Why Is Neil Donoghue Much Slower Than He Used To Be? 

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Why is Neil Donoghue slower than he used to be? Neil, Aka 'The Don' used to be an elite level world cup downhill racer back in the day, but despite still being one of the fastest GMBN presenters he has slowed down over the past few years. Injuries, less structured training, not riding as much as he used to and age may all play a part in this.

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12. juni. 2021





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Captain_Context 8 dager siden
Im above 40 now. Broke my ankle, damaged my knee. Some times I cant even walk for days. Its the fear of further injury that gets to me.
Oliver Standen
Oliver Standen 9 dager siden
Why is Neil Donoghue much slower than you used to be? 29 inch wheels.
NO53LF 17 dager siden
Just got into mtb at 39 after skating from 12yrs old till 35 and doing not much of anything for 4.5 yrs... I can barely ride 10 minutes without needing a break! Wish I could build up that fitness level but it feels so tough if I'm being honest... If anyone has any tips for someone making this jump at 40ish I'd love to hear it?!?!
gfrp 21 dag siden
The older you get better have you have.......
Travis Ferguson
Travis Ferguson 22 dager siden
What jacket is he wearing??
Sandy Knight
Sandy Knight 26 dager siden
I've done both ACLs (and broken my back) over the years (I'm 46). For me it was a couple of years after my first ACL reconstruction before I stopped thinking about it. The second ACL (other leg) I recovered from more quickly, 12-15 months before I fully trusted/forgot about it. Every body is different though (see what I did there?) and when you combine different injuries they can affect each other...
Neil Lowe
Neil Lowe 27 dager siden
So if you want to stay fast, avoid getting older and don't have a family/other commitments and don't have injuries? Not sure that helps, hard to avoid most of those
Ignacio Toro Jimenez
Ignacio Toro Jimenez 28 dager siden
Loveuall gmbn 😸💚
Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris 28 dager siden
stuart c
stuart c 29 dager siden
I covet that Canyon
Am1t B
Am1t B Måned siden
you're 40? you look like 28! Let us know your secrets man!
Jason_Dragos Måned siden
Yep, try 50. 👌
Chris Måned siden
270 ftp is still alot
gscherf Måned siden
Great video, I'm 51 and recovering from a ruptured Achilles at the start of 2021... just looking forward to getting back on the bike in another 4 months!
F d
F d Måned siden
Wait until you're 53 pal ;-) . . . more injuries, more worn out bits . . . but not a single flying *uck about how fast I am . . . ;-) . . . much better . . .
Y1AN1 Måned siden
If u ain’t racing there’s no need to go fast. I have more fun keeping speed down and finding new things to pop off
DjRemixhd Måned siden
For 40 your still shredding bro! Hopefully for another 40 years keep killing it neil
Dan Werkman
Dan Werkman Måned siden
Nice honest talk.....real life conversation without all the whoop, whistles and BS. Nice to watch.... Keep riding ... Know your levels.....enjoy your day
Mububban23 Måned siden
Being the breadwinner for my family, I can’t be putting myself out of work for weeks of expensive rehab because I wanted to send something on the upper edge of my (low) skills. I enjoy just riding so I’m happy on greens and blues and riding with my young son sometimes too. And watching GMBN!
Justin Rickard
Justin Rickard Måned siden
You're still a bad ass dude
Tony Piazza
Tony Piazza Måned siden
He's old? He almost died a couple times the last couple years? Still 100% the best presenter at GMBN and a bad ass rider!
Sahand Måned siden
I am 30 and started to enjoy bike riding one year ago since I got myself a gravelbike for commuting. Then I discovered GCN and through GCN you guys from GMBN. And guys like you Neil convinced me to get a mountain bike myself to enjoy bike riding in tougher domains. Better now than never. But I know, I will do it only for fun and I will never know how good I could be, if I had started earlier.
Gino diFonzo
Gino diFonzo Måned siden
Who gives a toss?
Rolando Vera
Rolando Vera Måned siden
I’m 41 now. About 3-4 years ago I started to notice what Neal is describing. I was an average amateur xc racer at best, nowhere near the level Neal competed at but pride and personal expectations keeps me pushing… even though I’m slower for all the same reasons listed here. In other words, time catches up to all of us. Keep on shredding to the best of your abilities.
Alexander Kroemmelbein
Ok, noted. I will stop aging and falling down now. Thanks for the tips! xD
vara fouroneone
vara fouroneone Måned siden
Much respect to you Neil for sharing a very real side of riding that we all must remember. Keep having fun and stay safe.
Thorsten Harnack
Thorsten Harnack Måned siden
GREAT, helps a l lot. Well, I started mountainbiking 4 years ago in the age of 45 years and I am still getting faster ;-)
adrian moon
adrian moon Måned siden
Oy :/ Based on the precipitous decline I've seen going from 40 to 50, I'm just praying I can still throw a leg over by age 60!!
manuel cavieres
manuel cavieres Måned siden
where is he riding? that place looks so cool
David A Breaux
David A Breaux Måned siden
Mind OVER matter! It's good to care but don't let your fear get the best of you, or it will win! Don't lose to YOURSELF
Matthew Law
Matthew Law Måned siden
E-mtb time.
John Rushworth
John Rushworth Måned siden
I’m 66 and have got faster overall. Oh, wait a minute I now have a pedal assist eMTB. 😏😂
John Butler
John Butler Måned siden
Great question! I have been wondering the sam of myself as I turn 50.
dtvalternative Måned siden
You also had some nasty accidents
Scale Army
Scale Army Måned siden
I bet you are still faster than anyone in the comments Neil!
Nathan Cantwell
Nathan Cantwell Måned siden
I started MTB at 40. I get faster with each passing year. All you folk who started riding when young were doing it all wrong! ;)
sapinva Måned siden
It's not age at only 40 years old. It's 99% injuries and lack of training. But more important is to stay active and have fun. There are always new skills to learn, and skills matter, that's the major difference from road biking.
Ryan Waterhouse
Ryan Waterhouse Måned siden
Your still Way faster now, than most, but I understand you about injuries! Had a few motorcycle crashes (not my fault) and that is the main one to slow you down!
Jordi Moya
Jordi Moya Måned siden
i have almost 40 and the peter pan´s syndrome
Tea Baggins
Tea Baggins Måned siden
This kinda goes for any type of racing. Besides the age which has a big impact, you also have much more responsibilities as you get older and you start taking less risks because of that.
B-P-W Måned siden
Anyone know what bikePark the jump line is at where he was shredding?
Janky Måned siden
Still look pretty quick to me!
Presta chuck
Presta chuck Måned siden
Moral of the story, if you race on two wheels for a living, don’t have kids, get married, settle down a home, or go to work at GMBN until either age or injuries slow you down enough to stop making a living racing. A.k.a. The Valentino Rossi success system. 😉
Adamski Måned siden
I see myself as a big rubber band ball as it gets older it start to get brittle and they start to snap. I am 52 going on 53 this year but I still love riding even with all the pain. Who cares about the speed as long as you're having fun
Pavel Zak
Pavel Zak Måned siden
So there you have it. If you want to stay sharp, just stop getting older :-)
Kevin h
Kevin h Måned siden
At 51 im not as fast as I was once , but I’m as fast once as I ever was. Local dh trail I’m at #9 on a strava section foe my age and weight, I could go faster but with no insurance and the sole breadwinner in the home I don’t go more than about 80% of what I think I can do.
Froggy 01
Froggy 01 Måned siden
A big crash will always effect testicular fortitude…
Hannessomething Måned siden
I find saddle time such an important one. My girlfriend doesn't ride nearly as much as me and has absolutely zero confidence in any situation that doesn't involve a regular straight bike path, so I'm trying to change that by getting her to go cycling more often.
Irish Virtual agri videos
Straight up bullying Neil now tbh
elquemontabicicleta Måned siden
Middle age men feel they are getting slow so they think getting an e-bike will solve all their issues. In reality, they quickly realised they can't handle it and crash soon after breaking bones and their family hearts as they come to the realisation they lack the skills and reaction they once had. Stay safe my beloved boomers!
Dónal Maher
Dónal Maher Måned siden
I was never that fast to begin with but agree completely. Age, concussions, other injuries, etc but also the awareness of how crap being hurt is really dents your risk taking. Also having dependents impacts it. I can't risk serious injury that might affect my work etc. as I need to provide for my son. I still enjoy riding, but, yeah. Never gonna be a demon!
bugboy152000 Måned siden
#GMBN I feel this video is titled wrong. Danger Donoghue is not slow...... I would say "not as fast".
William Kerry
William Kerry Måned siden
41 going on 42… yup, a tad slower, ok a bit more than a tad, but quite efficient. Working smarter, not harder nowadays. Cheers
Ikreisrond Måned siden
1981 rulezzz! 🤘🏻😎🤣
Tina S.
Tina S. Måned siden
Fast or slow, mtb gives me JOY and that's good enough for me.
Matt Deards
Matt Deards Måned siden
Haha yup I feel this pain! Everything you said is on point, I'm 39 this year with my fair share of titanium bolt ons and even more zipper scars 🤣 Definitely slowed me up I don't need anymore! Having a business and family means less time on the bike and less ability to take risks and new stuff. I do totally agree though I reckon I'm faster on a daily trail ride than I used to be purely because of the bikes these days being unreal to ride. I'm thinking of going in the sea otter in October just for shits n giggles, be intesting to know just how slow I am now hahaha
Cheef Måned siden
With you here, Neil. I've got a historical torn ACL and 3x herniated spinal discs (2x lumbar & 1x cervical) and its very hard to do long rides and not feel it pretty badly afterwards. That and being 43 (FML). Wont stop me going out though.
Ian Fleischhacker
Ian Fleischhacker Måned siden
"It ain't the years, it's the mileage."
Gufo Måned siden
Holy shit neal? 40? I would have given you 35 tops
Gergő Ollé
Gergő Ollé Måned siden
Be younger, thats it
Scott Hainstock
Scott Hainstock Måned siden
I think is an important and underrated topic. It's good to know that it's okay to ease off the throttle as time goes on. Wish somebody had clued me into this as I was winding down. I might've felt less lost for 10 years or so while I was figuring it out.
L Nicolas
L Nicolas Måned siden
Nah you're doing great Neil, don't listen to those who say you should stay fast. No need to explain to them. You're great as you are. Ride on! 😎💪
Rider65 Måned siden
I would have liked to see you address the physiological aspects of why humans slow down, regress and lose reaction time as they age. this is all proven science, it's not just the fact that you don't train as hard. There are a few older athletes in top condition but for many it is not possible to have quick reaction times at 40 years and over. Spatial judgment & reaction decline along with vision. Even if you went back to the structured training from your racing days you would still be a little bit slower. You could never get back to the racing form you once had. 🤷‍♂️
not me
not me Måned siden
I am 50 and speeding up as I am a beginner and improving, though I have a long way to go to be as slow you Neil
Peter Ward
Peter Ward Måned siden
BUT you still have the skills!!
Campbell Spears
Campbell Spears Måned siden
I'm 49 & haven't been to a trail in over 10yrs, so, I suspect that I'd be a bit slower too.
charlie9ine Måned siden
My baseline is 7 watts.
Twizelbang Måned siden
Eyesight deterioration could also be a massive factor, since it effects judgement of whats coming up. So it could effect you on a subconscious level.
Στέφανος Πετρόπουλος
Which trails are these ones?
Hamish Roots
Hamish Roots Måned siden
The older we get, the faster we were 🙃
Valentin Vas
Valentin Vas Måned siden
Remember when not too long ago this "slower" managed to faster than a female pro DH racer? He must have been crazy fast in his prime. Imagine a 10 years younger Neil on a high end 2021 bike.
Rod Zamora
Rod Zamora Måned siden
Bless you for your brutal honesty.
jason tucker
jason tucker Måned siden
I’m 47 and I’d say I’m in better shape than a lot of people I meet around the same age. And being completely honest, I’m not nearly as good at anything. I still ride and exercise every day, I eat well, and [most] days it feels like trying to race a car on flat tires. My cardio is half of what it use to be, my coordination is a B-, and recovering isn’t even funny. One crash into the trees and I feel wrecked for days. Aging sucks!! I really appreciate your honesty mate!!
Eric Leighton Downing
I'm 50 and only returned to mountain biking 3 years ago. Used to do it back in the 90s. I'm getting faster, but I know I won't be as fast as I could have been had I returned to mountain biking when I was younger. But, IDGAF about that! I'm just going to go as hard as fast as I can for as long as I can.
Heintje! MTB
Heintje! MTB Måned siden
I got it: Don't get a job and or family, and also don't get older.
granddolph Måned siden
less sick edit, more thick edit
Birk Haugnes
Birk Haugnes Måned siden
Love the title.
The Mussile
The Mussile Måned siden
As others have said the risk vs reward calculation changes as you get older and have to balance the risk against job, family and personal health needs. The imperative to not crash is a speed killer
geoff simons
geoff simons Måned siden
I’ll be 62 this year and I’ve definitely slowed down 😆, recovering from injuries takes longer too.Keep up the great work
Atelier Roiron
Atelier Roiron Måned siden
Very interesting, and it seems like Neil did answered the question genuinely.
Dirk G.
Dirk G. Måned siden
Finally all true 👍 I became better with my riding with having a family - I have less time to ride , but now I think much more about how I ride and what I ride
Carlos Castro
Carlos Castro Måned siden
I'm 45 and started racing XC 3 years ago. I suck on the trails but that doesn't stop me... And i get to be called a master. lol
SteMTB Måned siden
Why is this even a question? The guy has had an awesome career and is still making a living from bikes. He'd still destroy 99% of riders out there.
Johannes Kasper
Johannes Kasper Måned siden
I'm a little bit younger tha him, but I wish I ever was near is speed and style, same planet would have been nice. But with 4 kids to come home to it changes: Come back in one piece to be a father and work the next day, also the joy of silence while riding alone is something only parents can appreciate ;) and last but not least I switched my focus to technically cleaner and smoother riding, more reflected on why I ride like this and not like that, so that I can teach my kids at least the basics.
alun rhydderch
alun rhydderch Måned siden
I'm 37 and I've only just got back into mountain biking after 20 years off! Safe to say I've lost most of my skills and speed! Had a nasty come off the first week or so after starting back up and that was a warning. I'm taking it easy now and just taking it all in whilst loving it! Great video, thanks.
Max Mustermann
Max Mustermann Måned siden
Is this video a explanation why Niel is switching from gmbn to embn soon 😅
Brendan Masterson
Brendan Masterson Måned siden
Thanks to bike improvement and gained experience I ride quicker now at 52 than I did at 42. Only problem is everyone else is quicker too
Don Ball
Don Ball Måned siden
There's a few years where the experience balances the loss of speed (on trail holds up) and then you tip over to accepting that you ride to enjoy at a lower level .... but still above average for your age group 🤣🤣🤣
The Woodjedi
The Woodjedi Måned siden
I don't think its about being as fast anymore , There will always be faster and slower riders ,we have to accept this , BUT has your fun /enjoyment level dropped , I am 63 and still ride blue's and black and love it , only big change not to often my wheels leave the ground anymore and still a 10/10 fun level .
F Painchaud
F Painchaud Måned siden
How about 57 (going on 58 in September)!? Just loving the riding, no matter how fast. Simply being out in the woods and NOT thinking about work is all that matters. 😉👍😁🌈🇨🇦
Andika Putra Pradana
Your race day was over and it's okay. Just ride for fun, mate. No need to be fast Life is not a race
Éric Beaudry
Éric Beaudry Måned siden
Sometimes, we should be thankfull just to be on our bikes and ride... Faster or slower... It depends of the momentum
Mike G
Mike G Måned siden
Thanks Neil for this video.
Trails with Trevor
Trails with Trevor Måned siden
After a couple of injuries, I just look to play down the trail, as opposed to going for pure speed. And you know what? It’s more fun! Looking for every root or rock to pop off, is rad!
dd410 Måned siden
WTF he is 40 ? I i would say he is max 33-34
Vic Ente
Vic Ente Måned siden
First, you compete against anyone. Then you run against those of your age. Then you just run against yourself. And then you just don’t want to compete anymore because you you just want to have fun. That is my story as a 56y old bike fan since I was 8. Thanks for the video, Neil!
Garry Simmons
Garry Simmons Måned siden
Neil, much kudos for your honesty. Some of us are older than you (and always will be). I'm 66 but still enjoy riding , I have never been as fast as you and never will be. But I'm still working on my fitness. (Use it or lose it comes to mind)
Bikechiatry Måned siden
when you start getting hurt by loosing balance coming out of the shower... or you kneel down to play with your kids for 10 min and takes you 15min to get up again... you mentally start to believe that you might not be capable of doing things with your partner like you used to.
Richard Howes Photography
I wish I was that slow! That was worth watching just for the poetry in motion at 7:39.
Dan Williams
Dan Williams Måned siden
At 40 you can still improve with increased training and trail time. I'm 54 and at my age my goal is to keep fitness and strive for PRs. Structured, consistent training helped me earn 4 Strava KOMs in 2020. I'm still competitive and enjoy blasting without blowing up. But at 54 the fitness drops off faster with time off the bike - keep riding!
Ganger 143 k