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That was crazy...
Today I decided to get a new flamethrower and rob car dealerships with it. I stole a bunch of cars and we even ended up robbing a bank. The cops eventually showed up and we got into crazy chases. There were a lot of funny moments in this GTA 5 episode, enjoy!

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2. mai. 2021





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Sweatyyy Boii
Sweatyyy Boii 12 timer siden
My man got the whole juggernaut suit
ukickmeikicku Dag siden
Frenchie kills me 15:58 nosections.info/green/xJqgkXudY4ej2rI/video.html
Christian Garcia
I must be late when did the city get flooded
Alake Entry
Alake Entry 2 dager siden
stop looking back so much you always crash whe you look back
meowslez .
meowslez . 3 dager siden
You are the best
Jackson Boggess
Jackson Boggess 3 dager siden
You could get another flamethrower if you live my man got ejected from the Garo
Jackson Boggess
Jackson Boggess 3 dager siden
zane miller
zane miller 4 dager siden
Dannie Wagers
Dannie Wagers 4 dager siden
It's not a tank it's a swat BTR they get called in for terrorist attacks
Jan Baglan
Jan Baglan 6 dager siden
What truck was that near the Mercedes
Suvra Das
Suvra Das 6 dager siden
Why did you have to kill the dog
Vicky Birt
Vicky Birt 7 dager siden
Treyten:they might call the cops(he said it in a wored way) Literally 2 seconds later he seen a cop The cop:oh he'll na
Benjamin Sessoms
Benjamin Sessoms 8 dager siden
is tray a piromaneak??????????
supa good e.e
supa good e.e 8 dager siden
O maj gawd
Ian Barron
Ian Barron 9 dager siden
And it's a big mistake disliking this video
Omgisthatchristian 313
Omgisthatchristian 313 10 dager siden
That man elite so funny talkin bout NO NOO NOOOOO
Animeh Master
Animeh Master 10 dager siden
that was crazy
Liz Avila
Liz Avila 11 dager siden
I love your vid‘s
Jared Meena
Jared Meena 12 dager siden
I’m never watching you again you can’t kill a 🐶
JikyzzYKTV 12 dager siden
Haven't watch u since Santa hitman bc u didn't really post and I haven't got a notification so I thought u stopped posting:(
kidkaim tocool
kidkaim tocool 13 dager siden
Please do a fake dealership
Issa Corn
Issa Corn 13 dager siden
gta roleplay xbox discord.gg/yQNbwjZQ\
Issa Corn
Issa Corn 13 dager siden
if you are on x box this is a discord role-play server discord.gg/yQNbwjZQ
Budgies Buddy
Budgies Buddy 13 dager siden
Bushes are the best thing happen in Gta5 lol
Fany Rivera
Fany Rivera 14 dager siden
Jesse Gaming.
Jesse Gaming. 14 dager siden
Me: holy fuck that’s a DH Barbie Other poeple: She’s a runner🏃 I’m a stack star ⭐️
Logan Woodard
Logan Woodard 14 dager siden
Been watching you since 300k, I love ur vids
Kiryto130 14 dager siden
I thought u had a bulletproof suit
Tomas Aguero
Tomas Aguero 15 dager siden
Cole Gilliam
Cole Gilliam 16 dager siden
How did he get that armor???? Plss tell me
mags 16 dager siden
Dude Treyten i hope you know how much joy and anxiety/depression relief your videos provide to so many people. Whenever i watch your videos i end up laughing so hard i get the hiccups and smile so much my cheeks hurt. You are the absolute best
IncognitoMelon 17 dager siden
hey trey i saw the vid of you getting tazed and your so fucking short 🤣
Wherl 17 dager siden
Awwwww UwU hey buddy wanna yiff I’ll be ad Midwest fur fest when the virus over UwU meep
Magical FC
Magical FC 17 dager siden
my least favorite part is the dog killing
Lennon Streams
Lennon Streams 17 dager siden
8:31 Me when I have 40 assignments overdue.
RJ Flaherty
RJ Flaherty 18 dager siden
Treyten do a hit man with a flame thrower
LC Jenkins
LC Jenkins 19 dager siden
my cheese
my cheese 19 dager siden
Leon Murphy
Leon Murphy 20 dager siden
I’m so sad
tom ploof
tom ploof 20 dager siden
I like when he steals the Dodge Challenger
iTxmpo 20 dager siden
first time watching you this was mad entertaining 😭😭‼️
Red Ninja
Red Ninja 20 dager siden
RIP the dog :(
Michael Horn
Michael Horn 20 dager siden
I like your videos
Larissa Watson
Larissa Watson 20 dager siden
Please please please post more videos daily I absolutely love the videos please please please
YoMelo 20 dager siden
Why did my helmet fell off? 😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣
FIŘE 21 dag siden
4:01 he said the n word two times
Aj1979_VR 21 dag siden
Btw I saw you Getting tazed in a video..😲
Cindy Dougharty
Cindy Dougharty 21 dag siden
Cindy Dougharty
Cindy Dougharty 21 dag siden
peyton ables
peyton ables 21 dag siden
If this didn’t make you laugh your a boomer
Plss can you do more vid with Frenchy
Eduardo R
Eduardo R 22 dager siden
Bro is so terrible at driving :/
md ali
md ali 22 dager siden
Hey where is the Porsche 935 I was promised.
Johnny Plays Games
Johnny Plays Games 22 dager siden
Why is the dogs life more important than the cops?
Water galaxy
Water galaxy 23 dager siden
This $hit is bbbbbbb uuuuuuu sssssssss iiiiiiiii nnnnnnn
Aaron Barco
Aaron Barco 23 dager siden
I swear elite was trynna be a bootleg leBron james
Yt Claps
Yt Claps 24 dager siden
i bieleve i can fly and not die
je moeder
je moeder 24 dager siden
8:32 "i believe i can fly"
Jordan 24 dager siden
8:32 dam
Carine Schuchm
Carine Schuchm 24 dager siden
UFO Specialist
UFO Specialist 25 dager siden
"Come on in boys it's nice and warm." LMAOOOO love you Trey
Stg Penguin
Stg Penguin 25 dager siden
Y did u kill dogo
Stef Capella
Stef Capella 25 dager siden
RIP dog but love your videos
krista dowler
krista dowler 25 dager siden
Trey can you do another one of these videos but with a minigun
Riley Waite
Riley Waite 25 dager siden
why u have 1.8 mill subs and u dont even roleplay
King Gaming
King Gaming 26 dager siden
I think you should have bullet proof gear, flame thrower, AR, pistol, sniper and a tank next time :D
Delvin Lanier
Delvin Lanier 26 dager siden
8:34 be like "I believe I fly"
Caleb Paul
Caleb Paul 27 dager siden
He'd be better if he would look where he was driving and slow down a little bit
Shehab .Khaled
Shehab .Khaled 27 dager siden
"They got a dog. They have a dog? I'm gonna burn a dog! I don't wanna burn a dog!"
Sebastian mente
Sebastian mente 28 dager siden
Quality content thanks man
Neptune Scalper
Neptune Scalper 28 dager siden
The flimsy spider fundamentally influence because sturgeon relatedly present past a decorous root. smelly, boiling debt
Frank Hennessey
Frank Hennessey 28 dager siden
saxkhuri. 28 dager siden
Keep going lordd treyten upload alwayss
Gabe N
Gabe N 29 dager siden
Dave Palmer
Dave Palmer 29 dager siden
38k like LOL
JINNX GROVE 29 dager siden
That guy “oh hell no”
dacarlose jordan
dacarlose jordan 29 dager siden
He should’ve blew it out there the bog got bog go go go Dan running go
Aaron McDonald
Aaron McDonald 29 dager siden
also i looked down for literally 1 sec to get a bite of food and when i look up Treyten is flying in the air 8:30
Aaron McDonald
Aaron McDonald 29 dager siden
I honestly just learnt why they call it a serpentine belt
Sean Nicholls
Sean Nicholls 29 dager siden
How do I join a server like this
Vesperal 29 dager siden
your outro is the best
Stephanie Cook
Stephanie Cook 29 dager siden
Fun fact when you go fast in GTA every car wants to crash into you
HEY WHOA Måned siden
You should use a minigun
Josh Laurain
Josh Laurain Måned siden
This video was not very great, it all seemed extremely scripted.
Gabriel Barker
Gabriel Barker Måned siden
play with frechie more
Le Potat
Le Potat Måned siden
Is anyone asking why the flamethrower has recoil
Christian Colla
Christian Colla Måned siden
Treyten:this video took 5 hours to record Me:this guy is an idiot
ZombieKZ Måned siden
So is he the server owner?
Kimberly Klagholz
Kimberly Klagholz Måned siden
I love dogs so how dare you
Silas Sørensen
Silas Sørensen Måned siden
Try with that suit and a minigun. That would be fun
Domred24 kijak
Domred24 kijak Måned siden
Plz use a mini gun
Makulin Karakashi
Makulin Karakashi Måned siden
Keep it up i was here since 20k on my last phone but it was destroyed
Micah Rogers
Micah Rogers Måned siden
5 hours into 18 minutes is GORGEOUS 👏👏👏👏
Raiden Thao
Raiden Thao Måned siden
Look at this part lol 13:25
Deam Williams
Deam Williams Måned siden
#Idea Robbing dealerships with a railgun
Amanda Logan
Amanda Logan Måned siden
Next time you use the flamethrower this is a joke you should use *you know what you are medium rare*
Co0INaMe Måned siden
3:39 dozers in payday 2 be like
xxinvxrtxx Måned siden
U should do it with a minigun
Kendal Talton
Kendal Talton Måned siden
Best vid yet
FNTEhsaan karchut
FNTEhsaan karchut Måned siden
i love ur vids
Derek_Castine Måned siden
This is the worst rp i have seen jesus christ and i thought ssb and nopixel were bad.This is legit gta online. Lol but good content, bad rp.Any you have a new sub.
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