The Moment England Lose to Italy on Penalties | EURO 2020 Final 

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England vs Italy Penalty Shootout Matchday Vlog with Thogden, at the EURO 2020 Final. England 1-1 Italy and 3-2 to Italy on Penalties. Heart break with the England fans... w/ @Morgz

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11. juli. 2021





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Pat McCaliskey
Pat McCaliskey 11 minutter siden
Thank fook....we'd never have heard the end of it
johan antonia
johan antonia 15 minutter siden
I enjoyed lot english defeat.so rude and rough people can't accept the behaviour of english fans after the match
Eugenio Mingione
Eugenio Mingione 21 minutt siden
Luigi Bianchi
Luigi Bianchi 47 minutter siden
Ha vinto la squadra migliore, la verità è che dovete mangiare più pastasciutta.
Luigi Russo- Schneider
Italienisch the best!
brunetto Time siden
cup in the face
Gianluca Fiorenza
if all the sport fans in the world hates you maybe you have to ask yourself why!!!!! FORZA ITALIA FOREVER!!!!!!!
Cris Santos
Cris Santos 2 timer siden
The English only get in the final when all the games they play are at England well deserved loss losers!!! Go portugal,ireland and Italy!!!!!! Especially because of what the English did to my 2nd country in 1966 semi final but who cares we now just keep on beating them.Jeez not one country in Europe likes you. I'm so happy I'm irish and portuguese
VALERIO BESANA 2 timer siden
Non fatelo vedere alle future generazioni... Che siete perdendi
SwanDawg9395 4 timer siden
All of your pre game predictions turned out wrong just so you know
Enzo Navona
Enzo Navona 5 timer siden
Now the Italian players are entitled to the title of baronets
Marco Neglia
Marco Neglia 6 timer siden
Sonia Badoin
Sonia Badoin 6 timer siden
Forza Italia 💚🤍♥️
dragon 37
dragon 37 7 timer siden
Football Is coming Rome
Jupiter Royalty
Jupiter Royalty 7 timer siden
WTH the England FAILED to STOP Italy from scoring after having the 1-0 win in the bag?!?!?!?! Then have to turn around and count on winning via PKs. Why was he doing goalie duties period?!?!?!?!?!
Gelato club
Gelato club 8 timer siden
But the Masks there Is corona
Alessio Italiano
Alessio Italiano 8 timer siden
Poveri illusi godo ancora 💙💙🤍🤍
Ilsorcio SulTubo
Ilsorcio SulTubo 8 timer siden
Non avete ancora capito che ve la siete gufata da soli con tutti i vostri pronostici del cazzo💙💙
IL CAMPIONE 9 timer siden
Mangiate ancora pastasciutta
Mediterranean Mapper
Mediterranean Mapper 9 timer siden
You cant say popopopopo it's only Italian
Mediterranean Mapper
Mediterranean Mapper 9 timer siden
Covid left the stadium
mazzoni 10 timer siden
it's coming home???, ops sorry, it's coming ROME!!!!!!!!!!
MRC | GHOSTNIKO 11 timer siden
Proud to be a italian 🇮🇹 🇮🇹 🇮🇹
An Ge
An Ge 12 timer siden
England: Football is coming home Italy: but all roads leads to rome 🤷‍♂️
Giuseppe Franza
Giuseppe Franza 13 timer siden
Il calcio è tornato a casa 🇮🇹🏆💙
Simone Blasi
Simone Blasi 14 timer siden
Mihraj Honey
Mihraj Honey 14 timer siden
Jordan Pickford❤❤❤
SilverYT1 14 timer siden
You haven't won anything for 50 years hahahahhahaha
GOTTCHA NOSE 10 timer siden
@SilverYT1 ye same the fans were horrible not all English fans are like that I've got huge respect for Italy judt not chilleani or however u spell it
SilverYT1 10 timer siden
@GOTTCHA NOSE But I actually meant the English who booed and mocked us throughout the game. i am very sorry for saka
GOTTCHA NOSE 10 timer siden
@SilverYT1 I don't mean the fans ffs I mean show respect on saka
SilverYT1 10 timer siden
@GOTTCHA NOSE Respect you have to bring. You've been booing us all game. Ridiculous. I'm sorry for Saka. But it's also not fair to whistle when you thought you were winning
GOTTCHA NOSE 12 timer siden
Show some fucking respect. Saka is a 18 year old lad and the pressure would of been unreal.
Argha Rocky's
Argha Rocky's 14 timer siden
7 times england played on home in euro 2021 , wtf that uefa helppp , 7 times brooooooo, 7 times , and w/whooooow sound when enemy got the ball
Roberto Pecchia
Roberto Pecchia 14 timer siden
Siiiiiixcampioni deuropaa siiiii
Vukša 15 timer siden
Somebody: Thogden how money your parents have? Thoden : yes
Vukša 15 timer siden
Who remembers this guy from 2018 when englends lose against croatia
viiont eooiy
viiont eooiy 19 timer siden
karan coyne
karan coyne 20 timer siden
england had too long about thinking they had it won thats all very tiny marginms
karan coyne
karan coyne 20 timer siden
great vid
karan coyne
karan coyne 21 time siden
best team by a mile won
TRG 22 timer siden
Morgz predicted it 3:39
Fabrizio Giusti
Fabrizio Giusti Dag siden
Dai sei giovane tra 55 anni ti godi un'altra finale.
pincopallino Dag siden
TGS 17 timer siden
ava bergamo
ava bergamo Dag siden
Greetings from Italy!!! 🇮🇹💙⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💙🇮🇹🔘🔘💙🇮🇹
Miwa 75
Miwa 75 Dag siden
Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! Imparate prima l'educazione... Poi potrete vincere! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Engineering Consulting
Seba12 Dag siden
seeeeeeeeeeeee! ce lo siamo meritati! we are the champions!!
Jason V
Jason V Dag siden
go italia.. f... pakistan and england!
Dre1120 Dag siden
Your dad knows football. He's seen things. So thats why he won't back England to win lol
YellowCactusTv z
Perdenti bastardi lmao
Dario Tortora
Dario Tortora Dag siden
Elizabeth I don't bow🇮🇹🇮🇹
Lawrence Stacey
Lawrence Stacey Dag siden
You can see how obsessed opposition fans are with us from this comment section 😂
Francesco Liguori
We are the people who are waiting foooooorrrrr, e voi inglesi va pigliat ntu culuuuuuuuuu
Tim Onestini
Tim Onestini Dag siden
Looser noobs
Alessandro Del Brocco
Dan C
Dan C Dag siden
"Proud of all the fans" this aged poorly.
gianluca brizzi
gianluca brizzi Dag siden
It’s coming Romeeeee
Alfredoluigi Sacca
Rock girl
Rock girl Dag siden
Love you italy 🇮🇹⚽️🇩🇪
studio calderini
studio calderini 2 dager siden
Jack 2 dager siden
Its coming romeeeee
Monica Bianchi
Monica Bianchi 2 dager siden
I suonatori andarono per suonare e furono suonati! Godremo per L eternità. It s coming to Rome!
bruhh Dag siden
Macy_ spa
Macy_ spa 2 dager siden
Rock girl
Rock girl Dag siden
ancora godo....
Federal Investigation Bureau F.I.B.
Looser England shit, ITALY WINNER!!🇮🇹🇮🇹🇮🇹
Lamza Ivan
Lamza Ivan 2 dager siden
This guy is most famous when england lose😂
Lamza Ivan
Lamza Ivan 2 dager siden
Its coming rome
tony 2 dager siden
12:10 "Comfortable win now" One shot on target in 120 minutes
Ole Zimmermann
Ole Zimmermann 2 dager siden
Beaing in the final through wasnt even fair.They won every game through luck or cheating.Im so happy Italy won
Beyblade King
Beyblade King 2 dager siden
English fans are toxic anyway, we love to see them cry
Antonio Bori
Antonio Bori 2 dager siden
It's only a game
Prince Doe
Prince Doe 2 dager siden
campioni deuropa siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii italia 4 inghiterla 3 siiiiiii
Martin Grund
Martin Grund 2 dager siden
In Germany I met nobody who supported England and we have a big rivality with Italy. Everybody wanted to see Italy winning. Sorry, but that's the truth! It had nothing to do with the fact, that Germany was knocked out by England, we just have much more sympathy for Italy. England had too much overconfidence and Italy had the class to win. I don't think the english team has to practice penalties. They need psychotherapy, seems to be a very serious problem. But I have to admit: right now your team is definetly better than ours. Congradulations!
studio calderini
studio calderini 2 dager siden
Andrea Menegato
Andrea Menegato 2 dager siden
O inglese mangia la pasta buuuuuuuuuu
camd2007 gaming
camd2007 gaming 2 dager siden
Sicily Toyz
Sicily Toyz 2 dager siden
ancora godo....
Daniel Yeboah
Daniel Yeboah 2 dager siden
It comming rome !!!!!❤❤❤❤
david shaoul
david shaoul 2 dager siden
two heros, three zeros
valegamer560 615
valegamer560 615 2 dager siden
It's coming to rome!!!
Mhamad Bahkam
Mhamad Bahkam 2 dager siden
1.3 mill brooo. Congrats
Samu- rai
Samu- rai 2 dager siden
italia italia goal
Paolo Cappelletti
Paolo Cappelletti 2 dager siden
Ops 🇮🇹😂🤡🥳
Domenico Aaron
Domenico Aaron 2 dager siden
Italy the best team in the word 🏆🏆🏆🏆 ...Europa 🏆🏆 it's coming Rome
Moreno L'episcopo
Moreno L'episcopo 2 dager siden
British english Is a shame..
Moreno L'episcopo
Moreno L'episcopo 2 dager siden
Denmark deserve a final piece of crap
Moreno L'episcopo
Moreno L'episcopo 2 dager siden
It's coming Rome
Jasdip Jas
Jasdip Jas 2 dager siden
• Matilde •
• Matilde • 2 dager siden
Sliderkit 2 dager siden
LMAOOOO Brits lose again enjoy being irrelevant again
matteo brisighella
matteo brisighella 2 dager siden
Germans and French, thank you for your cheering against England, but I remind you that in 2006 you treated us the same way as the British this year and let's not forget that.
matteo brisighella
matteo brisighella 2 dager siden
I'm Italian, I don't want to laugh at England, I hope it was a good lesson in humility. NEVER sing victory ahead of time.🇮🇹🇮🇹 Good job Roberto Mancini!!!!!
cc1867 3 dager siden
9:36 when life peaked and I mean PEAKED
Davide Mignani
Davide Mignani 3 dager siden
Arrivo in Inghilterra ELISABETTA NON M'INCHINO💚🤍❤
Markie Mark
Markie Mark 3 dager siden
“Jorginho, what a mug” 🤡
Darth Zayexeet
Darth Zayexeet 3 dager siden
Fun Fact: Gianluigi Donnarumma was not sure they had won. He just realized when his mates jumped him
Franck T.
Franck T. 3 dager siden
I am from Belgium and I want to congratulate you on the way you deal with the loss. England will finish high at the World Cup next year...maybe the title
luka siljeg
luka siljeg 3 dager siden
U didnt say anything about streling dive against denmark
Frezzer Moinis
Frezzer Moinis 3 dager siden
Michele Derario
Michele Derario 3 dager siden
Tu togliti quella maglia
Michele Derario
Michele Derario 3 dager siden
È stata una goduria fottervi nel vostro stadio
Cuencana 3 dager siden
Harry Maguire never took a knee and took his penalty like a man and the kneers choked ! Bravo !
Michele Derario
Michele Derario 3 dager siden
Ciao ciao england
Michele Derario
Michele Derario 3 dager siden
Il calcio non è per voi.
Players vs Referees
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