Ganger 10 mill
97% 634 000 15 000

How many pounds do you guys think you would get?!



7. juli. 2021





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Kylie stoopid
vik kash
vik kash 25 minutter siden
Okay why don't you go pick someone your own size
poophehlol 27 minutter siden
Guys, I'm beginning to worry that NOsections shorts are slowly turning in to cringe tiktoks.
Gummys Life
Gummys Life 35 minutter siden
Hehe I grip 200lb
Resident stranger
Resident stranger 40 minutter siden
Mines is 145ish
Amaryllis Time siden
Blk water was everywhere in this video and im convinced he’s promoting it From one google search, it’s water but with a few extra minerals and electrolytes
Anthony Ramirez
Anthony Ramirez Time siden
*My nigga used his leg..* I hate that I’m apart of this generation
Reckless Reece
Reckless Reece Time siden
I'm so pissed at myself for watching this entire video, I'm at work doing nothing and feel like it wasted so much of my time.
Elijah Perez
Elijah Perez Time siden
But u used ur leg? Yeah ok You’re not that guy pal.
David Mustaine
David Mustaine Time siden
So you couldn’t have done this without that clock water?
Timothy Richardson
I'm most likely to put a 200+ on that
Thewhitestwidow 2 timer siden
Got that GI Joe Kung fu grip
Paul Derrick
Paul Derrick 2 timer siden
the ratio of men to women in that house is off but the trains probably running anyway
Karune Kiro
Karune Kiro 2 timer siden
Виктор Блуд: подержите мои гири, я иду.
Miguel Malando
Miguel Malando 2 timer siden
He applied pressure by holding it down on his shorts at the end lmaooo ego too big he don’t want to lose even when it’s not a competition
Ben Blocker
Ben Blocker 2 timer siden
I’m just saying they should Probabley test the guys left hands two. That’s all I’m saying.
nope. ash
nope. ash 2 timer siden
Yes NOsections thank you, how could I've possibly moved on with my life without seeing discount Jake Paul and his NOsections mansion full of dudebros. QUALITY CONTENT RIGHT HERE.
RTC 2021
RTC 2021 3 timer siden
The last guy cheated by putting it against his hip. In my opinion. I could be wrong tho 🤷
Im0qamer 3 timer siden
I choked when he said champagne
Mashruba Wazed
Mashruba Wazed 3 timer siden
Oh so the gamer has the Grip strength on his hand which he uses to grip his mouse? Makes Sense.
Trevor Crowe
Trevor Crowe 3 timer siden
Black water ummmmmkay
Ratio xd
Ratio xd 3 timer siden
Champagne 🍾
Cameron 4 timer siden
Didn’t you literally push the device against ur leg?
P D.V 4 timer siden
He didnt even showed the device when its his turn
Dylan Vandenberghe
Dylan Vandenberghe 4 timer siden
Hanyama be like : Am i a joke to you
Yonatan4991 4 timer siden
OMG 😲😱 did you see that Black ⚫Water made him stronger 💪!
Noblesse Oblige
Noblesse Oblige 4 timer siden
What the fuck is this house
Jacob Rose
Jacob Rose 4 timer siden
Weak hands.
ÊRRØR 4 timer siden
You know that's not how you do it right!!???
Jake K
Jake K 4 timer siden
Little bit of sponsorship money b4 my turn…. And look! I win 🏆
James Dean
James Dean 4 timer siden
Damn man how many roommates do you have.
HumpiestCandy 4 timer siden
Lol BLK water makes you super strong lmao
Eli S.
Eli S. 4 timer siden
i’d rather see someone read a bible verse before their squeeze than drink some gimmick drink. i haven’t willingly gone to church in years
Dakota 4 timer siden
He cheated that magical drink was actually strength potion
TrueSarcosm #sarcos
TrueSarcosm #sarcos 5 timer siden
This champagne mufuqqa is the embodiment of cringe!
Fleivor 5 timer siden
Didn't know black water was a thing before this video
Chained Silent
Chained Silent 5 timer siden
I did this at a softball OPM testing and got 130. But only 100 on my right hand cuz I’m left handed.
Nomadic Kangoo
Nomadic Kangoo 5 timer siden
Basically a test to see who is the biggest wanker.. literally.
Nadhi Kedir
Nadhi Kedir 5 timer siden
Anything over a hundred means they’re meat beaters 😂😂
Leodanis Rodriguez
Leodanis Rodriguez 6 timer siden
He got some good grip 😉😏
Simone Mueller
Simone Mueller 6 timer siden
You cheated you put it against your leg when you pressed it nice try
S.SILVA🐻 6 timer siden
You used your leg. Cheat
Jordan Marshall
Jordan Marshall 6 timer siden
Aka the who's the most aggressive wanker challenge 😂
Cody Bowles
Cody Bowles 6 timer siden
JustAnotherGrunt 6 timer siden
Bunch of little kids living in a house together lol. Wtf is this?
edwardc9019 7 timer siden
A little bit of black water and the use of my leg and Aw look it’s 160plus! Let’s gooooo
Simon Morley
Simon Morley 7 timer siden
I only like games that I can win
a123 ASRock
a123 ASRock 7 timer siden
I got 163 loser!!!!! Lol
Canada Rocks
Canada Rocks 7 timer siden
Don't use you leg next time guy
Connor James
Connor James 7 timer siden
She used two hands and got half
Duncan Cannon
Duncan Cannon 7 timer siden
How many people live in that fuckin house
boï whät the hełł  boi ッ🎶
The fact that I knew Ysabelle Wallace when I was 5 because she was my sisters best friend and now she’s in a house with polo boy and champagne is crazy. It just shows that anyone can be famous. Even the brokest people from feasterville
Monki 7 timer siden
Watch someone break it in half
Budak Cacat
Budak Cacat 7 timer siden
Ur been trained not as ur other friends does.
Chriskris 7 timer siden
I had thumb surgery and the physical therapist tested my hand strength in my other hand . It went well past 150 but it was an older model so 150 is as far as the needle went . 125 is supposed to be average for a 25 year old male . Try truck mount carpet cleaning for at least a month every day . There isn't a more thorough workout period ! I'm not kidding , it's unbelievably brutal . I did it for years .
Keanu King
Keanu King 7 timer siden
104 was the most impressive one, the way he did it with no effort was amazing
tbird475 tjk
tbird475 tjk 8 timer siden
Should just have the cute girl hold the bottle, bad advertising if you guys have been drinking that
Kristoffer Pedersen
Kristoffer Pedersen 8 timer siden
Kayla Wolfe
Kayla Wolfe 8 timer siden
Champagne? LOL
Joseph Sheehan
Joseph Sheehan 8 timer siden
This totally wasn’t staged. What a wannabe influencer. Go back to twitching fortnite
B-Hop. exe
B-Hop. exe 8 timer siden
Black Water supposedly tastes disgusting btw
adam pelletier
adam pelletier 9 timer siden
Did he just imply that drinking alkaline water made him stronger or something
heartcrusher 46
heartcrusher 46 9 timer siden
My grip strength is 196.4 from squeezing a pressure washer gun trigger every day and holding the gun with one hand to get high up places. I got that iron grip lol.
J & J
J & J 9 timer siden
Dam poor westeners kids problem
Groovyalex 10 timer siden
Ace and champagne sounds just like ski mask
Houston fan 2004
Houston fan 2004 10 timer siden
Jacob weak as hell
xavior B
xavior B 10 timer siden
"But as for the cowardly, the faithless, the detestable, as for the murderers, the sexually immoral, sorcerers, idotlaters, and all liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfer, which is the second death." Revelation 21:8 For all those who live with sin will be punish for all eternal, but for all those who live life with Christ with love shall not perish but have eternal life. God sent his one and only beloved to come and take the punishment for our iniquity and to save the sin of the world so that no one have to take the punishment. you must repent and confess Jesus Christ is Lord and live for him. "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.” Don't have a bible? No excuse! Here's a free app: biblehub.com/
Martin Brodniansky
Martin Brodniansky 10 timer siden
This is cringe as fuck...like what's even the point of this?
STICC 11 timer siden
its just a fucking ad
The Silent Ninja
The Silent Ninja 11 timer siden
You have to configurate the device right tho. 1 and a half year ago in 12th grade me and my friend who were the strongest ones in our class got 72 and 65. With these settings we would have gotten like 200 back then, lol.
The BrawlGuy
The BrawlGuy 11 timer siden
Yeah and all the participants will be just standing there like NPCs.
Ball sack
Ball sack 12 timer siden
That chocolate mans name is what?
Pritam Roy
Pritam Roy 12 timer siden
That think just broke off when I squeezed it 🤣.
Teegan 12 timer siden
“Is that good?” *silence*
YoltsBp 12 timer siden
Lol those plastic ones are inaccurate. A hospital uses the full metal ones for true accuracy. I was in a horrible accident and was ran over by a semi truck, broke most of my bones and with 3.5 months of bed order because i broke my hips and pelvice there was a ton on muscle break down. Scored around 50 on this then started a month of physical therapy and scored 153 which made the metal make a snapping sound and was still nowhere near as strong as i was prior to the accident. Wish i had one of these now because i easily feel twice as strong as then xD
Scurra _._
Scurra _._ 12 timer siden
Did he just cheated in the end because he push the grip strength test against his leg
Ladiesman Gaming
Ladiesman Gaming 12 timer siden
The fuck? Is not PSI ? grip measure is PSI!
Ryon 13 timer siden
Is this like a coop frat house?
Kim Ivan Pancho
Kim Ivan Pancho 13 timer siden
"Hundred and sixty! Lez go!" Me: Go by yourself! I'm not going!
mia rodiger
mia rodiger 13 timer siden
I'm wondering who would die if you put them on a cliff hanging for life.
Sinestrocorpmax 13 timer siden
Dude this video was awesome, I especially loved the random product placement before your underwhelming results, it made me so I credibly happy, 10/10 would watch again
Darayy 14 timer siden
"is that good ?" Sounded so insecure, poor guy
Just Your Average Panda
“67! Is that good?” *silence*
Is no one talking about that one guy being named Champagne?
P H O E N I X 14 timer siden
Sen 15 timer siden
wait 160 isnt even that good tho
ChainMBL 15 timer siden
Bruh I'm I the only one who miss read the title as Strongest Strip Challenge 💀
Rodney Waite
Rodney Waite 15 timer siden
For the record your arm needs to be at an upright 90 degree angle to do this teat right good grip tho lol
Chris Tran
Chris Tran 15 timer siden
He cheated and pressed against his leg.
Mr. Oreki
Mr. Oreki 16 timer siden
The guy who haven't had a girlfriend for 50yrs would probably break that with 1 finger
dogvahkiin 3 timer siden
Well... he has hands which are free to use anytime.
Catfish Billy 3.7
Catfish Billy 3.7 17 timer siden
Nobody cares how much “grip strength” you have
Prabhu Deva
Prabhu Deva 17 timer siden
I can sit on it and get 2000
Daniel Mason
Daniel Mason 17 timer siden
Imagine if he lost his own vid🥺