Khabib Joins the UFC 260 Weigh-in Show 

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Khabib Nurmagomedov joined the UFC 260 Weigh-in Show to award Daniel Cormier with a five-star rating in EA Sports UFC 4 and talks about his retirement.

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26. mars. 2021





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Susie Kim
Susie Kim 5 timer siden
Can Khabib hear out of his right ear?
Ёсин Гулов
Ёсин Гулов 11 timer siden
Лайк поставил за хабиба
vibrantZebra1 12 timer siden
I love how DC immediately adopts the little Russian accent.
Subhon Mavlonov
Subhon Mavlonov 14 timer siden
Хабиб молодец красава он абсолютный чемпион ЮФС 👍☝️
y 10 x
y 10 x 15 timer siden
🇷🇺 brother
Diego Pineda
Diego Pineda 21 time siden
A guy from Loussiana and a dagestani can be close friends after all
Noel Rivera
Noel Rivera Dag siden
Inzee Dag siden
7:50 I’m guessing lessons learned from this to Dana, don’t let Makhachev fight for title or Makhachev might also quit right away once he becomes champion. We might not see him fight for title for at least 3 years I think 💭
Temur Akbarov
Temur Akbarov Dag siden
So much say like..like.. like...
Jhy Tau
Jhy Tau 2 dager siden
Do u need a woman to come help u khabib: this is number one bull shit
Pussy Killa
Pussy Killa 2 dager siden
Why is aljo there? Lmao mans a clown least liked by fans
Mohammed Sameer
Mohammed Sameer 3 dager siden
He is just enjoying life without white girls drugs alcohol..
IFTII MIYE 2 dager siden
with his family
tAmEz ZoDiAc
tAmEz ZoDiAc 3 dager siden
The goat I would love to meet this man he is so nice.
Arii Fik
Arii Fik 3 dager siden
Love u DC
Royal Boy
Royal Boy 3 dager siden
Khabib my best favourite hero and boxer 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
abdullrahman fathi
abdullrahman fathi 3 dager siden
women: can I come and help khabib: that is number1 bullshit!
Saqib Farooq
Saqib Farooq 3 dager siden
Khabib vs DC in heavyweight 😆
lie yanna_91
lie yanna_91 4 dager siden
Khabib and DC see them genuinely in friendships 😁
rukus 4 dager siden
Khabib is the ROAT! Realest of All Time.
1shot1kill Bra
1shot1kill Bra 4 dager siden
1:06 hahahaha khabib is trying so hard to be professionel but DC is playing
مصطفی رضایی
مصطفی رضایی 5 dager siden
خبیب ♥️♥️♥️
Rinno Novaldianto
Rinno Novaldianto 5 dager siden
Bromance ❤️💕
Tuvshintugs Battulga
Tuvshintugs Battulga 5 dager siden
If I get 100 bucks when everytime Khabib says the word "like", i would be a millionaire now.
5zzy Sml
5zzy Sml 5 dager siden
So khabib likes like😜
MaliknLearn 6 dager siden
When you will visit out of Europe you will forget skin colour matter.
Ahmed Kedir
Ahmed Kedir 6 dager siden
I like khabib English ❤
Osiris Osiris
Osiris Osiris 6 dager siden
Luktu Romin
Luktu Romin 6 dager siden
Real man khabib
BATMAN 6 dager siden
7:37 Khabib wants to desperately figure out the word by himself 🤣
ArmyOF4 6 dager siden
It's like you know like yes like ah like yeah like hmm like because like ahhh like
IFTII MIYE 2 dager siden
you know i like khabib
Darius L
Darius L 6 dager siden
I love those two dudes! I know y’all smiling watching them too!
Dragon Blade
Dragon Blade 7 dager siden
DC rubbing khabib’s head like he’s a little kid .. made me think what he would do if someone else did that to him😂 if aljo tried he might really get injured
Carl Wallace
Carl Wallace 7 dager siden
Congrats to sterling the first disputed ufc champion
AbdulSalam UmmerAli
AbdulSalam UmmerAli 8 dager siden
He is very good person and talented ... someone wants to discuss about he not giving shake hands to ladies and they think it's disrespectful... Please think vice-versa giving shake hands to ladies is against his believe so if you expect he want to give shake hands to ladies means you people disrespect him as well his believe.... He talk with all ladies respectful way only... You can see it in this video itself ☺️
Makhmud Se
Makhmud Se 8 dager siden
khabib attitude nya sangat baik karna beliau sangat memegang kuat ajaran agamanya bro
Rizki Agung Setiawan
Rizki Agung Setiawan 9 dager siden
Khabib knows how good dc as goat fighter. that is why dc deserves that 5 star rating. Dc is one of the goat in mma. But ufc doesnt give him.
MyGamesterChannel 9 dager siden
This man gave khabib the respect he deserves and khabib game it back. Humbling.
Bobur Dada
Bobur Dada 9 dager siden
Khabib is like little brother to DC
Bharath B R
Bharath B R 10 dager siden
After watching every khabib I am using Russian English 😂
almidfa591 10 dager siden
Those are the most respectful fighters who can represent ufc
Sean Mariani
Sean Mariani 10 dager siden
Khabib and DC TV show 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Nuh Remy
Nuh Remy 10 dager siden
@1:36 "im not in the list?" - aljamin. oh hell yeah sure in the list bro. list of of good actors
Vivo Y53
Vivo Y53 10 dager siden
Bagas 10 dager siden
Watching Khabib is my meditation
Shaddy Elsaghir
Shaddy Elsaghir 11 dager siden
2 of the most iconic ufc fighters all in the same room.. Alejemain sterling and Alejemain sterling 🙏
Alain ali Raad
Alain ali Raad 11 dager siden
What is a fraud like Aljo faker Sterling doing between 2 great fighters shouldn't he go out and proof himself before that !?
mike miller
mike miller 11 dager siden
Beautiful stuff
Jack McCauley
Jack McCauley 11 dager siden
Khabib is such a great guy, completely down to Earth, doesn't have to inflate his own ego at the expense of looking like a numpty later on, not naming any names... Kappa
mo salah
mo salah 11 dager siden
You don't like this, then give it to me back. 😆😆😆 Hahahaha. Khabib at his best
Spinning Backfist
Spinning Backfist 11 dager siden
The comradery between DC and Khabib is real
sanjay kumar
sanjay kumar 12 dager siden
Two grt fighters to remember luv u from india
Joey P
Joey P 12 dager siden
I have to say, I was always neutral as far as Khabib. Definitely respect his talent and his record. Would have liked to have seen him a little more well versed as far as stand up, but he knows what he knows best. I always felt he was kind of a dick and arrogant, but I love DC and he’s a really genuine, down to earth, humble guy. Seeing how he and Khabib are together and the friendship they have, totally wins me over with Khabib. This shows his true personality. Khabib is legit real good people. New found respect for him here
M.C. Cali
M.C. Cali 12 dager siden
Khabib weighing 200 for the heavyweight championship
M.C. Cali
M.C. Cali 12 dager siden
We miss these GUYS SO MUCH
Alex B.
Alex B. 12 dager siden
lol oh lord the corn of this guy "now you're blinged out"
Diego Ramirez
Diego Ramirez 12 dager siden
Daniel cormier is like the wendy williams of mma
og skull
og skull 12 dager siden
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Mazuha Mazuha
Mazuha Mazuha 13 dager siden
NOMAD 13 dager siden
That's great. DC IS great. So much potential energy on that stage hehe.
Arsat Jordan
Arsat Jordan 13 dager siden
GOLDEN 13 dager siden
Sterling "Wait i am not on the list?" imagine!!!!!!!
Mido 14 dager siden
can i sit here.. (Class)
sureya aslan
sureya aslan 14 dager siden
Hmm, in Islam gold for man is HARAM. Silver better than gold for men.
Qualia 14 dager siden
I love how he respects another man's wife. Pretty legit.
Ahmad :vrok
Ahmad :vrok 14 dager siden
I thought khabib was too stricted act at women
Ziarab Hussain
Ziarab Hussain 6 dager siden
Ok..... Your opinion mate
Fauzan Aja
Fauzan Aja 14 dager siden
Salam dari indonesia🇮🇩🇮🇩🇮🇩
David J
David J 15 dager siden
Inspiration for million people's #TrueChamp #Humble #GreatEagle❤❤❤❤
artoficial 15 dager siden
I think you deserve this 😂
Vegan Christian
Vegan Christian 15 dager siden
khabib should be 6 stars.
Messiman 94
Messiman 94 15 dager siden
Henry Cejudo deserves a 5 star
Penikmat Kue
Penikmat Kue 15 dager siden
Every moment with khabib he's always sharing positif energy.
АЗИЗ НМММ 15 dager siden
АЗИЗ НМММ 15 dager siden
Нагзми шумо😄
Faisal Behzad
Faisal Behzad 16 dager siden
DC : you lying/: Khabib : yes 👍😂
Green Building
Green Building 17 dager siden
Why kabib gave it to him ? That medal is a history for his life
Dark knight Rises
Dark knight Rises 17 dager siden
Chubby khabib
vankook 17 dager siden
DC and The Eagle is the most wholesome thing ever.
Syhlms L
Syhlms L 16 dager siden
Firoz Ali
Firoz Ali 17 dager siden
DC and Khabib Perfect example of friendship from two different cultures❤️❤️👍🏼
Baks Fkz
Baks Fkz 17 dager siden
Force à ceux qui donnent de la force ✨🥊💞✨
Daniel "Dagestani" Cormier
momo 18 dager siden
Much respect for respecting a woman by not touching her and saying "hi how are you" instead. What a class act man. May god reward him.
Fahad Iqbal
Fahad Iqbal 18 dager siden
Pride for we Muslims The Eagle 🦅 The King 👑 Alhamdullilah ☝🏻
Fernando Nuari
Fernando Nuari 19 dager siden
Look at the oscar fake champion lol
llen Star
llen Star 19 dager siden
Khabib the 29-0 UFC Superstar and who came out face intact in each of those 29 fights, comes to join, and instead of grabbing the chair, politely says : "Can I sit here?"....... Oh, real priceless. His humbleness humbles everyone.... God / Allah Bless this man.
Costi 19 dager siden
No hate but they give daniel upgrade, while inactive und after loss and give conor downgrade after loss haha
L P 19 dager siden
Wooohooooo!!!! The bros reunite!!!!
nate levinson
nate levinson 20 dager siden
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CyaKyle 20 dager siden
Yes sterling you're not on the list dude. You became camp from getting a illegal move.
Abdelhilah Samir
Abdelhilah Samir 20 dager siden
Islam est toujours hmdl 💪
El mero Mero
El mero Mero 20 dager siden
MashAllah 😘😘😘
yvngthik 20 dager siden
only game aljo is 5 star in is Oscars2k21
Susan Miller
Susan Miller 20 dager siden
I lost my job due to covid19 last year, a friend of mine introduce me to Mrs Brenda she have helped me make hug Profit in short period of time
Ziarab Hussain
Ziarab Hussain 6 dager siden
Good for you
Susan Miller
Susan Miller 20 dager siden
bobby waid
bobby waid 20 dager siden
The respect and the brotherhood between these two makes me wanna believe in humanity
N Neq22
N Neq22 5 dager siden
You have to read about islam and im proud to be muslim
Omar Q
Omar Q 21 dag siden
I’m betting Islam every damn fight
VASUDEV NARSE 21 dag siden
Did i saw deontay 🧐
Abood 90
Abood 90 21 dag siden
The most awkward moment when Aloj said "Wait I'm not on the list" bruh get out
ЧЫНДЫК kg 21 dag siden
Valentina Shevchenko🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬
samer samer
samer samer 22 dager siden
Khabib gained some weight .
Casey Bloom
Casey Bloom 22 dager siden
There are definitely videos of kittens stuck in trees... but this is 100% more wholesome!
Sushma Jamwal
Sushma Jamwal 22 dager siden
Khabib is Genuine person.
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