NASA 1958 - 2100 (Timelapse of past & future technology) 

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NASA has changed the way humankind lives on the Earth, and on the ISS, with the futuristic technology they have developed. And they will soon be shaping how humans live on the Moon and Mars.

This mini overview documentary looks into NASA's history of tech and rockets, and also explores their future technology - going as far into the future as the year 2100. Showcasing NASA's future missions and projects, from the Artemis Moon Missions and Lunar Space Station, to the future Mars Colony.

Additional footage sourced from: NASA, SpaceX, European Space Agency, NASA/University of Arizona.


Books recommended by Elon Musk about future technology, innovations, and sci-fi (affiliate links):
• Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies
• Life 3.0: Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence amzn.to/3790bU1
• Our Final Invention: Artificial Intelligence and the End of the Human Era

• The Foundation: amzn.to/3i753dU
• The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy: amzn.to/3kNFSyW


Other videos to watch:

• Was 2020 A Simulation? (Science \u0026 Math of the Simulation Theory)

• Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence (and the Basics of AI) - Documentary



13. feb.. 2021





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Tony Zapata
Tony Zapata 5 timer siden
Peacocks & Polar Bears
Peacocks & Polar Bears 13 timer siden
6:50 'Pale blue dot' is the downlow way to say you're in the 'in crowd' lol
pratyush Galani
pratyush Galani 17 timer siden
You mean nasa will use spacex suit from now onwards
lin schin
lin schin 18 timer siden
I could imagine Germany being the first man on the moon with their space technology being more advanced then any other countries. If they weren't Anti - Semi and kept the republic while still investing into space technology, I would think that they would land on the moon sucessfully in 1958 or 55. And mars 2015 if they keep investing into rocket science, which is unlikley.
Kevin Munoz
Kevin Munoz Dag siden
3:55 they splashed down on my birthday
peter smith
peter smith 2 dager siden
this is not star trek. who wants to live on mars ? humans were designed to live on earth, anyway the moon is nearer, watch space 1999 with Barbra Baine and Martin Landu
pizza steve
pizza steve 3 dager siden
Me realizing I will probably be dead by 2105: *visible disappointment* Also me realizing that they will have gene editing to extend my life span: *happiness*
Septinum 3 dager siden
I was born in 1997, I would like to see the next centuries wonders so when I die I can go to everyone who missed it and tell them how far we were.
Will ツ
Will ツ 3 dager siden
Lowkey pissed that I'll probably be dead by the time humanity explored distant stars
Thomas Jones
Thomas Jones 3 dager siden
Beyond the mars and moon stuff this is VERY theoretical. I mean enjoy the video but don’t take it all as truth
Unavailable 3 dager siden
So by 2029 that already start taking apart the moon by mining Damn okay
Bahnas Productions
Bahnas Productions 4 dager siden
In case anyone is wondering the song at the end is called "Vandring" by Strom.
samson samsonov
samson samsonov 4 dager siden
Fucking mind blowing. Long live communism
Karl Christian Cruz
Karl Christian Cruz 4 dager siden
Wow tech was improving so so so fast
Ahmed67 Chaabi
Ahmed67 Chaabi 4 dager siden
and then the series THE 100 became REAL!!
ayushmaan 5 dager siden
We want just reality.🤨
Being Legit
Being Legit 6 dager siden
I can already see a revolution in the future between normal humans and enhanced humans in the 2100s
LordCampbell02 7 dager siden
Nothing on the destructions of Columbia and Challenger?
Arl greg
Arl greg 7 dager siden
Then in 2100 first wars on Mars with spacex and blue origin.
Sticky59 7 dager siden
Interesting stuff for sure, but NASA can not go beyond low earth orbit, they have told us so. They can't even design a heat resistant re-entry system for Artemis ....that's why it just gets pushed back, and as for anything going to Mars ...... well that's just to distract us from the Moon project. I think NASA would be better suited to just producing CGI movies !
Neutron StarLord
Neutron StarLord 7 dager siden
"james webb launches" words i would love to hear. "james webb has been delayed" words i keep hearing
Paladin Videos
Paladin Videos 7 dager siden
If you think about it, this is basically Warhammer 40k because people who will mine on asteroids need to be genetically modified. In future wars, humans might Genetically modify soldiers to become stronger and have the strength to equip heavy armor. Space wars are possible so this is basically Warhammer 40k but less 40k..? Idk
WillyMammoth 8 dager siden
Lol only if the US defense budget gives like 20 billion to NASA
Velimir BG
Velimir BG 9 dager siden
Damn, i just wanna die like a normal human being without being a god damn robot in 234th centry. Am i the only one who doesn't want to see this?
Chris Berry
Chris Berry 9 dager siden
Don't believe it
Dennis Wiebler
Dennis Wiebler 9 dager siden
It was so clear that they go for Alcubierre in the end 😂 If there is one thing that I can tell for sure, then it is that we won't have something even close to this within the next millenia, to construct a warp field is similar to construct a full scale star within a bottle.
mogli 10 dager siden
NASA still behind Sowjet. Union
philip mc donagh
philip mc donagh 10 dager siden
I cant help noticing a distinct lack of the words Bar & Beer.
Antonio Maglione
Antonio Maglione 10 dager siden
Science Fiction lovers will recall the Sakharov warp drive first imagined by Isaac Asimov, and equivalent to the "hyperdrive" seen in all Star Wars spaceships. Should our understanding of the Universe improve, to the point we achieve superluminal speed with our crafts... well, it would change about everything described in the narration above.
Mark Brown
Mark Brown 11 dager siden
Why doesn't MUSK spend the money trying to save this planet instead of off plant ...hmmm that would make common sense unless you have something up your sleeve I don't trust MUSK at all he is evil.
John Peragine
John Peragine Dag siden
Something might be coming our way that we can't prevent. Something!!!!!
Luke Allan
Luke Allan 10 dager siden
@philip mc donagh Satan = Saturn
philip mc donagh
philip mc donagh 10 dager siden
Yea there's a reason he and his friends want to get of this planet and their not going to tell us.
APPLEFAN_0720 11 dager siden
Me 13 excited for the future.
philip mc donagh
philip mc donagh 10 dager siden
I'm 54 I would give anything to be 13 again back in 1980. Don't think I could handle been 13 today no freedom for kids anymore. Check out some of the many documentaries "been a kid/teen in the 80's"and see for yourself. Mind you I wouldn't say no to a Star Trek life style. Good luck.
Thicc Brick
Thicc Brick 11 dager siden
*turns out we're cavemen again by 2100*
Michael Dolan
Michael Dolan 12 dager siden
you lost your minds
Jamka Aldar
Jamka Aldar 13 dager siden
interstellar type shit is happening
Dorothy Gray
Dorothy Gray 13 dager siden
The amused organization thessaly tease because sister emphatically suppose barring a jazzy teaching. unadvised, brash organ
TOZhemiel TheFirst
TOZhemiel TheFirst 14 dager siden
In 2100 humans will become a full type 1 civilization
TOZhemiel TheFirst
TOZhemiel TheFirst 14 dager siden
In 2100 humans will become a full type 1 civilization
LostAmmo 14 dager siden
Were not there yet sux
Toby Nickels
Toby Nickels 14 dager siden
Love it up too the last bit Unfortunately. Creating life to do a job is slavery won't happen.
S H R I M P Y 15 dager siden
Ip Cheng
Ip Cheng 16 dager siden
so when will the epstein drive be invented
Thought Virus
Thought Virus 17 dager siden
Russians launch a shiny ball that goes "beep" in to orbit. Americans: "reeeeeeeeeeeeee!"
macelius 17 dager siden
NASA Effect. Asteroid mining, now that's what i'm talking about. Almost cried at the end.
Missta Duck
Missta Duck 17 dager siden
This is kinda sad, seeing that we will all be old people by then
Emj Gaming YT
Emj Gaming YT 18 dager siden
What if we can use quantum entanglement for distant communication!
Nisus 18 dager siden
So no manned mission to Pluto...
Rxpidz 19 dager siden
W camera man
CptMclaren 19 dager siden
people be like become a doctor instead this is not good pay. me thinking about nasa creating the technology for medicine
CptMclaren 19 dager siden
The world government will never be a thing, unless we get some massive change in human thinking and society. Presidents talk about shit but most of the time it never happens
philip mc donagh
philip mc donagh 10 dager siden
Well shit happens.
Samuel M
Samuel M 19 dager siden
Seriously, by 2034 if we haven't worked out over unity / zero point energy solutions and still relying on nuclear power. The trip to mars won't be an exploration mission. It will be a last resort of survival.
Walk Walk
Walk Walk 18 dager siden
Talith Gaming
Talith Gaming 19 dager siden
Talith Gaming
Talith Gaming 19 dager siden
but...but.. my moon cannon...
Hashi 20 dager siden
I’ll be happy getting stuffed into a robot chassis to see the future of man
Adam Goodley
Adam Goodley 20 dager siden
Okay so it takes 60 years to get back to the moon, but in 2068 humans will be walking on Europa. Seems legit
John Bullard
John Bullard 21 dag siden
Bruh I will be 122 by the end of this
Metaverse Studio
Metaverse Studio 21 dag siden
"Gene enhanced astronaut" damn. That is some next-level shit.
visal vimansa
visal vimansa 21 dag siden
It is very fonderful
This is tron suit?
Charlie Lee
Charlie Lee 22 dager siden
After 2021, whatever he said is very optimistic
JadeDragonFilms 22 dager siden
okay, can we talk about embryonic bioengineering, this is the first i've heard of it, and I'm sure the were right about the international opposition of creating humans with a pre-set purpose of cosmic exploration.....wth
Retr0p 22 dager siden
For a solid documentary, stop watching at around 12:30 For a funny, typical USA-dominant baseless egomaniac speculation, start watching from around 12:30
Owen Szep
Owen Szep 23 dager siden
23:14 the warp drive looks different
GameLand 23 dager siden
Dan ny
Dan ny 23 dager siden
Even when i was born in 2000, I believe i will see soooo much technology in the future. Also we will know the truth about aliens
Somekidnamedace 23 dager siden
Dudes out here not even considering putting the destiny colony ships
Jae ar
Jae ar 23 dager siden
the year template is almost invisible
Jae ar
Jae ar 23 dager siden
fuck i hope i get reincarnated lol
BlueStingray895 23 dager siden
NASA: hey can I copy your homework? Elite dangerous: sure just don’t make it obvious NASA: bet
Darius Robbins
Darius Robbins 24 dager siden
I'll be alive to see all this. Idc idc my kids will be Astronauts and they will be on Mars 🔴 and the Moon 🌑 if I have to get a loan to go myself, I will.
Angel S
Angel S 24 dager siden
I.....I thought we only went to the moon once.......
David Jasso
David Jasso 24 dager siden
The day of 2110 marks my 100th year anniversary
v1 aviation
v1 aviation 24 dager siden
uh i dont like the future full techie stuff and future generation wont even remeber the times where everything was natural
J. T.
J. T. 25 dager siden
Instead of fighting each other and spending billions and trillions in war, why don't everyone concentrate on space travel.
Haz wizZRblx
Haz wizZRblx 25 dager siden
Aaron 10 tiger
Aaron 10 tiger 25 dager siden
Imagine other creatures see us on mars theyd be like “oh look theres UFOs”
Sandip Naphay
Sandip Naphay 25 dager siden
Sir sorry sir but why did you not credit Nazi scientists in the video? Because US pardoned many war criminal Nazi scientist after world war 2 so they can help US build rockets
philip mc donagh
philip mc donagh 10 dager siden
Yea Germany would have been on the Moon in the 50's if it wasn't for Hitler and WW2.
Danijel Simic
Danijel Simic 25 dager siden
could be possible even earlier if peopple stop producing weapons agains each other.. all that resources ,money and materials from weapons production... imagine that
CodePlaysGames 26 dager siden
United Plantery Space Agency? Like thats ever gonna be a thing, and even if it was, who to say that it will turn out as you know who, who must not be named. Okay, I was talking about UN.
Edward Alfonso Sunarpo 1406193
Imagine if there is a jail space
Sunshine Valenzuela
Sunshine Valenzuela 28 dager siden
And big shout out to the camera man who went to the past and future
Lucas Teks
Lucas Teks 28 dager siden
Dude, hopefully we can save ourselves from ourselves, I wanna live enough and in peace to witness all of this.
Michael Spencer
Michael Spencer 28 dager siden
This video: Retards: space exploration is useless and a waste of money!
J. S.
J. S. 28 dager siden
The soil ist poisoned, no air to breathe, nothing to discover instead of dead red rocks. The riches of our reachable universe are not in space and definetly not on Mars. They are extincting right now.
Elevate Skies
Elevate Skies 29 dager siden
Weird to think that in 150 years (if youtube is still a thing) people will be reading comments and seeing it say 139 years ago and just thinking "that person is now dead" as a chill runs down their back. And I bet someone will be doing the exact same thing in 150 years...
Alexander 29 dager siden
Embryonic gene editing includes larger heads for larger brain capacity, almond-shaped eyes to better see in the darkness of space, and grey skin to reflect solar radiation.
Strange 29 dager siden
2001 : A Space Odyssey = Moon is colonized, Mars is colonized, sending people to Jupiter. 2001 : IRL = haven't been to the Moon in 30 years
Strange 29 dager siden
Why people hate NASA : because their tax money Is going to NASA. But less than 0.4% is going to NASA 😓 and we are getting so much in return. And meanwhile 16% goes to the Military 😡. But they won't say : our money is being "wasted in wars" instead they say It's being "wasted in space" and they also say "why go to space". Idiots.
Strange 29 dager siden
People say "NaSa Is FaKiNGg EvErYtHiNg It AlL cGi AnD GrEeN sCrEeN aNd SpAcE iS fAke" but those idiots don't realize that if space is fake they cant use the internet because there would be no sats in orbit.
C 29 dager siden
But Michael Bay taught me that it was the decepticons that gave the world advanced technology
Martin Michalko
Martin Michalko 29 dager siden
The sad thing is that all of us will be dead by 2100.
CL Lok
CL Lok 29 dager siden
Is it a coincidence that the replacement ISS shares the same name with the human outpost spacecraft in Wall-E?
arjay2002ph 29 dager siden
belta loda! 😂
gg boys
gg boys 29 dager siden
NASA the humans embassy in the universe they already have been working on warp speed by the year of 2015 they had already colonized moon and they wiil start civilian space travelling in 2022 and marse by 2026
gg boys
gg boys 29 dager siden
AMERICAAA the ruler of the galaxy russai and china the worker of the NASA in some minor gigs🤣
gg boys
gg boys 29 dager siden
America not only sent first man to the moon but also sent first man into the space in the same date just right after Russia sent first unmanned satellite into orbit
C 29 dager siden
@gg boys You might wanna google who went to space first. But I don't blame you, stupidity is a common trait these days.
gg boys
gg boys 29 dager siden
@C shows how senseless you are by judging without evidence thats not even me you ....
C 29 dager siden
@gg boys You liked your own comment showing how insecure you are.
gg boys
gg boys 29 dager siden
@C AMERICAAA is the ruler of the galaxy and embassy of humans in the universe whole earth belongs and working for Americans thry the one who invented and control the internet the media they are illuminati the eye the new world order you looser🤣
gg boys
gg boys 29 dager siden
@C you mean yuri the Americans mercenary who was one of those test flight NASA sent into first layer of orbit where any bird could go easily for thier main mission the APOLLO
skodbolle 29 dager siden
One of the speakers sound a lot like the guy from Retro Recipes :O
Samuel Johnson
Samuel Johnson Måned siden
isn't it just depressing that if you dont make your mark soon you will just become a fragment of the past who nobody will remember? For example, do you remember your great great great great great grandfather? One day you will be that person.
GTX 1650
GTX 1650 Måned siden
We don't see aliens because we are the aliens .
GTX 1650
GTX 1650 Måned siden
22:21 year 2091 I've died on earth and don't know what happened next 🙁🙁🙁
GTX 1650
GTX 1650 Måned siden
Video is like those 1920 videos which predicted 2020 and flying cars 😅😅😅
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