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Lyrics " Stay (Wide Open)"
Never thought it would be so hard I grew up without a scar
Just Living my life with no big worries And I’ve always known what I want
Just didn’t know what can’t belong Finding myself I’m much less happy
Pre-Chorus Back in the days I used to dream about one day Life so amazing have everyone judging me
Chorus Don’t wanna care about them Though it hurts so bad I wanna stay wide open
Cause if I shut down It just gives them right I wanna stay wide open
(Ooh ooh ooh ooh) (Ooh ooh ooh ooh)
Verse 2 Can’t stand to hear more today Gonna lock my door and stay Inside away until I’m safe again
I had nothing more to put on I’m defeated and withdrawn Just trying to understand where it went wrong
Pre-Chorus Always believed that nothing good in life was free But it's overwhelming, how people can hate on me
(Chorus) I wanna stay wide open (Bridge) No one can break me No one can bring me down
I wanna be where I’m safe and sound
Don’t wanna care about them
Though it hurts so bad I wanna stay wide open (Chorus) Ending No no No I wanna stay wide open

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Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson 9 dager siden
chelsea molloy
chelsea molloy Måned siden
Ty you
chelsea molloy
chelsea molloy Måned siden
Me too
chelsea molloy
chelsea molloy Måned siden
chelsea molloy
chelsea molloy Måned siden
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf Måned siden
I only listen to this song when I’m depressed cause I’m different I was born really tiny I always feel left out but now I have friends at school
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf Måned siden
And this song helps
Jasmine .C
Jasmine .C 2 måneder siden
Seym_DNA just knows how to find songs.. This is amazing and emotional !!! Loving it.
theonlybatte 2 måneder siden
Justin Jonathan
Justin Jonathan 2 måneder siden
Dateng dari bandungtampamu 😌
Gissella De Laura
Gissella De Laura 2 måneder siden
I came here bcs RIA SW😍
EUNJAE YOO 4 måneder siden
노래 좋다. 2021제야의 종 유튭보고 오신분?
Can my friend use this music in her outro?
Ru Dy
Ru Dy 4 måneder siden
My song realy realy like you now !😭 thank you evry much!!😭😭
Goreth Gonçalves godoi
Goreth Gonçalves godoi 5 måneder siden
Q música lindaaaaaa💕
Goreth Gonçalves godoi
Goreth Gonçalves godoi 5 måneder siden
ParkerPeaches14 5 måneder siden
Who is here from DaybyDayVlogs
CallMeZel 6 måneder siden
From gacha #seym_dna
Strawberry's Ripoff
Strawberry's Ripoff 6 måneder siden
Thx to seym_dna I found this amazing song
Juliana Nueva
Juliana Nueva 3 måneder siden
mee too this song is soo calming love it!!
hahaitslunar 6 måneder siden
Monii 6 måneder siden
leah todoroki
leah todoroki 6 måneder siden
Rizqi Nandar
Rizqi Nandar 7 måneder siden
KAK IA😭😭😭😭😭😭
zeba shaikh
zeba shaikh 8 måneder siden
Such a beautiful song♥️
Mahendra Ryan Samudra
Mahendra Ryan Samudra 8 måneder siden
Akhirnya ketemu nih lagunya Bapau Baim Paula👋🏻😂
Johny Bravo
Johny Bravo 8 måneder siden
Amazing song here nosections.info/green/xat0jYKAnIme0dw/video.html
Blue Kiwi
Blue Kiwi 8 måneder siden
"Wanna lock my door and stay inside" 2020 Your wish is granted!
Meeryu 8 måneder siden
This makes me feel better in the situation I'm in Thanks!!
Kevin Audri
Kevin Audri 9 måneder siden
Datang sini karna denger dri salah 1 vlog baim, BTW gua nyarinya ngetik lirik.😂😂
thug charles kelvin
thug charles kelvin 9 måneder siden
-_-so cruel :/
uXpmaull 9 måneder siden
BAPAU brought me here
Nadia•R 9 måneder siden
Beautiful song
Minkhah Fauziyah
Minkhah Fauziyah 9 måneder siden
Bapau family kumpul disini...
Fyke Christian
Fyke Christian 10 måneder siden
Sai and rhea brought me here! Hahaah #mavsphenomenalbasketball
Miko Fernandez
Miko Fernandez 10 måneder siden
Came here because of Coach Mav's vlog about rhea and sai.😂💖
shippuden bragais
shippuden bragais 10 måneder siden
Ariel Estrada
Ariel Estrada 10 måneder siden
Sino andito dahil kinilig sa theme song nang saida?
evooms 10 måneder siden
Galing kay Coach Mav sino dito?
Jun Tormes
Jun Tormes 10 måneder siden
Coach Mavs thanks for this song,, #MasayaNaSiRhea #SAIDA Push it SAITO ! #staysafe
Jayr Verdeflor Santos
Jayr Verdeflor Santos 10 måneder siden
SAiRhea Mavs Brought me here 😅 Hit like if you too 🥰🥰
Xg Diannis
Xg Diannis 10 måneder siden
Salamat sa coach ko si maverick bautista☝️
Ibert Chato
Ibert Chato 10 måneder siden
Kasalanan mo 'to coach Mavs! 😂
Nol Anne TV
Nol Anne TV 10 måneder siden
Mavs phenomenal brought me here
Tanglao Aviel Luke
Tanglao Aviel Luke 10 måneder siden
#MasayanasiRhea #Mavsphenomenalbasketball
Icon Aquino
Icon Aquino 10 måneder siden
Chugs The Great
Chugs The Great 10 måneder siden
Sai and Rhea hahahahhha
Kenjie V-Francisco
Kenjie V-Francisco 10 måneder siden
#SAIDA lang malakas hit like kung kinilig kayo HAHAHA #mavs 🤘🏻
Anthony Cyrom
Anthony Cyrom 7 måneder siden
Si Coach Mavs ang ugat nang theme nila. Siya ang pumili neto.
Nick Delgado
Nick Delgado 10 måneder siden
I love this song i got bullyed in school and this song cheers me up
Dishika Gupta
Dishika Gupta 11 dager siden
I hope the bullying has stopped but know that one day your bullies are going to regret bullying you
Dimas Fathur
Dimas Fathur 11 måneder siden
Ria SW brought me to this song...
Meyfa Maylani christin
Meyfa Maylani christin 11 måneder siden
นายปริญญา ทรัพย์มา
🇹🇭2020 👍+
anpratama02 År siden
BAPAU FAMILY.... I'm Here :)
Towlee LA
Towlee LA 10 måneder siden
@enggar arul coba dengerin lagunya yg lain judulnya she will never know dan beyond the horizon.Aku taunya lagu ini udah lama, dari ventuno art
enggar arul
enggar arul 11 måneder siden
Me tooo. Thanks BAPAU. 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 This song really good dan make me cry 😭
vita octa
vita octa År siden
Me tooo
Reza Permana
Reza Permana År siden
Baim Paula @BaimPaula
伊娃 År siden
Lil' Petz Studios
DO Alder feat. Emmi - Gone so Fast PLEASE! I'm doing a mv of it and I NEED LYRICS!
Nick Delgado
Nick Delgado År siden
I love this song because i get bully at school
Dimas Fathur
Dimas Fathur År siden
My fav lyrics is don't wanna care about them
_ *SuperGamerVani* _
1:25 this describes Coronavirus :(
Tatiana Quintero
What a beautiful song! I heard it today as the background for Maria Martinez workout session and LOVED IT. Shazam helped me find it.
Magnifique, MERCI !
Gregorius Etnan Simbolon
Life so Amazing Guys..... make me relax to my future...
muhammad hira
muhammad hira År siden
love this SonG
Aline Minami
Aline Minami År siden
dani limaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa amo
Nashrain Lee
Nashrain Lee År siden
Love this song
Two Inch Nail
Two Inch Nail År siden
After a long search, I'm finally here.
Chenn Thuong
Chenn Thuong År siden
from vũ khắc tiệpp
Brenna Hayes
Brenna Hayes År siden
Such a beautiful song
rumetair life
rumetair life År siden
Swiss humanity vlog brought me here.. his recent vlog made me cry about the dog.. it really heartbreaking
Touca Oliveira
Touca Oliveira År siden
Traduz pra mim obrigado
Cassy's Vlog_505
I finally found my real happiness in this song,like everyday I was cyber bullied in social media and I was so depressed so I listened to this and it go aways❤ welp I'm only talking to myself thx btw:")
Nightcore Music_Only
wow .... this beautiful song makes me think of a lot of horrible thing that is happening but .... it gives me hope I have the impression that at a time that have is so hurt that these beautiful melody includes us I feel understood and it makes me want more advanced even with a broken heart
Itz Jess
Itz Jess År siden
Awesome video! This song is good for teenagers because like some of us we have depression but this song cheers lots of people up!
sudarman Darman
sudarman Darman År siden
Beauty voice:)
Kiki Rismalya
Kiki Rismalya År siden
My friend told me about this song when I am telling her that I get hurting by him 💪 I just gotta move on. 😌
Raymond Gara
Raymond Gara År siden
So Happy to found this video...
Eko Sumargo
Eko Sumargo År siden
Could you put this song on Spotify please? Thank you
lea cruz
lea cruz År siden
Wow😵😵😵 pres this botton ,
reva kavana
reva kavana År siden
Why this song isn't on spotify? Please put this song on spotify. Thanks.
Monika Putri
Monika Putri År siden
Why i cant find this song in spotify?
Sameeee, I think cuz it’s such and old song, that it’s not in there, unless we could put i5 there
Emily Wolfie 345
Monika PSW that is what I’m thinking aswell 😅
CHARM 2 år siden
Why can't I find this lyrics on Google?😣
Sophia Wheelihan
Sophia Wheelihan 2 år siden
I love this I get bullied because I'm not that pretty but this song makes me feel better
Dishika Gupta
Dishika Gupta 11 dager siden
don't listen to your bullies you are beautiful in your own way. And one day just one day all of your bullies will regret bullying you. all of you who are getting bullied. I know we are strangers but I can tell you have a beautiful heart.
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf Måned siden
Same when I was in first grade I got bullied as well so your not alone Sophia Wheelilhan
Itz_Miss. Otaku
Itz_Miss. Otaku 6 måneder siden
So thank you ^^
Itz_Miss. Otaku
Itz_Miss. Otaku 6 måneder siden
@TheGamerGalPlayz gosh u two, i am getting bullied too, and while I read this comment, it touched something inside me, and I started to cry. It's realy nice that someon feels like me
Same, but someday al the pain will go away, and we’ll be free from the pain, but I’ll still listen
Madison Marcum
Madison Marcum 2 år siden
When my parents abuse me I hear this song
Piya Das
Piya Das År siden
Same here abusing kills me mentally not only physically
CHARM 2 år siden
Are you doing well?....
Iris Medina-Elston
Iris Medina-Elston 2 år siden
Rosalie Gallichan
Rosalie Gallichan 2 år siden
Anyone from the hook up sims 4
Brenna Hayes
Brenna Hayes År siden
You know it😉
Wilcam 2 år siden
Claire Young
Claire Young 2 år siden
OMG yessss
sheena mae zerrudo
sheena mae zerrudo 2 år siden
FinnSnow brought me here😇😇😇
Kathleen Aerith cookie Dela cruz
So sad its happy 😢😢😢 : ›
lorna lau
lorna lau 2 år siden
piece of TRASH
piece of TRASH 2 år siden
I’ve been bullied in Roblox and I listen to 2 songs . One of them is “Stay Wide Open” and the other is “This is Me” . I like the part in “Stay wide open” that it says “I don’t care about them”. I like how “This is me” says “ When the sharpest words wanna cut me down”. Those are the words I say when they bully me , I’m only bullied in 2018 , it’s super harsh ...
Rylie Hall
Rylie Hall 2 år siden
Don't let no body heart you
Rosalie Gallichan
Rosalie Gallichan 2 år siden
whats your name on roblox mynes puggirl776 wanna be friends xx
anais marriott
anais marriott 2 år siden
I love this song
xxZqvier 2 år siden
I’m so happy that I found this in my recommended. It sounds so beautiful.
gailjj 2 år siden
Such a beautiful song... I have depression and this helps me feel better when I listen to it
Dishika Gupta
Dishika Gupta 11 dager siden
I hope you are feeling much better
Purple Wolf
Purple Wolf Måned siden
selam berhe
selam berhe 6 måneder siden
Same, especially since mines getting worse...
Anna Gurs
Anna Gurs År siden
Jesus loves you, cast all tour cares, anxiety, and depression on Him, He died for you, He loves you, He wants a relationship with you ❤️
Roissin Andrea Clarita
This song make’s me Feal better even I think everyone hate me 😪😪
Same, and so do I
Jasmine Kaylee guimba
Is it on Spotify?
Jasmine Kaylee guimba
sofia 2 år siden
No because its old music
Jamie Serrano
Jamie Serrano 2 år siden
:) I loved it
Ayra Zuyyin Mohd Fadzli
What a sweet voice I always loves people’s NOsections channels!
Uhm i got one can you pls uhm do uhm..... Everytime we touch by cascanda pls and ciao diaos im done pls?? Can pls😭😭😭😭
ꨄ Kenma's Wife ꨄ
Plz do lyris for girl like u Daniel j plZ!!!!
Mya Tagnani
Mya Tagnani 2 år siden
Oh 😧😔😢
Bianca Groves
Bianca Groves 2 år siden
Black magic lyrics plsssssssssssssss?
「ᴄʜᴇʀʀɪ 」
Can you do Black Magic Lyrics plz
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