Bretman Rock Opens Up About His Father’s Death | Episode 2 | MTV’s Following: Bretman Rock 

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As the year anniversary of Bretman’s father’s death approaches, he reveals a deeply held secret to his sister Princess Mae. Meanwhile, Bretman devises a marketing plan for his new sunglasses line: nude photos!
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15. feb.. 2021





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MTV 11 dager siden
Set your reminders for episode 3 Bretman Rock Faces His Biggest Fear nosections.info/green/uJqaq3aJmZ2pqL4/video.html
Erik Lingon
Erik Lingon 2 dager siden
Erik Lingon
Erik Lingon 2 dager siden
BLONDE #1 5 dager siden
Moooomooo I hope to see you I will send the res Moooo
Beatrice Longani
Beatrice Longani 5 dager siden
@GypsyTiques but why ?
Mia Vega
Mia Vega 6 dager siden
I did
your dad
your dad 8 minutter siden
Bretman: omg princess I almost hugged you Princess: omg ewww Me: laughing dead
Miche fuhrer
Miche fuhrer 16 minutter siden
I love princess she so kind and amazing mother too
K Stafford
K Stafford Time siden
The only reason I’ve subscribed is because if bretman... my baby
Erika Garibay
Erika Garibay 3 timer siden
Yeeess biiitch this episode was everything
Pallas Athena
Pallas Athena 3 timer siden
That black sunglasses.. Is awesome.. I want have one.. It's look so cool and classy 😆
The Trends Videos
The Trends Videos 4 timer siden
The Trends Videos
The Trends Videos 4 timer siden
I AM A QWEEN 4 timer siden
When Princess started crying I started crying.
Alexis Mae Sabenecio
Alexis Mae Sabenecio 8 timer siden
princess looks really pretty even without makeup
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 10 timer siden
“He wasn't the best husband for my mom, but my dad was a good dad. ” 🥺🥺
Tamara Lucelia
Tamara Lucelia 11 timer siden
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zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 10 timer siden
This dude gay as hell
Nora Asfi
Nora Asfi 11 timer siden
Love him and thanks vor mtv that you choose him
bonjour itsizzy
bonjour itsizzy 12 timer siden
I definitely symbolize white butterflies with mi angel, my toy poddle, who was more like family than just a pet, so I will smile or cry when I see white butterflies, same instance for my tio that passed too. So beautiful
1-800- GRAMPS
1-800- GRAMPS 12 timer siden
Can you leave like him lol
piyush joshi
piyush joshi 15 timer siden
logan paul's vlog are more interesting than this whole series......for me 😂😂😂
Angelica Guinto
Angelica Guinto 15 timer siden
Omg bretman's last name is Laforqa???? 7:07
Erika Romero
Erika Romero 16 timer siden
Princess crying hurt me 🥺
What Lee
What Lee 16 timer siden
Bretman is the only INFLUENCER I acknowledge. Periodddddd, his come up was so organic
Amen Reeves
Amen Reeves 16 timer siden
Lol the element was earth not wood
Fe Bron
Fe Bron 17 timer siden
Hahahaha hilarious
dab sin
dab sin 19 timer siden
aww bretman. it wasn't his fault. he did the right thing, being truthful. it shows the respect and love he has for his mother.
MLM39 20 timer siden
You’re not a “fan” if you’re crashing his dads funeral
Earthymoon 21 time siden
Why no captions, Mtv? 😭
Lovely 22 timer siden
Princess asked for STRENGTH, guys.. not money/prosperity. Strength! We don't know her struggles. Just want to give her a hug..
Nayomi O
Nayomi O 22 timer siden
the only beauty influencer that i dig, he's never in any bs and he's mature af
Brisa Bajonero
Brisa Bajonero 23 timer siden
Wait I thought 4 bambos means death and basically sending death wishes.
Kaled Haycraft
Kaled Haycraft 23 timer siden
This dude gay as hell
Chloe G
Chloe G 22 timer siden
Is that supposed to be a bad thing?
Dion Guerra
Dion Guerra Dag siden
Lacey Williams
Lacey Williams Dag siden
They showed up at his funeral that’s messed up smh
Tiny Beauty
Tiny Beauty Dag siden
Your sister said eww when u said I almost hugged u... but she really wishes to be close again.
Eva Lim
Eva Lim Dag siden
My dad passed away on December 17th 2010 it has been two months 🙏🙏
Miss L.
Miss L. Dag siden
Cleo @8:45 with the Scorpio death stare 😡😂😂
rebecca rodriguez
love love LOVE bret and his family and friends♥️
Alliaaa Dag siden
feeling blessed because I have pictures of my family
Dumb Bitch periodt
the part that Princess talk about her dad is so emotional 😔 , even tho we see them as a bad bitch
Jec Mendez
Jec Mendez Dag siden
Levis deathnote
Levis deathnote Dag siden
20:30 Bret: "princess i almost hugged u" Princess: "eww" Gurl we all know u wanted to hug him and he wanted to hug u😂🥺
I am Polly
I am Polly Dag siden
i love you guys together (princess and bretman )
Gavrielle Alexander
Princess Mae and her daughter are like twins their so cute I love it!!
Kaye Wairau
Kaye Wairau Dag siden
Claims his dad accepted him bit dismisses his dad at the same time smdh also id never talk down to my sister the way he does foh!
Cwayzums Dag siden
I can relate to Bret’s experience about growing up in the Philippines and seeing his dad and the maid situation while mom was in the states. It’s traumatizing especially as you come to realize what you witnessed as you mature. My parents have decided to stay together, but have also maintained a very rocky relationship that I’ve witnessed over the years.
Sarah Gough
Sarah Gough Dag siden
His nephew hates him lol
Ana Chavez
Ana Chavez Dag siden
Y’all made me cry 😭
Andrea Johnson
Andrea Johnson Dag siden
Bretman: "Princess, I almost hugged you" Princess: "Eww!"
This show is hilarious. I love that he started from such a rough place and worked soo hard to get to where he is. Its inspiring and he's soo entertaining and funny.
Iris Ortega
Iris Ortega Dag siden
I’m ready to purchase these sunglasses!!!!! 😎😎🤪🤪
:l cat
:l cat Dag siden
oh my gosh they all have the same nose it's so cuteeee
KK 88
KK 88 Dag siden
sorry guys what am i watching ?
Rose Pinion
Rose Pinion Dag siden
Bretman needs a permanent TV show!! 100/10 would watch! He's literally so relatable and his family / friends are iconic! They make me laugh and ugly cry within the minute 🤣😭
IcyWinterX Dag siden
ONLY FANS.......................... I'm straight g
Gabriella Dag siden
i could never have a friend that makes me do everything for them like im ur fkin servant LMAOOOOOO leos are NOT for scorpios LMAO
Gabriella Dag siden
obviously princess does not like the way breadman treats her. idc what breadman says "thats the way we talk to each other". no you're just a dickhead of a brother who doesn't give af about princess's feelings. Some people will do ANYTHING for the camera and clout. smh
Juliet Gonzales
Juliet Gonzales Dag siden
That's so sad 😢
Gabriella Mj
Gabriella Mj Dag siden
I love you guys and love more to your mum look after your mum Bretman and Princess much love ❤️🥰❤️❤️
Bee Dag siden
The way Cleo left 😂
Flo Rain
Flo Rain Dag siden
Bret : Cleo, U wanna help us? Cleo : WHY? Cleo is me!
Patricia Isabelle
Their trauma just makes their emotional jadedness make so much sense, but they still support each other and have huge love & respect for family and I honestly love you guys for your authenticity about this topic!
Sarah Forrest
Sarah Forrest Dag siden
Bretman is SUCH a leo
jONES PAT Dag siden
Aww I love this❤️❤️❤️ happy for Bret!
Jenny •
Jenny • Dag siden
Bretman: “princess I almost hugged you” Princess: “ewww”
deez nuts
deez nuts Dag siden
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deez nuts
deez nuts Dag siden
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Andrea Gaelle
Andrea Gaelle Dag siden
Cleo is so funny pls😭😭
Joanna Dag siden
Bretman has me laughing. Princess has me crying 😢. Miss Kay has me rolling on the floor of laughter and Larry is the sweetest friend ever.
Marie Hintz
Marie Hintz Dag siden
When princess cried, I cried 😭❤️
Joanna Dag siden
When princess was talking about the butterfly I started crying to
Reg Courchesne
Reg Courchesne 2 dager siden
Wtf is this?
Brian Ortiz
Brian Ortiz 2 dager siden
Guys 😂 Jesus Christ
lonelioness xO
lonelioness xO 2 dager siden
OMGGGGGGG I’ve been out the cable game FOREVER (& the typical materialistic, lush party scene s*** on mainstream MTV is namely why) but them signing with Brett is going to be good for them but *HOLYSHEETS; I’M SOBBING*
Rodrigo Caso
Rodrigo Caso 2 dager siden
Literally my fav reality of mtv
Lucille 2 dager siden
When he said he's a Leo 🦁♌💛 Yessss , that's why I loved his first time I seen him #LeoGang
Lucille 2 dager siden
"You know like when you wear someone else's hair and you have memory that you don't know about??" .... Girl what ?! 😳🤣🤣
Cabbage Tree PH
Cabbage Tree PH 2 dager siden
Tbh I love seeing Bretman and Princess moments. The way they interact and the way they speak is just so fun😊
Cristina German
Cristina German 2 dager siden
Awww Kiefer I love you so much !!
AAB Productions
AAB Productions 2 dager siden
Personally I don't like him or his show
Yari Aponte
Yari Aponte 2 dager siden
Its amazing to have fans that love and care about u BUT to show up to his fathers funeral is just disrespectful that's something so personal and one of the hardest things someone would have to go thru in life .... its just NOT OK
NOAH SIGEL 2 dager siden
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Che Javellana
Che Javellana 2 dager siden
I love this side of Bretman! So real and others as well...
MARIAH’S WORLD 2 dager siden
I’m so sad for princess because she’s so sad her and Bretman aren’t that close anymore and I hope and I wish they will get close again ❤️❤️❤️❤️
mae 2 dager siden
btw its feng shui, pronounced as "fung shuy" :)
Whitebolls92 2 dager siden
Juliette Wright
Juliette Wright 2 dager siden
When princess was talking about the butterfly I started crying to
Tatialynn Nelson
Tatialynn Nelson 2 dager siden
Destiny Williams
Destiny Williams 2 dager siden
Kevin Wilson
Kevin Wilson 2 dager siden
I'm sorry princess u never got to know u father Bretman forgive u self u father would wanted u happy it nice to see you and princess get along for once
Eddy127 2 dager siden
I feel like princess has the best confessionals not gonna lie she kills them
Carmen Hernandez
Carmen Hernandez 2 dager siden
Omg Princess baby picture confirms cleo is her mini twin .
KaLing Moua
KaLing Moua 2 dager siden
why is this on my recommended? NO NO NO NO NO NOOooooooo............__________!!!
Matcha & Siren
Matcha & Siren 2 dager siden
Dude this is sad they have never been this close before..
Maressa 2 dager siden
Jenna Tee
Jenna Tee 2 dager siden
Princess !! You are loved and you are seen sis!!
Jourdan Dolan
Jourdan Dolan 2 dager siden
Awww Princess is so sweet all she wants is a strong male figure in her life to teach, love and guide her. 🥺
Life as We Know It
Life as We Know It 2 dager siden
Girl you got me in my feels wtf 😫😭
Jennie 2 dager siden
"She's thinking" HHAHAHAHAHAHHA
Daizie Maningding
Daizie Maningding 2 dager siden
I want a “Keeping Up with Bretman Rock” so bad
dan mallari
dan mallari 2 dager siden
Hi larry
Wish Key
Wish Key 2 dager siden
Not gonna lie I’m a straight Thai guy from Hawaii but he is cute I was surprise to see this new show on MTV on another episode on YT
Ghost 8842
Ghost 8842 2 dager siden
In the bathtub?!!🤣🤣
Gravy Maze
Gravy Maze 2 dager siden
kelsie Buchanan
kelsie Buchanan 2 dager siden
Bretman and princess had go true a lot in the past w😩😥ow 😱
Tammy Thomas
Tammy Thomas 2 dager siden
Cleo looks so much like princess in her baby picture!