Why Robots That Bend Are Better 

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Robots of the future may be softer, squishier and bendier than robots today. This could make them ideal for space exploration. Check out kiwico.com/Veritasium50 for 50% off your first month of any subscription!
On Thursday February 18th, 2021 the NASA Perseverance Rover will land on Mars. It is a wonderful robot, made out of steel and wire - but will future robots look like Perseverance? There is an emerging field of research on "soft robots", where the machines are flexible. These soft robots have many advantages over traditional robots - they're safer, lighter, more flexible and can change their shape and size.
NASA is investigating the use of soft robots for space missions. For future visits to Enceladus or Europa, a lander could cut a hole in the ice and then insert a compliant robot through the hole. This robot could then grow and change shape on the other side.
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ve42.co/Hammond2020 - paper about the truss robot
ve42.co/Usevitch2020 - press release and video about the truss robot
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Thanks to Zachary Hammond for showing me the soft truss robot
Filmed by Derek Muller
Edited and GFX by Trenton Oliver
Animation by Ivan Tello
Music by Jonny Hyman
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Cyberooski 32 minutter siden
wait so the megaman series was right all along
Filip Krasilnikoff
Filip Krasilnikoff 20 timer siden
Guy: "Hey friend, when did you take up sowing? You making pillows or something?" Genius: "I'm obviously making a robot"
Roshan 22 timer siden
Turtle Master
Turtle Master Dag siden
I see that they have learned from the best The turtles
Mr. Meditation
Mr. Meditation Dag siden
HEY! Veritesium can you provide a video on how jumping ring experiment works in a brief cause I have seen many videos about that and everyone say that use lentz, when magnetic field increases it pushes the ring. But this is not the whole case in AC Current
LightningHydra LH
Zack Hammond is going to become founder of Hammond Robotics from Titanfall
Devin McGauley
Devin McGauley Dag siden
This dude loves saying compliance
Tron B
Tron B Dag siden
"Why robots that bend are better?" We all know why😏
GLISH Dag siden
we're gonna have Baymax irl.
Alex Melinte
Alex Melinte 2 dager siden
Now imagine this system but using hydraulic power and at a microscopic level and used in connection with thousands of nano-soft-bots. With coupling capabilities, this could benefit surgery and invasive treatment in human body.
Ewan McLean
Ewan McLean 2 dager siden
This means we’re soon to get an AvE video called “Why robots that bend aren’t better”
Casey Keyser
Casey Keyser 2 dager siden
How long until Baymax is real? :)
Rusty 2 dager siden
turn every robot into soft robots to prevent the uprising
Jaury Beltrão Engers
Jaury Beltrão Engers 3 dager siden
Guys... BAYMAX from Big hero 6... He is a soft robot right? And he gives the safe vide.
Kinc3per 3 dager siden
I haven’t been paid to say that I am currently in the kiwi co sub rip toon thing and really enjoy it.
Road Rash
Road Rash 3 dager siden
So when are you going to make Baymax?
First Last
First Last 3 dager siden
A goey
viewer 4 dager siden
is it of any use for anything ?
S o
S o 4 dager siden
Move able parts yes but totally soft robots? Dude seriously no. We need something with the origami technique that should do the trick.
John Kelton
John Kelton 4 dager siden
That’s super cool, and super useless
Neon Eviscerator
Neon Eviscerator 5 dager siden
Asserting that any kind of robot or machine is 'better' is very misleading. Please stop doing it it pisses me off. It's true that machines like this are better suited for certain applications than current technologies, but no technology is objectively 'better' than any other, it all depends entirely on what you're designing it to do.
GREY ALIEN 5 dager siden
Makes me think of a portable bridge that can reach different elevations . Mobil and strong maybe even remote
Richard Samuelson
Richard Samuelson 2 dager siden
"Mobil"? That's a brand of petrol stations...
Voltaic Fire
Voltaic Fire 5 dager siden
Love it!
Kryptonite 5 dager siden
1.5k thumbs down from hard robots
A man of no reputation
They're benders.
Marcy 5 dager siden
Polish sausage robot! That's brilliant! :D
dav snow
dav snow 6 dager siden
I'm so bloody glad I don't wear headphones.
M L 6 dager siden
An octahedral octopus? An octahedropus?
Mr Picky
Mr Picky 6 dager siden
yes all the metal parts and gears look very soft
FeedMeSalt 6 dager siden
The primary reason for hard bots is strength accuracy stability and durability. A sooft machine will tear apart over long periods of time and wont repeat the same exact motion well, as you said, where as say tracks or a foot need lubed and replaced every year/decade.
Some Random Guy
Some Random Guy 3 dager siden
But due to the materials they’re made out of, wouldn’t it be quite easy to remake or at least mass produce these robots?
mzar62458 3 dager siden
Are there any stats on this?
ShaunBonJovi 7 dager siden
Why wear a mask outside? I can see the inspiration for this soft robot is not porn related.
JamieJamez 8 dager siden
We are now one step closer to creating Rover from "The Prisoner".
Gunzo Berelo
Gunzo Berelo 9 dager siden
Why knees make human movement better?! :D :D Ou this fun vid descriptions :D
진실추적 9 dager siden
Good morning I am a young man in Korea Korea is now entering an aging society If you introduce it to Korea from the beautiful country of the United States, please tell us some things that can help the weak and the elderly and help Korea. Korea is severely corrupted by corruption and corruption. Please help Korea.
Mc Len
Mc Len 9 dager siden
100% Big hero 6 inspired soft robots hahaha very flexible.
Kroidi 10 dager siden
you should make your voiceover monophonic I think, it makes it better I promise
Rabee J
Rabee J 10 dager siden
I wonder whether a tubeless tire sealant would proof this robot against punctures
rawrshack tsu
rawrshack tsu 10 dager siden
So you made the same video, twice. Good job.
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger 10 dager siden
Why soft robots are better. Because they are closer to the build of living creatures. And evolution shows that we are build very well. Our hard bones tend to break and our soft flesh and skin protects them. Soft robots are more fit than the hard ones. And of course that one robot is a hybrid, just like us, humans and aliens.
El John Kraft
El John Kraft 11 dager siden
Is it just me or did i just take 5 minute to understand the title, i lost to much brain cells to understand
potezny plemnik
potezny plemnik 11 dager siden
polska mentioned
Ferrlix 12 dager siden
GUI = gooey?
savagex466 12 dager siden
I wouldent say there better. It depends what you want it for.
HARI n DAMODARA 13 dager siden
0:48 , 2 Rs Mask is famous everywhere ❤️
Nediak 13 dager siden
Compliant robots could definitely have use in rescue through tight places
HowToBuildIt 14 dager siden
I get kiwico crates (mine is tinker crate)
John McGill
John McGill 15 dager siden
Kiwi Co is definitely something that would interest me when I have kids
Ryan W
Ryan W 15 dager siden
“...as we want robots to work closer and closer with humans.” 😳😳😳
hxhshow9 15 dager siden
until 5:58 i had absolutely no idea what this video was about.
Felipe Rogel
Felipe Rogel 15 dager siden
not a single Bender reference...
leo sema
leo sema 16 dager siden
This guy makes adverts more interesting
Efrain Munoz
Efrain Munoz 16 dager siden
Corporations gotta corporate.
Yuri Lopes
Yuri Lopes 16 dager siden
"Soft Robots That Bend Are Better" Interstellar: MONOLITH
Joe Alias
Joe Alias 16 dager siden
"but why would you want to soft robot in the first place?" WELL HAVE YOU EVER TRIED TO CUDDLE A HARD ROBOT??
Jakub Jandourek
Jakub Jandourek 17 dager siden
... and the robots they bend are the best!
Aniket Goel
Aniket Goel 17 dager siden
Baymax! OP!
Mtpb83boss 17 dager siden
The person who invented the wheel is rolling in their grave right now
Deepesh Malhotra
Deepesh Malhotra 17 dager siden
Boston Dynamics left the chat...
Harsh Sawant
Harsh Sawant 17 dager siden
Bender is not happy
Thanga Meenakshi
Thanga Meenakshi 18 dager siden
"Why would you want a soft robot" Ummm... My friend's research purposes.
Vintage USA Tech
Vintage USA Tech 18 dager siden
If you don't think that you are being programmed by the influencers that you watch. Play the shot game and every time you see someone wearing a mask in this video and use the word compliant well you know the game and a double bonus for those of you that pick up on the other words that have recently been added to our public narrative. But those of you who can't see it never mind me and just OBEY!
Baek-Hyeon Jang
Baek-Hyeon Jang 18 dager siden
big hero six?
Jacob Ford
Jacob Ford 18 dager siden
I mean when you think about it, humans are squishy and we work pretty well.
StrangeTerror 6 dager siden
@Papa Hairy maaaaybe 😉
Poldovico 6 dager siden
@StrangeTerror Well, it's not secondary anymore.
Papa Hairy
Papa Hairy 6 dager siden
@StrangeTerror watched the recent scishow video about the original purpose of bones, have you?
StrangeTerror 6 dager siden
@Edgar Omar Loroña Perez Actually the structural support of our bones seems to be a secondary function. Originally they were just little chunks of calcium and magnesium. Spread throughout the body to be used as mineral storage/buffers. Now obviously that was long before we were even reptiles much less mammals
Pola & Tiger
Pola & Tiger 10 dager siden
Hybrid is the answer. Bones hard, flesh soft.
Państwo Piesto
Państwo Piesto 18 dager siden
I'm no longer afraid of the judgement day.
Christopher Reisner
Christopher Reisner 18 dager siden
No disrespect to the robot, but my favorite part was the Kiwi Co. ad at the end. Those kits make me wish I had a couple of school age kids running around so I could play with their toys. 😁 Kids' brains are just information sponges until they hit puberty.
UberKrassMann 19 dager siden
oh you think that robot is safe do you? just wait till it figures out how to squeeze the life out of you boa constrictor style.
Huntracony 19 dager siden
Bad title. Disliked. This is "The advantages of soft robots," and I'd definitely say they're interesting, but everything I've seen in this video is in the proof-of-concept stage and have only demonstrated the ability to move on a flat surface and pick up a ball. Note, by the way, that I don't think it can actually carry the ball as that entire triangle cannot move without dropping the ball. Yes, this is cool and has _theoretical_ benefits, but until (and unless) it is fully developed (and I hope it will be), you can't say they're better.
Just Click It And Watch
Small ball joints in compound form
MrEnajiza 19 dager siden
cant wait for the robots that bend over !!!
Aurtisan Miner
Aurtisan Miner 19 dager siden
4:04. He must be thinking, “I knew clown school would come in handy one day!”
StarStump 19 dager siden
this guy
this guy 20 dager siden
This robot and Robocop would be best mates. Because, compliance.
Matthew Warren
Matthew Warren 20 dager siden
Okay, I need to know what's going on with the string at 9:58 with Mark Rober
Thanga Meenakshi
Thanga Meenakshi 17 dager siden
I'd guess that the string is actually a very thin tube connected to a slow air pump. Look exactly like a tube inflating
NiceLord 21 dag siden
Omg I was thinking of Baymax, so it was so cool when he mentioned him!
’̈́ 21 dag siden
Lance Cruwys
Lance Cruwys 21 dag siden
Do you not still need electronics to power these soft robots? I don't see how that would benefit miners. I'm one confused dude.
Nellit McKerin
Nellit McKerin 21 dag siden
Huh I guess that's the direction humanity decided to go in. Soft and agile machines.
Fairyplay 21 dag siden
"I have a GUI in Matlab", what a fucken madlad lol.
MammothBehemoth 21 dag siden
That pneumatic turtle thing is more ground breaking, in how I see it. Most of our mechanical implements are driven by circular mechanics. Drills, vibrations, pumping motion, swaying arms, rolling, picking, sorting, etc...utilizing rotors, rollers, tubes, chains, fulcrum, arms, weights, etc..everyday mechanics are usually driven by a rotating or semi rotating engine.
Chad T
Chad T 22 dager siden
this is dumb and isn't practical. biggest contribution is whatever models are developed. but you can waste 5 years getting a phd in it just to go work for google or tesla, doing something that's not soft robots, and then need to make up for the 5 years of wages you missed out on. with too specialized a field your employers are limited and less time available to job hop your breakeven ends up around age 35 - 40, congrats you wasted the best years of your life (at least financially).
Yi Zhang
Yi Zhang 22 dager siden
You should've put the Big Hero Six reference at the beginning of the video to hook more viewers.
manton harding
manton harding 22 dager siden
If you built a ten thousand of those out of kevlar you could be a bond Villain.
Mayur 22 dager siden
People are so smart..
Fleato 22 dager siden
soooooooo boston dynamics is making gundams, and these guys are making baymax XD
Connor Hobbs
Connor Hobbs 22 dager siden
You could probably use this concept to made extremely small to store, and easily replaceable wheels. Combined with the ability to inflat them from an external compressor than stored, and transported gasses. They provide a good weight and size saving on a payload
Carter 22 dager siden
Sun Gear
Sun Gear 23 dager siden
Use foam tubes?
Jac Crystal
Jac Crystal 23 dager siden
The curve always has it. Imagine a flat planet, it'd crack in the middle. Ain't no lines anyway but objects in a certain disposition to each other, static or moving.
Seraphim Chekotun
Seraphim Chekotun 23 dager siden
Mmmhhhh "soft robot" I think about Baymax!
Fortnum Sound
Fortnum Sound 23 dager siden
Compliant. Unlike George Floyd
Mattia Giambirtone
Mattia Giambirtone 24 dager siden
You know someone is a researcher when they make GUIs in MATLAB, yikes
james jayawara
james jayawara 24 dager siden
So robot waifus that are soft are possible...
james jayawara
james jayawara 20 dager siden
@Stacy McCabe No.
Stacy McCabe
Stacy McCabe 20 dager siden
Stop what your thinking
Quillo Manar SFM
Quillo Manar SFM 24 dager siden
"WE named them after sausages" And one of them isn't the Wurst, you disappoint me.
Smyczeq 24 dager siden
You have Kiełbasa tho
fritz 25 dager siden
awesome and i they look like more alive
NickNew 25 dager siden
'Soft Robot " is my pet name for my boyfriend
the engineer
the engineer 23 dager siden
i call my loved one "steel mann"
Living Trashbag
Living Trashbag 23 dager siden
Umm is he impotence??
Augustine Mcrae
Augustine Mcrae 25 dager siden
The synonymous pelican selectively object because aftershave rheologically start since a watery french. true, spotty era
Brendan Cross
Brendan Cross 23 dager siden
Please help, I tried to read this and now smell burnt toast
Mhu 25 dager siden
"sir... SIR!!" "Get me, ONE O' THOSE"
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 25 dager siden
😂🤦🏽‍♂️🤖 I see how his world is destroying his self now😂😂😂🥱
Jesse Martinez
Jesse Martinez 25 dager siden
1:44 I like how these people think We’re Stupid how come you don’t kick the Metal
Josh Lewis
Josh Lewis 25 dager siden
So we have already created 2 general species, or genus of robots. Soft, and Hard. I imagine in a scientific fiction future, the Hard robots will dominate the Soft robots.
Furinick 22 dager siden
I need to get my mind out of the gutter
The World in UV
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