Frode Vassel | Into The Unknown (Panic! At the Disco) | Blind audition | The Voice Norway | S06 

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5. feb.. 2021





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dicky bayu saputra
dicky bayu saputra 10 timer siden
Oh my god... 😅
Paul Wandrie
Paul Wandrie 15 timer siden
You’re telling me that’s NOT Urie? Because damn
Suze 18 timer siden
This was fun!!!
Shinta Anggraini
Shinta Anggraini 19 timer siden
Come here because Instragram 🤣
Pink Cloudy
Pink Cloudy Dag siden
This guy is a legend 🥺
Иван Бобылев
Never thought I'd watch Voice Norway but here I am lol and this is insane! He's sooooooo talanted and awesome! Wish him good luck and will definitely keep an eye on him! PS i'd better look for someone who knows Norwegian to translate me everythinh lol
Supern Lifestyle
Supern Lifestyle 2 dager siden
One of my favorite one of this season 💯
Zeth Paerunan
Zeth Paerunan 2 dager siden
the voice is crazy, as crazy as the song.
Yohanes 2 dager siden
Siapa yang kesini karna nonton dari ig? Warga +62 kumpul yuk
Ervina Lorenza
Ervina Lorenza 2 dager siden
Haha barusan mau komen gini
Alex ka
Alex ka 2 dager siden
He sings realllly good but is feeling himself way too much 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
ari gustama
ari gustama 3 dager siden
Berdosa bgt nisya sabyan
Захар Абрамов
обожаю Полетные голоса
Sopo Squad gaming fan
Sopo Squad gaming fan 3 dager siden
Omg!! ❤️ All!! I love the Voice🥺!
bb s.
bb s. 3 dager siden
The satisfaction i felt when he hit the high note!!! It feels so victorious!
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 dager siden
0:13 This Really Shocked Me Out. Damn, His Voice Is Crazy.
RogerThat 3 dager siden
Nå snakker vi!!!!
Polly CSR
Polly CSR 3 dager siden
Gara gara liat di ig gw jadi nyasar ke sini😭😭
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 2 dager siden
Slayed it
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 3 dager siden
I hope he win, He it,s a perfect singer. He it,s realy nice to sing.
Satya Chaplin
Satya Chaplin 4 dager siden
Yess i see 😍 from Indonesia 🇮🇩
Muh Yoza
Muh Yoza 4 dager siden
great performance, like a rock concert
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 dager siden
He's in a class of his own.. I hope Panic! At the Disco hear this version.. 🤯
mikin lirou
mikin lirou 3 dager siden
kennedy jabulan
kennedy jabulan 4 dager siden
0:52 🔥
jose el fuerte muñoz lozano
boston1953 5 dager siden
Great voice,,great stage presence
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 4 dager siden
Me encantó!!!
Violet Cimafranca
Violet Cimafranca 6 dager siden
Damn!!! His voice and the high notes were so impressive and legit.,!!!
Edaya Habs
Edaya Habs 6 dager siden
In love with this song for so long. It satisfy me when I watch someone that brave to sing it in the voice u rock!!!
RNDK HAVAL 6 dager siden
Just like wow 😳
Sky Blue #Norris Nuts
Sky Blue #Norris Nuts 6 dager siden
Frode is so good!
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 6 dager siden
the Voice of Norway is so lucky to have him on the show 😎😎
9MRSG 7 dager siden
Slayed it
Agesta 7 dager siden
0:13 This Really Shocked Me Out. Damn, His Voice Is Crazy.
Toni Gonzalez
Toni Gonzalez 7 dager siden
goosebumps from the first note. mind blown.
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 6 dager siden
Seleb Kampung
Seleb Kampung 7 dager siden
Amazing voice ... 🥳
Breanne McQuigg
Breanne McQuigg 8 dager siden
Constant chills omg my fav song from wonderful band and sounds so much like him
tryhard_soap 9 dager siden
So artist or just a daddy?
Jed Cortez
Jed Cortez 9 dager siden
Соломія Гладиш
Very cool❤❤
bien gabriel
bien gabriel 9 dager siden
he should sing the killers next
Ruth Etcheverry
Ruth Etcheverry 9 dager siden
Me encantó!!!
Roberto X
Roberto X 9 dager siden
Y’all so goood woow
MurdocBack 9 dager siden
Having a hard time believing that this is the same guy i heard sing at YMCA festival in Prague 2008 and TT:09 in Gjøvik!
Tophe Alcala
Tophe Alcala 10 dager siden
All i can say is WOW👏👏👏
Moria Channel
Moria Channel 10 dager siden
Anjay banget suaranya
Hari Praveen
Hari Praveen 10 dager siden
How does he do that??? I am blown away...😲😲
Chester Singian
Chester Singian 11 dager siden
Your future is no longer unknown!!! So insane!!!🔥💯
Craig Marcus
Craig Marcus 11 dager siden
He nailed it.Bravo
12_Giffari Nur Akbar
12_Giffari Nur Akbar 11 dager siden
Δημητρης Δημητρης
Give some subtitles guys....🤣🤣🤣
Thea Kanin
Thea Kanin 7 dager siden
I posted a translation, just scroll
Burhan Nabi
Burhan Nabi 11 dager siden
Rip already to the person who had to go after him..my condolences
Jessever 12 dager siden
Absolute amazing! He reminds me of Sting!
Dodo Waluyo3
Dodo Waluyo3 12 dager siden
Yang kesini ggra tiktok dan di duetin sama lyo,ngacung😂
Muhib Arfin
Muhib Arfin 12 dager siden
First they showed their talent in the chess... Now in singing... Norway is sure upto something big.
farid farhan
farid farhan 12 dager siden
Why no translate?😔
Thea Kanin
Thea Kanin 7 dager siden
I translated, scroll down the comments
Bastian Larsen
Bastian Larsen 12 dager siden
So good! rare to listen to a male nailing Eb5
UgolinoV 13 dager siden
Brendon Urie is going to be so proud of Frode.
Fera Ranika
Fera Ranika 13 dager siden
Amazing voice
Fera Ranika
Fera Ranika 13 dager siden
Indonesia,just me?
Selma Jansen
Selma Jansen 13 dager siden
Hva sa hun der? 2:23? "DU, det der var helt.........? "
FruAnonym 11 dager siden
"Sinnssvakt, det er feil å si, det ække lov å si det".
Riadi Ahmad
Riadi Ahmad 13 dager siden
I like opening song
Lynn 13 dager siden
And all because Ylvis gave him his big break in their video A Capella. Heh. I don't know if that's true, but he IS in the video.
Bourgui 13 dager siden
Teju he killed it lol amazing
spanish. ink
spanish. ink 13 dager siden
Madre mia, que pedazo de voz y carisma.
Krutt Tønna
Krutt Tønna 14 dager siden
Latterlig bra , Frode! For en stemme :D
Bored Moroccan
Bored Moroccan 14 dager siden
One note.
trinity consumers
trinity consumers 14 dager siden
Once someone decides to do that song for auditions u done know
chris evan
chris evan 14 dager siden
Incredible voice!!!!
Nathalie Vargas
Nathalie Vargas 15 dager siden
finally...FINALLY I´ve been waiting ONE YEAR for this!!!
Irena Kvam
Irena Kvam 15 dager siden
Det et en av de beste sangene jeg har hørt og Yosef fikk han det er bra Yosef kommer til å vinne
Eak Nithitthirananont
Eak Nithitthirananont 15 dager siden
Wildan Hidayat
Wildan Hidayat 15 dager siden
That was so amazing!!! So gergous.
Martusia Sloneczko
Martusia Sloneczko 15 dager siden
Woooow 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Anne greetz
Anne greetz 15 dager siden
Holy cow! This is fantastic! Can't wait to hear more!
Robert C
Robert C 15 dager siden
2:02 "Fuckin' boom!" totally man, totally xD
Kristian 5 dager siden
Rock'n roll*
Riri B
Riri B 15 dager siden
Wow. What a range. Go The Voice Norway. 😍💖❤️😘
charlie gayas
charlie gayas 15 dager siden
Wow. Goosebumps!!
Keeh 16 dager siden
Ele lembra muito o Freddy ❤️
Andrebjerke2 16 dager siden
Please next time sing She’s gone.🙏🙏🙏
Maria J.
Maria J. 16 dager siden
What a f..... great cover of a great song, what a voice:-)
Lynn Daniel
Lynn Daniel 16 dager siden
This was awesome! Powerful and crisp vocals!
Harry Turn
Harry Turn 16 dager siden
His best part just when he sang Into the unknown... His verse all of that just 'ordinary' tbh...
Hakeem Project
Hakeem Project 17 dager siden
Jamie Mulligan
Jamie Mulligan 17 dager siden
Norway is so talented! Its so boring here in uk 😂
Selma Jansen
Selma Jansen 11 dager siden
And Ian whatch it every friday, becuzz somebody are really good
Selma Jansen
Selma Jansen 11 dager siden
Jeg vet jo at de har et talent, men de tar inn folk som allerede har hatt karrierer!? Det er helt idiotisk! 🤦‍♀️
Cala B
Cala B 15 dager siden
@Selma Jansen what are you talking about?. Do you even watch The voice Norway? doubt it! There are SO many talents here, every year...... And what has that you live here got to do with anything.... 🙄
Selma Jansen
Selma Jansen 15 dager siden
Theyr not soo good in norway... I live here, and its not verry good
Ahmed Mustafa
Ahmed Mustafa 17 dager siden
I was looking for the cover of this song in The Voice and this guy just killed it
dahDougie 17 dager siden
Fy f... insane!
Rafazila ramli
Rafazila ramli 17 dager siden
I don't understand what all of them were talking,, but man,,, the sound was addicted yet very powerful,,,
Rafazila ramli
Rafazila ramli 10 dager siden
@Sandra Lund thanks,, till this day I always end up come here to listen to this man voice...
Rafazila ramli
Rafazila ramli 10 dager siden
@Thea Kanin thanks,,,
Thea Kanin
Thea Kanin 13 dager siden
I translated if you scroll down the comments
Sandra Lund
Sandra Lund 16 dager siden
Ina: that’s how you do it What’s your name Frode: my name is Frode Ina: that high note was amazing how is it possible? Frode come home Espen: you have like the longest voice ever Matoma: You are gonna win this whole show This is some of it the last part they just say that they loved it and stuff
Achmad Akbari
Achmad Akbari 17 dager siden
Wtf only 68k viewers??
Matias 18 dager siden
Dette blir et hardt år for å finne en favoritt. Jævlig høyt nivå i år!
Jennifer Strickland
Jennifer Strickland 18 dager siden
He is a star! Just looking for his big opportunity!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Yuri Imai
Yuri Imai 18 dager siden
Norway singers are rocking this The Voice contest this year. You could tell all the good covers belong to them
Myrjam Zyavk
Myrjam Zyavk 8 dager siden
Very true. I'm enjoying all the performances so far. :)
Herman Jansen
Herman Jansen 15 dager siden
Lisa H
Lisa H 18 dager siden
For some reason, my recommended section has been filled with the Norwegian voice lately. This lad has an amazing voice but definitely has to work on his breathing in between in my opinion, it could definitely help him make sound even more incredible!
Aabidh Jaufer
Aabidh Jaufer 18 dager siden
This guy is out of this world, nothing short of sensational!
John Mills
John Mills 18 dager siden
None Kokoevi
None Kokoevi 18 dager siden
I've been waiting for this song in The Voice and... here it is. This is crazy
Dicky Aditiya Kurniawan
That extremely high notes just left me spellbound tho.. it is def crazyyyy.
Ricky Lee
Ricky Lee 18 dager siden
Into the Unknown May very well make Frode very known very quickly. Great Job. West Virginia viewer.
Ricky Lee
Ricky Lee 15 dager siden
As of this date I cannot remember my Facebook password.
Rune Haglund
Rune Haglund 16 dager siden
Check out the band TOBB on facebook:-)
Adaia Z
Adaia Z 19 dager siden
He should definitely do some Freddie Mercury songs moving forward. His range is insane!!!!
Chan Irwadi
Chan Irwadi 3 dager siden
Jennifer Strickland
Jennifer Strickland 18 dager siden
Yes so awesome! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼⭐️⭐️⭐️
Aleksander Gran
Aleksander Gran 19 dager siden
watched 20 times.. no, its not enough.
Melissa Heller
Melissa Heller 19 dager siden
You truly deserve to win this!! I hope you do!!
Tata Kim
Tata Kim 19 dager siden
Omg wooowww thats so amazing
Alim Rusydi
Alim Rusydi 19 dager siden
Just 8 dislike. Yeah.
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