How 1 Boat Just Caused a $400 Million an Hour Traffic Jam 

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2. april. 2021





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RealLifeLore 21 dag siden
Comment down below what your preferred method of blocking the Suez Canal in the future would be
Teh angry bird 345
Another Ever given
br 7 dager siden
Ace 7 dager siden
Sorry but, The ship is actually called the Evergreen not ever given. I Love The video though, make more call videos pls thanks.😘
bozza12 8 dager siden
dump a lot of glue in the canal
Camille Cirrus
Camille Cirrus 9 dager siden
Crash the moon into it.
Ali Murtaza
Ali Murtaza 11 timer siden
When u realise that global trade is dependent upon 1 canal Thank u mother nature and egypt for solving these problems 😁😊❤
guidedm 14 timer siden
The pilot in the evergreen : oh no so let me what something on netflix lol
imicca Dag siden
Canal actually belongs to British
kushmon Dag siden
WizardToby Dag siden
Ok. I'm curious what is up with Malaysia?!?!? their airline planes get shot down in Ukraine of all places, or get lost over the vast Indian Ocean and now a ship from their country blocked the Suez Canal.
spider jr
spider jr Dag siden
Meme funnie
Kavin 2 dager siden
hello halfasintersting
Hyboran 2 dager siden
I started using Skillshare thanks to you :). It's been a big help in bettering my photography skills :)
Liam Steff
Liam Steff 2 dager siden
In pretty sure we all know about this through memes
ldelgg h
ldelgg h 2 dager siden
I believe the sattelite map u used of egypt was kindda old
Aepokk Vulpex
Aepokk Vulpex 3 dager siden
Holding up $100,000 per SECOND
Aepokk Vulpex
Aepokk Vulpex 3 dager siden
Wait is the canal one way?
the white thing
the white thing 3 dager siden
So that's where my mcwhopper bundle went.....
C 3 dager siden
Yep. Buy domestic! Thanks for the videos!!! 🚢🚢🚢
African Twin
African Twin 3 dager siden
If every bulk carrier has to pay between 2 a 300.000 usd for passing this canal. Then i guess its a costly traffic jam.
AOB 4 dager siden
Those are some strong ass winds to blow a boat weighing that much sideways. Is that the real cause...?
Michael Ray DeSombre
Michael Ray DeSombre 4 dager siden
Is it just me or did he keep repeating himself over and over making around half the video redundant
roko fašen
roko fašen 4 dager siden
Imagine drawing a pp in the indian ocean then stoping the global trade by 14%
Ikcatcher 4 dager siden
Imagine being the crew of the Ever Given, expecting another average day of sailing, only to suddenly cause the biggest trade block in modern history
Napster2002 . aspx
Napster2002 . aspx 4 dager siden
Ship gets stuck in a canal. Railroad companies: S T O N K S
Sodiful E
Sodiful E 4 dager siden
Well I guess we have to find another way to Europe I changed india to europe :)
Quinn Do
Quinn Do 4 dager siden
I bet yall in about 20-30 years this will be in a fun facts book for kids in the future "Did you know, the biggest traffic jam of the 21st century was in 2021, a giant cargo ship got stuck in the Suez Canal, blocked almost 300 ships from both ends, cost $400,000,000 every hour passed!
Beeper The inquisitive
Weeks ago at school I learned about the shipwreck and on the same day I came back from school inside the studio it was weeks ago before this comment will be posted the ship wreck happened weeks ago before this comment will be posted
i Zetto
i Zetto 5 dager siden
12:51 hrvatskaa
Jacob Oofly
Jacob Oofly 6 dager siden
2:50 what the....
Dirty shirt Gaming
Dirty shirt Gaming 6 dager siden
Noah Walters
Noah Walters 6 dager siden
Why does stuff like this happen? JuSt MoVe Yo A$$ OuT oF tHe WaY.
Oz Turcan
Oz Turcan 6 dager siden
Nusrat Parveen
Nusrat Parveen 7 dager siden
Let’s block the Suez Canal again with Toyota Corollas!
Jsab Plays In The The Jsab Club /\/\/\
ah yes the memes
Faiz 1908
Faiz 1908 7 dager siden
It's happen before? DE JA VU !!!
Vitor Gouveia
Vitor Gouveia 7 dager siden
Hayden Y
Hayden Y 7 dager siden
I only found this because of memes.
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 7 dager siden
finally got bored in quarantine and decided to play a prank on the whole world.
CyberBot17. 7 dager siden
this is the most expensive XD moment I've ever seen
Lipoksen 8 dager siden
Eitan Rieger
Eitan Rieger 8 dager siden
Its kinda eye-opening when you realize that all one needs to shut down global capitalism and start a world revolution is 2 ships in 2 strategic places :)
Ally River
Ally River 8 dager siden
As soon as he said “a couple weeks ago” i thought But the vid was only posted one week ago
Eith W
Eith W 8 dager siden
Japanese did sabotage the ship
Farkle 8 dager siden
it's only been one week and it's in the lore
Steven Swapp
Steven Swapp 8 dager siden
Stuart Morrow
Stuart Morrow 9 dager siden
I don't see how rationing fuel is good in this situation compared to just having freedom of pricing ("price gouging").
Lyblaze _
Lyblaze _ 9 dager siden
I had a swimming pool coming then and it was on that canal so I haven’t got it yet lmao
Miedziany TV
Miedziany TV 9 dager siden
Well, I guess we'll have to find another way to India 🎵
Callum Northcott
Callum Northcott 9 dager siden
Its evergreen not evergiven
Kumi Nanida
Kumi Nanida 9 dager siden
so if you want to severely hurt the world you block this and the panama cannel off
Joseph Michaels
Joseph Michaels 9 dager siden
what is causing the increase in goods from china since corona started out?
Raghu Vamshi
Raghu Vamshi 10 dager siden
Sandstorm stopped it, Tides resumed it. Even Nature can make memes.
Akashdeep Saini
Akashdeep Saini 10 dager siden
Why does everyone keep saying everGIVEN... The ships name is everGREEN!!!
kolim jone
kolim jone 10 dager siden
Evergreen: stepbro im stuck 😩 Other ships: 😳
Gold Truck
Gold Truck 10 dager siden
It's not a boat. It's a ship.
J F 10 dager siden
Oh cool, now it's even harder to find an RTX 3070.
kolim jone
kolim jone 10 dager siden
Suez Red roadblock
MR. MAKO 10 dager siden
I thought it was called the evergreen
The One
The One 10 dager siden
Evangelion ship
The God King
The God King 10 dager siden
libertalia confirmed
Jojo_be 10 dager siden
What would happen if the whole world were to flood?
MyLifeInBinary 10 dager siden
Name says Evergreen, but guy says evergiven
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 10 dager siden
That ship reminds me a lot of my dog when I’m trying to walk literally anywhere
Nathan DeWald
Nathan DeWald 11 dager siden
Zero is a good idea for a second link but I don't have a lot to you in the world to support your type and you.
huxley fortnite
huxley fortnite 11 dager siden
Video idea. What if every country that bordered the equator united?
huxley fortnite
huxley fortnite 10 dager siden
@asioe kiou He is saying EverGiven but the name of the ship/company is Evergreen
asioe kiou
asioe kiou 10 dager siden
Is he saying EverGiven? The ship has EverGreen written on it? Which one is it?
Glauco Rocha
Glauco Rocha 11 dager siden
I'm getting the vibe that this wasn't an accident at all...
Daniella Grace
Daniella Grace 11 dager siden
Yall just make it a double decker canal like in ancient rome
Zo Lbz
Zo Lbz 11 dager siden
That’s what you get for being cheap and not creating an Additional channel along the WHOLE Trail and not just part of it
Steven Undisclosed
Steven Undisclosed 11 dager siden
This is why I don't trust female captains to pilot boats/vehicles/airplanes.
mtnrunner516 10 dager siden
The captain of the Ever Given is a man. I'm sorry, but any rumors about a female captain of the ship are fake news. Check your sources.
Asma Khan
Asma Khan 11 dager siden
Ca you make a video called if the persian empire reunited
Oleksii Yakubov
Oleksii Yakubov 11 dager siden
"THoutal cHHaos".. why are you speaking like this? It's so annoying
Eric B
Eric B 11 dager siden
Suez Red roadblock
Nemo D333
Nemo D333 11 dager siden
No matter how big ports and canals are build, shipping companies always ahead with size of their ships.
Hellacioushadzi 69
Hellacioushadzi 69 11 dager siden
is it not named Evergreen?
ahmed monther
ahmed monther 11 dager siden
Could you make a video about how the world would look like if there's one King Role the whole world
Isaak 12 dager siden
What’s wrong ? Why saying ENTHHHHHHHHHHHHHIRE ???
Jaden1_Plays 12 dager siden
Hey RealLifeLore can you do a what if the Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth Reunited Today? 🙏
Vladimir Drakinskiy
Vladimir Drakinskiy 12 dager siden
Can you make a video about Theia (the planet that hit Earth 4.5 billion years ago)?
CoreContent 12 dager siden
What are you doing there step-ship?
Travel Review
Travel Review 12 dager siden
Is he saying EverGiven? The ship has EverGreen written on it? Which one is it?
Norliah Tamby Chik
Norliah Tamby Chik 12 dager siden
South malaysia is Johor,Melacca
hen ko
hen ko 12 dager siden
People will be kicking themselves in few weeks if they miss the opportunity to buy and invest in Bitcoin as it's retracing....BE WISE
The Money Club
The Money Club 12 dager siden
We don't need any Chinese's products anyways.
Victor Mendoza
Victor Mendoza 12 dager siden
I’m a delivery driver (Door Dash) and in my area I have seen a significant increase of shipping trucks in my area, and when I mean significant I mean traffic has been horrible because our roads were not meant to handle this load of shipping trucks.
hen ko
hen ko 12 dager siden
*your graphics card has been shipped 'oh nice lets track the order' *last location: Suez Canal
codycast 12 dager siden
This sounds like a mistake a female captain would make
codycast 12 dager siden
The entire global economy? Or just Eu buying their plastic salve made goods from China?
Marc Paulse
Marc Paulse 12 dager siden
The way the narrator says "Su-ez Canal" eerks me 😵 it's one word lol, like Sue, and then with a Z. Suez! Lol, not SU-EZ.
Dan Dolin
Dan Dolin 12 dager siden
Man this is why my new keyboard has been on backorder for about two weeks now. Tough
Landscaper Garry
Landscaper Garry 12 dager siden
I say they should have blown up that ship.... that's what insurance is for.
Brock Hard
Brock Hard 12 dager siden
3:25 DR. EVIL from Austin Powers!!!
Steven Farnesi
Steven Farnesi 12 dager siden
Is it bad that I find this whole situation hilarious?
ThunderCracker the random seeker no one likes
This is why we need warp drives installed on to every commercial ship
D-PadDan 12 dager siden
All I’m saying is ISIS now have a perfect idea to mess up the western world😬😬
Mum R
Mum R 13 dager siden
You are great...I totally understood this news story!!!!!
Kristina Savic
Kristina Savic 13 dager siden
Basically, Mother Nature created this mess and fixed it too.
Ad IYIzKingCheetahPBxOWO AdamEyEz1GroRPspandaYTFAN
I can go 100m but 400m i try
Gado briel
Gado briel 13 dager siden
Onii-chan, I just got stucked in this canal 😳
Nitesh Upreti
Nitesh Upreti 13 dager siden
Make video about greater Nepal!!
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 13 dager siden
*your graphics card has been shipped 'oh nice lets track the order' *last location: Suez Canal
Oscarwood2005 13 dager siden
are we there yet no theres a freaking massive ship in the way
ThePigeonArmy _Official
The ships that was waiting in a traffic jam should of went around africa
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 13 dager siden
Rest in peace Prince Philip.
BZgA 13 dager siden
Nature always win. Humans are nothing.
Nineteen 84
Nineteen 84 13 dager siden
staged by the worlds elite who are child traffickers and every other evil act
Kamal Daou
Kamal Daou 13 dager siden
Arabs here living near it