The worst headphones I've bought. 

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4. mars. 2021





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Pi Cubing Official
Pi Cubing Official 6 timer siden
Wullapwullap 9 timer siden
*Sure they come in your iPhone box* weeelll not anymore
Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross Dag siden
Lol the EarPods don't even come with your devices anymore, apple cut 'em out of the box
PantherOS Gaming
Yo get a pair of Astro A40S, best gaming headset around I swear by em.
Shinobu Tezuka
Shinobu Tezuka Dag siden
I hate wearing my Ovaries. Since I have Earsicles.
OK BOOMER Dag siden
Ah yes I love ovaries
Jake P
Jake P Dag siden
Just got the insidious Studio 30s
Joe Marques
Joe Marques Dag siden
Dad sounds like the narrator from 300
VanSucks AtEverything
VanSucks AtEverything 2 dager siden
Your frame rate is so nice
Pi Cubing Official
Pi Cubing Official 6 timer siden
It’s just 60 FPS tho?
natewesselink 3 dager siden
Phillips Shp9500. 70 bucks US and theyre known as the baby hur dur 6 hundos.
lordkaczuha 3 dager siden
Wait was that a Sony mavica in the background of the e.a.r.s shot?
Zelda dude
Zelda dude 4 dager siden
dank why did you not put the original airpods in them as you said numerous times the original airpods are just dirty buds on stilts
FriedEgg 4 dager siden
I bought the superlux hd681 for £25 just for the pads. They fit my Verum 1 and get the drivers closer to the ear than the stock pads. They're actually the cheapest pads I ever bought.
Electric Heart
Electric Heart 4 dager siden
I don't have audiophile headphones. But I have yet to not be able to notice the difference between the two going against each other.
R3D 5 dager siden
Sennheiser HD 600 OR 660s ?
Jamie Vatarga
Jamie Vatarga 4 dager siden
@TTU_RED my two favorite headphones are the HD650 (sometimes EQ'd to be a bit more flat) And moondrop starfield IEMs The rest of my collection is just on my wall, but other than comparison sake I don't really use them that often.
TTU_RED 4 dager siden
@Jamie Vatarga what are your recommendations?
Jamie Vatarga
Jamie Vatarga 5 dager siden
@TTU_RED I haven't used a 598se so I can't really compare. I use a 650
TTU_RED 5 dager siden
I’ve been stuck on which ones to upgrade into. I currently have the HD 598SE. Do you think 600 or 660s would be a huge upgrade? Oh any opinions on IEMs?
Jamie Vatarga
Jamie Vatarga 5 dager siden
600 660 is kinda controversial and not everyone likes them, where as 600 has lasted the test of time
jelly Qup
jelly Qup 5 dager siden
you could put air pods in
Alejandro Haynes
Alejandro Haynes 5 dager siden
I have One Odios, but my OneOdio StudiO Thirty MicrOphO cable broke :( Still got the regular-dingus-end-big-dingus-end cable tho
Teenage Gamer
Teenage Gamer 5 dager siden
I like the idea that Jacob has hecking T1 headphones, and he's using these things.
shepard1707 5 dager siden
Cheap headphones can sound perfectly fine . . . BUT THEY HAVE TO BE HEADPHONES.
rdrgz 6 dager siden
It’s a good mic when I somewhat understand and get the story.... still can’t believe that those very different voices are coming from the same person.
SPLATOON ULTIMATE 64 6 dager siden
Try with airpods in the next video
Billy Raymond
Billy Raymond 6 dager siden
Believe it or not, Zaanu made a fucking *response* to this.
E 6 dager siden
Why do you sound so much like the monster hunter guy who sounds just like you ?
gaming shit post
gaming shit post 7 dager siden
would there be a possibility for superlux HD681 vs samson SR850 comparison? ᵖˡˢ
GatoGelato00 7 dager siden
The demo comparispn goes from "jazz through my home speaker" to "jazz in the elevator"
Harry Massey
Harry Massey 7 dager siden
I have a superlux condenser mic and for the money it's mind-blowing. Always interested in the headphones but never needed to go for them, but happy to know they are also good.
thejonguy 8 dager siden
2:40 Elavated Music 2:47 Elavator Music
Kla rsicht
Kla rsicht 8 dager siden
The thing about the ears isnt that you hear the exact quality. But the offset you do hear the offset between the hurdurrs and whatevers.
thesonofabob 8 dager siden
l've never seen your channel before. I gave a thumbs up 48 seconds in for the funny openning sketch.
Noah Dedaj
Noah Dedaj 8 dager siden
They sound like elevator music
AnikaiRADIO 8 dager siden
05:58 He sounded like accelerator from Railgun.
Joseph Games5
Joseph Games5 8 dager siden
what are the jazz songs? I love it so I can use it for gaming and stuff.
gazzan grad
gazzan grad 8 dager siden
you call those phones cheap? man, in a second world country, those cost like? 4 dollars? even less, of course, they are made in china.... but if it does the job, im fine
Mr. Hippie
Mr. Hippie 9 dager siden
What’s the difference between buying these and just buying normal headphones
Tecstar70 9 dager siden
I love the way you compare the sound from different head phones. Totally the best demonstration I have seen. Any chance you could do a video that includes the Senny HD280 Pro’s?
Ndhehfnfm 10 years ago
What’s that song that he used for testing the headphones? I’ve been looking for a long time
yousef cook and tech vlogs
What if I buy them is and expected it to be wireless... I will just freak out because I made the wrong choice
Kristian Nowak
Kristian Nowak 9 dager siden
I kinda want these ngl
Tvrtko Harapin
Tvrtko Harapin 9 dager siden
hd600 costs about 8 times more than anything you compare them to, so i think its pretty retarded to do so since you keep doing it with the cheapest stuff but all in all cool vid
Jamie Vatarga
Jamie Vatarga 8 dager siden
It's the middle ground benchmark. He's also used them in comparisons with the LCD2's and stuff which is over $1000
Matthew Ockey
Matthew Ockey 9 dager siden
Are you fucking stupid? It's a benchmark, cost doesn't matter
͔ 9 dager siden
Headphones for headphones
Luke 10 dager siden
those ears are bumping
Hylian Headache
Hylian Headache 10 dager siden
'Well, they're a bit awkward, but I don't like the feel of earbuds, if these are a fiver or something then I could get behind them' 'Oh they're £40'
*violently sips tea*
*violently sips tea* 10 dager siden
i’m about the throw up
callmetony 10 dager siden
The "headphone" creator is now back badmouthing dank cause he didn't use it properly by not using an iPhone
Halen 10 dager siden
“Oh my pkcell get out of here Kirkland” 😂😂
Otaku Freeman
Otaku Freeman 10 dager siden
I saw we call them the inflatables
Ben Frank
Ben Frank 10 dager siden
Glock carbines in a nutshell
astro 11 dager siden
I keep seeing these on tiktok and he say that they are good and will make any earbuds sound good
Matthew Ockey
Matthew Ockey 10 dager siden
Jonnells24 11 dager siden
I remember having a pair of JVC Riptidz that I got at KMart for $25, and they actually sounded pretty good for the price. I think I still have them, too.
Liopo 11 dager siden
Divide 11 dager siden
To me the difference is that the sennies are a live cafe club band performance vs the same song over an the elevator speaker.
playboysizzle 11 dager siden
Can you please review the Soundcore life tunes?
Christopher C
Christopher C 11 dager siden
Whats the song he used for the test called?
Keiron Travis
Keiron Travis 5 dager siden
tracktribe - walk through the park
Some WD40
Some WD40 11 dager siden
So basically they are a poor mans amplifiers.
nombre 11 dager siden
this is tecnically a skin lol
ibrahim Alharbi
ibrahim Alharbi 11 dager siden
I like him more than rick and Morty
ibrahim Alharbi
ibrahim Alharbi 11 dager siden
Best part 11:58
ibrahim Alharbi
ibrahim Alharbi 11 dager siden
Whats the best 100$ head set for music/ games like better than a hyper x cloud 2
Jamie Vatarga
Jamie Vatarga 11 dager siden
AKG K361
ibrahim Alharbi
ibrahim Alharbi 11 dager siden
Studio 30 soud good
ibrahim Alharbi
ibrahim Alharbi 11 dager siden
Watching this for fun THANK YOU ! You just won a sub 😀
The lozr Yeah
The lozr Yeah 12 dager siden
The sennhieser sound like music The Zannu one sounds like the music in a elevator
joel the german metalweeb
The worst thing about this Is that you can get akg k-240s for only 10$ more AND WHERE I LIVE (germany) THE AKG K240S ARE CHEAPER THE ZAANUS ARE 115€ AND THE AKG K240S ARE 50 €
Raen Andaleio
Raen Andaleio 12 dager siden
I believe they didn't want to make headphones or anything, they actually wanted to make ear warmers. And then someone said they hate the fact that they can't listen to music while wearing ear warmers so they had the brilliant idea to change that. The result: highly overpriced ear warmers that try to solve a problem nobody had. It's really scary though. Not only did someone thinkl that this is a good idea to produce. The product is still around, so there's people around there who also think it's a good idea to buy.
The Redstone miner
The Redstone miner 12 dager siden
They're cheaper, IF you have earpods
William Shepherd
William Shepherd 12 dager siden
He’s kinda like Australian AvE
Gat ToFreshy
Gat ToFreshy 12 dager siden
you remind me of grade A under A, idk why
ItzTime 13 dager siden
Imagine this with airpods lol
Baldo 13 dager siden
Should of tried these with the airpods or even better the BEANS
BluntBoyz 13 dager siden
Mom : We have headphones at home The headphones at home :
Tony Flies
Tony Flies 13 dager siden
That cable though. Genius!
Astroid Buster
Astroid Buster 13 dager siden
As soon as I heard the earpud headphones I felt like my ears where cloged.
Mik 13 dager siden
2:45 switching from 720p to 480p
Miguel 13 dager siden
When you hear the audio of the headphones you can also see a dusty camera ooooh
Consider Subing
Consider Subing 13 dager siden
CMDR unematti
CMDR unematti 13 dager siden
try this with the galaxy beans
Sympl on YT
Sympl on YT 14 dager siden
Im listening with the air pod maxes rn and those sound terrible lol
Za Groovy Phrog
Za Groovy Phrog 14 dager siden
Can someone tell me what the headphone testing song is called, I've been looking for so long
E3kHatena 12 dager siden
“Walk in the Park” by TrackTribe, it’s a stock song in the NOsections audio library.
Catboi9000 14 dager siden
Cyberpunk 2077.
Matei Mazilu
Matei Mazilu 14 dager siden
HD600s are so squished down it sounds like ripoff cheap headphones
XxGOMEZxX 14 14 dager siden
“But like I need some big ovaries” I swear I didn’t hear that 😂
Purple_Chalk 14 dager siden
Off topic but I was just wearing some headphones my dad got me and my mom said “TAKE THOSE OFF! *something about radiation*” Me, wearing a pair of KIDS headphones: 👁👄👁
Steve The Fox
Steve The Fox 14 dager siden
Me with Superlux HD681 listening to the Superlux HD681 getting tested: Yea they sound nice
dalekman9999V2 14 dager siden
Would these fit airpods? 🤔
666makasin 14 dager siden
As hilarious as those are don't blame them. Blame the customers! Chinese know exactly what they are producing, how much profit they will get etc. Those are for people who are lacking any common sense and believe in miracles or for those those who doesn't have resources to buy actual headphones but want to look like they can. You know the people who buy iPhone knockoffs and try to brag like they have a real thing. Idk why tho because as you shown you can buy actually cool and functioning headphones for smaller price but whatever.
Gravity Bear Music
Gravity Bear Music 14 dager siden
My God, I love when you test mics with utter nonsense, bro. Hilarious!
PiggyInAMinecart 123
PiggyInAMinecart 123 14 dager siden
This is real count:3
Collin Lawson
Collin Lawson 14 dager siden
Do you have any sort of tier list for all the headphones you've tried? Like a category for budget bluetooth and non budget bluetooth. Then a category for budget wired and non budget wired? Maybe even a third category for like studio headphones or other preferences
Explosions Central
Explosions Central 14 dager siden
The founder of ZaanU made a response video lmao
Puzzlick 15 dager siden
7:11 will there be a video?
mon0railbredpig 15 dager siden
Are you the dude who makes the MiningBoom vids?
nepsA_66 15 dager siden
Someone thought this was a fantastic idea. Lol.
GEENUS 15 dager siden
Do they work with the beans
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 15 dager siden
im digging the oneodios and superlux hd681
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 15 dager siden
what gets me going you calling 3.5mm ends guitar amp ends dingus lmfao
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 15 dager siden
and a microphone to yell into lmfao fucking killed me
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 15 dager siden
you just destroing you ear buds and headphones and headsets by having eq set too max like that not good when you dont have back ups or dont have cash to do that sort of thing or keeping the quality good in whatever your using
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 15 dager siden
could just clip a bit off if ya can find a good way to do it
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 15 dager siden
i dont mind seeing the manufactor indents just as long they themselfs didnt fuck up the product and sennheiser HD600 had better clarity and had little more bass too it but those other things for in ear didnt sound too bad as i thought as well
RJ Cox
RJ Cox 15 dager siden
lmfao my first video by you and im already enjoying the content or should i say jokes and content
Appollo /KB
Appollo /KB 15 dager siden
It sounds like flat sprite
I bought the Nuraphones.
Do gaming headsets sound good?
I bought Raycons.
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