparent wood 

Ganger 3,6 mill
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A few years ago I tried making transparent wood and it kind of worked. The pieces that I made were somewhat okay, but I was never really happy with the result.
I finally decided to try it again though!
Old video: nosections.info/green/2WZ4ZGVkZptvl50/video.html
Procedure that I followed: bit.ly/3b0YXuX
Procedure that went viral recently: bit.ly/33fhyPP
CBC article on it: bit.ly/3b0YZ63
Nile talks about lab safety: nosections.info/green/x6lxeoV3fW17vqY/video.html
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Vitenskap og teknologi



30. april. 2021





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NileRed 5 dager siden
Sorry about all the ads. NOsections automatically adds a million and I forgot to manually take them out. Refresh the page and you should get fewer ads!
Sarah Chen
Sarah Chen Dag siden
Cool mate
Andrea Fiore
Andrea Fiore 3 dager siden
Andrea Fiore
Andrea Fiore 3 dager siden
Andrea Fiore
Andrea Fiore 3 dager siden
Andrea Fiore
Andrea Fiore 3 dager siden
Ethan Schaefer
Ethan Schaefer 2 minutter siden
" it's been way more expensive then I ever could have imagined" welcome to renovations and construction in general lol, always over budget and behind schedule.
Jędrzej Piotrowski
Jędrzej Piotrowski 5 minutter siden
Imagine getting a splinter from it
Evgeniy Zhabotinskiy
Evgeniy Zhabotinskiy 7 minutter siden
So, um… What is wood to plastic ratio of the final result? I mean, its wooden texture is undoubtedly cool, but maybe plain plastic is more practical?
Prince Johanne Jalos
Prince Johanne Jalos 7 minutter siden
Where is Joe?!
Robert Burke
Robert Burke 8 minutter siden
You're not supporting a market. They sell it. How people use it is none of their concern or yours. You aren't buying MMS, so you're not supporting THAT. Is there any reason chemicals *shouldn't* be available to common people? If they weren't there couldn't be people like you doing what you do. Stop being so naive.
Garry Wiltson
Garry Wiltson 9 minutter siden
My bot to me: 26:40
abdul ghani afandy
abdul ghani afandy 11 minutter siden
at 9:00, can someone please tell me why they didnt just make that as paper?, that really reduce the consumption of wood needed
Karuna Satori ASMR
Karuna Satori ASMR 14 minutter siden
This is so much better than the Kardashians on the Twitter trending page. I’ve just finished your shorts! You’re great. I learn something new every time.
Gamovie Studios
Gamovie Studios 22 minutter siden
New drinking game: take a drink every time he says “i felt”
-[ Bunny Daize ]-
-[ Bunny Daize ]- 23 minutter siden
Isn’t the shirt merch from bobby duke?
Swastik Thakur
Swastik Thakur 24 minutter siden
I don't know what he is saying but I stil watch his video
Timarus 24 minutter siden
Hey they aren’t lying it does cure everything with you know death
Álamo García
Álamo García 27 minutter siden
I think you could divide the warm process by flip the piece to achieve it at just one
Bogdan Mart
Bogdan Mart 32 minutter siden
Ok, but htat's not wood.... I was wondering, why do you want perfectly smooth surface? isn't it the point of wood to be not smooth and with texture?
RoosterCogburnPhD 36 minutter siden
I believe the term for a material allowing light through it, but not quite enough to make it clear, is "translucent".
Cameron Fink
Cameron Fink 36 minutter siden
How would using a pressure pot instead of a vacuum chamber affect the results?
BiggieFish 48 minutter siden
See, im not very smart. But hearing all these facts and knowledge makes me feel smart.
Motivation Exceeds Me
Motivation Exceeds Me 48 minutter siden
This sounds like an idea cooked up after a session on the transparent wood barbecue
Sunday Pikachu
Sunday Pikachu 50 minutter siden
I need to make transparent aluminum, not transparent wood. I've been talking into my mouse for the past hour, and it's not responding.
Cledot Ikeji
Cledot Ikeji 53 minutter siden
Imagine making transparent tree or fruit, it would be cool.
Babitat 7
Babitat 7 53 minutter siden
Haven’t finished video yet but I wonder if some sort of spinning oven could evenly apply the weight while doing the last step. It’s a fantasy process but given a real industry it could happen.
Garry Wiltson
Garry Wiltson 54 minutter siden
Not gonna lie, this was recommended after i watch markiplier's where youtube sends new viewers from canada
V K 54 minutter siden
Scores the glass, smashes the glass, glass pops off the acrylic just fine. You got trolled by the wood there, Nile.
Frank Blackcrow
Frank Blackcrow 58 minutter siden
I was waiting for the point where you would make something with the wood ?.. yeah never happened., why make if not to se it. Use addblocker, we don't get adds.
Tjesja Vojtjesja
Tjesja Vojtjesja Time siden
A fugin transparent WOOD. Das not a wood, das a fugin transparent piece of light matter(definietly not dark matter). bruh
t00lnin Time siden
What was the point of using aluminum tape?
TurkeyGoblin Time siden
That 40lb tungsten cube is thousands of dollars. Nile be crazy.
Twipkin Time siden
the small wood spacers are sus 😩
Burger Studio
Burger Studio Time siden
13:59 he says bad word
Art-by FayLeif
Art-by FayLeif Time siden
This was really cool. Thanks for this
leonardo medina
leonardo medina Time siden
nerd, but cool
Rudransh The Pro
Rudransh The Pro Time siden
“Wait, that’s illegal”
Jeffrey Hannibal
Jeffrey Hannibal Time siden
finally an actual "reaction" video
nisarg patel
nisarg patel Time siden
Fun fact cyanide doesn't smell like almonds or tastes like it,it's actually almonds that smell or taste like cyanide and if you consume 5kg of bitter almonds at a time you might end up dead👍,cuz it contains HCN(hydrocyanic acid) hope this helps and if anyone tries it plz do tell me for research purpose
Bryan Mendoza
Bryan Mendoza Time siden
Did the final version stopped yellowing?
Leonardo Poindestre
*Don’t make a ligma joke don’t make a ligma joke don’t m-* LIGNIN? MORE LIKE LIGMA
Itz Aqua Ocean
Itz Aqua Ocean Time siden
him: doing all the hard work me: just sanding wood that has the height of a cm and actually making thin, strong, and transparent wood for 53 hours, 8 minutes, and 22 seconds
Jacob Weinstein
Jacob Weinstein Time siden
Hey, I was just thinking about how the transparent wood video was my favorite (or at least among my favorites)! So happy to see an update
Joseph Wisniewski
You missed the best part about the "failed" thicker pieces: the fiber-optic effect. You've got dissimilar materials, one of which has a fiber structure and the other of which is clear and has a high index of refraction. You get where this is going, right? Yep: total internal reflection. Place the end-grain edge of one of thick squares against print, and you should find that you get basically the same effect as you see in ulexite, the bundled fibers serve as a natural fiber optic image relay (which has caused ulexite, and to a lesser extent selenite and satin spar gypsum, to be known as "television stone"). You want to have some real fun, get a 4 inch square chunk of balsa, a thin-kerf saw, and cut yourself some slabs of end-grain. Oh, and you've got a vacuum chamber, try a vacuum treatment after you sandwich the pieces between glass. You might look into alternating pressure with vacuum in your treating process, and again, pay attention to any chemicals that can catalyze the reactions.
Rene Gade
Rene Gade Time siden
i like science 20% XD
nedderhusen Time siden
I heve one question thoe why not just use clear acrylic
Nova The Fusky
Nova The Fusky Time siden
Where's Bobby duke in the comments lol
Divyansh Gupta
Divyansh Gupta Time siden
his Patience level: infinte.
Schnitzel Plays
Schnitzel Plays Time siden
" I thought the fix was relatively easy " Proceeds to fail 100 more times. Keep up the hard work :D
angry zergling
angry zergling Time siden
This would be pretty cool to try on a skateboard! Not sure if it would work on a traditional board that's made of seven plies of maple of alternating grain direction glued together, but I'm sure there is a method and process to make a non-traditional but still functional skateboard.
Hex Pool
Hex Pool Time siden
You know for your first ukulele build and performance and even untuned if wasn’t half bad
World is One
World is One Time siden
Another guy whose voice doesn't match his face///
Loui Throttler
Loui Throttler Time siden
I actually met this guy in the street the other week. For no reason at all I punched him in the face and he hit the floor. You should have seen his reaction :o
shuumo Time siden
can you cook 2,5-dimethoxy-4-bromophenethylamine with instructions but pretend youre making diet soda x
Toshinori Yagi
Toshinori Yagi 2 timer siden
New sub :)
Jon Zuka
Jon Zuka 2 timer siden
Nile, you should turn it into a factory!
butti fdft
butti fdft 2 timer siden
Moral of the story: never give up, never lose hope
Brian Cruz
Brian Cruz 2 timer siden
great videos if you are trying to go to bed fast!!
Mr. Mistoffelees
Mr. Mistoffelees 2 timer siden
Isn't it more plastic than wood?
butti fdft
butti fdft 2 timer siden
Nice bobbydukes shirt
KiritoP90 -
KiritoP90 - 2 timer siden
I can’t wait for another video where distilled water is the answer to everything
Silverback Gorila
Silverback Gorila 2 timer siden
Sorry if this seems stupid but isn’t this just plexiglass with a matrix inside it for strength Couldn’t you get a way better, cheaper and more consistent piece if you were just to make the matrix instead of trying to remove the excess from wood
WizardofCause Hoc
WizardofCause Hoc 2 timer siden
Di-chloro-acetate, aka Bi-chloro-acetic acid is a known cancer cure. In fact, its efficacy is so high that if it were in use, Cancer would not be a top 10 cause of death. Barely in the top 20. Unfortunately, it’s not in use because it can no longer be patented. It’s a really old drug. For 80+ years it’s been used to treat metabolic disorders. Not only do we know it kills cancer, it has an excellent safety profile. But no one can profit from it because it can’t be patented. This beautifully simple compound can save millions of families and billions of lives but you’re not worth it. In fact, your death is already a part of the Medical Business Model so don’t do anything out of the ordinary. Anyways, I thought I’d say this because of how similar BCA is to the “magic cure” featured here. Maybe there’s more to it than we know,
Anthony Brown
Anthony Brown 2 timer siden
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Brandon 2 timer siden
looking at the number of comments this likely will get buried, i remember looking at that paper in maybe 2014 for a highschool paper for my biodiesel class (dont remember the other name it went by for my 2nd year) has the same visuals so at the very least its a republish or update to have been done in 2016 i graduated in 2015 and i remember it was during my junior year toward the end of the year
bonobo bros
bonobo bros 2 timer siden
Carson Hendon
Carson Hendon 2 timer siden
is that bobby duke arts merch?
Joseph Wisniewski
Joseph Wisniewski 2 timer siden
In your earlier attempt you most likely used an incorrect ratio of resin to catalyst. Epoxy catalyzes via an exothermic reaction. Heat is generated in proportion to volume, and radiates away in proportion to surface area. Increased temperature accelerates the reaction, so thick castings can "run away". The hotter it gets, the faster the reaction, and the faster the reaction, the hotter it gets. This can result in anything from warped, yellowing epoxy to dramatic shrinkage, fire, and explosion. To compensate, you back off on the catalyst. Chemical contaminants that alter the catalytic reaction can increase this effect dramatically. (Given a sufficiently large vat of resin, a rather small bit of contamination (improperly cleaned stirring rods or vat, or even atmospheric contaminants) can initiate a runaway reaction. You've done three things: thick casting, unknown contamination, and adding objects of unknown thermal characteristics to the batch. You're lucky all you got was warped, yellow epoxy.
Coco Puffs
Coco Puffs 2 timer siden
Yes officer he’s the guy
Bailey Losse
Bailey Losse 2 timer siden
What if you made a mini greenhouse?
H.O.P.E 2 timer siden
This is the most tedious process ever. I would not have the patience at all lol
godofwar39 2 timer siden
I actually really like the way yours turned out! As an alternative to windows I feel your wood could be used for privacy windows well!
Umbreona 2 timer siden
fucking love his smile. so genuine you can tell the exact moment of excitement he gets when thinking of checking the result now
Damien Wilder
Damien Wilder 2 timer siden
please turn sugar into fat
lemòn 2 timer siden
Nice bobbydukes shirt
Nick Thompson
Nick Thompson 2 timer siden
honestly, the kiwi co thing would be an awesome addition to your channel. You already do a lot of top tier stuff, it would be cool to see you do more kids stuff to get them involved in the "later" stuff you get involved in. Like an entry level NileRed
Alan 3 timer siden
The oobedoobe tree grows transparent wood naturaly.
Azazel Strange
Azazel Strange 3 timer siden
Literally thought this was the old video until you said “a few years ago.” I’m so glad you revisited this.
Dat Path is Fd
Dat Path is Fd 3 timer siden
Balsa'c' wood
Jake Stockton
Jake Stockton 3 timer siden
You should make a transparent skateboard.
Vian Nugraha
Vian Nugraha 3 timer siden
Please do transparan metal
CPatwal 3 timer siden
"for sure"
Chalk Eater
Chalk Eater 3 timer siden
It’s pretty cool that wood can be clarified and plasticized, however I don’t think this will ever be a viable replacement for glass windows.
tree tree
tree tree 3 timer siden
I'm not saying this as a mean comment but nerd level 9000% and plus nerds are smart so I'm complementing you technically
AstralStorm 3 timer siden
Adding some of my own experience with plastics and silicone: - Indeed gravity is a problem combined with shrinkage. If you want a perfect smooth surface, it must not be subject to gravity and pressure. Therefore, placing the plates vertically would be superior. - You did not vacuum treat the whole assembly with glass, potentially trapping some air inside. - The activator you used is sensitive to moisture and was not dried, which affected reaction time unpredictably. - Cold cure PMMA resins have much better dimensional stability and shrinkage, which is important for this use. Cold cure resin can also be polymerized under vacuum for even finer surface. It still gets to be heat treated but after the resin has cured. - UV cured resins are even better, but more expensive.
French Toad
French Toad 3 timer siden
What's the refraction index of cellulose ? for more transparency you should look for a binder that match the index, no ?
French Toad
French Toad 3 timer siden
what the hell...it's stretching so far the definition of "wood". 1. Take a piece of wood, and a PMMA solution. 2. Discard the wood, pour the solution in a mold. 3. Enjoy a clear sheet. "Revolutionary patent". Just add "Ecofriendly wood based clear sheet", and it's sold.
noko59 3 timer siden
Subscribed, your great. 43 min and it was better than 95% of the junk on TV.
Untracker 3 timer siden
Why did he stop wrapping the larger pieces of wood in aluminum? He only used aluminum tape on the sides. Also, does anyone know why they even did that in the first place?
Isabelle Effendy
Isabelle Effendy 3 timer siden
*this must be illegal in some countries and states*
Bernardo 3 timer siden
Hey Nile great video but i think that maybe you should try a different name, this video came up many times this week in my feed and I didn't click it because I thought it was the old video again
Bug 3 timer siden
i’ve learned more in this video then i’ve ever learned in a science class
Eszaiah Killby
Eszaiah Killby 3 timer siden
Anybody else learn more from this than any science class ever?
Vickylance 3 timer siden
I am curious to know what those 2 men are doing in the bottom right figure @39:43
MR_MCNUGGETS_ 3 timer siden
Nile red makes videos about cool stuff but the way he alters his pitch/inflection at the end of sentences actually drives me fucking insane
The Folding Chair Nate
make a time machine
xXCrossXx 3 timer siden
*Thats like glass but with extra steps*
Berry Reading
Berry Reading 3 timer siden
You definitely did better than AvE's attempt from a few years back, but often his subject matter has little to do with the actual lessons taught 🤣👍
Dayneee 3 timer siden
He is so cute. Like everytime he smiles i can't help but smile too! AHHHHHHH!!!!
Army’s paintbrush :3
African Heat
African Heat 3 timer siden
Basement Dweller
Basement Dweller 4 timer siden
Clear wood.
D G 4 timer siden
This was awesome . (Not 1 ad while i watched also)
Atomic Shadow
Atomic Shadow 4 timer siden
Hey NileRed admire the work but wouldn't taking the wood and putting it a mold that has it positioned so the grain of the wood is up and down so the air pockets that are stuck in the wood will get help due to gravity to come out as well as when you are decompressing it.
alexsander471 4 timer siden
Now make a lens!
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