Rich Popular vs Broke Nerd Student 

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Every school has popular students and nerds. Today we will find out what is the difference between them and who is cooler.
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25. feb.. 2021





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shahreef mostafa
shahreef mostafa 31 minutt siden
Jasmine is not really popular in real life
shahreef mostafa
shahreef mostafa 34 minutter siden
I am so popular then jasmine and so Rich 🤑
Talia Ronoh
Talia Ronoh 38 minutter siden
I would like to be Jasmine
CL0V3R_playz 2 timer siden
Nicole Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez 2 timer siden
Nicole Gonzalez
Nicole Gonzalez 2 timer siden
I love rich girl a lot ❤️💜🧡💛💚💙🤎🤍🖤
Manjit Pelia
Manjit Pelia 3 timer siden
I'd be the rich person
Martina Savic
Martina Savic 3 timer siden
Ia whant nothing
Executive Officer Gursahaiganj
Poor but smart
Jerry Marsh
Jerry Marsh 4 timer siden
I like jasmine
let us play
let us play 5 timer siden
Poor alen
Chris Stead
Chris Stead 5 timer siden
Efrem Tadesse
Efrem Tadesse 7 timer siden
Poor and smart like Ellen
Anuragh Oli
Anuragh Oli 8 timer siden
I want to be popolar
Mariani Mansor
Mariani Mansor 9 timer siden
Ok, this channel is soooooooooo dumb.
Jersey A Kellar
Jersey A Kellar 19 timer siden
Jersey A Kellar
Jersey A Kellar 19 timer siden
Jenn Rodriguez imhonest18
Jenn Rodriguez imhonest18
Malachi Roberts
Malachi Roberts 20 timer siden
Jasmine is the kind of girl I'll sental for she is so good with her clothes appearance
Funaa Channel
Funaa Channel 21 time siden
I love this
Mariam Roshdi
Mariam Roshdi 21 time siden
I mean I feel bad for elen
Mariam Roshdi
Mariam Roshdi 21 time siden
But the important thing be kind to one another I feel bad for the poor girl ;(
Mariam Roshdi
Mariam Roshdi 21 time siden
But it was so funny when all the teachers throw the paper aeroplane hahahaahahahahahahahHah😅😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😂😅😅😂😅
Mariam Roshdi
Mariam Roshdi 21 time siden
I love your videos I love you but I hope to be safe because the virus that's spreading around so he safe and I hope no one gets the corona xxx😙
Mariam Roshdi
Mariam Roshdi 21 time siden
Okay be safe :)
Heyam A
Heyam A 23 timer siden
Angel Del rio
Angel Del rio Dag siden
L an super rich da the girl
Jericho folkerson
Jacksmith i want to i want to be the most popular😍😍😍😍
Arshia Humera
Arshia Humera Dag siden
Your video amazing
IV - 04MT 906533 Copeland PS
oh my the smart girl is more better then the richer one who is not even smart i pick the smart one
Amanda Wright
Amanda Wright Dag siden
You'll meaning
CHUA QI EN Moe Dag siden
Cecilia Cabile
Cecilia Cabile Dag siden
I have a ++++++++
JRumbix Dag siden
be a genius is more better
Gabbygabby Gabriel
For me the nerd and its my dream to be a doctor nerd is use for me cause doctor needs a smart girl to an doctor.
John Benedict Lalu
Money can't buy life
Rose squad Rose squad
Everyone is Beautiful 😻 just the way they are 😊
Isaiah Villalobos
elin code look cut if sh tchrid
Isaiah Villalobos
elin is cool er then jasmin
Isaiah Villalobos
poor elin
Isaiah Villalobos
Like elin is what be but a boy
Melissa Varela
Melissa Varela Dag siden
Smart and ugly😂
Chrissy Kendrick
I would be Jasmine
Jasy Silva
Jasy Silva Dag siden
Sibo Z Mukucha
Sibo Z Mukucha Dag siden
HI how are you
Kosar Bahramgiri
I really love Jasmin
sabella shehi
sabella shehi Dag siden
Nissepisse YT
Nissepisse YT Dag siden
Ambia Begum
Ambia Begum Dag siden
I love to be rich like Jasmine 🤑🤑🤑
Aria Singh
Aria Singh 2 dager siden
I feel bad for eleen but don't worry you can get a A+ on your paper
Franki Rolfe-Hughes
Franki Rolfe-Hughes 2 dager siden
the rich girl do be kind a bit..
Franki Rolfe-Hughes
Franki Rolfe-Hughes 2 dager siden
no popular girl be wearing a crown lol if they did i would be just so weird
Dayszi Hernandez
Dayszi Hernandez 2 dager siden
KajaHussain A R
KajaHussain A R 2 dager siden
I love the rich
Ameerikka Real
Ameerikka Real 2 dager siden
Technically nerdy Elliens is better because she knows every twsy
Ameerikka Real
Ameerikka Real 2 dager siden
saging boy saging saging
I hate ellen
Brandon Howard
Brandon Howard 2 dager siden
Rich in Smart
Lailoni Gaskin
Lailoni Gaskin 2 dager siden
Wazowski osu vids
Wazowski osu vids 2 dager siden
Poor but smart
Dewy Almanzar
Dewy Almanzar 2 dager siden
Ugly March
poop pee
poop pee 2 dager siden
nerd because they can be rich in the furture and mybe rich girl would be poor nerds are gonna be rich soon and rich girl well be poor if she keeps on spending money
Leila Charur
Leila Charur 2 dager siden
Fatima Munguia
Fatima Munguia 2 dager siden
Alyssa Anthony
Alyssa Anthony 2 dager siden
I world be a rich but a nerdy kid
Ivonne Idiaquez
Ivonne Idiaquez 2 dager siden
I would be rich and have an A on my test.
Kimberley Thorpe
Kimberley Thorpe 2 dager siden
smart because if your smart you can get a job and g=et money and be a presadent
Kimberley Thorpe
Kimberley Thorpe 2 dager siden
Smart because if you are smart people will like you so I would be smart and also popular and help the nurds and the poor people
Mia Gamez
Mia Gamez 2 dager siden
Who said nerds was bad they are s intelligence
Eduardo Morales campos
Kate Arscott
Kate Arscott 3 dager siden
I wanna be RICH and FAMOUS. Being poor and nerdy is a huge no no
Trung Duc Mathies
Trung Duc Mathies 3 dager siden
Amaiyah LeBue-Vance
Amaiyah LeBue-Vance 3 dager siden
rich is like life time you dont have to do any thing.
Aarush Chandra
Aarush Chandra 3 dager siden
These girls are so bad they never think about poor if they are taking place of poor so they will know how bad they would fell 😭😭😔😰😟😢😥
ajshe matoshi
ajshe matoshi 3 dager siden
Did ala walk so funny🤣🤣🤣
Hayat Bazzar
Hayat Bazzar 3 dager siden
Hayat Bazzar
Hayat Bazzar 3 dager siden
𝑱𝒂𝒊𝒔𝒎'𝒔 𝒊𝒔 𝒄𝒐𝒐𝒍
June Mieres
June Mieres 3 dager siden
the nerd was better but the nerd is sooo adorable
rexhep sherifi
rexhep sherifi 3 dager siden
Oh my God I’ve never seen that happen but we can be with lots of money in school I don’t know why there is money in school I don’t know why maybe but at the end Jasmine got a bad dream about not not being rich
rexhep sherifi
rexhep sherifi 3 dager siden
Oh my God it’s suspicious
Draghici Monica
Draghici Monica 3 dager siden
XxCrystal_RShhxX E-boi
being a nerd is awsome u can create stuff while those that are lazy students will not pass prep school and won't even ake it trough college aswell
Javid Mohammed
Javid Mohammed 3 dager siden
Rich jasmine
Red flameX
Red flameX 3 dager siden
I’ll be rich and smart
Shatakshi Kundu
Shatakshi Kundu 3 dager siden
Emily Kemp
Emily Kemp 3 dager siden
Everyone beautiful no matter what
Marcos Roman
Marcos Roman 21 time siden
Hugh Ghd G t
Isaiah Villalobos
Chrissy Kendrick
Kate Arscott
Kate Arscott 2 dager siden
Even poor nerds
Beverly Shoubridge
Beverly Shoubridge 2 dager siden
Dheeptha Sreejith E
Dheeptha Sreejith E 3 dager siden
omg rich popular hide chocolate in her locker
sean zhao
sean zhao 3 dager siden
Dheeptha Sreejith E
Dheeptha Sreejith E 3 dager siden
Rich Popular is a spoiled brat
Marvie Tumacder
Marvie Tumacder 3 dager siden
marvie at mariel
Moni Lewi
Moni Lewi 3 dager siden
Sahibsaroop Joshi
Sahibsaroop Joshi 3 dager siden
Eleen don't worry you will be rich in future and that rich girl will be clurck
Kayrie Bustamante
Kayrie Bustamante 3 dager siden
I like rich I'm rich
David Cope
David Cope 3 dager siden
Who is the likely teaching why do you think you tell me me you should keep the other one so mean because she will tell you are spending money and that’s not how do you teach people😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
Melissa Rene
Melissa Rene 3 dager siden
wim ana
wim ana 3 dager siden
The 1 is not bitch The 1 that's not which Cause that's good Which bad What if you're not you and he would do nothing wasn't gonna be really smart
caiden Leveille
caiden Leveille 3 dager siden
eren yeager offical
eren yeager offical 3 dager siden
i like jasmine
lawson henneman
lawson henneman 3 dager siden
pour and smart
Rich Gamer vs Broke Gamer
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