Extinct countries you may not have heard of! (Geography Now!) 

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3. mai. 2021





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Geography Now
Geography Now 3 dager siden
Check out Gideon Defoe's "An Atlas of extinct countries" to see the full list of 48 states that once existed, and are no more, he has great dry satirical humor and gotta say, props to you Mr. Defoe! (Thanks Geograpeep Jay for sending this for Fan Friday!) What extinct countries do YOU know of?
Sean Graham
Sean Graham 4 timer siden
You should make a filler week video about the states in Mexico. They are all very different and unique 🇲🇽
WOW467 9 timer siden
This is Geograpeep Jay, the actual person who sent this book in. There are actually many extinct countries in the world, so I am going to list just a few other ones I am aware of: 1. United Arab Republic 2. West Indies Federation 3. United Suvadive Republic 4. Repulbic of Indian Stream 5. Republic of Madawaska 6. Vermont Republic 7. Dominion of Newfoundland 8. Mormon Kingdom on Beaver Island in Lake Superior 9. *Prussia 10. Anglo-Corsican Kingdom 11. Abyssinia 12. Gran Colombia 13. Kalmar Union 14. Kingdom of Württemberg 15. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 16. Couto Mixto (Misto) 17. Scythia 18. Silla Empire 19. Ryukyu Kingdom 20. Republic of Exo 21. Greco-Bactrian Kingdom 22. Palmyran Empire 23. Republic of Ragusa 24. Principality of Arbanon 25. Kingdom of Mysore 26. Afro-Bolivian Kingdom
Nick Koroghlishvili
Transcaucasian Democratic Federative Republic
zak emery
zak emery Dag siden
hey barbs, i don’t know if you know this book or not but it is called “an atlas of countries that don’t exist” by nick middleton. i thought that it might interest you -i’ve already read it thrice! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇬🇧
Lucas Dag siden
You made a mistake with the refreshment islands, you labeled the nightingale islands gough island, which is actually much farther south
Martin Tůma
Martin Tůma 23 minutter siden
What about Liberland?
Route 20
Route 20 2 timer siden
Wow, so Cuba has a history of holding prisoners. Good to know.
wtf is that
wtf is that 4 timer siden
Wow some of the flags are dope. Much better then most unoriginal flags today ngl. No offense.
AleafOnATree 5 timer siden
Can you maybe do Sweden?
AleafOnATree 5 timer siden
@Mico Calimlim ohhh okay
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim 5 timer siden
Spain Sri Lanka Sudan South Sudan Suriname Sweden Switzerland Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim 5 timer siden
He will do sweden sometime in late 2021 Because it's Alphabetical order so please be patient
Fucking Kill Me
Fucking Kill Me 6 timer siden
ah yes, Kakistocratic Bulgaria
Tom Karwacki
Tom Karwacki 6 timer siden
The island marked as Gogh @1:01 is actually nightingale island, while Gough island (it's spelt wrong, too) is actually a few hundred kilometres southeast of those three.
Jack Winston
Jack Winston 7 timer siden
Why do some mention Prussia? Prussia was already well known throughout Europe.
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim 5 timer siden
Read the title
Thiefland and Vietdog Enemy
Khmer krom
Antonio Franconetti
Antonio Franconetti 8 timer siden
When filler week is really filler month
OxTail Fish the wood
OxTail Fish the wood 8 timer siden
i need the book
Kyle Metz
Kyle Metz 8 timer siden
The libertarian paradise of Cospaia should come back
jalabi99 9 timer siden
So basically Gregor McGregor threw the first Fyre Festival
Karen Vea
Karen Vea 11 timer siden
Andre norske folk som bare trykket på denne videoen pga det var ett flagg som lignet? Nei....?? Ikke det nei.
Orange Guitar • 38 years ago
Prussia may be gone but not forgotten 😔✊
Tadeoska 12 timer siden
dude, words with QUI QUE in portuguese, catalan, spanish, french, etc; are pronounced as KI and KE, please.
silver blotter
silver blotter 12 timer siden
you sound annoying
Dead Blaze
Dead Blaze 13 timer siden
does it include limberwisk?
Ed B.
Ed B. 13 timer siden
felicao16 13 timer siden
So Poyais was the Fyre festival back then?
MilkMasterGaming 13 timer siden
Man, the country has a nice flag
Epic Boss
Epic Boss 13 timer siden
Epic Boss
Epic Boss 13 timer siden
Hi Baggett
Dan B
Dan B 14 timer siden
4 guys and a dog went to the island sounds like a setup for a bad joke
Ben Dover
Ben Dover 15 timer siden
Union of South Africa. The best country to ever exist.
ntfox 15 timer siden
Republic of Serbian Krajina? Republic of West Bosnia ?
Pinochet Helicopter Tours
MacGregor was a con artist but he actually fought in the venezuelan revolutionary war and was given full military honors. Or he conned everyone into believing that lmao
dzejrid 16 timer siden
1:20 - four guys and a dog? Did they have a tank with them as well?
Lord Karin Whiteford
Lord Karin Whiteford 17 timer siden
I was kind of expecting Tibet on the list. It was an independent country until CCP and People's Liberation Army invaded and took over.
Maxie Plays RPGs
Maxie Plays RPGs 17 timer siden
Dang... it's been a long time since I haven't watched your vids, Barbs! Glad to be back here!
Aaron Bryant
Aaron Bryant 17 timer siden
Poyais sounds like the OG Fyre Festival
Alex Alpine
Alex Alpine 17 timer siden
I hope a sequel video is made with more extinct countries!
Kenneth Aarseth
Kenneth Aarseth 17 timer siden
ISBN number? Also dont diss finland, warning shots from norway.
Leo Barnes
Leo Barnes 18 timer siden
Geography Then!
Rajesh Gouda
Rajesh Gouda 18 timer siden
There are other extinct countries Tibet and Baluchistan which were are mentioned here
Sill Pill
Sill Pill 19 timer siden
Wait a minute Edit:looked though my family records and I have a Gregor mcGregor from the British isles
Abdulla Avsam
Abdulla Avsam 19 timer siden
Quick fact: The 3 Southern most atolls of Maldives (Addu, Huvadhu and Fuvammulah) separated from the Maldives and created their own country with the help of the British, called United Suvadive Republic, though it didn't last long because the Prime Minister of Maldives then stormed on one of the capitals in USR and shot a bunch of people.
jawher najeh
jawher najeh 20 timer siden
These are so perfect for April fools geography now
randomknownlege 20 timer siden
You should do Switzerland I had do it in school yesterday and i was so sad you didn't have it.
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim 5 timer siden
don't request this country again because he's not gonna listen to you
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim 5 timer siden
Spain Sri Lanka Sudan South Sudan Suriname Sweden Switzerland Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim 5 timer siden
He will do Switzerland sometime in late 2021 Because it's Alphabetical order so please be patient
A G H A S T H Y A 20 timer siden
Country Heist 😂😂😂😂😂
Omar Al kayal
Omar Al kayal 20 timer siden
Can we find anybody here in the comments that has ancestry from these fallen nations ? It’s gonna be difficult
Gunnar Kvinlaug
Gunnar Kvinlaug 20 timer siden
4 men and a dog on a deserted island? Jules Verne?
Pri USA 21 time siden
Barbs , Portuguese isn’t weird, it’s actually beautiful!! Greetings from a Brazilian who lives in Boston:)
Mark Flames
Mark Flames 21 time siden
part 2 pleaseeee
Hatsi Kidee
Hatsi Kidee 22 timer siden
Was hoping for Neutral Moresnet to pass by, I'm not disappointed. :)
Em Man Roy Hippy
Em Man Roy Hippy 23 timer siden
According to Wikipedia, William Agustus Bowels was arrested and sent to MADRID, SPAIN, and not in The Philippines. If he was sent here in our country, we might have him put in our history books.
leictreon 23 timer siden
Also Gregor McGregor fought in the Venezuelan war for independence and that's why he returned there AND some municipalities are named after him.
Esteban E
Esteban E 23 timer siden
Why is Barbs so worried about “selling out”?
Sean Lawlor
Sean Lawlor 23 timer siden
So....Poyais was the original Fyre Festival?
Holger Jakobs
Holger Jakobs Dag siden
Isn't it funny (peculiar) to use the word "extinct" for countries instead of living creatures?
Each It And I
Each It And I Dag siden
Oddly, this filler show harkens back to the old-school episodes of Geography Now, where the setting was simple, the graphics were easy on the eyes, and there was only ONE person hosting the show. I enjoyed this more than the current episodes of Geography Now, which has become a bloated music video hosted by an army of casting extras from the United Colors of Benetton.
gargi nagmajumdar
Is it april 1st now or what?
HKM Dag siden
Did Charles Dickens take inspiration from Poyais? (When writing Martin Chuzzlewit)
Mostafa Yossef
Mostafa Yossef Dag siden
Didn't get the Finland joke, Can anyone explain it?
Κωνσταντῖνος Ἀ.
Ooh, I always wanted to see this video!!!
SilverHawkScape Dag siden
This is perfect for alrenate history stories.
Dave Wraptastic
Dave Wraptastic Dag siden
Yeah let's trust the whitest of white guys with the most Scottish name ever to tell us about being a latin American king basically.
Axel Thorelli
Axel Thorelli Dag siden
What country will be in the next video
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
Sri Lanka
George Gamez Everything
It will be Sri Lanka.
pertin cape
pertin cape Dag siden
Thanks for helping me sleep last night
ALDEEE FF Dag siden
where west papua
Utareangara Dag siden
What about Rodeshia?
Fuyuko the White Fox
What about Sudetenland? Founded after WWI by the German population in Czechoslovakia and absorbed into Germany at the very beginning of WWII. Actually one of the few places Hitler won over through negotiations rather than bloodshed. My great-grandfather fled from Sudetenland during the war, so I'm missing some representation here.
Fuyuko the White Fox
@George Gamez Everything Oh, okay. Thanks😊
George Gamez Everything
Sudetenland was never an independent country!
CaeserOct Dag siden
What about history now? Like a year by year or century by century view of the world in this similar style.
CaeserOct Dag siden
I found myself looking up every country on this list! Great video.
young churro
young churro Dag siden
Great videos but the he talks and sense of humor annoying.
मोहन मेहरा आर्य
After some time paxstan too
AwesomeWither Dag siden
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
If you don't believe me then it's your loss
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
Spain Sri Lanka Sudan South Sudan Suriname Sweden Switzerland Syria Tajikistan Tanzania Thailand Togo Tonga Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Tuvalu Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom United States of America Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Venezuela Vietnam Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
He will do vietnam sometime in 2023 or 2024 Because it's Alphabetical order so please be patient
George Gamez Everything
He's doing these videos in alphabetical order.
José Canelón
José Canelón Dag siden
Wait... I'm from Venezuela, and you're telling me that this scottish guy who in schools is talked about as a hero in our independence (yeah, he fought alongside Bolivar) actually ran a BIG inmigrant scam in Honduras creating a kind of fake country? Man, I'm impressed and surprised that this isn't taught in our schools
Ricardo Reséndiz M.
Tristan da Cuhna!! 🤣
Jaevis Wizard
Jaevis Wizard Dag siden
Prussia is also a extinct country
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
It says extinct countries you may never heard of
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
Read the title
Papa P
Papa P Dag siden
Poyais! 🤣🤣🤣 I've actually encountered that story in a Reader's Digest hardbound way back in the 90s. Thank you for the pronunciation. I hope you're correct.
STMUN Dag siden
ya need to listen to behind the bastards if you want to hear about more fake countries
T Pe
T Pe Dag siden
You should use one of these extinct countries for your next April Fools Day: pretend it still exists to this day and discuss what it would be like. The fact that it once did exist would make it pretty believable.
Anuradha Gamage
Anuradha Gamage Dag siden
Hi, if you need any information about Sri Lanka episode, please reach out to me. I am a Sri Lankan living in Toronto
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
Email him
Jenna Tipton
Jenna Tipton Dag siden
Gonna start telling ppl I'm from Poyais, see what happens
Kingfisher139 Studios
Next week on Geography Then
الجمهوريه الجديده
yo ahwaz is a forgotten country to way you did a video about it
Keisha Young-Henry
Imagine the USA is having a family reunion. California, Texas and Florida are dominating the entire thing, Alaska and Hawaii are off in the corner, And New York is joking around with Pennsylvania. Then some Caribbean guy walks in. Welcome to the family, Puerto Rico.
FuckTard01 Dag siden
there also was a place known as The Republic of North Ingria. It was a small country that was located close in southern karelia. It lasted from 1919 to 1920. Its people are/were known as ingrian finns. It was originally supposed to have autonomy under finland like Åland but it got annexed by the Bolsheviks soon after independence. Most of the Ingrian finns got deported to siberia and now there are only a small number of Ingrians left. You should make a mini video about it or make a extinct countries part 2
Levikeinz Dag siden
Any other Spanish-speaking "Un Mundo Inmenso" fan who screamed with joy when Tristan da Cunha came up? 😅
Senbai Dag siden
East Germany
Mr. Round
Mr. Round Dag siden
*cries in Rhodesia*
Ashok Chandrasekaran
Geography Jay is the Captain of the World Famous trivia Team called TEAM REVENANT
الجمهوريه الجديده
can you please do video about the forgotten arabic country Ahwaz.
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
Tania Paradiso
Tania Paradiso Dag siden
Quilombo is a slang word used in Argentina to describe something as messy.
الجمهوريه الجديده
can you please do a video about ahwaz
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
الجمهوريه الجديده
yo you never did about Ahwaz.
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
He will never listen to you
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
Stop Spamming
Ready Luanch
Ready Luanch Dag siden
Didn’t know your over 200 years old
CaeserOct Dag siden
Random thought - would you consider digitizing your received postcards and creating an IG / FB / Tumblr / subReddit? I know you’re busy so maybe this is an idea once all the country videos are done.
dario fkxv
dario fkxv Dag siden
as a Scot I get the feeling you really don't like us lmao
heart of the presentative republic
Was mapache ever a country idk
Êzîdxan Music
Êzîdxan Music Dag siden
Why you never talk about Ezidkhan(Ezidxan)????
Hennes Meyer
Hennes Meyer Dag siden
You should make a video about the Hanseatic league. Quite interesting
Nooticus Dag siden
Very interesting video!
Carlos Miguel Del Valle-Useche
History Now
Yago Vinícius
Yago Vinícius Dag siden
Extinct country that you have not heard of in life: Empire of Brazil, present-day Brazil only had Uruguay and French Guiana for a time, even better than the United States in some things
Fernando Mallafré
There’s Isola delle Rose too.They even made a film about it, it’s in Netflix!
Karthik Patali
Karthik Patali Dag siden
Do u take dogecoin?
Harib Bin Shahbaz
No do the vid of you explaining sweden
Harib Bin Shahbaz
@Mico Calimlim OK
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
Spain Sri Lanka Sudan South Sudan Suriname *Sweden*
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
He will do Sweden sometime in late 2021 Because it's Alphabetical order so please be patient
Ania Swanson
Ania Swanson Dag siden
Would really appreciate if you used better language. My son and i really enjoy your videos but it seems that the new videos have more language in it that is really unnecessary 😢.
Ania Swanson
Ania Swanson Dag siden
@Mico Calimlim yes. F bomb ( muted, but it's still there) d-n etc. Totally unnecessary. Lots of kids are watching those. They really don't need to hear it in an educational video.
Mico Calimlim
Mico Calimlim Dag siden
you mean swear words?
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