The Real Story of Paris Hilton | This Is Paris Official Documentary 

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We thought we knew Paris Hilton. We were wrong. This is the untold true story that shaped the woman, and the iconic character she created. Stream it free September 14 with ads on NOsections or sign up for NOsections Premium to watch the Extended cut. Learn more at: support.google.com/youtube/an... Check out NOsections Premium at: nosections.infoorigi... See if Premium is available in your country at: support.google.com/youtube/answer/6307365
0:00 Intro
5:20 Paris’ Early Years
12:00 Nicky Weighs In
16:37 A Crazy Lifestyle
31:25 Nightmares
44:28 The Teenage Years
51:08 Bad Relationships
1:09:53 Stories of Abuse
1:20:50 Survivors Reunion
1:30:02 Breaking the Silence
1:37:45 Telling Mom The Truth
1:42:02 Credits

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13. sep.. 2020





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Winifred Logan
Winifred Logan 3 timer siden
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David Pavlas
David Pavlas 11 timer siden
The fact she still talks in the ditzy, airy valley girl voice even when talking about her trauma really shows how much of a shield from the outside world it actually is, or at least was meant to be originally.
Romana Denkmaier
Romana Denkmaier 12 timer siden
❣️❣️❣️☀️☀️☀️ Grüße aus Österreich.
Joanna Q.mejia
Joanna Q.mejia 12 timer siden
Apologize to noone, you were the child !!
vileofapathy 13 timer siden
Paris, I am so proud of you. ❤️
Jane Dawson
Jane Dawson 17 timer siden
That boyfriend is an idiot.
Jo Julida
Jo Julida 18 timer siden
Paris at 15 was branching out to be her own person. She loves the Music industry, the freedom of the dance floor. I feel like her parents locked down on her behaviour cause they didn’t want that of her. after being broken down, building up her brand... now makes music! Maybe she would have had a better personal and emotional experience in life if her parents didn’t lock her in her room, didn’t put her in camp to conform her. Well done Paris for shining through the Hilton!
Induceve 18 timer siden
"I created a monster" "I wouldnt want to be a 13 year old girl today" "I feel responsible" "I want to change" ... "I'm not stopping until I made a billion Dollars"
Lee McKenna
Lee McKenna 21 time siden
Beautifully told story, Paris. I'm so sorry those bad things happened to you. That 1st boy who betrayed you was cruel. The people who laughed at you in the media and turned it into a circus were cruel. And you have real cause to be traumatized by what happened next. I hope you find a safe place where you're at peace and happy. All the best.
Drusilla Briggs
Drusilla Briggs 23 timer siden
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Judy Chen
Judy Chen Dag siden
Laura Johnson
Laura Johnson Dag siden
I sorry, I cant stand her whispering throaty voice. Its nauseating. No offense to Paris, really. With all that privilege and money someone should of taught her how to speak, so people will listen.
Hollie Jones
Hollie Jones Dag siden
I honestly feel like her parents knew what kind of camp they were sending her too and it’s a MK ultra camp meant to break high spirited children so they will be more docile and easily controlled! I feel for these famous children, they aren’t truly happy, because they’re born into satanic cults... True happiness is through Christ! Amen!
J Dub
J Dub Dag siden
They weren’t just for famous people, they were for families who could afford it, and they were completely NON transparent. I’m a few days apart from Paris in age and I was also sent to one of these places at 16. It was 1997.. no internet reviews. No internet, really. It was brochures and word of mouth and ads. That’s it. It’s much easier to fool parents with just those.
Destiny Nunes
Destiny Nunes Dag siden
Paris, I need to hug you. I also need to speak with you about everything BOTH of us have been through. You are not alone. I love you so much for this documentary.
Ray Mortamour
Ray Mortamour Dag siden
I got here after seeing gottmiks imitation
creston hardcastle
As crestons wife that's what I'm talking about see I will be happy when I reach that goal I will be happy when we'll she was not happy when I make my money she made it she was not happy then now it's I will be happy when I make a billion you won't be happy then for about five minutes then another goal I will be happy when I will be happy when I so I can spend buy then I will be happy you are not happy now with your money you do have and your posessions that doesn't equal long lasting happiness until you are happy inside with yourself you won't be having long lasting happiness no matter how much money you have or own it will never be enough you will constantly be looking and never find it until you are happy with you inside stop looking outside look inside. Rich people don't understand what it means to be happy and content that's the problem with being rich. You are constantly looking for happiness never finding it that's the problem you can't find it in money success or in what you own. But it's an endless cycle it's all they know they don't find it.
creston hardcastle
American dream not as real as it seems not even for ones like paris crestons wife speaking.
creston hardcastle
Lastly if you have rich relatives who are kind like you see that they are not as happy as they seem they have like the song mo money more problems they often look for happiness in their posessions and it's a short lived yet endless cycle I will be happy when when I get my boat my yacht or that promotion or it's I will be happy when they are and impressed by their posessions but it's short lived and their on to the next goal or next posessions and it's not what it seems like fb with people and their vacations it's not what it seems.
creston hardcastle
I will say I have rich relatives and it's definitely they don't understand what it's like to live normal every day life but they are kind caring people. Not all rich people are snobs but they definitely don't understand what it's like to be average your average person can't afford a yacht and live the country club lifestyle and it's a definitely world I've seen it only from the outside in but I've seen enough that I would never want that lifestyle. They really are kind people but they don't understand what it's like for the average person they never lived that life. Their parents did before becoming rich. Their kids have become rich on their own as well but they had a life that's very different that only the rich live and it's not all it seems to be I've seen that. Rich people have problems too their problems are not only different but they have more problems like the song they seem happier because of what their money buys but it's not true this and princess diana proves that.
creston hardcastle
As crestons wife I am sure there was miscommunication with her and her parents I don't think them being rich they had as much time with their parents they are usually are sent to military or boarding schools while their parents job nob with the rich in their corporate careers but it sounds like her mom cared about her and didn't want to see her in trouble having strict rules with their daughter it sounds like her mom did best she could as a rich parent not everyone rich parents cares about them like it sounds like her mom genuinely has
creston hardcastle
Usually rich parents are not that strict except when it comes to their education so it's nice to know her parents genuinely cared about their kids and were strict about their kids.
creston hardcastle
As crestons wife I am surprised I know of course some girls would be jealous but I thought she would have more popularity. I'm surprised her parents were strict lot of rich parents are not as strict as they should be nice to know.
creston hardcastle
As crestons another proof that having money and those who seem to have it all and do are unhappy and don't have things money can't buy that are more important. Best things in life money can not buy it can buy you security it can't buy you safety or garauntee of it sad life the rich have big price comes with it it's not all glamorous just like with princess diana or anyone else with money that's why I never want what they have it comes with too big of a price.
creston hardcastle
I remember that weird show the simple life my dad loved that show as crestons wife I never got into it that much I don't think I knew who paris was until then.
creston hardcastle
As crestons wife I remember she was the first one then kardashians and kim kardashian I don't know after that I quit watching kardashians a long time ago it was too addicting like a freaking soap opera too much drama for me don't miss that show at all. I don't remember that type of drama with paris except that video with her boyfriend at that time then pamela anderson and her ex husband tommy lee came out with one I never liked pam anderson after her and tommy the both of them were too much drama for me
creston hardcastle
As crestons wife I don't understand why do celebrities keep clothes they don't wear or like. If I don't like it then it goes to someone I know who will like it or to goodwill. I can't keep things I don't like or do not like anymore not when it could go to someone who would like to have it and use it but if they don't take care of things it doesn't go to them.
creston hardcastle
I'm sorry paris hilton saying this is crestons wife. I won't say anything negative about you again. I had no idea you were sexually abused as a child. I was too. It changes you and that's what you find with people who develop mental health issues. It most of the time from childhood trauma abuse sexually or physically or emotionally. I never told my dad's family they would never believe me or understand but my mom's people understand.
creston hardcastle
I never knew her mom was an actress
Christian Garcia
“that’s hot” is forever ICONIC 😭😭
The Big Bea
The Big Bea Dag siden
I used to HATE Paris Hilton but after I watched this I think she's ok
Yung Zeen
Yung Zeen Dag siden
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Absolutely mind blowing.
princess suki
princess suki Dag siden
She's changed alot!! I love her!!😍
Ashlie Allen
Ashlie Allen Dag siden
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Greta Gonzalez
Greta Gonzalez 2 dager siden
I don't have enough space to post how much this makes me laugh and is cracking me up!!!!
Owami Silcock
Owami Silcock Dag siden
Teenagers being abused. Your so quirky
Claudia 2 dager siden
Ella Siraa
Ella Siraa 2 dager siden
I aspire to be that dog
Freia Galacar
Freia Galacar 2 dager siden
I just see a sad little girl in her eyes, someone who wants to be loved. People in that world can be so cold. That "boarding school" she went to sounds like an insane asylum. What type of school forces their students to take medication and puts them into straight jackets? Her mother is extremely controlling and emotionally repressed. Her sister is completely unsupportive, she invalidates her feelings and clearly has anger issues.
Kevin Agarao
Kevin Agarao 2 dager siden
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Kevin Agarao
Kevin Agarao 2 dager siden
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Kevin Agarao
Kevin Agarao 2 dager siden
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Kevin Agarao 2 dager siden
axe @piojo
Kevin Agarao
Kevin Agarao 2 dager siden
the simple life
Kevin Agarao
Kevin Agarao 2 dager siden
you’ll have everything you do
e r
e r 2 dager siden
hard to feel sorry for poor little billionaire baby. she's a spoiled brat and salty she never became squat and everyone around her did
Tea Wetyšková
Tea Wetyšková 2 dager siden
Girl, I am so proud of you ♥ I hope you are truly happy one day. Soon.
Suzanna Weaver
Suzanna Weaver 2 dager siden
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Gloria Charles
Gloria Charles 2 dager siden
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L Law007
L Law007 2 dager siden
Wow Paris, it is true, everything I thought I knew about you was wrong. My love to you
nellm07 2 dager siden
i feel sorry for paris how aleks did that before what could have been the biggest moment of her and now she has some bad memories of it and how she kept saying stop
mariam Hilal
mariam Hilal 2 dager siden
Paris is strong af All power to you💜💅
Be Kind
Be Kind 2 dager siden
Paris, I’m late to the party, just watched your heartbreaking film and all I can say is, you deserve the best, don’t settle for anything less. Love from Australia
Chris Corre
Chris Corre 2 dager siden
Nicky is ur Bestfriend and Sister she really love for real❤️❤️❤️
Chris Corre
Chris Corre 2 dager siden
Love you❤️❤️❤️don’t be Sad 😞 one day u’ll find uself to be Happy❤️❤️❤️
Rani Dib
Rani Dib 2 dager siden
Oh gosh didn'r know what happened to you beautiful boy girl. Soo sorry about all this. Hope you are ok now. 😢😢😢
Rani Dib
Rani Dib 2 dager siden
Why you crying? I guess you are not happy. Hold on... 😪😪😪
Rani Dib
Rani Dib 2 dager siden
I really love diamond. Merci pour le partage ❤❤❤
Rani Dib
Rani Dib 2 dager siden
That's why Paris is gogeous. She really loves animals, please don't get me wrong. 😘😘❤❤❤👍🏻👍🏻
Shanna Robinson
Shanna Robinson 3 dager siden
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Ariel Pankonin
Ariel Pankonin 3 dager siden
Paris Hilton was the OG before Kim K. Kim wouldn’t have been famous without her.
Anthony Mendoza
Anthony Mendoza 3 dager siden
Paris we love u
Vacant Geese
Vacant Geese 3 dager siden
I totally understand her running everyone wanted to
Vacant Geese
Vacant Geese 3 dager siden
What a jerk
Vacant Geese
Vacant Geese 3 dager siden
Mabey she's waiting for this world to.change before she brings a kid into it.
Vacant Geese
Vacant Geese 3 dager siden
People fail to understand the nature of places like provo canyon .they control.and exploit family's fears they are deceptive greedy and cruel .
ADDHOC 3 dager siden
Abusive parents. Emotional neglect. I know a little bit about that. You can forgive and you can still see your parents but they don’t feel like parents anymore. I’m glad Paris filmed the reaction of her mother while telling her about the abuse. That was probably the only way to get a reaction out of her.
Natasha Hatz
Natasha Hatz 3 dager siden
Ugh thank you so much for letting us in and opening up. That’s the strongest thing u can do is face it and over come it! Keep talking about it so it has no power over you! I applaud you on coming forward to help other people in similar situations! Love love love you 😍
Sajad Pir Ahmadian
Sajad Pir Ahmadian 3 dager siden
vertrag in Verkehr
Catherine’s Peace Out
I absolutely love that boat.
Dennis Dunn
Dennis Dunn 3 dager siden
Don't worry about anyone. Do what you want to !! You deserve it !! Strong you are !! ❤️
Nerd0! 3 dager siden
Me want to search Paris Hilton The searches: Paris Hilt0n
Sailor Marsh
Sailor Marsh 3 dager siden
The ending credits made me start crying. This cover of "Girls just wanna have fun" is the most perfect song to end Paris's Documentary. I have so much love and respect for Paris, she is such a humble sweetheart, a truly great woman. She deserves all respect. LOVE YOU PARIS!!!!
deborahmoses 3 dager siden
I've always liked Paris ❤️
Goddess G
Goddess G 3 dager siden
She’s still a kid at heart and I love that about her ❤️ you’re a strong women, sending love and light
Chancimus Prime
Chancimus Prime 3 dager siden
Not even 10 mins in, already cried. Why are you doing this to me so happy for you.
Jason Van damme
Jason Van damme 3 dager siden
I don’t think it vacation is going to do it I think possibly coming out clean with your life and your family’s life about being what do you truly are the only way out the truth the light the way he is the truth
Pandas Flare
Pandas Flare 3 dager siden
I was a the pcs school for boys campus. ask me anything no personals info on me or other patents like names
Jason Van damme
Jason Van damme 3 dager siden
3 transgender children mtf
Jason Van damme
Jason Van damme 3 dager siden
Is anyone going to say that These two are transgender I mean if you’re gonna be 10 to tell the truth why don’t you just come on say it already U want to be honest be honest
Sharon James
Sharon James 4 dager siden
I felt she did reach out to her parents, she did say please don't send me back.... they sent her back!!! The mum saying... if we had known we would have been there in a second... those words are not enough !!! Parenting became tough so you transferred your parenting responsibilities to someone else.... you should be ashamed. Paris, you have created your very successful brand which will always be with you, now you can tell your scared child within that it is ok to sleep that you have got this now.... linking up with your friends helps gain your strength to help you take control of the real you. Take care .. Australia..
Vannah Vibes
Vannah Vibes 4 dager siden
Is it just me or is Paris radiating a different kind of beautiful after watching this? This kind of growth and strength is unmatched. I hope she is extremely proud of herself and where she is today. She deserves every blessing heading her way. ❤
Matt Maloney
Matt Maloney 4 dager siden
Remarkable woman. A giver, with a heart of gold.
Omani CC
Omani CC 4 dager siden
1:09:10 she looks a bit like Meryl Streep here
Derek Steele
Derek Steele 4 dager siden
Who....I mean who....would even feel slightly inclined to watch this ? It baffles the mind to think that any human over the age of 12 could contemplate it.
Owami Silcock
Owami Silcock Dag siden
Have you even watched the whole documentary
Christopher Z
Christopher Z 4 dager siden
I will never get this time back.
Christopher Z
Christopher Z 4 dager siden
The lethargic entitled nature, " i need to ride in the car every day and all i have is gowns!" . Paris! people do NOT have food or shelter.
GET REAL Dag siden
If you carried on watching she reprimands herself for it
Christopher Z
Christopher Z 4 dager siden
HAHAH and the cigarette shimmy @ 13min
Christopher Z
Christopher Z 4 dager siden
1 million USDA per gig... 2 minuets in and I can see her clip ins... wheres the money going??
Attila R
Attila R 4 dager siden
Childhood traumas lead to dysfunctional adults. Love your children, be there for your children. No excuses.
CULTURE 4 dager siden
Everybody's life sucks. Whoever dreamed and perpetuates these realities...
Jennifer Hamel
Jennifer Hamel 4 dager siden
I do not believe for a second that her parents had no idea.
VINCENT Benoit 4 dager siden
My poor paris. Your life seems to be really difficult. I hope you will find peace and rest.
Louise Simmons
Louise Simmons 4 dager siden
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Michelle Kirk
Michelle Kirk 4 dager siden
It must be almost impossible to know what to do with those feelings of what happened. How everyone involved was affected, it breaks my heart. I won’t say what I think should happen to the people that did this to you all but prison or a mental institution for sure. Words fail me that people can treat others like that and get away with it. All of your lives have been deeply affected, but I hope you all can start to heal and have the support and relationships you want and deserve.
diane9247 4 dager siden
I wonder what the reason was for putting her in Provo in the first place. There was a mention by her sister of Paris being "naughty" and in the beginning her mother said something like "we did it to save you." What was so bad that it couldn't be handled at home? This was a moving story. I hope she finds a quiet state of mind.💐
Taylor 5 dager siden
all of these “men” turn into little BABIES over her and her success and they can’t take it. The only male version of her equal does not exist. Because it’s not possible
Jody Harrington
Jody Harrington 5 dager siden
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Sarai valencia
Sarai valencia 5 dager siden
Being famous looks exhausting asf!!!!
Annie Zzi
Annie Zzi 5 dager siden
I wish you every happiness dear one.
DEMI (2020 Documentary Film)