White Woman's Instagram -- Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW) 

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listen to album here: boburnham.lnk.to/INSIDE

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.



10. juni. 2021





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Charleen Cherry
Charleen Cherry 35 minutter siden
"an avocado" has killed me 😂
Skyler Time siden
“You shall not pass!” -Martin Luther King
John M
John M 2 timer siden
Thanks man I can now laugh so I don’t have to take a long look at my life and how I need to change somethings or I’ll become who I don’t want to be while sitting in my mom’s basement crying about my utterly pathetic life
Bonnie Shauni
Bonnie Shauni 2 timer siden
I watched this fully thinking I would have the majority of these but I'm happy to say I passed 😂
DJ 2 timer siden
Just my opinion hearing the song, but the lyrics feel like a reel of her Instagram page. So when he starts singing about her dead parents it also means she posted her letter to Instagram - something that's usually kept privately is something she just shares on her Instagram just like that (She's free to do that, ofc. It isn't necessarily wrong, just weird to me and probably some others who don't speak about matters that could paint themselves as "attention-seekers"... In my head, it sounds like seeking pity/attention from my environment) A third meaning it could have is to convey a positive side in the girl sharing her life online, which is letting everyone know about her troubles/background without being shy about it (the same thing can be a criticism and a "blessing" depending on how it's viewed) So basically:
a11ison912013 3 timer siden
as someone who lost their parent 6 months ago, ngl the middle got me but was also comforting ❤️
Anouk Zunker
Anouk Zunker 5 timer siden
he should wear his glasses more often
Robyn Pellican
Robyn Pellican 7 timer siden
So many of these photo ideas were seen in art school photography classes .. 😹
Klara Konecnik
Klara Konecnik 7 timer siden
nonetheless bo look hella good in this vid
Here Are The Lyrics
Here Are The Lyrics 9 timer siden
Slay… that’s all I have to say
Lamp on
Lamp on 10 timer siden
now every time i see Instagram influencer this song popup in ma head n i can't stop laughing
mix0nix 11 timer siden
what a legend
Ricedcrisper 11 timer siden
Love the parody, but I always need to prep for the feels at 2:17.
NebulaPhage911 Gaming and Reviews
I like how there's a recurring theme of tiny pumpkins
Teh Yoshi
Teh Yoshi 12 timer siden
bo could be a white woman if he wanted to be
Rushit Trivedi
Rushit Trivedi 12 timer siden
"Looks like meats back on the menu boys" - Martin Luther King Jr
Christina Glover
Christina Glover 14 timer siden
Yup, 100% true.
Crystiana Frith
Crystiana Frith 14 timer siden
Is he straight or nah
Mischa Chan
Mischa Chan 15 timer siden
I’ve basically been in love with BB since the first video I seen lol people take themselves and their fake bs so seriously so it’s awesome to hear it being poked fun at
Ryan Crase
Ryan Crase 18 timer siden
Usb Snake
Usb Snake 18 timer siden
1:30 I was not prepared for that much ass on a Tuesday afternoon
Ally Adelle
Ally Adelle 18 timer siden
This sort of portrayal of femininity is just divine ❤️❤️❤️ it’s not mocking, it’s not cruel, but it just is. I think all of this is stunning and the cinematography is gorgeous and Inside absolutely killed me with how good it was
Poggynuggets 18 timer siden
This song is the new Never-ending Story to me
KnightMachineOfficial 19 timer siden
Bo has come back at the right time and the world needs his genuis to take the sting out of the last year. Glad he's back 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Jane 19 timer siden
Why do I find this so funny!
Paula LM Stahlecker
Paula LM Stahlecker 19 timer siden
someone make all of these shots into an instagram account. I need to see it all come together!
Brieface 10 timer siden
It’s up!!! I think it’s called goatcheesesalad
Adam Mangana
Adam Mangana 20 timer siden
@3:10 Does Bo have an abnormally long foot? Hobbitlike...
Adam Mangana
Adam Mangana 20 timer siden
Savannah Haga
Savannah Haga 21 time siden
I can't tell if this is a "instagram women are real people, not stock photos" or if bo just had a gender identity crisis
Brieface 10 timer siden
Apentogo 21 time siden
1:30 goddamn. dont worry Bo I know what to do with. straight to Rule34!
Derek B
Derek B 22 timer siden
"I have no memmory of this place" - Martin Luther King Jr
northspawn 2006
northspawn 2006 22 timer siden
Cock and ball torture (CBT) is a sexual activity involving application of pain or constriction to the male genitals. This may involve directly painful activities, such as wax play, genital spanking, squeezing, ball-busting, genital flogging, urethral play, tickle torture, erotic electrostimulation or even kicking.[1] The recipient of such activities may receive direct physical pleasure via masochism, or emotional pleasure through erotic humiliation, or knowledge that the play is pleasing to a sadistic dominant. Many of these practices carry significant health risks.
GalacticPopcorn 23 timer siden
It's crazy how Bo is able to create such an emotional, human moment in a comedy song about social media clichés
ShoutsWillEcho1 23 timer siden
One does not simply walk into Mordor- Martin Luther King Jr
Jimmy Graves
Jimmy Graves Dag siden
holy shit this is grossly accurate
Carlos Henrique
Carlos Henrique Dag siden
My daily watching
pysgod Dag siden
bo is literally a genius oh my god
roddy PROF.E.T.
roddy PROF.E.T. Dag siden
Sounds like hell
Alyssa Fuller
Alyssa Fuller Dag siden
And I thought there was not any songs about being 27
Totallynotalive Dag siden
Where did he get all the props though like -
Fabyio Dag siden
This fucking song made me cry for the rest of the fucking special and now I'm crying again as I remembered. Aren't we all a white woman's instagram feed missing her parents? AREN'T WE ALL??
Selma Winthergale
I need Bo to help me pose for pictures😂
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton Dag siden
I immediately started crying when the character started talking about her mom and then GOAT CHEESE SALAD lmfao
marinmazer Dag siden
Maybe I became too cynical over the years, but I see the part about the mother's passing as the ultimate performative corruption of grief. The character is writing this piece about how she misses her mother and dad and in a sense, it does humanizes her. But I can't shake the feeling that this kind of posts are by nature perverting a deeply personal situation into an event for people to react, pay attention to and show sympathy ("smash the like and comment your support"). We will all pay our sympathy and "perform" ("I'm so sorry for your loss", "maybe he/she feels better now",...) when really, most of us will forget about it by the time we see the next post. I'm not blaming anyone for this kind of behavior: that's just what we do and are wired to do. We crave support and attention when we are hurting and we like to feel better but performing support. I just happen to think making a post about a loved one's death like this, where you write a letter to them that will never be sent, but instead decide to post it for everyone to see feels deeply disingenuous. I think Bo meant it as most of you interpret it: a more genuine and wholesome moment (the lacking 1:1, the hard transition,... points to it). But I still couldn't shake the feeling this was the most disturbing part of the song.
Rin Varga
Rin Varga Dag siden
I just saw the whole Inside special in theaters and it's amazing!! I love how in this song the backstory perfectly transforms the song from being about "a stereotypical but nondescript Instagramer who could be anybody" into "this white woman in particular who has these specific events influencing her life outside of social media...and this is HER Instagram." So well done!
Justin Hamilton
Justin Hamilton Dag siden
Not a documentary dude
suchi thosecan
suchi thosecan Dag siden
xendurr Dag siden
If an afterlife exists, you bet I'm singing this until my voice goes out.
シcarolina Time siden
Among Us Drip
Among Us Drip Dag siden
He got all the stereotypes perfect
emmerzzz Dag siden
“mamma i miss you, mamma i love you and give a hug and kiss to dad 💔” …… “a goat cheese salad 🥗” How emotional 😭
A.O.T.L Tng
A.O.T.L Tng Dag siden
Ngl. His actually really cute lol
Radiodust Dag siden
why do i see a Zeke Yeager singing? kidding lol i love your songs
GallantSky64 Dag siden
I'm going to think of this song everytime I enter my drama class now
DirtyAether Dag siden
Did that mug have "Beyonce is my spirit criminal" written on it?
faediy Dag siden
some of these are actually pretty fire ngl
TheShizaarius Dag siden
This man is a generational talent, a true genius!
Bun Dag siden
The 3k dislikes are girls with a white woman's Instagram.
Elske T
Elske T Dag siden
Good place for white women to find inspiration
imabitgae Dag siden
I appreciate my ability to scroll through maybe 20 comments and find probably 5-10 MLK jr LotR quotes... Best comment section ever
obama but white
obama but white Dag siden
where did this sweet hair come from seriously
Waluigi Ass
Waluigi Ass Dag siden
I think the filter social media puts on users makes us forget that life isn’t supposed to be perfect. The small idealistic portion we see from other people is so unintentionally dehumanizing, like watching animals in a zoo and wanting to be in there with them.
R3lta Dag siden
new profile pictures
Chad Nogskillen
Chad Nogskillen Dag siden
This is so sick.
Ruben Avila
Ruben Avila Dag siden
"Gondor will answer!" -Martin Luther King Jr.
Samantha Hatt
Samantha Hatt Dag siden
Yeah that sums up ig lol
Elias Firmino Silverio de Sousa
I almost believed he was a white woman... Until I saw that foot (3:09) and realized he's actually a Hobbit parodying white women.
Justin Kellerman
Bo, are your eyes actually that blue?
lol Dag siden
am i the only one who actually almost cried when he talked about her dead parents?
Amini moose
Amini moose Dag siden
This was the highest point of comedy during the whole special. Anybody could do the poses, only Bo could do the subtle little things that completely put the pics over the edge.
Zarifa Resulovic
Thank you for all these new ideas for my Instagram.
Young Fait
Young Fait Dag siden
3,000 white woman disliked this post
Max Thielmann
Max Thielmann Dag siden
"looks like meat's back on the menu, boys!" -Martin Luther King, Jr.
gamjaw52 Dag siden
The one with him with the umbrella looks like a 5 minute crafts thumbnail
HufflePuff_Fever 2 dager siden
"Or some quote from lord of the rings" i cant-
NG games
NG games 2 dager siden
That song is really good tho
Little Alien Tea ☯︎︎✌︎︎
This is the funniest shit😭😭😭
Niall Rooney
Niall Rooney 2 dager siden
All of the songs absolutely slap, I especially loved the Jeff Bezos one
lemonflower 2 dager siden
Please do one about Elon Musk, his juvenile fan boys, and how he steals others ideas.
agelem 2 dager siden
I have a dream. The ring must be destroyed.
PrayForJoe 2 dager siden
I came for shits and giggles and left with chills and onion-ninjas
•cycnical• 2 dager siden
listening to this on loop whilst scrolling through my white mother's instagram
Pqrrot 2 dager siden
“Is this heaven… or is it a white woman-“ **Video ends**
Fonando Ozmando
Fonando Ozmando 2 dager siden
Worst thing about being a racist white dude, is that I have to be with a white w*man to have white kids
Imperfect Purity
Imperfect Purity 2 dager siden
I'm mad because Bo can pose better than me.
My parents named me Priscilla so yea
gwynheimer 2 dager siden
Eddie Gesch
Eddie Gesch 2 dager siden
The creativity of it is why he has years between specials imo.
The amateur Artist
The amateur Artist 2 dager siden
okay, but why does he lowkey look pretty?
TiFFerzZehNiNjA 2 dager siden
Lmao he came for brandon whatshisname's photography style
William Humphries
William Humphries 2 dager siden
I don't know where he got all those awesome shirts and mug.. but wow it's perfect lol
Astrosimi 2 dager siden
I love that half the LotR/MLK quotes in these comments are ones that could legitimately pass as MLK quotes, and half of them are ones that could NEVER pass as MLK quotes. Perfectly balanced.
Legendary C4
Legendary C4 2 dager siden
Looks like a white woman's instagram. hmmm yep definitely white
Ryan Kafoor
Ryan Kafoor 2 dager siden
Very inefficient and tiresome but looks cool tho
TheFlowMind 2 dager siden
It's all "golden retrievers in flowers crowns and tiny pumpkins" until you get to the death of both of her parents...it's funny because I laughed at people posting this kind of pointless content, then once in a while, you see the post about the death of a parent or other family member (happened two days ago with a classmate - she lost sister and mother in one year) in your feed and then the shit becomes real and you understand the escapism of IG. The tiny pumpkins are fine, at the end of the day...just what they need to get through.
Ibaib 2 dager siden
Ain’t this man racist ?
juicytoenails55 12 timer siden
No. Yes his song cookout is very racist, but he apologized many times for how he acted in the past, and the song was making fun of racist people so he didn't mean any of it
Vadim Dag siden
Gold Fish
Gold Fish Dag siden
Short answer: No. Long answer: People trying to cancel him because of 14 year old satire.
Insight Zoidberg
Insight Zoidberg 2 dager siden
3:40 Appreciate the Gabbie Hanna reference
o 2 dager siden
maiwei 2 dager siden
Glad to see the fans love the new special and that Netflix, is in fact, full of shit.
Mochibear 2 dager siden
Love how the first beat drops when he lights the match, it's perfectly timed
No 2 dager siden
Those dislikes are from all the teenage white girls who use instagram
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