Logan Paul Responds To Floyd Mayweather's Threat 

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11. mai. 2021





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Robert McDaniel
Robert McDaniel 20 dager siden
You should win, your 20 years younger than him. He’a being stupid fighting at his age. If you were both in your 20’s he wins, no question or debate. Make your money and move on to the next idiot geriatric that will fight. I think your good but not title fight good, yet. But what do I know I’m just a Boxing fan, not a boxer watching the sport I love become a joke.
Nataniel Ivanov
Nataniel Ivanov 21 dag siden
logan paul u will never beat floyd maywether
Paul Keddy
Paul Keddy 23 dager siden
lol 3 years in the sport, he's going to be destroyed.
J3RK 23 dager siden
This fight is a watch on youtube 3 minutes after it ends type of fight.
Yusuf Hasip
Yusuf Hasip 23 dager siden
The 2 kids want to to get rich fighting TMT
Danny Boy
Danny Boy 24 dager siden
This guy speaking like he has had a boxer career please
Eternal Sky
Eternal Sky 24 dager siden
Statistics? You come from well established family... 🤡
Mike James
Mike James 24 dager siden
That would be sick if he fought you both on the same night, no doubt he would smash both of you easy.
Colafy 25 dager siden
5k on floyd
joshua tirado
joshua tirado 25 dager siden
Mini Floyd
Andrew Bilodeau
Andrew Bilodeau 25 dager siden
I really respect Logan for what he is trying to do however, he has never won a professional boxing match! If I had unlimited time and money maybe I could train everyday to become an imaginary fighter so long that I had a social media following that backed my choices.
Donny 25 dager siden
I don't care how much younger or how much bigger you are, anyone who lands a punch on you will hurt you
MLargeKC 7/7/15
MLargeKC 7/7/15 25 dager siden
Paul... we dont care about youuuuuu!
Nicolas Perez
Nicolas Perez 25 dager siden
so let me get this , if logan by any chance land a good hit on floyd and knock him out that mean KSI is the best boxing fighter in the world ? 🤣🤣🤣
Flatulence The Unending II
I for one would like to see Floyd box Stephen A. Smith
Vlad Watkins
Vlad Watkins 25 dager siden
This dude saying the same shit every fighter said, before being beat by Floyd. This man really thinks Floyd is going to bring emotion into it? Floyd dont care about you kid, he only wants the money hahahaha
CAfakmykak 25 dager siden
Boxing as a sport is a joke now.
R&R 26 dager siden
Momentum ? Lol he has been fighting weak ass lames lol
Jarrell Neriah SHaMaH
Jarrell Neriah SHaMaH 26 dager siden
These cavemen are really getting on my damn nerves! They have no respect for a great man! AMD they never want to talk about how great of a father Floyd is!
Frederick Martin
Frederick Martin 26 dager siden
Anybody that buys into this fight is crazy
E. W.
E. W. 26 dager siden
this entitled utube kid is gonna get knocked the **** OUT!
Yuma 29 dager siden
Floyd has never fought someone like Logan, Remember that.
Steve Turner
Steve Turner 29 dager siden
First beat KSI...
William Cutler
William Cutler 29 dager siden
LMFAO after the fight there going to start a series almost like the karate kid but there going to call it the boxing kid
David Moore
David Moore 29 dager siden
One deluded idiot
Osiris Wilbanks
Osiris Wilbanks 29 dager siden
I thought Logan was about to say the n word after he said Rowled up lol
ENGLAND PATRIOT 29 dager siden
I would get in a ring and take a beating for 20 million, whynis the boxing world allowing this free payday for this fool. It's an embarrassment to boxing, what a waste of money and peoples time,
Ste Green
Ste Green 29 dager siden
This is a big scam for both men to make millions£ mayweather can and would beat elite level Boxers literally today!! Logan Paul seems the better brother out the 2 but no-one is that blind mayweather kills them both within a round each🤣🤣🤣
Monster Kops
Monster Kops Måned siden
Floyd is 50-0 what is this little girl going to do hahahaha man started crying with a slap to face imaging what a full punch is going to do mans going to hospital after the fight #Floyd4Life
Rene gomez
Rene gomez Måned siden
Seems like nice guy , but he's very delusional cocky , thinks correction knows he's Floyd's superior 😉🤔
daniel garcia
daniel garcia Måned siden
If this clown makes 100 million I will never watch boxing agin in my life
Dude you’re gunna get hurt🤦‍♂️
Frankyouknow Måned siden
It's all about the paycheck.
MoJoHavok Måned siden
Floyd is smart.. he will either fight defensively or wait till Logan Paul is tired and get him
Pussy Måned siden
3 years?Floyd mayweather has been doing this for over 40 years now!
RealDjToddThunder Måned siden
It's a fake fight people...why even talk like it's real
Guess Who
Guess Who Måned siden
Floyd look old and weird as hell with that chin or booty hair on his head
Chris Townsend
Chris Townsend Måned siden
One of the greatest of all time!!! I hope you don’t get beat up bro!!!!!!🙏🏈🇺🇸🌎💯🎯❤️✊🔨🍀
Demetrius Jordan
Demetrius Jordan Måned siden
He's on drugs. The end.
Dean Singh
Dean Singh Måned siden
0-1 🤡
soul_brother Måned siden
Yep I won't watch in ppv but will definitely watch the replay
Mark Upton
Mark Upton Måned siden
This is all bullshit!!! Floyd doesn’t need to fight these guys!!! What for? I don’t know if it’s good for boxing or what! I HAVE A BETTER IDEA OF ANYONE WITH ANY MONEY AND POWER IS LISTENING AND READING THIS POST! *HOW ABOUT A TAG TEAM BOUT 10 ROUNDS VS. THE CHARLO BROTHERS* Anybody out there listening to me? That would be a fight, no one’s lining up to fight the Charlo’s though , are they? Because them boys go hard..............my idea so I should at least get some bread for presenting the very thought alone. By the way my $$$ is on the Charlo’s (LIONS ONLY)
dutchstream 045
dutchstream 045 Måned siden
Floyd need 5 man for jake
Nat Turner Reincarnated
Who the funk is this guy? A God damn youtuber? The world is getting super weird man
Nicholas Queen
Nicholas Queen Måned siden
(I made a quote) (cough cough eminem) on his music video for higher with Dana white
Christine Ryan
Christine Ryan Måned siden
Ksi... Enough said
Darin Gabriel
Darin Gabriel Måned siden
I wouldn't pay 5 dollars to watch this fight. It's the dumbest thing ever.
Rag Time Rage
Rag Time Rage Måned siden
The GYM!
David Thompson
David Thompson Måned siden
I hope Mayweather brings his A-Game!
Gabriel Situmeang
Gabriel Situmeang Måned siden
Every body is gangsta until Israel adesanya Do his Dance
Chris Coop
Chris Coop Måned siden
You need to stop 😅
sead facic
sead facic Måned siden
The impossibile would be Logan beating legit same size boxer....Beating Floyd is totally posibile in my opinion. Just look at the size difference. It is enormous!
Scott Davey
Scott Davey Måned siden
His skill? But he's never won 🤣🤣🤣🤣
BIGG NACHO Måned siden
Cline's Mind
Cline's Mind Måned siden
Another dreamer. lmao
Alex Sotelo
Alex Sotelo Måned siden
When you been hanging out to much with your granddaughters father… NBAyoungboy😂😂💀
PSYC LINEZ Måned siden
Pauls u better take all threats very seriously cause ur playing with the wrong one's. Shit gonna get real for.u and ur stupid ass brother. Better get ur shit in order.
James Black
James Black Måned siden
Yous need to sell this better
Fredy P
Fredy P Måned siden
If you pay people to spar with you. Of course there going to let you win
Harmann Dhiman
Harmann Dhiman Måned siden
If ur ever in a position Logan’s, don’t expect to win, expect to do ur best
camirocz Måned siden
Joke of the year.
Joey Måned siden
These guys are such tools.
Conscious V
Conscious V Måned siden
You can say whatever about Jake but he made this fight interesting. Before we all knew it was all about a pay check for both, but now it’s personal for both of them a little bit, and has Logan said, it’s better to fight Floyd when he brings some emotion to the fight.
Did this niggas say 3 years 🤣🤣🤣
last night
last night Måned siden
Jason Borg
Jason Borg Måned siden
Your nose is a nice target for FM..
Stuart Hunter
Stuart Hunter Måned siden
Boxing aside, can you have the #Elongate logo on your gloves and shorts
Luke Ward
Luke Ward Måned siden
Lmfao 🤣 I don’t think Floyd will be able to handle me 😆 this guy lol
Rinzing Bhutia
Rinzing Bhutia Måned siden
If I was floyd I would put that 100Milli on bet ! And would bet on floyd himself ! Easiest money of floyd’s life !
Ju Waters
Ju Waters Måned siden
😂😂😂 Floyd finna embarrass this man
Eastside Barajas
Eastside Barajas Måned siden
This dude got beat up by a nobody NOsectionsr and thinks he can beat Floyd ? 😂
Joseph Murray
Joseph Murray Måned siden
Lol logans in his 20s,and floyds what 44?how much is the weight differences like 40-50lbs,and my bet is logan still loses.😂😂
Portland Royal Pythons
Logan hasn’t won a fight but thinks he’s going to beat Floyd lmfao internet has made these kids more regarded
Miguel Castillo
Miguel Castillo Måned siden
He couldnt beat ksi but now he is going to beat Floyd??? wtf the universe bruh gtf outa here. Who is paying for this shite?
brmillgr Måned siden
wont even land an effective punch
CrazeyP Måned siden
Most importantly Logan got legs
DNrush godOP
DNrush godOP Måned siden
What's on ur side again'?
Mauricio Ramirez
Mauricio Ramirez Måned siden
This guy he talks a lot of shit I bet he will losses
CodeNameUnicorn Måned siden
Bro your ego is so big that it’s blocked you from seeing how utterly screwed your are. You’ve never ever fought a real fighter.. and you suddenly think you can beat the best just cus you have 30 pounds and a few inches on him? The mans a killer!!
Sayy_ Breadwinner
Sayy_ Breadwinner Måned siden
Logan cant even beat ksi
Flash Dust
Flash Dust Måned siden
Floyd could def take both one night and win both and smash the internet
sammy Måned siden
Yeah 3 years vs floyds career yeah floyd wins this is ridiculous
Derek Walsh
Derek Walsh Måned siden
Let's be real Logan ain't gotta shot. All this trash talk. I bet within 2 minutes he's gonna be on the floor trying to figure out where he is.
Charlie s Life
Charlie s Life Måned siden
Logan ganna loose bad
loou26 Måned siden
This fight is solely to generate revenue. Its not a real fight, Logan is not a real boxer, he has zero chance to win the fight. I hope no one buys the fight.
SpookyRedz Måned siden
Dude needs to chill with the junk , dudes face is already looking ruff
SmileDaily Måned siden
If it's a MMA match I bet it on Logan Paul, but it's boxing match logan is fighting in his domain his profession
Mike Reid
Mike Reid Måned siden
I don't understand why these fuckboys think they can beat a man that 50 great fighters couldn't beat I just don't get it
Rap God
Rap God Måned siden
Floyd is gunna murder you Logan stop messing around
Rap God
Rap God Måned siden
Floyd your pubey beard is wierd
Paul Rivera
Paul Rivera Måned siden
I'm more ready to see this fight than I was Avengers endgame
Zero Cool
Zero Cool Måned siden
Don't say "I made a quote". Just say "I said earlier" or "as I said before". Saying you made a quote makes you sound like a douche bag.
Ken Muth
Ken Muth Måned siden
Well let's see if Mayweather tries to Knock him out. And see how Paul responds. Paul and his brother are correct. There are no sacred cows. Anywhere. The hat reaction I don't think that was staged. And hopefully Mayweather brings that intensity and rage to the fight In other words he goes for the knock out That would make this real
JEFF Columbus
JEFF Columbus Måned siden
People think just because. Floyd is 50 0 does not make him the best. Who ever think that that do not know a dam thing about Boxing. My suggestion is to stop watching it
Ken Muth
Ken Muth Måned siden
Snag some hats!
manimal ace
manimal ace Måned siden
Why are you are great fighter Logan? Logan: "the youtube universe and momentum bro, plus height equals victory for my reach advantage."
iShuffleAt Raves
iShuffleAt Raves Måned siden
i dont think people realize how dangerous boxing really is. people can die from the sport and floyd is a walking lethal weapon. he can kill logan just to fuck with jake no cap. logans paul life is in Mayweather's hands straight up. hes going to fuck this kid up.
Trish Moore
Trish Moore Måned siden
Be funny if Floyd lets Logan win to make the biggest cash grab in history. What are the odds now?
Mittens mcghee
Mittens mcghee Måned siden
Logan....have you ever been punched in the liver?
John Goodman
John Goodman Måned siden
Logan will knock Floyd out because he will trap him off and use his size to over power Floyd. This will end up as one of the weirdest phenomena of boxing history...Ryan is showing him exactly how to make this happen, and if performed correctly, then there isn't anything Floyd can do about it...it sucks but Logan has a huge chance at knocking Floyd out cold!
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