Kylie Jenner REACTS To Megan Thee Stallion and Travis Scott Dating 

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Kylie Jenner REACTS To Megan Thee Stallion and Travis Scott Dating
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oluwafunso adesanya
Everyone is just defending Megan because they like her
DeDe J.
DeDe J. Dag siden
When he read the comment at 3:42 😂😂😂
Tamieka Jones
Tamieka Jones Dag siden
I like Megan and card b as best friends they get along
Naima Phillips
Naima Phillips 3 dager siden
when he said “like this if you love kylie jenner” i didn’t feel that, sorry lol 😂 also, how did you get that they’re dating based off one meal from travis’ place?? i meeeeean 🤷🏽‍♀️
Lasandra Brown
Lasandra Brown 7 dager siden
Personally I see no traits of Mr Travis Scott in that stormy girl nothing and knows the eyes the ears the lips nothing not one single thing she has a pie face because Kylie does I don't see it but I'm sure he's smart enough if he's not his mommy I have a DNA I'm sorry I don't believe it but then again he probably didn't give a damn she Rich billionaire trillionaire killing airline air or whatever who cares that's what you want that's what you got but still I don't see it at all zero goose egg percent!!!!! LIESZZZZZZ
Terese Renae
Terese Renae 7 dager siden
Who gaf?? Seriously? So u can't have different races in one video...thats whats wrong with ppl ..I'd have all races up in my shit..pride is a sin..so that bs needs to quit...shld be empowering one another not talking bs and acting on pride SMH
Talk about DRAMA!
Karma_Luvic 19 dager siden
They not even dating 😂
margherita maccarini
margherita maccarini 23 dager siden
Ste ragazze hanno sposato solo uomini ultra esagerati e gasati all'ennesima potenza ,ma stringi stringi ,nessuna di loro è felice ..ma bastano i soldi in certe situazioni
Te'la Diamondz
Te'la Diamondz 26 dager siden
The person the chef tagged wasnt even travis, Yall jaquelknight on IG is a completely different person smh
Lucinda Crabtree
Lucinda Crabtree Måned siden
Some of these jealous haters crack me up. Regardless of whatever Kylie is young. very beautiful and very rich. She deserves much better than Travis Scott. He just looks like any other guy.
Azariya Sanders
Azariya Sanders Måned siden
everyone thats commenting right now should know megan is dating pardi and this thing was fake fake fake
jade rayez
jade rayez Måned siden
if they are broken up then whats the prob
Lovely Bones
Lovely Bones Måned siden
Sad that the world's going to shit and people are dropping like flies everyday due to covid-19 and so-called natural disasters 🙄??? Who cares who Travis is fucking with they are not married
Lia Måned siden
Stop travis is not dating anyone why are you all like that shame on you...
Janet Serrano
Janet Serrano Måned siden
B. Chyña was neva Kylies friend. She took Tyga from her at 14-15 Years ol
Marie Lewis
Marie Lewis 2 måneder siden
Why he keep calling her "storms mom" it's just weirdish
Trisha Samantha Lopez
Trisha Samantha Lopez 2 måneder siden
Why kardashian date black man
Lynnay Grogan
Lynnay Grogan 2 måneder siden
She unfollowed to try and separate from the Tory lanes incident
sandro sulaiman
sandro sulaiman 2 måneder siden
Kylie is too beautiful ofcourse they would put her in that video and not sure why people love Megan. She get drunk too easily and hits on everyone's men plus no offence I do not like her rapping
Music of Life
Music of Life 2 måneder siden
Remember Kylie flirting with Meghan’s man at that pool party? This is her way of saying ok, f-you too. Also, she shouldn’t have to think about Kylie when booking people for her videos. Meghan’s life doesn’t and shouldn’t revolve around Kylie.
Music of Life
Music of Life 2 måneder siden
The Jenner/ Kardashians don’t like when things they do to other people happen to them. It’s karma and they don’t like it.
Chanelle Paul
Chanelle Paul 2 måneder siden
All these haters out there if you’re starting drama with black rappers you should stop right now because wow this going on just fax coming out and there’s comments coming out so if you want to be hang on don’t say anything black female rappers might be that they want to hang out with people they don’t wanna hang out with people if you don’t like that don’t say anything because look when they come some man female rappers it’s not going on is it gonna be B and guns burning when it comes to woman rappers you’re talking about I smack but you’re not talking in the face.
Chanelle Paul
Chanelle Paul 2 måneder siden
Blac Chyna and her little other friend Kylie Jenner I think Kylie Jenner paid Blac Chyna and her little friend to spy on Megan oh I just noticed that because in body body the only thing that was suspicious was home the little do not Travis Scott the little dude well paid that little girl to Lie on Megan .
Shania Adams
Shania Adams 2 måneder siden
she stole kyle man
Shania Adams
Shania Adams 2 måneder siden
i hate megen
Dennisha Forney
Dennisha Forney 2 måneder siden
You made it seem like she was crying or some shit
HOODGUIE 2 måneder siden
Looks more like breakfast to me 👀
Keela Walker
Keela Walker 2 måneder siden
Kylie was never going to be able to give what a Black woman can. Makeup, plastic surgery and hair pieces was not going to make her a sis (sorry).
Ebony Smith
Ebony Smith 2 måneder siden
I love herr
celly Amarachi Mboma
celly Amarachi Mboma 2 måneder siden
That's it Kylie 🤷🏾‍♀️ what goes around comes around 👎🏾👅
RazberyX 2 måneder siden
Megan fell out with Kylie AFTER leaving the pool party the night Megan was allegedly shot by Tory Lanez... It's also alleged they were arguing over Tory flirting with Kylie so how did that get left out unless y'all trying to change the narrative?!🤔🤷🏾‍♀️
Phillip Porter
Phillip Porter 2 måneder siden
And at least he was still intact
Phillip Porter
Phillip Porter 2 måneder siden
Why is Megan mad anyway Kylie wasn’t flirting Tory was and the fact that Kylie is has unfollowed both Megan and Tory and Tory should be the one that has the blame Kylie did not do nothing to Megan
Durnae Haynes
Durnae Haynes 2 måneder siden
just haers
DA824 A
DA824 A 2 måneder siden
Best news in 2021 😂
Ari Kari
Ari Kari 2 måneder siden
Listen I love chicken and waffles also but it’s status symbolism if you can eat the most baller ass foods. Not just some stuff you can get anywhere or up the street just prettied up. Her diss was super flaccid. Dinner at mine? Why would it be there all lonely when they got a whole dinner party?
OneWeirdAquarius 2 måneder siden
wat people don't understand is that us Aquarians don't speak we let our actions talk
Rasoil Mahde
Rasoil Mahde 2 måneder siden
Kylie's enimies.... OMG y'all don't know what happened before that search up what happened at the pool party between kylie and megan's ex
Jeanine Thompson
Jeanine Thompson 2 måneder siden
She not a billionaire she and her momma lie the Forbes investigate to prove she's not a billionaire get your facts right it was all a lie
Mariah Ezz
Mariah Ezz 2 måneder siden
All them chicks mad hating on Kylie for what? If Kylie ain’t nothing special then why y’all so worried if she jealous , she richer then all of them in the end sooooo
Pari 2 måneder siden
Travis downgraded
E NATION 2 måneder siden
Tbh Travis not really that attractive in my opinion
The Sounds of Chicago Knight
Why do I keep watching These Celebs Reports They Clearly Be Reaching And Reaching Like Damn Ya Being Dragging Out The Truth
Paris White
Paris White 2 måneder siden
Do the research, she is not a Billionaire what's so ever.
Barracuda Bamm
Barracuda Bamm 2 måneder siden
Pay back for flirting with Tory Lanez
ashley rabecs
ashley rabecs 2 måneder siden
Lmao aint noone cares megan thee stallion dont even look good at all like kylie i would choose anyday travis scott you just plain stupid
Monie Love
Monie Love 2 måneder siden
I'm glad he got away. He's close to his dad. He probably told him not to end up like the others🤷🏾
Linda Lowther
Linda Lowther 2 måneder siden
i'm an idiot for watching this
LAURIE ALONGI 2 måneder siden
I have to say from everything I've seen & heard of Cardio B, I think she is really honest & I love that about her. She has her own mind.
LAURIE ALONGI 2 måneder siden
As for Jordan Woods & Blac Chyna, in my opinion they both r not has beens, they're never was. Blac C. used Rob to further her lack of career & all she did w/her constant fighting is show what an ass she is & I love the fact that Dream looks just like Rob, not a hint of Blac Chyna. Happy for the baby & Rob.
Deseriee Knight
Deseriee Knight 2 måneder siden
Dam Megan was at house before getting got shot
Haley Barrett
Haley Barrett 2 måneder siden
Megan is better 🔥💯❤️
Robin Crosby
Robin Crosby 2 måneder siden
Idgaf if I was travis I'll go to megan too shii
FLOSSY 4 LIFE 2 måneder siden
Margaret Link
Margaret Link 2 måneder siden
I Said ooooooo🔥
Beauty Queen
Beauty Queen 2 måneder siden
They always cheat on you with what they deserve.. Hopefully she learns from this.. He is not good enough for her!!
Marcell Gordon
Marcell Gordon 2 måneder siden
Wont last long......another Tory situation bout to pop off...
Brandon Hails
Brandon Hails 2 måneder siden
So Tory Lane was flirting with Kylie now Megan want to talk to Travis.. wow
jacob afenkhena
jacob afenkhena 2 måneder siden
I finna say nothing but this get this in your head YOU DO NOT OWN TRAVIS PERIOTTT My dad in jail got 5 baby mama so I have deal with this sh!t
Porter Ken
Porter Ken 2 måneder siden
So what you should have tried to figure out what it would have took to keep her man that's what you get when you play games a nother bad bitch will snatch what you may seem to not want
Dayana Lopez
Dayana Lopez 2 måneder siden
Cardo said her husband is real cool with mine
Nae Nae
Nae Nae 2 måneder siden
At the end of the day...it’s business. Sipping my water
Sheonna Monique
Sheonna Monique 2 måneder siden
“ romance “ 😂 I’m pretty sure they probably working on a song
Giovanni Martinez
Giovanni Martinez 2 måneder siden
I thought kylie left for another man
Jeannettea Crowder
Jeannettea Crowder 2 måneder siden
When a black man wants real they always come back home. No shade just facts.
Cassy Love
Cassy Love 4 dager siden
She looks like a man wtf 😂
Life as Rihanna
Life as Rihanna 2 måneder siden
We all know Megan won this argument
Tsu Yung
Tsu Yung 2 måneder siden
I would have rather seen Beyoncé in the WAP video
Random Curiosity
Random Curiosity 2 måneder siden
Wap wap wap how about a new music video....
BLKWRLD 2 måneder siden
Bro why are u reading the typos lol
Gionna Steverson
Gionna Steverson 2 måneder siden
Sterling Bryant
Sterling Bryant 2 måneder siden
Dats cute meg
Sterling Bryant
Sterling Bryant 2 måneder siden
I hate Kylie Kylie
Lionplays Roblox
Lionplays Roblox 3 måneder siden
But he can cheat because then he the bad guy and she's not but if they break up then he can date what ever he wants duh sery if this offended
Lionplays Roblox
Lionplays Roblox 3 måneder siden
No all u know is what the fans say u don't know what megan going through
Jordan Wilson-brown
Jordan Wilson-brown 3 måneder siden
bro kylie need to stop like he yo ex she can date him if she want
Smokey Page
Smokey Page 3 måneder siden
Id date Kylie Jenner !!
G P 3 måneder siden
I am laughing about folks saying this child is not a billionaire. So what, kris made sure her girls would become banked up in life and they are. Kylie has all the money she need. I don't think she care what people are saying about her finances when these same people probably don't have $500.00 saved up.
Ashleigh Sunderland uk
Ashleigh Sunderland uk 3 måneder siden
Kyle is a pethetic role model to the younger generation
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box 3 måneder siden
Chris Jenner engineered Kylie's career and fame SHE DIDN'T COME UP ON HER OWN
Record Lock Box
Record Lock Box 3 måneder siden
Travis Scott is not that attractive and I think most black women would agree....
Oscar Paull
Oscar Paull 3 måneder siden
I agree with what you said at the start but I'm not subscribing.
Suhnovian Smoot
Suhnovian Smoot 3 måneder siden
I'm happy for Megan thee stallion
Suhnovian Smoot
Suhnovian Smoot 3 måneder siden
She needs to get over him.
lee Sanchez
lee Sanchez 3 måneder siden
Cardi should say that when kim steals offset 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Thalia Shrestha
Thalia Shrestha 3 måneder siden
but why tho? like why she gotta shade kylie? like i dont remember her doin anything to meghan! like dude i am a huge fan of meghan but this is crazy!
DFNRCHco 3 måneder siden
YEA TRAV 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿🐐🐏🐐🐐
Shy 2120
Shy 2120 3 måneder siden
She was in Wap, so..Wth
Emz 3 måneder siden
Kylie don’t deserve this she has a kid with him and some 20 year old TikTok singer has tried to take hi, to get payback it’s petty
Maryann Elliott
Maryann Elliott 3 måneder siden
He is an idiot but two cheaters togather maybe they will get what they deserve
Yolanda Futch
Yolanda Futch 3 måneder siden
I Don’t Do Megan PERIOD
Erica JOY
Erica JOY 3 måneder siden
Damn. I love WAP and Body. Music that good always has a backstory.
Jane Gilmore
Jane Gilmore 3 måneder siden
I love how they put Kylie it WAP I keep watching it... on another note: Cardi B is the 👑 Queen!!!!
Sriyukta 3 måneder siden
I hate Meghan
Leticia Holland
Leticia Holland 3 måneder siden
One thing I do know. Megan isn't a follower and she doesn't have to not be friends with people because others aren't. SMH!!!! I still don't get that. WTF!!! And if they really know Megan she is nothing like the Jenner Kardashian clan. LOL!!!!!
Sabrina Murphey
Sabrina Murphey 3 måneder siden
Kelsey ( The True Best Friend who ACTUALLY knows Megan PERSONALLY) was right about Megan. But it's cool because it's Megan 🙄 but she empowering women right 🤔 RockNation/ Illuminating already 🥴
B Farias
B Farias 3 måneder siden
Well Trav and Megan are both rappers this sounds more like a collab than a romance but ok
Oliver Taban
Oliver Taban 3 måneder siden
maziyah curry
maziyah curry 3 måneder siden
Don't know why I like mine cuz I saw him more than her I like the songs but they lie
Deb Whit
Deb Whit 3 måneder siden
Kylie is so beautiful.
1-800-his loss PERIODT
1-800-his loss PERIODT 3 måneder siden
This is some serious bullshit bruh. Who gives a fuck if they are dating or not good for them. Literally he looked miserable with Kylie and she needs to be worrying about her child and how to set a good example for stormi and other things not about her ex moving on. And I’m sure there not dating just bc they were having dinner together🥱🙄. And when people were bashing cardi and Megan for adding Kylie and not a woman of color was disrespectful and childish like ok I understand that we wanna represent black women but like cardi was giving back a favor. To me this whole thing is stupid and annoying
Ganger 13 mill