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Drilling His Sneakers To The Table



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16. juli. 2021





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Callum Maclean
Callum Maclean 8 minutter siden
Drug bag on the table 😁
Urmas Slow
Urmas Slow 24 minutter siden
Should've pulled the soles and reinserted and cut the screws from bottom of table.
Matt Krade
Matt Krade 56 minutter siden
Imagine drilling holes in yeezys
blackman323 Time siden
What sort of lesson is literally screwing someone else's shoes to a table after they left them bro. I'm smack the shit out of him. Unless the lesson was that you was going to buy him a new pair of Yeezys lmao
Andrew Barclay
Andrew Barclay 3 timer siden
I did that to a guys work boots on a building site 🤣🤣 watching him trying to get his boots off the floor was hilarious 😂😂
iaketano 3 timer siden
What a usless "real" prank
tylor anderson
tylor anderson 3 timer siden
When the shoe is better than the table, you've wasted your money on the table
Emma Heim
Emma Heim 3 timer siden
He probably should NOT have done that in expensive shoes
Fat guy on a little bike
Its cool the world is into American fashion so much
Alex Blair
Alex Blair 6 timer siden
Literally has probably never used a drill before the way he tore up those screw heads.
Thomas D
Thomas D 6 timer siden
Not funny or creative
Wheelchair Slayer
Wheelchair Slayer 6 timer siden
30+ and dressing like a fresh in his first day of high school
Jacob Hill
Jacob Hill 9 timer siden
Funny how they had to go by a drill from Walmart
Caleb Mykal
Caleb Mykal 9 timer siden
He sure was fuming. I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone fume in such an intense fashion.
ɧı 12 timer siden
Who tf wears shoes INSIDE their house??
teejworld 12 timer siden
Not the yeezes bruv sure he had some reebok classics about
The Boss
The Boss 13 timer siden
Dirk Haar
Dirk Haar 14 timer siden
How not to use a drill... drrrdrrrdrrrr
pHuK Gamer
pHuK Gamer 15 timer siden
The bad luck is when you put NEW trainers on a table
V Nezyro
V Nezyro 17 timer siden
What sort of Neanderthal puts shoes on a table
William Stewart
William Stewart 19 timer siden
Lol imma teach him a lesson, drills holes in table
Yi Shang
Yi Shang 20 timer siden
ugly ass shoes
Lucas Hitotuzi
Lucas Hitotuzi 20 timer siden
Um tênis desse é caro demais😭😭😭
kolim jone
kolim jone 21 time siden
You damaged his shoes and the table, of course he’s gonna be mad
SPaDE-513 22 timer siden
I mean I guess that was funny? Is that what they were doing? A funny?
Anthony Dubose
Anthony Dubose Dag siden
Just wait till it rains.
A whole lot of nothing
It's not bad luck. Its fucking nasty. Get those shit covered clodhoppers off the table
Phuck YouTube
Phuck YouTube Dag siden
Why do you think it's okay to wear your shoes inside? do you like to drag random faeces off the street into your home?
Ian Johnston
Ian Johnston Dag siden
Just saying they weren’t waterproof in the first place
R T Walker
R T Walker Dag siden
Tell us you don't know how to use a drill, without telling us you don't know how to use a drill...
Tim abel
Tim abel Dag siden
Next time lift up the insole screw put insole back. Will baffle him for longer.
Harold Williams
Harold Williams 2 dager siden
He was not fuming 😂
ITsJustPain 2 dager siden
Daaaam... y'all got $$ and decided to drink it away?? I been there.... It ain't worth it. I wasted 15k guys. Alcohol isn't worth it😔
Void soul
Void soul 2 dager siden
cool, vandalism
Old Tree
Old Tree 2 dager siden
What waste of resources
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Dag siden
Who tf puts there shoes on a table
Emily An
Emily An 3 dager siden
Apparently it doesn’t take much to entertain these guys
Morgan Stromberg
Morgan Stromberg 3 dager siden
Tell me your rich without telling me your rich
ORBEARACER 3 dager siden
A table made of paper like everything else in this country.
William Fowler
William Fowler 3 dager siden
Apparently it doesn’t take much to entertain these guys
Николай Маргвелашвили
Баба бы убила за такое, а он надел и пошёл !!! И снова будет класть туфли на стол ибо нагибаются только рабы))))
Emily An
Emily An 3 dager siden
Arvind Dhiman
Arvind Dhiman 3 dager siden
Thanos was right
flateric67 3 dager siden
It's the table i feel sorry for...minding its own business, just being a table...and then some idiot decides to drill holes...
bodoti qwiu
bodoti qwiu 3 dager siden
The classic flow
Nikola Okonesh
Nikola Okonesh 3 dager siden
Ноги на стол, американцы, пиздец
Alejandro Ortiz
Alejandro Ortiz 3 dager siden
Malinda Lyas
Malinda Lyas 4 dager siden
People really just be paying for names because these are some of the ugliest fucking shoes in existence. The outside looks older than I do but the inserts say otherwise. I'd probably wear some bullshit like this to repaint the kitchen or feed the dogs in.
shito shito
shito shito 4 dager siden
Matt Ferrigno
Matt Ferrigno 4 dager siden
What a POS drill your using... did you see how much pressure he had to put 🤣... amazon special I see 🤣
Maxx 4 dager siden
Who tf puts there shoes on a table
A random F
A random F 4 dager siden
Tutorial:how to get brain cancer
Charming nowhere to hide
First time I've ever seen a table made out of Rice Krispie Treats.
خضر خضر
خضر خضر 4 dager siden
Irfan zulkarnain
Irfan zulkarnain 4 dager siden
The dummy youtuber ever😍
Dark Insanity
Dark Insanity 4 dager siden
If that happened To me I would of first look inside my shoes and under the table to see why basic shit man 🙎🏼‍♂️
popsicle_kun 4 dager siden
What kind of shoes are they
Charming nowhere to hide
Those cheap Chinese shoes were somehow stronger than the cheap Swedish table. Hahaha wtf
I’m over here
I’m over here 4 dager siden
You’re probably better off using super glue. Much easier for a man of you skill level.
Randy DeTarr
Randy DeTarr 4 dager siden
Why don't you guys get a real job
Aaron Petrovich
Aaron Petrovich 4 dager siden
Whether this is real or fake way to ruin a perfectly good pair of Yeezys. You guys are truly the definition of why our youth is becoming more and more retarded. I hope you guys can grow up and stop being douchebags but I know that's asking to much.
BatSlayer2448 4 dager siden
“So how fake?” “Yes”
Siena Novela
Siena Novela 4 dager siden
Everyone : WHY WOULD YOU SCREW SHOES TO A TABLE Me : the poor table :(
ZaveoK 4 dager siden
On eBay: “Deadstock”
Julian Martinez
Julian Martinez 5 dager siden
Yea. Drilling is making holes. You screwed the shoes using a drill. Smh
solui 5 dager siden
why tho
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 5 dager siden
You damaged his shoes and the table, of course he’s gonna be mad
Matt B
Matt B 5 dager siden
Hart? Drill to screw? Wheres ya impact buddy. Gtfo hereee
Dr. donna Walter
Dr. donna Walter 5 dager siden
Running shoes are not inexpensive and those looked pretty new too...ack!
Dangiel Frauk
Dangiel Frauk 5 dager siden
Those cheap Chinese shoes were somehow stronger than the cheap Swedish table. Hahaha wtf
Gab !
Gab ! 5 dager siden
Who tf wears shoes at home ??
bofooit gojo
bofooit gojo 5 dager siden
this is f**** genius😭👍🏾
Kashif Butt
Kashif Butt 5 dager siden
Ice cream 🍦 and my mom are you
William Degener
William Degener 5 dager siden
Give your wife's boyfriend back his drill
Ares Snow
Ares Snow 5 dager siden
Idc about the joke tf was with that screw
Mac11 11
Mac11 11 5 dager siden
Not the 500’s tho
Victor Soria
Victor Soria 5 dager siden
Queenbee Hines
Queenbee Hines 5 dager siden
Notice they were some yeezys
C. M
C. M 5 dager siden
Can tell these guys are rookies with mac allister tools 🤢
William Propsma
William Propsma 6 dager siden
I don’t expect less from people who use Hart tools 😭
Senpai Doge
Senpai Doge 6 dager siden
1000$ Balenciagas! With Payless Shoe Design
Alexandrea Compton
Alexandrea Compton 6 dager siden
If only he took out the padding first too
Rekoster 6 dager siden
Where this world is going?
GOTH4M CITY INC 6 dager siden
this is f****** genius😭👍🏾
Matthew Sheppard
Matthew Sheppard 6 dager siden
Should have taken the soles out and used shorter screws bro instead of making a bs video
J Price
J Price 6 dager siden
Next time take the insoles out
Jerry Rivera
Jerry Rivera 6 dager siden
This dude really ripped them off the table just to unscrew them
gaben newell
gaben newell 6 dager siden
This is the type of shoe my mum would love to use when I misbehave
Sakari Pokkinen
Sakari Pokkinen 6 dager siden
What about the table idiot!!!
Daniel Decker
Daniel Decker 6 dager siden
I hope you didn't take much for that shity table he just pulled out 3 inch screws
katvloom 6 dager siden
On this episode of ruining 2 things at once...today we have the table and shoes. ( I mean the table isn't like demolished but there's fuckin holes in it )
Revenge 6 dager siden
Wasting tables😂
Zachary Reynolds
Zachary Reynolds 6 dager siden
Doesn't know how to use a drill. Hope their fully stripped and you can't remove them
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio 6 dager siden
Is no one going to talk about how he is ruining the screwdriver bits
NightWolf 6 dager siden
Ugly shoes anyway
Dean Alfonso
Dean Alfonso 6 dager siden
Why people be wearing shoes in the house anyway? 😑
VED 6 dager siden
It's all fun and game until he step on 💩
Juan Carlos Calderon Castro
Que clase de imbeciles amigos
Rvve Duio
Rvve Duio 6 dager siden
"HE WAS FUMING" Him actually: *doesn't fucking react *
Kevin M
Kevin M 6 dager siden
Those shoes looks ugly anyways.
meck 6 dager siden
Bruh those shoes ain’t cheap
PS PS 6 dager siden
Mike Smith
Mike Smith 6 dager siden
Come drill me look how cute this man is 😳
otogigamer 6 dager siden
Wouldn't it be better if you took off your shoes and not wear your shoes around the house
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