Never Wind Weed Wacker Line Again - String Trimmer Line Loading Miracle 

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Never wind string trimmer or weed wacker line again the old fashioned way. If you want a better way to wind your weed trimmer line this is it. Amazing way to make loading your line easy, fast and painless. I love this Speed Feed. Brilliant for easy lawn care in your yard.

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19. juni. 2019





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Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 2 år siden
🔔 *GET this amazing head with FREE shipping* amzn.to/34vq9hY
Joshua DiCicco
Joshua DiCicco Måned siden
@Silver Cymbal Nice handling
Joshua DiCicco
Joshua DiCicco Måned siden
@Goofy J Thanks
yoink Aim
yoink Aim Måned siden
@Tamara Kennedy Your out of luck lady🎃
yoink Aim
yoink Aim Måned siden
yoink Aim
yoink Aim Måned siden
@Constance Davis LoL
scott lampe
scott lampe 11 timer siden
Whipped snipper
Forty Five
Forty Five 19 timer siden
Done! I threw away my weed wacker.
john alt
john alt 20 timer siden
Billy hall
Billy hall 23 timer siden
That's better than beer.and that's pretty good.
Randy Inglett
Randy Inglett 2 dager siden
HELP, SC address whether this replacement can bump feed?
Jacob Nguyen
Jacob Nguyen 2 dager siden
Thanks for video 👍👍👍
Jonathan Luis
Jonathan Luis 2 dager siden
Would it work with a Hart trimmer? The auto feed is nice but the spool capacity is no where near 10' on just one side
RUDY MINOR 2 dager siden
I have a Ryobi weed eater that does that
Gene Canfield
Gene Canfield 4 dager siden
Great tip., keep up the good work.
John Henkelman
John Henkelman 4 dager siden
GOOSE 5 dager siden
you can also purchase an EGO and thats included on weed eater .....works great.
Ian theinventor
Ian theinventor 5 dager siden
My Ryobi has used this type of loading for years
DJChuck217 5 dager siden
When winding new string, do you need to remove the head from the trimmer, or can you rotate the head into position while attached?
opekkha hossain
opekkha hossain 5 dager siden
Excellent. A great hug for you.
Thunder Nugget
Thunder Nugget 5 dager siden
If you cant handle winding a weed-whacker, turn in your man card immediately!
mariah moraguez
mariah moraguez 5 dager siden
great video would make my life easier. do you think it would work on a dewalt battery trimmer?
elige brown
elige brown 6 dager siden
🤣🤣 Say that first half of the title 3 times fast.
hayn005 6 dager siden
I have the EXACT same Makita trimmer as you and came across your video by chance when I wasn't even looking up such topic! Your EXCELLENT video demo of how the SpeedFeed works from start to finish was so awesome that I ended up ordering 2 for my 2 trimmers and man has it greatly improved my weed whacking experience!!! Was able to load and perform exactly as you demoed and I can't THANK YOU enough!!!!
Gail JOHNSON 7 dager siden
Thank you for this info and video. Blessings to you.
Eric T
Eric T 7 dager siden
Holy lord....were has that been my whole life??? 😆 Thank's, I'm looking it up right now!!!✌
Ben Phartine
Ben Phartine 7 dager siden
Excellent presentation.
joe s
joe s 8 dager siden
Good video. Will this fit the 18v Makita Trimmer?
AJ Porter
AJ Porter 9 dager siden
Darin H
Darin H 9 dager siden
If you have a hard time loading new line into a trimmer head, you're going to have loads of other problems in life. These first world problems that people come up with are embarrassing!
James Bond
James Bond 2 dager siden
All of that just so you could virtue signal with your “first world problems” nonsense. Get a life.
Mark Waycaster
Mark Waycaster 9 dager siden
You’ve got some mad trimmer skills, Sir! Looks like we might have the same trimmer (Makita XRU15…?). Have you ever used a brush cutter blade on it? If so, which one? I’ve got some heavy brush and bushes to tackle and need some sage advice.
Achiis Lawn Garden Care
I use the Husqvarna version
Bri Ha
Bri Ha 10 dager siden
I have found it much better and easier, as well as cheaper, to put on a 20” length of galvanized 16ga wire ($2.16 at WallyWorld) onto my string trimmer spool head, twisted on so it won’t come off, trim it to fit inside the cutter guard, remove the string cutter from the guard, and no more string to ever mess with! It’ll work on any string trimmer, too! You merely showed us another fancy way of messing with string trimmer string! I’ll pass!
sandra johnson
sandra johnson 10 dager siden
There are a lot of negative reviews on Amazon about this item. I HATE using string trimmers and have never owned one that was any good.
Texas Russ
Texas Russ 10 dager siden
Echo has had that kind of head on their trimmers for 20 years. Best trimmers on the market.
Jorge Alcocer
Jorge Alcocer 12 dager siden
Awesome and very useful, thanks.
Anthony 12 dager siden
I just ordered this not knowing it's a bump head not an auto feed. :( hope it works. I never have good luck with bumpers.
Anthony 12 dager siden
@Silver Cymbal I am also hoping I can use it on my weed whacker. I have the Kobalt 40v battery one. I looked and didn't see any hole to get the current head off. I only see what looks like vents for heat to leave. Guess we will see.
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 12 dager siden
@Anthony I edge a few times a week and mine is finally wearing out after 3 years but I beat the crap out of it. I bought another and will never go back to the old way again.
Anthony 12 dager siden
@Silver Cymbal oh man I hope so. I have yet to get a bump to work well. Fingers crossed.
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal 12 dager siden
Yes it is a bump and feed, definitely just tap it like a normal one to use. The bump action here works very well.
Ijaz H
Ijaz H 12 dager siden
You have to support the strimmer line so it doesn't go all over the place. It's not that difficult to do. You can wrap it in a layer of cling film or put a bit of tape to stop it going all over the place. This is an extreme solution but maybe useful to some people who do not not understand how to load strimmers.
Pixelated 12 dager siden
I've never had an issue with a standard trimmer head. Aside from pooping it open to get the string feed winding it is the same exact process.
sandra johnson
sandra johnson 10 dager siden
You're lucky. I've had nothing but problems with my string trimmers. The string constantly breaks and won't bump out more string. I always have to stop, remove the spool and pull out more string by hand. A couple of times when I was using it I noticed a LOT of string came out all at once. It was a brand new spool.
Mark Stierstorfer
Mark Stierstorfer 13 dager siden
no better than the original
Blair Wise
Blair Wise 14 dager siden
I use an echo weed eater everyday commercially and I have tried these heads and I have come to the conclusion that they are more of a pain in the ass than just figuring out how to load line on a normal trimmer head. They don't feed line out very well and start over. The best head for an echo trimmer is the high torque head. If you can't figure out how to load trimmer line onto a head, you should just give up on life
Gustavo Vazquez
Gustavo Vazquez 14 dager siden
Bobby Knight
Bobby Knight 14 dager siden
You forgot to show us how to advance the line (bump/tap feed) whenever it needs to be. Is it done the same way as normal? Never mind, I just found out from reading a comment a little further down from mine that yes, it does have a bump feed, and is used as normal. Now I've got to get one of these things. Why can't these weed wacker companies have designed something like this to begin with?
Are See
Are See 14 dager siden
Can't get any more simpler than that
DRIVERS LQQK 15 dager siden
I thought everything was made in China you said USA.
Matthew Allegretto
Matthew Allegretto 15 dager siden
I pre-cut several lenghts of string to the correct size, roll up the strings individually & secure them with twisty ties, keep them in my truck door, every time I start my day of lawn cutting I grab one, put it in my pocket as an extra bc you know you'll be the farthest away from your truck when the head runs out of string!! I pull out the extra string from my pocket, reload & go!! Thx for making this video. You did an Awesome job on your edging!
Matthew Allegretto
Matthew Allegretto 15 dager siden
I've been using this speedfeed head for over 35 years, & I still love it!! I had trouble finding it last year b/c of covid, but found & bought 4 extra ones (Echo brand) this year just in case of another shortage. I am considering buying a Makita battery string trimmer bc of my constant frustration with my "top of the line" Stihl weedwacker! It's called easy start? Should be called Easy pull, Maybe it'll start, If it starts maybe it'll run & if it runs Maybe it will have Power!! Soooooo frustrated with this piece of shit trimmer! Pulling, pulling, pulling, blisters forming on my hand from the cord! Time to try Battery operated! Which Makita Trimmer has the best power? And do you own a Makita combo tool? Please comment, thx
Rick Payton
Rick Payton 15 dager siden
Reality Troll
Reality Troll 16 dager siden
Echo makes it really simple
LumpVision 16 dager siden
Thanks for the video.. Do you still bump it on the ground to feed more line when the line gets short while in operation?
Easton M
Easton M 17 dager siden
There's a better solution than this, buy an attachment that uses two individual pieces of the line. Cut four pieces, two for the front yard. Then when they get worn. Replace two for the backyard. You're done. You don't have to ever deal with all this loading mess.
Jake Thomas
Jake Thomas 17 dager siden
That's funny, I've never had a hard time doing mine.
sandra johnson
sandra johnson 10 dager siden
Your trimmer must be a magical one because in all the many years I have used a string trimmer I have never found one that didn't break the line. I own a Troy-Bilt gas trimmer and it is heavy and the string constantly breaks. The bumper doesn't seem to work. I also own a Black & Decker corded trimmer and edger and it does the same thing. String breaks and the bumper doesn't work. I hate yard work.
Tom Nicholes
Tom Nicholes 19 dager siden
Can anyone tell me if they've managed to put the Echo on a Worx trimmer? I took every screw I could find out of the head and still couldn't get it off to install the Echo. Any help is appreciated!
Charles Dang
Charles Dang 20 dager siden
Lol good for you if it helps. It's a solution in search of a real problem. Weed wacker lines are so durable these days I only have to replace the line maybe once a year. Minimal fuss. Nice attempt though
Ron Hudson
Ron Hudson 21 dag siden
Does this fit the Bosch UK strimmers?
Julian Choque
Julian Choque 21 dag siden
a soooo! the same thing
Riot4Peace 21 dag siden
Just bought a Homelite weed wacker from Home Depot and, it was already set up like this.... I think I'm gonna have trouble in the future though... the cap and spring seem to want to pop off too easy and if it happens while wacking, they might get lost.
Mick Martin
Mick Martin 21 dag siden
I call bullshit. There all shit.
Sane Asylum
Sane Asylum 22 dager siden
Don't wind again just turn instead in a manner exactly like winding...
Todd Buffington
Todd Buffington 24 dager siden
1-2 times of winding a normal head it’s just as easy and saving you 50+ bucks…
william fletcher
william fletcher 25 dager siden
Just watched your Video. Can I can I modify a greenworks trimmer. Need to know.
Patrick L
Patrick L 25 dager siden
my craftsman comes with this?
John Doe
John Doe 25 dager siden
It's Friday night at 11 PM and I just hand filled my traditional weed whacker head so I'm all ready to go tomorrow and it truly is a major PITA. I'm so ready to buy this product. Also, being an adult sucks, I mean I'm sitting here watching fucking lawncare videos on a Friday night.
D Hyde
D Hyde 26 dager siden
Does this work the same way in feeding out line? Whack the head while running to feed a length?
Bob Inga
Bob Inga 26 dager siden
Best video ever. I have been so frustrated with this situation. Thank you so much !
Robin Champagne
Robin Champagne 26 dager siden
OMG! One of the best ‘how-to’ videos I’ve ever seen. Thrilled that I got lucky and chose it because my life just got easier! Thank you, thank you, thank you
Joshua DiCicco
Joshua DiCicco Måned siden
Thanks so much!!! Life just got a little bit better.
AdoFTW Måned siden
this video is a lifesaver thanks man
Mr Soup
Mr Soup Måned siden
Awesome. Im going to order it and hope it will fit my craftsman 20v trimmer. This head is a pain to get it going after replacing the string cartridge.
Missum Enim Satanas 666
Omg...really? Haha. Rewinding the string isn't that bad. Wow! 🤣 If you know what you're doing its fine. I bet I could rewind the regular way faster then you can do all you have to do and reattach it.
Silver Cymbal
Silver Cymbal Måned siden
You can't do it faster
Red man
Red man Måned siden
I can do this with my Ryobi
Michael Brady
Michael Brady Måned siden
Two string trimmers are terrible. I had one used it once and the strings got so entangled it became unworkable Took it back to Home Depot
Mark B
Mark B Måned siden
Looks great, BUT, I didnt read the fine print. I could NOT get this to work on our TORO weed whacker. Tried every combo, could not get it to work. So frustrating. Anyone get this SpeedFeeder to work on a TORO?
Freedom Ranch
Freedom Ranch Måned siden
Turning is winding. After a while the string has a natural bend to it and will not go through easily. It’s only about 15% better than the old way
Met Mask
Met Mask Måned siden
Miracle? I thought all the major brand had this type of heads. My 11 year old Husqvarna came with a miracle type of head and so did my 7 year old Stihl. This would have been a great video if it was posted in 1988 not 2019.
H Gut
H Gut Måned siden
I've had a Ryobi RY 40002 for several years and I like the thing but from day one I can never get it to bump feed for nothing. I have to stop, take off the head, pull string out, put it back on, trim it and keep going. I know I am feeding the string wrong but??? Does this product bump feed like it should, if so, I am down!
pica mershall
pica mershall Måned siden
shut up and take my money !!
Irma Schuurman
Irma Schuurman Måned siden
this was super helpful and flawlessly explained!
DukesOnDuty Måned siden
What is so difficult about winding line? I just don't get it.
ShaneHm2 Måned siden
I have found these unreliable and actually more annoying. I can easily reload the standard one under 2 mins including cutting cord line needed
Scott Oliver
Scott Oliver Måned siden
Better than sliced bread. Very good product..
Ronald Norris
Ronald Norris Måned siden
I’ve never seen any of these so called speed load trimmer heads that where worth a crap!!!!!
Final Call
Final Call Måned siden
The EGO trimmer is easier
András F
András F Måned siden
Ads are getting smarter
Donald May
Donald May Måned siden
No matter with all the other junk does not work with Troy-Bilt weed trimmers I know I got one and it don't work
Tracer001 Måned siden
I don't understand the premise of this video, loading line is easy and fast.
BuDDaH MAyNe Måned siden
Ryobi trimmer come with this style head as stock
Samuel Jones
Samuel Jones Måned siden
I thought all of them did that
funlovingJohn Måned siden
Is this a bump feed? ALSO: How do you get the line out when one or both line brake off? Will it handle .095 line?
Prime Conqueror
Prime Conqueror Måned siden
The amazon link answers all of your questions.
Conger Scott
Conger Scott Måned siden
Great idea and nice yard too ! 👍🏆.
Driver Man
Driver Man Måned siden
Once it's on the trimer it's not as EZ to wind.
George Qualls
George Qualls Måned siden
Maybe I should have done this first bit I took a 4 inch 3/8ths carriage bolt, a couple of washers and a nut to secure an empty reel and used my drill to wind line on it. Takes about 4 seconds.
Titas Piečia
Titas Piečia Måned siden
Mario Namewontwork
Mario Namewontwork Måned siden
Looks like something that would break/not work right. Takes like 60 seconds to wind line. I dont have issues with it. I actually find it relaxing.
Luke Måned siden
I've had one for 10 years. They do work well. Once you've had one you'll wonder why you didn't get it sooner.
Gerard's Tips and Tricks
3’25” worse mess…. That is because you are unwinding the wire incorrectly from the large spool. It is a bit hard to explain but you are causing “severe” axial tension on the wire causing the mess you just wanted to avoid. Unroll the spool by walking away from the end (fix it under a brick or so). By counting your steps you also know how much length you unrolled from the spool. Or hang the spool on a large nail so that it unrolls spontaneously while you are pulling the wire towards you. These methods will avoid the wrinkling you are causing now with your unrolling method. Nice and smart product by the way! Gerard
Ron Snow
Ron Snow Måned siden
How durable is the trimmer head?
Arben Ahmedi
Arben Ahmedi Måned siden
Ryobi came out with a better version
Lieffian Måned siden
God I wish I have one of those, I have a 3 acre property and in one shot have to replace the line 3 times and fix the line about 6 (last session) times because it refuses to come out or has fused together. Damn my father for being a cheapskate
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson Måned siden
My 10 year old shindaiwa has this feature. No new to see here.
Vince B
Vince B Måned siden
Sadly the while the idea is better than what comes standard it's not 100% fool proof. It can still get tangled in the housing itself and then becomes the same mess but in reverse. The better unit is Gator SpeedLoad by oregonproducts.com. Can also pick it up on Amazon. The difference is that its a disc of line and you load it like a cartridge in the housing. Carry several in my pocket when I'm weed whacking and refill as I go.
Dead leg
Dead leg Måned siden
I own that head. Generally pretty good. The bottom side of the head is made of thin plastic and usually when you want to bring more line out you would smack it on the pavement or other hard surfaces i have been finding that it is wearing out more and more every time i use it. I will probably end up putting a sheet meatal plate on the bottom to protect it.
TC Pro Audio
TC Pro Audio Måned siden
Do we have to remove the head from the trimmer every time it needs to be speed loaded? If not could you produce a video showing a reload with it still attached to the trimmer?
Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein Måned siden
HUGE question??? Can you use .095 twisted black diamond line in this head, and even more importantly, can you use heavy duty .105 twisted black diamond line also?
Tameka Jones
Tameka Jones Måned siden
Amazing thanks for this 😍😘
TIm G Måned siden
fun fact you can actually do this with almost every head (we do)
TIm G Måned siden
@Amanda C dm me a picture lol
Amanda C
Amanda C Måned siden
I'm struggling with my black and decker electric trimmer. Can't find where to detach the head from!
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