Whiskey Blues | Best of Slow Blues/Rock #1 

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The finest Collection of guitar driven slow electric & ballads for a relaxing evening while having a quality drink. Enjoy! Tracklist:
00:00 Blues Delight - Slightly Hung Over - Album: amzn.to/31JfJIr
04:46 Gene Deer - Midnight Healing - Album: amzn.to/31HVv1O
12:30 Chris Bell - Cold-Hearted Woman - Album: amzn.to/2MbpPvd
17:50 Scott Holt - I've Got A Mind To Give Up Album: amzn.to/2M8SgtK
24:00 Bernard Allison - Help Me Through The Day - Album: amzn.to/2Qpd0mf
28:50 Luther Johnson - Lonesome in My Bedroom (Live) - Album: amzn.to/2Og4qU4
35:24 Gary B.B. Coleman - One Eyed Woman - Album: amzn.to/2NsEGV0
39:45 Aynsley Lister - Need Her So Bad - Album: amzn.to/31GVx9X

Whiskey Blues Playlist on Spotify: : sptfy.com/9m9C

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22. sep.. 2019





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Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes År siden
Enjoy this collection of some popular and not so popular guitar driven electric blues and blues rock tunes! You can check also the other 2 parts and my other blues playlists on Spotify and NOsections. nosections.info/first/PL2140A0411C65DD13.html ; 🥃Whiskey Blues Playlist - sptfy.com/WhiskeyBlues 🥃Don's Tunes Official Playlist - sptfy.com/DonsTunesOfficial 🥃Slow Blues Playlist - sptfy.com/SlowBlues 🥃New Blues Playlst - sptfy.com/NewBlues 🥃Dark Americana Playlist - sptfy.com/DarkAmericana
Evagli Merkuria
Evagli Merkuria 10 dager siden
@Adnan Osmanovic l
Evagli Merkuria
Evagli Merkuria 10 dager siden
@Jedy Gachoka by hypnosis
Khashkhuleg Enkhbaatar
Khashkhuleg Enkhbaatar 20 dager siden
@Altukhov Altukhov is
Khashkhuleg Enkhbaatar
Khashkhuleg Enkhbaatar 20 dager siden
@Altukhov Altukhov o
edgar joshua berrios vega
Rock City
Rock City 28 minutter siden
Didn't wait long. straight shot
Rock City
Rock City 30 minutter siden
I'm from Indonesia, let me listen to this beautiful song..
Gordon K
Gordon K Time siden
Just awesome
John Humeniuk
John Humeniuk Time siden
I’ve gone through so many genres of music over many years, from the 50s rock ‘n roll, the British Invasion, beach stuff, disco, early rock, heavy rock and metal (not into much), R&B/soul, blues (basic/electric), and incomprehensible rap etc of today. Heard lots, but only “whiskey blues” hits the heart!! It’s not about dancing… it’s all about feeling!!!
Игорь Коршиков
Альбина Романович
Это невероятно, это затягивает и несет куда-то в космос.Блюз _ это плач души , это радость сердца....
Kenneth Voller
Kenneth Voller 23 timer siden
Never really listened to the blues until my beautiful wife of 42 years passed away, and I really started listening and the blues are healing the pain.
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 22 timer siden
Stay strong my friend, the blues is the healer
spoonman6000 Dag siden
NOsections is whitewashing the blues
Elaine Muinhos
Elaine Muinhos Dag siden
The ads.. 🙄
Blanca Cravioto
Blanca Cravioto 2 dager siden
Sencillamente confortable!!
Joel Cugilana
Joel Cugilana 3 dager siden
🇦🇴 Angola sempre a representar as melhores 🌃
Jojhan Alza
Jojhan Alza 3 dager siden
Colombia also enjoys excellent music
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 3 dager siden
Greetings my friend...you sure do! Cheers!
Abraão cleto
Abraão cleto 4 dager siden
Essa é a música que meu filho vai crescer ouvindo.
Fatmi Jbara
Fatmi Jbara 4 dager siden
. من سيفهم ضجيج داخلك وأنت في أتم هدوئك🖤!.
Ahmed Jinan
Ahmed Jinan 4 dager siden
I never realised I had such a passion for Blues
К. Алла
К. Алла 5 dager siden
I like, I love, I am 100% protect You is so beautiful😇
Alexandre Joanest
Alexandre Joanest 5 dager siden
Thank you for this playlist 😊 i have a question ❓ The Guy on your photo profile is tommy angelo?
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 5 dager siden
It's Jon Hamm; ) Enjoy the music!
Anjan 5 dager siden
Having a peg rn. Who wants to join me.
K H 5 dager siden
Roger Whanderson mattos
Rico em detalhes espetacular
Roger Whanderson mattos
Abraço amigo
Dilara Bajramova
Dilara Bajramova 6 dager siden
Rodrigo Moreno Whitty
Rodrigo Moreno Whitty 6 dager siden
Âm Nhạc Giải Trí
bluse music listen to it over and over, there are beautiful and deep melodies all the time, feel that life gives us many good things, thank you for letting me enjoy great creative music, have fun, sincerely Thanks
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 6 dager siden
Enjoy my friend!
robscot971 7 dager siden
Tryimg to jam out. Every song got 20 minutes of ads. Stupid
Scoot Dimon
Scoot Dimon 7 dager siden
thanks, Don.
Mal Rodriguez
Mal Rodriguez 7 dager siden
I am there
iop erty
iop erty 8 dager siden
I'm trying to listed to blues for the first time. Sounds slightly inappropriate :) Thinking about Louis Armstrong playing piano in a brothel (that's what happened! or so I heard :/)
James Watters
James Watters 8 dager siden
smooth man smooth
Mike Quichca
Mike Quichca 8 dager siden
La heroína hecho música
John Cater
John Cater 8 dager siden
Thank you. Great playlist 🤗
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 8 dager siden
Jasper Moses
Jasper Moses 8 dager siden
i can smell whiskey and life
Jason 8 dager siden
Have to start smoking and drinking again to get fully into this chill vibe
John Bradley
John Bradley 9 dager siden
Absolute class 😎👌🏼🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿
jeff tuanowwvwvfwvwwwsvvwwvfwwg
Great music!
i think im i peaky fucking blinder now hahahaha
It's Fucking Lerry
It's Fucking Lerry 9 dager siden
9:59 Bill Hicks 🖤 R.I.P.
Marsha Tally-Flores
Marsha Tally-Flores 10 dager siden
I’ll b
Hey Its T
Hey Its T 10 dager siden
my teen ass discovering some good music genres
Lo Vee
Lo Vee 10 dager siden
Love this collection.Listening all the way in Fiji🇫🇯
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 10 dager siden
Enjoy my friend!
Ghetto Green Beret816
Ghetto Green Beret816 10 dager siden
Some codeine for the body promethazine for the feels and Mary Jane and blues for the soul double cuppeth-🥃❤️🤤💤
Mal Rodriguez
Mal Rodriguez 7 dager siden
@Caroline Mateo for f..kin real
Caroline Mateo
Caroline Mateo 7 dager siden
@Mal Rodriguez?
Mal Rodriguez
Mal Rodriguez 7 dager siden
Caroline Mateo
Caroline Mateo 8 dager siden
Sam 11 dager siden
Di superação
Di superação 12 dager siden
aos 37 anos não parei mas de ouvir e hj aos 39 anos em sampa só de boa musicas para meus ouvidos nesse momento montando meu setup com todas as peças na calma como uma arte no balanço Blues/Rock
Maria pia Borromeo
Maria pia Borromeo 12 dager siden
duacon toannang
duacon toannang 12 dager siden
Water blue....
Yudi Pratama
Yudi Pratama 12 dager siden
Enjoyed with double shoot of whiskey on the rock ohh yeeaah🥃
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 12 dager siden
V.I.P Dance
V.I.P Dance 12 dager siden
different countries, different persons, different hearts, different feelings but same music. edit: i actually didnt mean to ask where yall from but its ok keep writin edit: im turkish btw
sam schach
sam schach 6 dager siden
I'm from the third world, but blues really put me in your world
Susan Moran
Susan Moran 7 dager siden
We are all a united family in The Blues .
Wouter van ham
Wouter van ham 12 dager siden
1-2-3-4 you and me
Ника Коновалова
Супер блюз!
Ника Коновалова
Супер блюз!
Jason Peterson
Jason Peterson 13 dager siden
I found the Blues in the Navy, in the middle of the Persian Gulf. Sounds strait out of the soul, a man from the south playing it from the dish pit on an the USS Abraham Lincoln. Man that hits you in all the spots when your missing home.
Roy Pace
Roy Pace 10 dager siden
You got those blues. Bless the person that brough them to you. May it be forever.
Christopher White
Christopher White 13 dager siden
God will take of you, or receive you shortly. Great mix
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 13 dager siden
Enjoy man!
juan enrique cardenas melendez
Todo tiene su tiempo, el fondo de un sentimiento es el inicio de una nota
Helena Honorio
Helena Honorio 14 dager siden
Uau bom demais!
Taha Fiqi
Taha Fiqi 15 dager siden
welcome big boys 😎✌👍
Xie Man Gun
Xie Man Gun 15 dager siden
Thank u 4 these selections, Don..🔥🔥🔥..I love 'em all..❤️❤️❤️..💪💪💪..
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 15 dager siden
Enjoy my friend!
Yodarion 15 dager siden
I am just starting with blues and this is so good, thanks for this playlist
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 15 dager siden
Sta Ivan
Sta Ivan 15 dager siden
Δεν υπάρχουν λόγια!!! Απαιχτα κομμάτια
Serge Corbeil
Serge Corbeil 15 dager siden
Serge Corbeil
Serge Corbeil 15 dager siden
Relaxing_Musicale 16 dager siden
🎧👥💭THANKS ❤ 🌺 🎸📀🎤
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 16 dager siden
pro youtube
pro youtube 16 dager siden
Ulus Baker için✌️
Victor Kuznetsov
Victor Kuznetsov 16 dager siden
This blues compilation is really nice and cool. Gets straight into your soul ))
Ever G
Ever G 16 dager siden
Thank you for beautiful music... 🥃🥃🥃
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 16 dager siden
Keyla Graciela
Keyla Graciela 18 dager siden
Belíssima músicas. 🇧🇷
Hamza L
Hamza L 18 dager siden
It has been a rough year I lost 2 close relatives Lived in isolation while still in grief Failed my college year Struggling with anxiety and depression Blues calm me a bit
mar1111 16 dager siden
@Hamza L stay strong work hard & pray hard stranger .
Hamza L
Hamza L 16 dager siden
@mar1111 keep your head high you'll find better friends It's gonna get better at a certain point
mar1111 16 dager siden
I failed in school, i lost like 10 of friends , panic and anxiety are killing me but we are strong and we can pass this
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 18 dager siden
Stay strong my friend, good times will come
Bodybuilding Motivation Music
If you didn't have goosebumps when all the generations sang together then I wonder what material your skin is made of?
Cherrie Miller
Cherrie Miller 18 dager siden
Don't laugh, but I'm 51 and discovered a love of blues only a few years ago. I would search NOsections for hours looking for the songs that really called to me, made me close my eyes, sway my head, and feel the music. It's the mix of blues and rock that gets me every time. I wish I'd found this sooner. Glad to have a name for it finally, too. Whiskey Blues is perfect.
Cristopher Silva
Cristopher Silva 10 dager siden
Hi, I discovered the blues at 25 and I thought it took me a while. I regret not discovering this sooner, as a child.
Libertad Justicia
Libertad Justicia 16 dager siden
I found so amazing this músic at the movies but no radio Broadcast to listen It. But this is great that I can get at NOsections exactly the música i love. I am 71 y.o. and nourrising my Spirit with It.
Charles Magalhaes
Charles Magalhaes 17 dager siden
Don't blame yourself, I fill the same and I'm 48 mate. I just realized that I feelings for blues.
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 18 dager siden
It's never too late to discover beautiful music! Enjoy my friend!
Moh Hameed
Moh Hameed 18 dager siden
So this song is just the perfect fit for you 😉
mario torres
mario torres 18 dager siden
Beautiful video amazing playlist. Gorgeous girls
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 18 dager siden
Enjoy Mario!
Serg shniagen
Serg shniagen 19 dager siden
Дуже гарна композиція.Слава Україні!
Victor Kuznetsov
Victor Kuznetsov 16 dager siden
Yeah, track is really nice ... nothin he sings about Ukraine though ))
Cauã Henrique
Cauã Henrique 19 dager siden
I love this playlist, thanks for all the moments these songs inspired me.
David Wolbeck
David Wolbeck 7 dager siden
Yeah you're right, some inspirational stuff can be found in here, let me make that very clear! I'm a gun for hire, Mr. McGuire, on fire! And I ain't no liar, either ok, no-siree-Bob, I'm the real McCob! This blues music compilation is one hell of a real big DOOZY! And that's the God's honest truezy! And that's all I gotta say to youzy, gotta cruiszy! Bye bye now, and don't do anything I wouldn't doozie! You take good care yourself now alright! Tou-tou-louzie!
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 18 dager siden
Enjoy my friend!
PH Rodrigues
PH Rodrigues 19 dager siden
Ahsan Ibne kabir
Ahsan Ibne kabir 19 dager siden
Relaxing me. Thanks.
Александр Майко
уау. фантастическая подборка!!! Ок!Ок!Ок!
Владислав. Б.
Jorge Víctor Cruz Cazares
Great Job !! Thanks
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 20 dager siden
Enjoy Jorge!
Bright Light
Bright Light 20 dager siden
Oo wowww
Dedi Mulyadi
Dedi Mulyadi 20 dager siden
Alus pisan
joanna rossa
joanna rossa 20 dager siden
Kocham bluesa.............
Marcilio Felix
Marcilio Felix 21 dag siden
só eu de brazuca aqui ?? nao sei como achei, mas e muito bom...
Marcilio Felix
Marcilio Felix 14 dager siden
@José Augusto MKT depois que comentei vi que tem mais uma galera ai pra baixo nos coments kkk
Marcilio Felix
Marcilio Felix 14 dager siden
@Guima uahsuahs, nao tinha visto nenhum brasileiro nos comentarios ... agora vi que tem alguns kkk
José Augusto MKT
José Augusto MKT 16 dager siden
Agora somos 2.kkkkkk
Guima 19 dager siden
Sim mano, você é o único, parabéns.
Alexander 21 dag siden
Real goosebums no cheating allowed in this Area
A. ARSLAN 21 dag siden
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 21 dag siden
Enjoy man!
Stefano Sabino
Stefano Sabino 21 dag siden
Grazie per la bella musica che condividi Don
Insomnia 21 dag siden
Lately all I'm feelin is Blues, Blues and Blues. My ears actin up 🤤 Should do a devils blues mix
Going fishing! with The Bayou Meskin
Fishing music
Neil Tourle
Neil Tourle 23 dager siden
Silly boy
Lara Corrêa Martins
Lara Corrêa Martins 23 dager siden
Minha playlist pra transar❤️
Negron Bella
Negron Bella 23 dager siden
Love it
Negron Bella
Negron Bella 23 dager siden
So true
FTS Heuchler
FTS Heuchler 24 dager siden
Big love for this Music.
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 23 dager siden
Keifus Mathews
Keifus Mathews 24 dager siden
This is my theme music for making love to my baby, Tricia Roberts..I'll be lying if I said it wasn't true~
Κελλυ Κ.
Κελλυ Κ. 24 dager siden
Yes!!!! That's music!!! Thank you so much!!!!
Don's Tunes
Don's Tunes 24 dager siden
Artt Rguez
Artt Rguez 24 dager siden
La pura sabrosura.
Azmach Gobena
Azmach Gobena 24 dager siden
Blues touch one's soul . I feel peaceful and full of love when I'm listening to blue music.
Stephanie McLean
Stephanie McLean 24 dager siden
Oh yes that's what I've been looking for!!!! Happy 4th of July Everybody!
Хуршед Ахмедов
I'm enjoyed very well ohhh yeah🔥🔥👏
Žan Perić
Žan Perić 25 dager siden
Its great amazing I listen that when i am blue and than i become light
Leonel Cervantes
Leonel Cervantes 25 dager siden
Zakaria 25 dager siden
god verdoeme cheers 🥂🥂
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