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5. april. 2021





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rotanloukku2 9 minutter siden
GamerKidLuis 213
GamerKidLuis 213 29 minutter siden
James 2020
James 2020 33 minutter siden
I know there’s a 1 dimension and 2 dimension and 3 dimension and 4...but is there a 0? Or -1 dimension?
Jordan Pencer
Jordan Pencer 50 minutter siden
V sawws
ItzAnEpicDude_07 56 minutter siden
Look up sus in Finnish and you get my irl name Guys I swear I’m still not the imposter it was green
Zander VH
Zander VH Time siden
my name is Zander. so am i destined to be a fish?
Loay Al-Hakimi
Loay Al-Hakimi Time siden
I said whaaaaaaaat
ilkkuPvP Time siden
So, if got this right.. Vsauce is actually FINNISH
Namak Halal
Namak Halal 2 timer siden
Why do we exaggerate?
john 68
john 68 2 timer siden
Bruh whatt
Noelin pelit Minecraft
Im finish person moi moi
The Old Time Gamer
The Old Time Gamer 3 timer siden
Well now I feel bad..... I’m basically the only non Finnish guy in my entire town (for those wondering, small sh*those in Sweden) so I’ve learned a little Finnish throuought (yes my spelling sucks) my childhood. Heck I even sent a letter to Julopokki (might be mispelled, sorry my Finnish neighbours) which is Santa and I even had a Finnish neighbour come be Santa for me when I was like 3
Mr Rodvor
Mr Rodvor 5 timer siden
Hei viisaus mikael tässä
Javier Nathan
Javier Nathan 6 timer siden
Woah i guess the stars just aligned
BLANDER GAMING 6 timer siden
BADISkettu 7 timer siden
Haha, Suomi mainittu torilla tavataan!
ellie 8 timer siden
and here i am thinking all these years that the name vsauce had a different kind of meaning....and that it was intentional
Sebinsky 8 timer siden
As a person who's not a Finnish, I oblige to say that I'm not Finnish.
Teppo Multimäki
Teppo Multimäki 9 timer siden
you called?
Chai Gold
Chai Gold 9 timer siden
What will happen if I connect the string to the Moon and pull it from Earth
Beats by Cossack
Beats by Cossack 9 timer siden
As a Finnish person, I'm not actually a Finnish person
Masterhene3 9 timer siden
Feels nice to see Finland get some recognition ;}
MattheLord 10 timer siden
Hi, Wisdom Michael Here
ozone20rulez 10 timer siden
Someone say 'Viisaus, Michael here' in finnish pls.
ToAsTeD 10 timer siden
I'm just always waiting for the plot twist and the theme.
Aky4 582kt
Aky4 582kt 11 timer siden
Bee 11 timer siden
Hey what would happen if we knocked over all the skyscrapers in the world at once?
Harvey Yalung
Harvey Yalung 11 timer siden
Am I looking for HowToBasic 😀
The Skumppa
The Skumppa 12 timer siden
Suomi mainittu!!! Okei saanko nyt peukkuja
Rowan Tashev
Rowan Tashev 12 timer siden
LOL you were destined to have wisdom about random shower thoughts
Sweettomatoe 12 timer siden
Vsauce? more like Vsus
Charles 1000
Charles 1000 12 timer siden
This yt channel always make me curious
Wacik Bot
Wacik Bot 13 timer siden
Im zimbabwean and vsauce means "n199as" in my country
Ian Roberts
Ian Roberts 14 timer siden
Paino_o 14 timer siden
as a Finnish person I didn't even realize this... 👀
finnrissa 14 timer siden
When you are half Finnish, you now have the right to say viisaus to your full Finnish father
Emily An
Emily An 14 timer siden
Perkele missä te Suomen pojat ootte
Krishna Ramanathan
Krishna Ramanathan 14 timer siden
There are no accidents - Master Oogway
Chillymations 14 timer siden
I made an joke object show called VSOS-
Phosphoros 15 timer siden
This is the smartest coincidence since KitKat meaning "you'll succeed" in Japanese
An artist?
An artist? 15 timer siden
Hey Wisdom! Michael here
TsundereKingF 16 timer siden
Ummm I got recommended to the coincidence video in 2014 and now I see this video right after
Rumbling End
Rumbling End 16 timer siden
As a Finnish person, I'm not actually a Finnish person
Xantteboy 17 timer siden
Finnish is a very simple language. koirakaan, koirankaan, koiraakaan, koirassakaan, koirastakaan, koiraankaan, koirallakaan, koiraltakaan, koirallekaan, koiranakaan, koiraksikaan, koirattakaan, koirineenkaan, koirinkaan, koirako, koiranko, koiraako, koirassako, koirastako, koiraanko, koirallako, koiraltako, koiralleko, koiranako, koiraksiko, koirattako, koirineenko, koirinko, koirasikaan, koiranikaan, koiransakaan, koirammekaan, koirannekaan, koiraanikaan, koiraasikaan, koiraansakaan, koiraammekaan, koiraannekaan, koirassanikaan, koirassasikaan, koirassansakaan, koirassammekaan, koirassannekaan, koirastanikaan, koirastasikaan, koirastansakaan, koirastammekaan, koirastannekaan, koirallanikaan, koirallasikaan, koirallansakaan, koirallammekaan, koirallannekaan, koirananikaan, koiranasikaan, koiranansakaan, koiranammekaan, koiranannekaan, koiraksenikaan, koiraksesikaan, koiraksensakaan, koiraksemmekaan, koiraksennekaan, koirattanikaan, koirattasikaan, koirattansakaan, koirattammekaan, koirattannekaan, koirinenikaan, koirinesikaan, koirinensakaan, koirinemmekaan, koirinennekaan, koirasiko, koiraniko, koiransako, koirammeko, koiranneko, koiraaniko, koiraasiko, koiraansako, koiraammeko, koiraanneko, koirassaniko, koirassasiko, koirassansako, koirassammeko, koirassanneko, koirastaniko, koirastasiko, koirastansako, koirastammeko, koirastanneko, koirallaniko, koirallasiko, koirallansako, koirallammeko, koirallanneko, koirananiko, koiranasiko, koiranansako, koiranammeko, koirananneko, koirakseniko, koiraksesiko, koiraksensako, koiraksemmeko, koiraksenneko, koirattaniko, koirattasiko, koirattansako, koirattammeko, koirattanneko, koirineniko, koirinesiko, koirinensako, koirinemmeko, koirinenneko, koirasikaanko, koiranikaanko, koiransakaanko, koirammekaanko, koirannekaanko, koiraanikaanko, koiraasikaanko, koiraansakaanko, koiraammekaanko, koiraannekaanko, koirassanikaanko, koirassasikaanko, koirassansakaanko, koirassammekaanko, koirassannekaanko, koirastanikaanko, koirastasikaanko, koirastansakaanko, koirastammekaanko, koirastannekaanko, koirallanikaanko, koirallasikaanko, koirallansakaanko, koirallammekaanko, koirallannekaanko, koirananikaanko, koiranasikaanko, koiranansakaanko, koiranammekaanko, koiranannekaanko, koiraksenikaanko, koiraksesikaanko, koiraksensakaanko, koiraksemmekaanko, koiraksennekaanko, koirattanikaanko, koirattasikaanko, koirattansakaanko, koirattammekaanko, koirattannekaanko, koirinenikaanko, koirinesikaanko, koirinensakaanko, koirinemmekaanko, koirinennekaanko, koirasikokaan, koiranikokaan, koiransakokaan, koirammekokaan, koirannekokaan, koiraanikokaan, koiraasikokaan, koiraansakokaan, koiraammekokaan, koiraannekokaan, koirassanikokaan, koirassasikokaan, koirassansakokaan, koirassammekokaan, koirassannekokaan, koirastanikokaan, koirastasikokaan, koirastansakokaan, koirastammekokaan, koirastannekokaan, koirallanikokaan, koirallasikokaan, koirallansakokaan, koirallammekokaan, koirallannekokaan, koirananikokaan, koiranasikokaan, koiranansakokaan, koiranammekokaan, koiranannekokaan, koiraksenikokaan, koiraksesikokaan, koiraksensakokaan, koiraksemmekokaan, koiraksennekokaan, koirattanikokaan, koirattasikokaan, koirattansakokaan, koirattammekokaan, koirattannekokaan, koirinenikokaan, koirinesikokaan, koirinensakokaan, koirinemmekokaan, koirinennekokaan.
Ben Davies
Ben Davies 17 timer siden
"maybe I am a wisdom"
John 17 timer siden
What does Azcisu12xs mean? That was the random generator for me 😆
vladimir putin is andrei panin jfk is jimmy carter
how do you know the earth is a globe? that is revolving around the sun? have you been to space to look at earth and verify what it really is? have you proven the shapе of the earth and heliocentriс theory anyhow yourself? why do you need proof for heliocentric theory? heliocentric theory, a theory, had to be proven first before becoming reality you say you have proven it yourself, but you have not why do you need to prove anything? is it round, or is it flat? what makes more sense?
timon 17 timer siden
Yoshikage Kira
Yoshikage Kira 18 timer siden
You do have a lot of viisaus
theflasch 18 timer siden
the heavy breathing towards the end
JR. Beast
JR. Beast 20 timer siden
Mans is wise
Sxhu Xhu
Sxhu Xhu 21 time siden
Qwer Tyu
Qwer Tyu 22 timer siden
Kresto 22 timer siden
Theres a renowned norwegian author whose name is Tarjei Vesaas, look for your next coincidence there.
Aatsaboo 22 timer siden
Maleo 23 timer siden
I'm in Finland and I dont see nothing about that?!
pooh 23 timer siden
this is why i hate talking about you
itzXylys 23 timer siden
it would have been more of a coincidence if u say Vsauce at the end of every video. so that way at the finish of the vid when u say Vsauce u mean wisdom
Ryan Vilson
Ryan Vilson Dag siden
Has the channel died?
PYRO•BLADE Dag siden
Wisdom = vsause
Budget youtube channel
as a Finn from adventure time I'm Finn
Jonathan Irwin
Jonathan Irwin Dag siden
Youtuber fan vlogs
Youtuber fan vlogs
SinappiQ Dag siden
Torilla tavataan.
Frosty Dag siden
Andrew Taylor
Andrew Taylor Dag siden
I rarely comment on videos but really need to say this. I know a few people have dropped out of the fundraiser that you and many other famous people are doing because they've actually listened to autistics, not sure if you've dropped out or not. The money is going to the wrong place, next for autism is an anti-autism hate group that wants to cure us and use eugenics to wipe us out, it's in there mission statements that they want to prevent autism and cure it, which is something autistics all over the world are saying we don't want. Autism is literally a difference in the structure of our brains, it's the core of who we are, like in the no brainer video you posted which I absolutely loved, I love your videos, the brain is at the center of everything we do, say, think, feel etc so even if it was possible to cure us we wouldn't want to be cured because it would cure us of everything we are as people. Next for autism advocates for the use of aba therapy which was invented by the people who invented conversion therapy, aba and conversion are practically the same therapy but targeted towards curing different groups of people. Gay and autistic people who have been through these therapies have been traumatised and have ptsd and other mental health issues because of how abusive the therapies are. companies like next for autism and autism speaks constantly silence autistic self advocates and talk over us and spread fear mongering and hate mongering towards autistics. I know that you and the others are wanting to do the right thing for autistics and that you are doing it to help us and I'm really grateful for that but giving money to an anti-autism hate group isn't a way to help us.
Tears of Boredom
I feel obligated to say that I'm a fellow finn
Ranjith D
Ranjith D Dag siden
Are you human
Professor Keroessa PhD in Bagelology
If you haven’t already, you should do an episode on the origin of names. Particularly, how last names arose.
the good guy
the good guy Dag siden
you are the wisdom
trudimentions Dag siden
I see what you did there. 😉
Yash Ganar
Yash Ganar Dag siden
Litespark Dag siden
Ayyy what the fuck. I'm Finnish and I've never even realized this. That's actually incredible.
nolluxx Dag siden
suomi mainittu
pelaajahacks Dag siden
Finns when someone not from finland says or mentions finnish/finland: OMG HE MENTIONED FINLAND WTFFFF
Ayşe Ekin Gümüş
How did you find that?!
Jared Dato
Jared Dato Dag siden
SANG Dag siden
Vsauce on viisas ihminen
Roni m
Roni m Dag siden
Pfft old news, you already tweeted this back in 2014. A Finn never forgets when Finland is mentioned.
arqanai Dag siden
i am preplexed. mindblown this is a sign from the universe
Cooking Kids
Cooking Kids Dag siden
As a Finnish person, i have come here to see my fellow Finnish brothers comments.
Dimmy4 Dag siden
im proud of my country
Janne Lehtinen
Janne Lehtinen Dag siden
We have a saying in finnish "viisaus ja hiukset eivät kasva samassa päässä" (Wisdom and hair don't grow on the same head) so checks out
Fikri Fadhlurrahman
"There are no coincidences" -master oogway
Snake that likes tf2
as a finnish snake, i can confirm i am finnish
Sad guy
Sad guy Dag siden
Hey wisdom, Michael here.
Orange Stick Figure
vsauce kinda sus
Taavi Metso
Taavi Metso Dag siden
Omg this is so funny
moone the alien
moone the alien Dag siden
Girlwantsboy would result in some VERY different videos
Mona the Rabbit
Mona the Rabbit Dag siden
Abhisar Rawat
Abhisar Rawat Dag siden
Why didnt pewdiepie tell us about this???
Franco-Spanish Ball
Hmm that’s how you got your name from? Eh
Please no
Please no Dag siden
why does she have a southern accent I'm so confused
Yummy Klown
Yummy Klown Dag siden
The Crypto GPS
The Crypto GPS Dag siden
minij hooi
minij hooi Dag siden
How to get more finnish people to watch your videos Step 1: mention finland in the title Step 2: wait
Jakob Noll
Jakob Noll Dag siden
the man is wise
Minan Minan
Minan Minan Dag siden
O mean this is an education channel
Arcares Dag siden
Oh my dog, finally a real channel with actual content is showing up in these dumb NOsections shorts!
ILMA MARTINEZ // Daniel Garcia
Hey *viisaus* Michael here
Luke Brewer
Luke Brewer Dag siden
Do you know Jim wilder
Illusions of Time
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