Turbo K Honda Smart car dyno LIVE 

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18. april. 2020





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Fasterproms År siden
We’ve had some issues with the feed “tap to retry” I’ve kept trying and it came thru. Also try and fast forward it may work. Thank you guys for tuning in and seeing the real uncut stuff! Also please follow us on Instagram @pfispeed and @fasterproms you guys are the best! I still can’t believe we were #1 YT livestream thanks to you guys!
Cameron Coalbrooke
Cameron Coalbrooke 2 måneder siden
Cameron Coalbrooke
Cameron Coalbrooke 2 måneder siden
Cameron Coalbrooke
Cameron Coalbrooke 2 måneder siden
Cameron Coalbrooke
Cameron Coalbrooke 2 måneder siden
Cameron Coalbrooke
Cameron Coalbrooke 2 måneder siden
Phillip D
Phillip D 11 dager siden
These underpowered noise making and poison spewing internal combustion engines are obsolete caveman technology now.
BowtiePower 2 måneder siden
The ahead consonant bioinformatically haunt because expert usually head absent a hard-to-find egg. drunk, ethereal wash
Keith Kassick
Keith Kassick 2 måneder siden
Should of been a Chevy but it will do
Thomas Marshall
Thomas Marshall 2 måneder siden
Money Ninja
Money Ninja 3 måneder siden
Your getting greedy with all the damn commercials. I'm just saying
Todd Pierson
Todd Pierson 3 måneder siden
Desert Reefer and Son
Desert Reefer and Son 4 måneder siden
1:20:20 wastegate priority
Alan Davies
Alan Davies 4 måneder siden
Thats cool 😎
Hoopstick Performance
Hoopstick Performance 6 måneder siden
Dan Cortes said... Wounds heal ...cars break will work Chicks dig scars Pain is temporary Glory is forever
DAW 75
DAW 75 6 måneder siden
Sorry, can"t watch your clips anymore. Too many commercials. Unsubscribing.
DAW 75
DAW 75 6 måneder siden
I would have added a picture of this ridicule but not working, 20+ commerials is not acceptable. Opt out of this garbage or loose followers. Not watching this content in the current state!
D Hams
D Hams 6 måneder siden
365 ,at 7 minutes in
transam8607 6 måneder siden
Can you try the additive called motorkote and dyno it after to see the gains i tried it on my truck and I felt a very noticeable difference no kidding it felt like an upgrade compatible too a full exhaust upgrade please try it and make a video of it look in to it.
Jeromy Smith
Jeromy Smith 8 måneder siden
I know this is late but George is cool.
sblazin 10 måneder siden
Ok just catching up on this build and I can’t not say anything anymore. You know that DOM tubing is only slightly less expensive than chromoly and you can save 25-30% weight with moly because you can use thinner wall! The s10 build and this one you guys were talking about needing all the weight savings but you could have saved a ton in the cage portion.
All TorK AdventURES
All TorK AdventURES 11 måneder siden
I always miss the live streams in australia cause the time differance it sux .
Car Culture Nation
Car Culture Nation 11 måneder siden
Honestly wish all dynos were live or one continuous video. Some people say numbers show dyno sheets but live or continuous video. most people won’t don’t because they are fudging numbers in the background lol and they all wanna make 1000hp lol. Cleetus is good about continuous and y’all great with it but there is so many people that show a 1&1/2 min dyno video and sho a sheet or number not on the dyno screen. Plus this shows how much that goes into a dyno tuning and build process that people don’t realize. A lot of people think it’s just hitting some keys on a computer when it comes to dyno tuning. Some situations yeah but not on a build. Good job fellas!!!!
tom schweikert
tom schweikert 11 måneder siden
that shouldnt be much heavier than my favorite car... Lotus Seven
jeremy madsen
jeremy madsen 11 måneder siden
Hold the camera still stop shaking it
BLAZING MOTORSPORT 11 måneder siden
Belgiumm !
DFS Dream for sleeper
You crazy😀👍
D A År siden
I'd call it IQ500
Allen Messmer
Allen Messmer År siden
Allen Messmer
Allen Messmer År siden
Looking Good 👍
Brett Alger
Brett Alger År siden
Jeremy/Garrett - There are plenty of WiFi professionals out there that would be more than happy to help improve your shop WiFi! Just reach out! Happy to give suggestions & recommendations!
cobrasvt347 År siden
Smart Kart
cobrasvt347 År siden
Need to name it the kryptonite kart 😉
David Kelm
David Kelm År siden
MICKEY "D's makes me poop 💩
David Kelm
David Kelm År siden
Jon Lejcar
Jon Lejcar År siden
Still love how stoned Brent is allll the time
KT3711 År siden
The Shart Car
KT3711 År siden
Not cause the car is shit, but cause you'll shit your pants riding in it. Just wanted to clarify before anyone thinks i meant it as an insult
BryDuhBikeGuy År siden
G'Day,Fazzlyn.Hope you had fun watching too.
bansheemania År siden
In George we Trust 😎
blazin_bouch 420
If yall just give george a decent phone for doing lives and a cpl days a week just have him run around the shop live streaming all kindsa projects and being funny yalls views will only go up and up and up
Tom Kaminski
Tom Kaminski År siden
That's basically an engine stand on the Dino! Lol!!!
Blotted År siden
What does Proms even mean?
Blotted År siden
Boostedboiz, PFI, Fasterproms all should livestream more. I swear they made at least a grand in superchat.
John B
John B År siden
Call it the mullet because it is business in the front and party in the back
Brendan Koester
Brendan Koester År siden
This car without a fire wall is so sketchy
constitutional patriot
Other than being a little potato quality on the video that was pretty good it really honestly remind me of the old Baja Bugs that sound is freaking awesome and I don't like rice burners I like a great big V8 but that sumbitch is pretty cool
Muscle Car Mayhem
I truly have to say Jeremy and Brent have to be two of the most humble and grateful men that I currently watch on NOsections. They are always the first to give credit to who & where it is due. We just don't see enough of these kind of people in this world with great grass roots values. So with that said please keep your amazing values and making this great content for all of us to enjoy, Dan.
Larry Norem
Larry Norem År siden
Larry Norem
Larry Norem År siden
Mick Grimes
Mick Grimes År siden
my favorite thing about brent, besides how kind he is, is when he gets to tuning he puts so much focus into it.. its all bussiness
John Luke
John Luke År siden
have you ever thought about hiding scripture somewheres in your videos so people could look for it
Dj Diddles
Dj Diddles År siden
Are you guys going to put sheet metal or something to protect you from the engine behind the seat?
Paul Pence
Paul Pence År siden
Just.Want.To.See.It.RRRRRIIIIIPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!! Out at the FF!!!
Mountainman256 År siden
George is definitely the man for the live feeds. Very entertaining! Haha
BuzzjoyV7 År siden
i know what you should call the smart car . you should paint it gray ,put the figterplane nose art ofthe mouth and teeth with a fin on top and call it Smart Shark?
Tom Roy
Tom Roy År siden
Love the content, but overall...just want you folks to be safe and healthy to see more of your content on the other side of this challenge.
joe cucch
joe cucch År siden
I missed out on the last fifteen minutes yesterday on the live feed when it went Kaput. So being able to see it now was great. 495 WHP all I can say is DANG !!!
Built not Bought
Come on already we have seen so much about the smart car let's see it run! Drive it do somthing cool with it!
Joe Collier
Joe Collier År siden
Joe Collier
Joe Collier År siden
This thing IS an oxymoron...lmao
Joe Collier
Joe Collier År siden
You better tie the front end down too..lol
masskilla469 År siden
Better start building the Wheely Bar LOL
Mike L
Mike L År siden
Would have been much cooler if it looked stock. I mean, if you’re gonna have the whole backend open, you may as well have shoved in an LS.
Joe H
Joe H År siden
Im with HATER-tot
Ben Uhl
Ben Uhl År siden
Smart car vs s 10 pikes peak challenge
Triggering TDS Libtards
This thing is going to be so fkn fast if it can even put half that power to the ground
Hany_20vt År siden
Awsome quality build guys!
Kim Nielsen
Kim Nielsen År siden
Zach Taylor
Zach Taylor År siden
Stoked to see where this goes! You guys are going to need some serious aero in the front IF you want to keep the front wheels down!!
Elton Dias
Elton Dias År siden
Let’s do this brah !
Gamecock 24
Gamecock 24 År siden
Name suggestion Drag-Kar-US 😁
jeremy sanders
jeremy sanders År siden
You guys should build A twin Turbo K24 Mini Cooper
jeremy sanders
jeremy sanders År siden
K smart
Ryan Fairchild
Ryan Fairchild År siden
When do the K-Smart shirts come out? lol
Scott peacock
Scott peacock År siden
Looking at George's mullet think a ok name would be Mullet
Jeffrey Little
Jeffrey Little År siden
Y'all should fab a hollow 2 skin roof to bring the intercooler scoop up to the windshield line
Ktm Four
Ktm Four År siden
Torque gets you their horsepower keeps you their you need torque and horse power matched too weight and gearing acceleration drops as Torque drops is a fine line dance between the two and gearing
Noah Martin
Noah Martin År siden
How much did she make . Errors keep popping up and won’t let me finish the video . All your other videos play fine tho ??
Tim Grun
Tim Grun År siden
You guys put a lot of smiles on peoples faces this weekend and gave them a chance to get their mind on something super positive. Thank you.
Barra Nation
Barra Nation År siden
Worlds first ‘ Smarter Car ‘
Travis Abrahamson
If you shorten the rear tie rods and fab a mount for the inner end that connects to the LCA instead of the chassis, you will correct any possible bump steer issue. It worked on my 87 fiero sbc swap. Night and day difference.
twadam År siden
George is like the 'Tickle' (Moonshiners) of fasterproms, lol.
twadam År siden
Awesome. Why do I feel like I can't get through a video with Brent without drinking a coke.
8alakai8 År siden
10 dollarsa for a six pack here in the netherlands we pay like 3.50 euro for a six pack
Techno Nerds
Techno Nerds År siden
1:10:18 "I think I'm retarded" I just laughed way harder then I should've loll
Chris Higgins
Chris Higgins År siden
Should go buy a portable charger for live streams and anything else you need for phone filming, Smart car rips hard
l Lucifer l
l Lucifer l År siden
I work at a McDonald’s unfortunately and that big order shit would of pissed us off😂
CamperDan År siden
Put the old rear wheels on the front 🤘🏼
sean brink
sean brink År siden
skakey shakey
8alakai8 År siden
george neds his own show that guy is funny as hell
Ray Surbaugh
Ray Surbaugh År siden
God IS good Jeremy love yu guys would love nothing more than to join team fasterproms, cleetus, pfi, or boosted boys. All good teams and my favs in the game
Whale Squad Productions
I subscribed because of George 🙏🏽😂
Stephen År siden
This perfectly verifies the old saying: "The difference between Men and Boys is the cost of their toys'.
Mark Shihadeh
Mark Shihadeh År siden
Thanx sooo much guys for all the content, i dont care about production quality, we just love being there with you. Cleatus McFarland MIA. Such a shame. Big things to come for PFi ,BoostedBoiz and the crew. Peace and Love
Ryan Bishop
Ryan Bishop År siden
Should get some fat adapters for the front wheels. Make em poke out like the rear.
Scotty Mack
Scotty Mack År siden
something doesnt look right in the back end, looks wonky
Gregory Carter
Gregory Carter År siden
It keeps saying something went wrong tap to retry.
dudder86 dudder
dudder86 dudder År siden
God i miss my 2002 Honda integra and yes it was a real left hand with the k20a I sold it to pay for my sisters wedding it only had 2,267 miles
Scotty Mack
Scotty Mack År siden
im so excited about this build haha and george is funny as!!!!!
Cornelius Wessels
gimble for live stream maybe? shake cam for the win
Less Talk, More Delicious
McD is awesome! 🍗🐥✨✨
mrRufffnTumble År siden
I think this calls for a rematch with the spaghetti speedster aka the mystery machine. Rotary vs. Turbo Honda. I never seen a Chevy LS shop so full of ricers. Lol
James Bowling
James Bowling År siden
i think hes becoming a honda guy after this build. bet this isnt his last? what u guys think?
Blame USA
Blame USA År siden
Blame USA
Blame USA År siden
385bhp guess
Pfispeed and  Cars
Ganger 340 k
Adam LZ | Best of 2020 Pt. 2
How Live TV Works
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