Yamaha Waverunners Compared! FX Cruiser vs GP1800R HO - Drag Race, Handling and More! 

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We take a look at two different choices in the Yamaha Wavrunner lineup, the FX Cruiser SVHO and the GP1800R.
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Christopher Siegel
Christopher Siegel 21 time siden
FX all day!!
Darius Darelis
Darius Darelis 6 dager siden
What would you recommend: Seadoo gti 170 se 2021 or Yamaha vx cruiser ho 2021 for salt and rough water use only (sea, ocean) Many thanks
Eugen Ambur
Eugen Ambur 6 dager siden
Great review. Thank you, keep it going. The svho limited one is great jet👍
MoGainz787 12 dager siden
Haven't looked at these things in years. Lord have mercy the prices have reeeeeeally gone up. Toy ownership is not for the average bear. Time to put in some extra hours on the job.
STUNTIN WAVES 14 dager siden
WildPlay Gaming
WildPlay Gaming 15 dager siden
What is the fuel economy of the FX deluxe/ and ex
Asher Soo
Asher Soo 18 dager siden
9:14 i thot he lost his legs for a second
Leon Mortara-Fernandez
Leon Mortara-Fernandez 18 dager siden
Aggz The Aggressor
Aggz The Aggressor 24 dager siden
One of the more usefully informative videos that I've viewed about Yamaha jetboats. Thank you very much!
Truck King
Truck King 24 dager siden
Glad it was helpful!
GONTERㄣ 24 dager siden
Sea Doo is perfect
Ralph Lauren
Ralph Lauren Måned siden
For that big of a gap in horses the gp didnt fall too far back and actually kept up with it for a bit
Liam compagnone
Liam compagnone Måned siden
9:46 buddy what happened to your legs
Alfredo Zorrilla Garde
GP for lakes, FX for offshore...
Kevin Aalberts
Kevin Aalberts Måned siden
just here to say who cares!!!
My Thoughts
My Thoughts Måned siden
Just bought the 2021 FX cruiser SVHO. SIGNIFICANT OTHER got his GO1800R SVHO last year and he LOOOOVES it! I tried his last season and jumped 2 waves in one jump. I’m a wave jumper! Jumped some REALLY GOOD ones at Daytona Beach last year! I can’t wait til I get mine on the water and open her up after the initial break-in time. We’ll be breaking her in at our deep, large pond right outside our cabin! I am soooooo excited cuz we searched the internet and called many dealers to try and find either another GP1800R SVHO but in the black color scheme for me or the FX CRUISER SVHO in black scheme. Only found 1 GP 1800 SVHO in black and dealer wasn’t budging off the price even with our ALL CASH DEAL. Went across the state line to a different dealer and found out that 2 of the FX CRUISERS SVHO they had just came available! Will be picking her up next Friday or Saturday! Been searching for a few months now and finally found what I really wanted. I’m sure the FX CRUISER won’t be so rough on me like the GP 1800R was on me. I’m really small and couldn’t hold throttle wide open on GP1800R cuz she was just skipping over the water with me on her!
Drake Fontaine
Drake Fontaine Måned siden
Cash deals mean nothing to dealers. They make more money off of financing. And you’ll be hard pressed to get anyone to budge on price. Everything watersports or boat related is selling out. They don’t need to budge on price because if you don’t buy it, someone else will. I walked into a dealer about a month ago. If I was there two days later, I wouldn’t be able to get skis this year.
Rafael Jasesque
Rafael Jasesque 2 måneder siden
good job !
van Dijk
van Dijk 2 måneder siden
Nice vid! You do a great job!
Truck King
Truck King 2 måneder siden
Israel Scarponi
Israel Scarponi 2 måneder siden
Truck King
Truck King 2 måneder siden
We love to be seen. Thanks
Ryndan Riley
Ryndan Riley 2 måneder siden
So I had a back break scare (ended but not being a break and not too serious) on a friend's wave runner hitting wake surf boat double ups. So long story short I want to buy whatever is going to help me launch like that.
Jeremy Aguirre
Jeremy Aguirre 2 måneder siden
Steven front tfl??? Where you been? You where the best host one there by a long shot. I hope you take off with this new channel
Truck King
Truck King 2 måneder siden
Thanks, it was time to go out on my own.
Victor Bravo
Victor Bravo 2 måneder siden
Saxo tu casa tu Paya sol love 🥰🥰 Saxo xx xx 🍹🍸
andy bowyer
andy bowyer 3 måneder siden
You fcuked up on the HP you mixed em up bro!
Isaiah 3 måneder siden
The cruiser looks like it would be the fastest of the two 😂
Hockey Dad
Hockey Dad 3 måneder siden
Just put a deposit down on a 2021 FX Limited. Pretty excited for it to show up at the dealer.
Andy Reynolds
Andy Reynolds 21 dag siden
@Hockey Dad we received a text from them at the first of February that it would be 6 to 8 weeks, so it should be anytime now.🤞 Glad to hear you were able to get yours!
Hockey Dad
Hockey Dad 22 dager siden
@Andy Reynolds We called the dealer we left the deposit with and they said they might have the ski in mid May. That was way too late for me so we called around and found a shop 50 miles away that two on the showroom floor. Later that day I was a new owner. Now I am just waiting for the optional dubwoofer to show up.
Andy Reynolds
Andy Reynolds 22 dager siden
We did the same on the FX SVHO Limited. Can't wait, it should be at the dealer in less than a month Woohoo!!
Donald West
Donald West 3 måneder siden
Very informative review. Some riders on the Yamaha FX SVHO owners site complained about the cruiser seat pushing them forward and not having enough leg room. Did you find the cruiser seat comfortable, with enough leg room? I'm 6 feet tall. I have put a deposit down on the 2021 FX Cruiser SVHO, so I guess I'll find out. Thanks again for posting. I enjoy all your reviews.
William Dussault
William Dussault Måned siden
I have a 2015 fx cruiser svho and I'm 5 11 and have plenty of legroom great machine
Hockey Dad
Hockey Dad 3 måneder siden
I had a custom seat made for my Yamaha VMax at Corbin. I wonder if they could do the same for a PWC? I don't see why not.
ya nje Nafasi
ya nje Nafasi 3 måneder siden
World's best engine YAMAHA !!!
Snarls Barkley
Snarls Barkley 3 måneder siden
The FX SVHO is the best of both worlds and it’s a faster race ski in rough water. Watch an ocean race and it’s dominated by the FX. Don’t let the marketing fool you.
Roblox Family
Roblox Family 3 måneder siden
I will get the go to
U SL 3 måneder siden
Gp1800r all day
pat dough
pat dough 3 måneder siden
Nice job on your presentation!!! 🙏🙏🙏
Truck King
Truck King 3 måneder siden
Thank you! Cheers!
JohnAFowler 3 måneder siden
I have a 2009 VX 1100 Cruiser Deluxe that I baby, with only 141 hours fresh water. I would like to upgrade but at $23,000 my wife would KILL ME.
Sarita Vital
Sarita Vital 4 måneder siden
I prefer the cruiser
JC Potter
JC Potter 4 måneder siden
"yaymaha"...like in yams and sweet potatoes pictured on your shorts? Canadians, eh! ..LOL!
Hudson Atlantis
Hudson Atlantis 4 måneder siden
Why do you have to choose? why don't Yamaha also combine them into one..
Julie Tubolino
Julie Tubolino 4 måneder siden
My add tho
Knox Allbert
Knox Allbert 4 måneder siden
Yordan Bo
Yordan Bo 5 måneder siden
Music ruined everything, I want to hear the wind, the engine noise.
grizly brizly
grizly brizly 5 måneder siden
Loved the video
Joseph Velez
Joseph Velez 5 måneder siden
Great job of explaining !! But FX is my choice all day 🔥🔥🔥
Collin McCurdy
Collin McCurdy 5 måneder siden
I dnt understand how they can advertise the gp1800 as the "race machine" but it got walked by the "family comfort cruiser"
Rich Dapcevich
Rich Dapcevich 2 måneder siden
Much faster. And WAY quicker when u add the supercharger
Rasiel P.Castillo
Rasiel P.Castillo 2 måneder siden
The 1800r comes ready to install a turbo (not turbocharged). The turbo will give a incredibly gain of power. And everything for less money than tunning a supercharge one.
GC S 4 måneder siden
In a world where my porsche 911 can get absolutely walked on by a tesla, who cares? The GP1800R HO is a great option for someone who wants to leave their ski without modifications. 180+ hp is more than enough to have fun with on that hull.
Nick K98
Nick K98 4 måneder siden
Very simple, the fx is supercharged and the gp is naturally aspirated, not the best comparison, would be better if it was supercharged vs supercharged or n/a vs n/a
ACET3MPO 4 måneder siden
the turning on the gp1800 is a lot more aggressive making it better for racing due to the agility, i mean i've never tried the steering for cruiser but i'm 90% sure thats why its 'for racing'
Hope grace Williams
Hope grace Williams 5 måneder siden
Fxho is the best pwc
Chris La Thangue
Chris La Thangue 5 måneder siden
Any stats on the fuel economy of both?
Truck King
Truck King 5 måneder siden
Sorry, no. We were having too much fun.
Skrapenpennies 6 måneder siden
Dang that's way more in Canada do yall make that much more or is it bc of taxes
Truck King
Truck King 6 måneder siden
We've been trying to figure out why we pay more all our lives. It's not taxes and not what we earn - it's how manufacturers decide to set prices. The best answer I got was on a VW press trip in the States some years ago. The president (in answer to my question on how do they decide on pricing in each country) said. " We look at the volume and at what our competition is selling for - then we set a price." So, relative to the US we are a small market and frankly we get hosed because of it. Dad
john94si 6 måneder siden
Are you still part of TFL?
john94si 6 måneder siden
Great. I will sub ive always enjoyed your reviews.
Truck King
Truck King 6 måneder siden
No, Truck King is my channel - Welcome.
USAmotorsports 6 måneder siden
Quick question, the gp1800 have like a centrifugal type supercharger correct? Like a pro charger type of thing? Thanks!
Rockstar Alister
Rockstar Alister 6 måneder siden
Fx Cruiser
Matt Sloop
Matt Sloop 6 måneder siden
Think they should swap the motors in those skis. Cruiser should not be faster then the sport model.
S2k S2K
S2k S2K 6 måneder siden
Thanks for the video!!
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor 6 måneder siden
I’m thinking the cruiser without the super charger I’m a beginner.... do you think I need a super charger 🤷🏽‍♂️
OL 00
OL 00 5 måneder siden
@Lawrence TaylorI think that you should get the naturally aspirated one if you dont care about speed but if you only consider it because you are a beginner then you should buy the supercharged one. I learned that the hard way. I bought a "slow" model because it was my first jet ski and it felt safer than buying a gp1800r svho but it became boring after 1 hour and now i am in the process of selling it to buy the gp. But that is just my opinion, hope this answered your question.
Lawrence Taylor
Lawrence Taylor 5 måneder siden
OL 00
OL 00 5 måneder siden
Get the supercharged one
Licht 6 måneder siden
Why would Yamaha make one of their performance models not supercharged
Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart 6 måneder siden
Look at your title why make people think you are comparing like for like when you clearly know your not you could have explained you were unable to get hold of the supercharged version of the gp1800 in the video
Calvin From Texas
Calvin From Texas 6 måneder siden
I love my old Honda Aquatrax. It’s a beast on the water.
Mrsmiley 69
Mrsmiley 69 6 måneder siden
I just got the new 2021 GP1800R HO I was going to go with the FX SVHO but like you said in the video I wanted something that ill never get tired of.
Mrsmiley 69
Mrsmiley 69 6 måneder siden
@NickMercs im in FL and I ordered mines but I have a friend the got one I took it for a test drive.
NickMercs 6 måneder siden
Do you physically have it yet? If so where do you live
Jordan Falcioni
Jordan Falcioni 6 måneder siden
Here is aus, our gps are all supercharged 🤔
Oswaldo Castillo
Oswaldo Castillo 6 måneder siden
Gp1800r svho needed to be compared to the fx svho for speed and handling
ctsgtp 6 måneder siden
I’m getting a gp 1800r 2021 with the touch screen!
Fix the App
Fix the App 6 måneder siden
@ctsgtp gotcha
ctsgtp 6 måneder siden
@Fix the App Just because of gas mileage. I ride a little over 50 miles in a trip and don’t want to fill up on the lake.
Fix the App
Fix the App 6 måneder siden
@ctsgtp I believe the only difference is the control pad to control it and not being touchscreen obviously. Any specific reason you’re going with the HO instead of SVHO
ctsgtp 6 måneder siden
@Fix the App oh ok I’m getting the red and white ho, it saids on the website it has auto trim with the connext display unless it’s different from the FX one. Either way it’s a big upgrade from what they had in the past model years.
Fix the App
Fix the App 6 måneder siden
@ctsgtp What color are you getting I’m getting black and green
Carlos Camacho
Carlos Camacho 6 måneder siden
I have the 2020 fx ho and for the wife and I do a lot of cruising.
Alpha Phoenix
Alpha Phoenix 6 måneder siden
9:19 LMAO I thought you were standing through the dock
Vincent Flynn
Vincent Flynn 6 måneder siden
So how is the gp1800 built for racing but its slower than the fx cruiser i dont really understand that lmao
Michael Spain
Michael Spain 6 måneder siden
Eff. Supercharge. Stick to normal high output and you’ll still get the 18.5 gallon fuel tank and burn half the fuel And it will last longer
M R 5 måneder siden
@Dangerous Dave annoying whine?! Your mancard has been revoked. Here, have a box of tampons as you start your journey to transition into a full fledged woman.
Dangerous Dave
Dangerous Dave 6 måneder siden
FX Cruiser HO. No supercharger means low octane fuel and better range. Just the sound of a 1800 CC four cylinder Yamaha blaster, without the annoying whine of the super charger.
MKeuilian 6 måneder siden
and im not sure about yamahas but I had a 2008 kawasaki ultra 250x supercharged and that engine blew up from the supercharger. apparently its pretty common for those engines to blow after a few years due to the high power. my mechanic said not a single thing was salvagable except for the supercharger itself.
Luis M Guerra
Luis M Guerra 6 måneder siden
You have to compare the GP1800R SVHO with the FX Cruiser because both have SUPERCHARGER no the GP1800R HO that one is not SUPERCHARGER is big difference
nick pallas
nick pallas 6 måneder siden
why not review the supercharged gp1800?
salty_spuzz _
salty_spuzz _ 6 måneder siden
I’d buy the cruiser and get it supercharged! I bet there’s heaps of people that would do it for them
salty_spuzz _
salty_spuzz _ 2 måneder siden
@LMM DURAMAX oh whoops I didn’t listen properly i the video
LMM DURAMAX 6 måneder siden
They sell a fx cruiser svho
Kato22PR 6 måneder siden
I want luxury and speed so ill stick with sea doo
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith 5 måneder siden
Good choice
Jason Murray
Jason Murray 6 måneder siden
Is he not part of TFL anymore ? Either way great videos always enjoy your content.
Truck King
Truck King 6 måneder siden
On my own now - Truck King all the time.
Daniel Livingston
Daniel Livingston 6 måneder siden
I’ve got the VX Cruiser HO and it’s very similar to the GP1800 still have the 1.8L and the nano haul.
Wolfpack Rides
Wolfpack Rides 6 måneder siden
You should compare equal models. They should both be SVHO!
Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart 6 måneder siden
@Truck King hopefully you manage to get hold of the svho version of the gp1800 and compare that as it would be more realistic comparison .You should really have made it clear in video that your comparing apples to oranges as the uninformed viewer may think the fx is the faster machine when its not.
Truck King
Truck King 6 måneder siden
Can only compare what's available to us.
Jdeee 6 måneder siden
Couldn't get your hands on the 2021 models? That would be a more interesting comparison especially with all of the Quality of life improvements to the Gp1800 this year
Dane Lovell
Dane Lovell 6 måneder siden
I guess neither, I would buy the GP 1800R SVHO
Licht 6 måneder siden
Exactly why would any one want a naturally aspirated engine for racing?
TheMadSnap'er 6 måneder siden
nice vid .. here is my 2021 GP1800R SVHO I just got a cpl of days ago , .. its been changed from the model you show , it has the connects ( 2 vids) nosections.info/green/qYB1p4uYZpaOuLI/video.html
LivingDLife 6 måneder siden
So, where would your vote go? Sea-doo GTX/RXTX or one of these Yamahas?
Ricardo Camacho
Ricardo Camacho 2 måneder siden
Yamaha, I don’t like sinking.
Square348apple 6 måneder siden
Seadoo all day long
Parrot Head
Parrot Head 6 måneder siden
The GP1800R HO is faster than the FX HO. by a full ski and a half.
Tassie1966 6 måneder siden
The Yamaha's New 2021 VX Series would be up there with the GP100R comes with the GP hull and 1800cc motor and probably cheaper VX Limited HO nosections.info/green/tYuGsIOepHqNsqo/video.html
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 6 måneder siden
I just ordered a 2021 GP1800R HO. Now for 2021 you get a lot of the FX features, cruise, TDE, no wake mode, tilt steering, self draining foot wells etc. Surprised how well the HO kept up with the SVHO.
Anallely Gonzalez
Anallely Gonzalez 13 dager siden
Hey im thinking about getting one of this witch one do you recommend me ? Im like 140 pounds I don’t think I need the svho do you?
Trenton 5 måneder siden
@Jason Bourne same!!
Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne 6 måneder siden
@Danny black and red
Danny 6 måneder siden
me too bro! I'm super pumped. Which color did you get? red/white or the red/black
Bill El
Bill El 6 måneder siden
They both look very nice but for over 20k I think I will split it and by a used boat and a truck to pull it to the lake. Lol
Austin TA
Austin TA 18 dager siden
20K ain't that much nowadays. You gotta pay to play.
Brandan Reising
Brandan Reising 6 måneder siden
Not even the same year between the 2 skis , the GP is older than the FX so obviously the GP doesn’t have the FX features
1st Name Basis
1st Name Basis 6 måneder siden
These modern Day Skis are Huge Massive Large ,,, SUV`s size in the water compared to the 90 Sleek fast Nimble 2 Strokers
Shell Cracker
Shell Cracker 2 måneder siden
And it’s damn shame at that. Bring back the small nimble pwcs. Who needs superchargers? Give me a bulletproof modern 2 stoke engine
1st Name Basis
1st Name Basis 4 måneder siden
@Aaron Koscielski Perhaps ..although the Hull is Plastic and the general design is for the Acquired tastes ...
Aaron Koscielski
Aaron Koscielski 6 måneder siden
Except for the Seadoo Spark and Spark Trixx If you're looking for a modern small and nimble Ski then it will fit perfectly!
Kxing.blease _
Kxing.blease _ 6 måneder siden
Next time do a top speed run
J R 6 måneder siden
What happened to you an TFL
Truck King
Truck King 6 måneder siden
Just went my own way - its all about Truck King now.
Jaime 6 måneder siden
why wouldn't you compare both SVHOs?? they make FX HOs also
Truck King
Truck King 6 måneder siden
Can only compare what they have available to us. Sorry.
SGFalcon 6 måneder siden
What’s the different between svho and ho?
SGFalcon 6 måneder siden
Kaeden Mckay
Kaeden Mckay 6 måneder siden
svho means it has a supercharger which adds about 80 horsepower
SGFalcon 6 måneder siden
How come the gp1800 loose the race? Isn’t it supposed to be faster? And it’ll be a better comparison with a 260hp gp
Jade Lees
Jade Lees 6 måneder siden
Jon B the rxt stock is governed at 67-68 the dash says that but they’re off by a few mph. The gp1800 is also governed at 67-68 so you probably raced a naturally aspirated one cause they top out around 60 with the hull design being more aggressive for handling.my bad I didn’t see you put ho if it was supercharged it’d be a different story
Jon B
Jon B 6 måneder siden
I’ve raced the gp 1800r ho vrs a rxtx 300 it’s an equal pull but the Yamaha lost it at 50 cause the seadoo kept going to like 75
Jade Lees
Jade Lees 6 måneder siden
Yea idk why this dude even compared them. Shows how smart and what he knows other than reading the articles about them. The gp will have better handling and the fx will be better at chop and with passengers.
Kaeden Mckay
Kaeden Mckay 6 måneder siden
supercharged vs non super
Super BowserZeelo
Super BowserZeelo 6 måneder siden
If I just got my license and want something a little light and that go go about 55mph what do you recommend
Jade Lees
Jade Lees 6 måneder siden
Parrot Head who do you recommend for turbocharging I was looking at jpracing but is there anyone else who has a turbo kit for a 1.8
Parrot Head
Parrot Head 6 måneder siden
@Jade Lees No worries brotha. If you need help with building or modding your ski the guys at greenhulk are awesome. 🤘
Jade Lees
Jade Lees 6 måneder siden
Parrot Head Im so glad you told me this I’m getting ready to build an extra 1.8 cause we might turbo our vxr but if we never do we could just get another vxr thanks bro sorry for seeming hard headed they just feel so different but I’ll keep that in mind
Parrot Head
Parrot Head 6 måneder siden
@Jade Lees Also checkout greehulk.net they are jetski forum.
Parrot Head
Parrot Head 6 måneder siden
@Jade Lees Yes yes now you get it👍
Chris York
Chris York 6 måneder siden
Thanks for showing the hulls. A friend of a friend was a boat designer and he "guessed" one of the America Cup's winning yacht hulls.
Hoang Nguyen
Hoang Nguyen 6 måneder siden
250HP for me please!
hitman2@ 6 måneder siden
You should note that the 2021 GP1800R now come with all those nice features. The GP Series showcases a new deck design, tilt-adjustable race-inspired handlebar design, Connext helm control with multi-colour LCD display, “TDE” Cruise Assist/No Wake Mode. The industry’s first Auto Trim function with Cornering Control and Launch Control modes, a new hull liner that moves the craft’s centre of gravity for added agility, plus a new intake grate and upgraded jet pump for class-leading acceleration.
High Flyin
High Flyin 6 måneder siden
Was just going to say that. We’re waiting for the next boat show to come around so we can get better prices, but we’re gonna get a 2021 FX Cruiser HO and a 2021 GP1800R SVHO. We noticed that they both had really similar features in the 2021 models, making this comparison somewhat invalid.
Cr144MC 6 måneder siden
Love the PWC videos
Ray 6 måneder siden
Can you do Yamaha gp1800r svho vs Yamaha Fx limited svho
Truck King
Truck King 6 måneder siden
Wish we could - not every model is available to us.
Logan Bliss
Logan Bliss 6 måneder siden
Please keep doing these reviews, love them
Sean 6 måneder siden
A fair power comparison would be a 1800 SVHO against the Superhcharged FX.
Gary Stewart
Gary Stewart 6 måneder siden
my thoughts exactly why compare it against the na one
Rob price
Rob price 6 måneder siden
I actually have a deposit on the BFF cruiser 1800 ho . I have three kids and want to pull them around on a big tube. Speed limit on lake is 45. So probably won’t be doing high speed passes anyway. Thanks for your review! Really like your channel!
Rob price
Rob price 6 måneder siden
C. Coberley at Candlewood Lake in CT
C. Coberley
C. Coberley 6 måneder siden
Which lake do you boat at that has a speed limit?
Bill Jamison
Bill Jamison 6 måneder siden
Both are nice machines. I'll take the cruiser! Good luck with your new channel. Always enjoyed your informative videos.
D H 6 måneder siden
Can you get the GP with the FX engine?
Vanni 3 måneder siden
Jonathan Soto
Jonathan Soto 6 måneder siden
Yes. Both GP and FX share same engine, Supercharged or Non Supercharged
J D 6 måneder siden
Would’ve like top speed run numbers for both please!!
Jon B
Jon B 6 måneder siden
I have the 1800r ho and i got it out but the dash was stuck in kilometers for a while and most ive hit is 103 (64.001)
Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes 6 måneder siden
Great video, proper comparison. I have something right between each of these machines Kawasaki Ultra 310 SE. has the power (310HP) and the performance of the GP 1800, but with the size, storage, stability and rough water ride comfort of the FX Cruiser.
Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes 2 måneder siden
@Ricardo Camacho With my Ultra 310 SE (Bone Stock) I've raced every machine on the water from 1999 GSX Limited, 2004 GP1300, 2019 RXP-X, 2020 GP1800R. The Seadoo pulls me out of the hole, but dead even once we are running 20-60MPH. Once we get to 60MPH they Seadoo and Yamaha slowly walk away with a higher top end. However, when the water gets rough on the Great Lakes the Kawi makes quick work. That hull is mint in the big water. Plus the price I bought it for brand new $11,700 was a pretty sweet deal. I currently have 51hrs on it and it looks as good today as when I bought in in 2014. Always washed, waxed and covered and stored indoors.
Chris Holmes
Chris Holmes 2 måneder siden
@SGFalcon I personally own a 2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310 SE (Special Edition) Bought it brand new and I love it. Black on Red. Happy to send you a picture of it.
Ricardo Camacho
Ricardo Camacho 2 måneder siden
With Kawasaki’s outdated hull design, they’re the slowest skis on the market.
evan leo
evan leo 6 måneder siden
you need to take their claimed horsepower with a pinch of salt,1.5 liter twin screw is no match to 1.8 centrifugal,simple physic
SGFalcon 6 måneder siden
Do you mean ultra 310lx? Because kawasaki dont have a SE version. I have a kawasaki ultra 310r stage 1 myself and its the best jetski u can get, as well as the lx
coolhandchunk 6 måneder siden
The cruiser looks a lot faster than the race machine