Jocko Willink and Mike Sarraille share their impressions of Jonny Kim in the SEAL Teams 

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Read "The Talent War" by Mike Sarraille and George Randle, which is what Sarraille and Jocko refer to in this podcast - Watch the full episode of Jocko Podcast 244.

Mike Sarraille tells Jocko Willink about his first impression of Jonny Kim, whom he was in BUD/s with. Reflecting on that helped him realize that employers must look beyond what is on paper, or stereotypical positive characteristics, to look for character when hiring individuals to a job position.
From his physical stature and personality, he didn't think Kim would amount to much in the SEAL Teams or make it through BUD/s. As did the instructors who made a snap judgment.

As they both reported to SEAL Team 3, his jaw continued to drop as he noticed how he was "that smart" to pick things up so quickly and witnessing his "amazing" performance in combat, in '06 Ramadi and '08 Sadr City.

In the SEAL Teams, Sarraille also noticed how people would often "look past" Jonny Kim because of his lack of a college degree and being from Los Angeles, but once you peel that onion back, extraordinary character in him is present.

Jocko Willink chuckles at the irony of this and shares his amazement with Jonny Kim as a SEAL, his high standing in the community, and excellence in many other ways which coexists with Kim's extremely unassuming nature which has not changed to this day.

Check out their full interview with Jocko on Jocko Podcast 244, and consider reading "The Talent War" by Mike Sarraille and George Randle.

Mike Sarraille and Jocko Willink both served 20 years in the US military.

Jocko Willink was an enlisted SEAL for 20 years, spending 8 of those as an enlisted SEAL. He served two combat deployments to Iraq, in Baghdad as a platoon commander and in Ramadi as a Task Unit commander.

Mike Sarraille was an enlisted Recon MARINE who became a Navy SEAL officer. He was voted as one of two sailors in his BUD/s class by his fellow classmates to "Who would you like to go to war with?". Sarraille then joined DEVGRU, and retired from the military as a troop commander(O4), Commander of a 16-man troop which typically composes of 3 "teams" of Tier One SEAL assaulters. He found he didn't believe in what NSW was doing anymore, that they were not 100% in what they were doing, which is why he left the military. This was partially to his chagrin as he was going to become a Squadron Commander(O5), which consists of 3 DEVGRU troops.



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MaxKol 4 måneder siden
Rarefied air. Jonny Kim is the most impressive person I've ever heard of. Even old Marines have heroes.
Ziad Cecunjanin
Ziad Cecunjanin Måned siden
God bless any man or woman who goes to serve for whatever reason I didn’t serve but I respect no one how I respect soldiers because of my father Salute
Joseph Vega
Joseph Vega 2 måneder siden
Young ones too. Semper Fi gents
Johnny Chanda
Johnny Chanda 3 måneder siden
Hello sir, from a young marine. I salute you.
Mike Raffphone
Mike Raffphone 17 dager siden
That guy talking is a blowhard
林哲暘 Måned siden
This clip can just condensed to that “Now I told people I work with Jonny Kim “LOL.
Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis Måned siden
Not sure how Jocko or Mike would feel about this channel...
Kevin H
Kevin H Måned siden
Mike Sarraille. Still dealing with Ego problems. And still irritated that people bring this up instead of using his faulty first impressions to help people who may misperceive others they work with.
J B Måned siden
S.E.A.L, M.D., Astronaut. Wow
Battle Toad
Battle Toad Måned siden
My motto: What would Johnny do?
Helio Wakasugui
Helio Wakasugui Måned siden
First time I read about Jonny Kim I went "oh, summa cum laude in Math, US Navy Seal, then studying medicine in Harvard? Gee, the only thing his resumé lacks is "fighter pilot", LOL. then a few years later I read "Jonny Kim training as an astronaut", LOL
Adele Chikhaoui
Adele Chikhaoui Måned siden
M Måned siden
"what makes a seal a seal" a book deal.
Oquizi Ohcha
Oquizi Ohcha Måned siden
Ok, that was unnecessary, uncalled for, and rude. But F if it ain’t funny lmfao!
Andrew Trujillo
Andrew Trujillo Måned siden
Did you say BUTT Class.
Literally Shaking
Literally Shaking Måned siden
Father Mathematician Doctor SEAL Astronaut Next step? President.
Blue Collar Worker
Blue Collar Worker 2 måneder siden
OOOOPPPPSSSS - Broke Rule 1 - Never judge the Marine by the cover - Johnny Kim a BADASS Marine - I read two books that he was profiled in & EVERY Marine that served with Him had nothing but High Praise for Johnny Kim. As a former Marine & Fireman I got to work, learn & highly respect one in each profession & by knowing, working & learning from them made me a better Marine, Fireman & Person - Sounds like Johnny Kim did the same for Men that knew him. Semper Fi
Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis Måned siden
Jonny ain't a Marine though, Lol what do you mean? You thinking of "The Last Punisher"? Yeah, many have given him extremely high praise, not a single negative or neutral thing about him by anyone.
The Scale of it all Podcast
Jonny Kim is 5’11” haha. Small!?
Kevin H
Kevin H 2 måneder siden
According to Kevin Lacz, Jonny was 5'7 and compact when he checked into Task Unit Bruiser.
Doug Poulton
Doug Poulton 2 måneder siden
Dr. Kim is a rock star.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 2 måneder siden
"Dauber and Jonny stood out to me because they were medics and snipers." ~Chris Kyle
Greg Wong
Greg Wong 2 måneder siden
Every Asian kid growing up now is getting the 'Why aren't you like Jonny Kim" treatment.
John Lee
John Lee 24 dager siden
Stupidest comment. Asians provide many different values in our society. Stop with stupid stereotypes that no adults gonna agree. Everyone is different.
Greg Wong
Greg Wong 2 måneder siden
@Sarcastic Ismyname Believe me, I hear you
Sarcastic Ismyname
Sarcastic Ismyname 2 måneder siden
Bruh, I don’t wanna be like him. I enjoy doing nothing, so having free time to be a couch potato for a few hours is my favorite leisure activity. Plus, Jonny Kim went through traumatic events as a child, I’m grateful for my sheltered childhood.
Jim Norton's Alcoholism
Jim Norton's Alcoholism 2 måneder siden
Goes to show the inherent racism in the SEALl teams.
Mr. Q
Mr. Q 2 måneder siden
John Kim is the embodiment of "whatever you do, there always an Asian kid better than you" =))))
Clement Liang
Clement Liang 2 måneder siden
@Freddy Ramirez yes sir
Freddy Ramirez
Freddy Ramirez 2 måneder siden
A little Asians are superior complex going on huh.....
B Dogg
B Dogg 2 måneder siden
Im 46 and I want a poster that says "when I grow up I want to be like jonny kim"
Robert of San Diego
Robert of San Diego 2 måneder siden
Jesus. Johnny Kim is literally Captain America
Godfather Don Vito Andolini Corleone
Mike in 2003: Jonny Kim, just a small Asian kid that won't make it through or be a nonfactor. Jocko in 2010: Jonathan's UNDAUNTED courage, superb skill as a combat medic were tested and proven OVER and OVER again. Even as combat fatigue settled in on many of the men, Jonathan NEVER faltered. Yeah, Mike is still an asshole today. He posted an instagram story sharing an article of Jonny Kim's announcement to Artemis Team. Since I figured Mike must be proud of Jonny, I replied to the instagram story linking the Artemis video and another article about Jonny and corrected a slight innaccuracy that Jonny wasn't given a flight assignment to the moon yet and stated that he must be proud of Jonny, then he msg'd me back "Did you seriously just send me shit to cut down on someone's accomplishments?" and blocked me. ...You good, Mike?
Godfather Don Vito Andolini Corleone
@Guapo10292 @Data Fix Yeah man you're right, I should've been aware of how that would come off, especially to someone like Mike. My intention wasn't to nitpick but I apologize for that, Mike @Data Fix. Just that it was just under the headline a mis-phrase of what Jonny was being celebrated for, which was wrong to do - I did not mean to cut down on his accomplishment, but I should have been aware to not make that the focus of my reply. I wanted to express how proud Mike must be of Jonny, seeing him come this far and being good buddies. Just to show further support for Mike and Jonny. I have seen people respond with Congratulations to posts where people praise others' accomplishments, which I tried to convey before and after pointing out that unimportant detail, but that's my fault for speaking the way I did. However, comments worse than mine are a dime a dozen on social media - , and it'd seem prudent to simply ignore those instead of taking the time to express offense and cuss out individual ones received.
Guapo10292 Måned siden
Yeah man ur kinda the asshole in that one, nitpicking and actually replying to a post to point out some unimportant detail. Obviously u get the spirit of the post, he’s just trying to say he’s proud of his buddy for becoming an astronaut
Data Fix
Data Fix Måned siden
You’re the problem. You don’t understand how to talk and deal with other humans. Only jackasses would respond the way you did. Until you figure that out. You’ll probably be very lonely or constantly tell yourself that others are wrong... or both 🤷🏻‍♂️
Michael Zhou
Michael Zhou 3 måneder siden
This clip has more views than the actual podcast episode lol
MrSp3ctre 2 måneder siden
@Michael Zhou ah I see, my bad
Michael Zhou
Michael Zhou 2 måneder siden
@MrSp3ctre You're thinking of Jocko Podcast 221, I mean the podcast this clip is from - Jocko Podcast 244
MrSp3ctre 2 måneder siden
Doesn't the podcast have 1.5 million views?
John Lee
John Lee 3 måneder siden
This video draws comparisons to how others saw Desmond Doss and Jonny Kim.
edward bermudez
edward bermudez 3 måneder siden
Y? becuz he’s Asian? And he didn’t fit the mold of WHAT a Seal or a SOF guy is suppose to look or act like?
Ryan B
Ryan B Måned siden
@Data Fix Are you Mike Sarraille?
Data Fix
Data Fix Måned siden
Yes..... 🤷🏻‍♂️
MCM 3 måneder siden
Jonny Kim completely opened up my perspective as to what I need to get after in my own life after hearing him speak about his own accomplishments.
PgPro 86
PgPro 86 3 måneder siden
When they play a clip of military they use this guys voice
Lex Michaels
Lex Michaels 3 måneder siden
“I would say your assessment was wrong!”
Andrew Metz
Andrew Metz 3 måneder siden
For some reason I thought this was a video where they were going to do actual impressions of Johnny Kim...
Will Ly
Will Ly 3 måneder siden
Thank u & salute to all Military with appreciation for dedication, service, and representing US for the highest value. Didn’t believe that an asian guy would’ve made it pass “selection.” And I as an Asian American 🇺🇸 understand and really respect someone admitting they were wrong. Jonny proved a lot of us wrong. Jocko I have ideas about improving military and implementing new best practices for future of all the services. Someone like you can make a difference
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 3 måneder siden
More specifically someone small, skinny, reserved with low self esteem wouldn't have the mental tenacity. Yup it's definitely a thing but if you're gonna judge someone before seeing them work... I get it. No typical warfighter by physique. Especially considering he must have seen a bunch of weaker Asian Americans being from SF.
Ek0 3 måneder siden
"I always just sort of dismissed Jonny, small... Asian kid." , literally the experience I had over and over, growing up Korean in the 90's, when I wanted to play any sport.
Aromir Sauro
Aromir Sauro Måned siden
@Ek0 -- don't read too much into what was said. It is your advantage for ppl to misjudge you.
Michael Zhou
Michael Zhou Måned siden
@Charlie Martin According to Maj. General Mukoyama(Vietnam Army Company Commander), the ROK were savages the way they dealt with civilians and captured enemy - Bad for them, good for us I guess. US Marine Navy Cross and Silver Star Recipient from the Chosin Reservoir Chew Een Lee told some of his Marines to not forget that the US taught ROK a lot of what they knew as well.
Charlie Martin
Charlie Martin Måned siden
Brother, when I trained with ROK marines, some of the baddest men on the planet. Don't let anything hold you down.
United States of America
United States of America 2 måneder siden
@Jameson Locke If you are small, then you are small - there is no misperception about that. And the fact is for men of ALL races, people form misjudgments of people due to stature. It was Jonny's quiet and humble nature and being 5'7 and relatively skinny rather than built like a tank that brags a lot(Some Asians may be like this). Mike is from SF after all - not exactly full of Alpha Male Asian American types. But nobody can forget that character trumps everything and you can never see that on the outside - youd be a fool to continue to judge that way after seeing someone perform well, which of course nobody in the SEAL Teams as well as civilian colleagues did to Jonny. Edit: Here's an idea: Think about the people and environment that you're surrounding yourself with - that's all in your control, as a result of your actions.
Jameson Locke
Jameson Locke 2 måneder siden
Same with my grandfather, even my father later in the states. A lot of Americans seem to automatically assume Asians are the "small Asian kid" and dismiss you as weak simply for existing
달걀귀신 3 måneder siden
Please korean translation
Kon 3 måneder siden
Jack of all trades? nah. More like master of all trades
All-Time Alien
All-Time Alien 3 måneder siden
Jonny Kim is this generations greatest American. It’s not even a contest
BeerHombre 3 måneder siden
@James Byerly he does have kids
James Byerly
James Byerly 3 måneder siden
And he probably isnt having any kids is the gut shot. Our country is doomed. We don't have enough Jonnys.
Justin Moore
Justin Moore 3 måneder siden
"Don't forget the Legendary Jonny Kim is one hell of a swimmer." ~Thom Shea, one of his BUD/s instructors, in a Facebook comment.
Patriot Lou
Patriot Lou 3 måneder siden
Geez, Jockos forearms are suffocating his watch
Bruce Bundock
Bruce Bundock 3 måneder siden
These are the men that deserve the fame, money and recognition....not some over paid athlete or some delusional liberal elite actor...
VaniVermo Måned siden
Spot on
Tootspogs Forever
Tootspogs Forever 3 måneder siden
don't get there Bruce!!😀
A 3 måneder siden
This guy telling the story seems like an arrogant ass.
Tootspogs Forever
Tootspogs Forever 3 måneder siden
he's just your typical racist boomer growing up in the 80s 😀
NowIt'sLion 4 måneder siden
I've been waiting for this youtube channel. Echo puts out some damn good clips. Do not be mistaken. But Jocko and Echo deserve to have clip accounts dedicated to the podcasteborra. Shit I can fall asleep to a 2 hour of bill burr video, but he ain't Jocko. My support for your channel is overwhelming.
United States of America
United States of America 3 måneder siden
Thank you.
Lyricallyk 4 måneder siden
It's the quiet, mild mannered ones who hang back you have to watch out for the most. True in civilian life as much as military.
Bidden HarryAss
Bidden HarryAss 4 måneder siden
Dude still made it about himself and not Jonny
Dakota Waalkens
Dakota Waalkens 4 måneder siden
Both Johnny and Mike are exceptional and have a ton of accomplishments but what I am impressed with is that they both speak very highly of each other and that points to them being humble. I would love to see Jocko have both of them on the podcast at the same time as they do an AAR on the battle Sadr City.
Dennis Teti
Dennis Teti 4 måneder siden
Don't count on anybody and don't count anybody out.
Michael Paparelli
Michael Paparelli 4 måneder siden
Mac Emerson
Mac Emerson 4 måneder siden
#JonnyKim Oh there mocking you. 😆 🤣
Jessica Eernisse Hagood
Jessica Eernisse Hagood 4 måneder siden
God bless our military❤🇺🇸#knowyourmil#Shorts#PresidentBiden
John Gross
John Gross 2 måneder siden
Sean M Guedry
Sean M Guedry 4 måneder siden
23rd comment ftl
Bernard Bethel
Bernard Bethel 4 måneder siden
As a former sailor, I can attest that the quietest ones are the most effective.
Two Scoops From Hell
@Akita you should try to find the bigfoot instead
Akita Måned siden
@Two Scoops From Hell LOL we found the big mouth guys
Two Scoops From Hell
Yes, the silent ones smell the most
blahburz 2 måneder siden
@Akita cause we sneak up right behind yo ass cause we so quiet
Mr. Q
Mr. Q 2 måneder siden
@planetzito True, because they don't need words to prove themselves.
Sati Sandhu
Sati Sandhu 4 måneder siden
Violence of action PERSONIFIED
leonard heramchuk
leonard heramchuk 4 måneder siden
JK sounds like Jarrod. The TV series pretender. One of a kind.
John O'Mara
John O'Mara 4 måneder siden
I came for Asian accents. Was disappointed
CrampedStyle 4 måneder siden
Unfortunately, this guy's initial impression of Jonny is the impression many "big, aggro white dudes" have of Asian guys. Hopefully the fact that this guy got it so wrong can teach others not to judge so quickly.
CrampedStyle 3 måneder siden
@Sicko Whale Maybe you shouldn't judge people.
Sicko Whale
Sicko Whale 3 måneder siden
I'm asian and I don't get offensed by stereotypes. They exist for reason and you can't judge people who judge people by their stereotypes. It's just natural. I judge someone by it too.
Anugran Mathimugan
Anugran Mathimugan 3 måneder siden
Interesting he has that impression because well Gurkhas exist. Also as Stryker Meyer will attest indigenous SOG’s were hard deadly bastards.
Stinger913 4 måneder siden
@United States of America @matthew hill I think the point with Mike and his book, is that he had that perception of him - and it was a wrong perception to have and the whole talent acquisition thing. Kim circumvented his expectations and now it sounds he too looks up to Kim, or is proud to have been there with him. I think he was honest but also recognized the fact it was a false judgement. Cant have a better teaching moment than that.
The Viewer
The Viewer 4 måneder siden
Don’t forget to add other ethnicities.
George Coull
George Coull 4 måneder siden
Jonny Kim is a great man! Seal, Doctor, astronaut. Thank you all for your service and valor for this country. God bless you all.
All-Time Alien
All-Time Alien 3 måneder siden
This generations greatest American by a mile
thebronzetoo 4 måneder siden
Jonny Kim is a BAMF!!!
Rob G
Rob G 4 måneder siden
Unassuming men tend to be the most dangerous.
D P 2 måneder siden
so fucking dangerous. you just dont know that they have up their seleeve
Samuel Weatherford
Samuel Weatherford 4 måneder siden
Jonny is humble, periode.
Ryan Bohning
Ryan Bohning 4 måneder siden
Made me smile that a bad ass, get after it, team leader now says, I worked with JK. Humbling and inspirational that individual actions for the betterment of a team are so important. I like the description and compliment of unassuming
Holy Mountain Ent
Holy Mountain Ent 4 måneder siden
Never judge a book by its cover.
Jason Gilliam
Jason Gilliam 4 måneder siden
Chuck Norris: "I worked with Jonny Kim."
StudentOfThe556 3 måneder siden
yeah the one guy even Chuck Norris is afraid of lol
Steve Lim
Steve Lim 4 måneder siden
Haha 😆
tru tube
tru tube 4 måneder siden
Chuck Norris "memes" SMH. You simply Can't appreciate "Chuck" unless you've lived it. Simple as that. Back you go to "Googling" more information.
Jason Gilliam
Jason Gilliam 4 måneder siden
State and federal law.
Jason Gilliam
Jason Gilliam 4 måneder siden
Well it's not like he could demonstrate his skills without causing a hurricane or tsunami or earthquake. Referencing JK saved lives. PERIOD!