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From Mel Giedroyc visiting a Baby Gap, to Rhod Gilbert tying up Little Alex Horne, we take a look at all the contestants who absolutely understood the assignment.


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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.

Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.



17. juli. 2021





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Rhys Griffin
Rhys Griffin 3 timer siden
Anyone wanna buy some pills
Sunayama 10 timer siden
NOsections recommended this to me, and I've never heard of it. My best guess is that this is a game where two hosts wait for a random bystander to read a task and attempt it. Once they begin the attempt, they're recruited into the game show. Doesn't matter if I'm right or wrong. This was fun to watch and I want more.
Eamon Ahern
Eamon Ahern 13 timer siden
The one with the yoga mat on top of the hill was genius by Richard.
Will H Abbot
Will H Abbot 13 timer siden
*spoilers* The Smallest Gap was brilliant. I thought.. is that the smallest gap store in the world, surely not.. but, being baby gap, smallest type of gap store, that just makes it genius.
mott 13 timer siden
I am much too stoned, what the fuck is this
Nebulister 15 timer siden
The last one was kinda bs. "On the top of that hill" yea sure... The title of this video is "Contestants Who Understood The Assignment" and he obviously didn't understand the challenge.
SniffersMc 18 timer siden
Am I the only one that's never seen this and is disappointed? I thought of all of these appart from the gap one and that was just dumb. I was expecting more
Salzmann 18 timer siden
the ammount of tasks you could exceedingly solve just by using good duct tape is astonishing xD
Clash Bluelight
Clash Bluelight 19 timer siden
this is amazing. i might set up something similar for my family.
Mason Conrad
Mason Conrad 20 timer siden
Benny Harvey RIP I'll miss ya big guy, GBNF
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 20 timer siden
Taskmaster? More like Loophole master haha
Kris _abyss
Kris _abyss 23 timer siden
She's ctually genius
david barnett
david barnett Dag siden
Russel is funny as all hell
Jay Tee Wet
Jay Tee Wet Dag siden
The noise during the basketball scene is terrible, anti ASMR.
kevin day
kevin day Dag siden
i want to be on this show so bad.
Blank Clips
Blank Clips Dag siden
When she went to the baby gap… perfection.
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Dag siden
Rhod Gilbert tying up Alex is the greatest solution to a task and perfectly sums up Rhod's approach to Taskmaster
Ethan de la Cruz
I like this video. ANOTHER.
Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker Dag siden
5:19 is that the guy from the mighty boosh
Blue._.ukulele 2 dager siden
Just take the hard bit of the challenge and change it and you win. 😂
Blue._.ukulele 2 dager siden
I love this 😂😂😂
seeni gzty
seeni gzty Dag siden
"Oooh I can't see the colors!" XD
georgemln 2 dager siden
to be fair the last task specifies the location of the mat therefore changing the position of the mat would be breaking the rules
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Dag siden
@georgemln The rules as far as meaning are concerned are about grammar and sementics. The meaning of the rules have to be defined, unquestionably, in the envelope provided to contestants. Since the rules do not state unquestionably (that is with certain grammatical clarity) that the balls must be placed at the top of the hill, then the rule cannot hold.
georgemln Dag siden
@Andy Smith you haven't countered mine either,also the one u said about the drawer, is not a good argument for a second,reason besides being "advice instead of rule"that u don't seem to understand.its also impossible to teleport inside the drawer.when your teacher tells you to be in an conference at 9 a.m at your university,u have to go to your university it's part of the obligation of the whole sentence,just because it doesn't have and in the sentence doesn't mean it's not obligated and it's just for "locating something"
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Dag siden
@georgemln yeah, it's an argument you haven't countered. I don't need more.
georgemln Dag siden
@Andy Smith lol NC argument,u keep mentioning the same argument,come up with more If u want me to continue the conversation,I just feel like there are many ways of reading between the lines when things are not completely specified therefore it's fine to disagree,now if u think u are 100% right go converse with a wall
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Dag siden
@georgemln if you can't counter my point, then sure.
Peanut - INTP
Peanut - INTP 2 dager siden
Oh, I would have won 4/4 of these (discounting the ball on tradmill as it was shown earlier). Thought I'd have been wrong with "The Gap", it was all that came to mind, but seemed too far fetched (I don't know the show). Not being well connected to the physical world has many drawbacks, but the positives are often fun. :)
Munchkin of Pern
Munchkin of Pern 2 dager siden
See, for painting the rainbow I would have just pulled out my phone and turned on it’s flashlight feature…
Scott Fillinger 40k
Scott Fillinger 40k 2 dager siden
These are werid tasks. Expected like am escape room or something
Dragon Relm
Dragon Relm 2 dager siden
This game is about being a smart ass
John Anderson
John Anderson 2 dager siden
I won a contest that was to "put 5 balls into a small container without going past a barricade" so I moved the barricade. I have also won bets (that I did not collect) by saying "I bet I can toss this (Ball of paper) into that trash bin...." that was far away... they take the bet and I walk over to it and drop it it.
MackisLife 2 dager siden
Taskmaster? More like Loophole master haha
AUS Grizzly
AUS Grizzly 2 dager siden
Always wondered... With the Yogaballs one... If they like.... Popped the Balls... Would that be fine? Like can they destroy the props???
J Dag siden
@AUS Grizzly Yeah, I was thinking the same thing until they read that line. Just deflate them all and run up the hill, though deflating may take longer. cut them if you have a knife on you maybe.
AUS Grizzly
AUS Grizzly Dag siden
@J was it? Must have missed that.
J Dag siden
One of the rules was "fully inflated"
E 2 dager siden
Eric Schroeder
Eric Schroeder 2 dager siden
Can’t fit a camel through the eye of a needle. Surprised no one else picked up on this idiom.
Lord Tachanka
Lord Tachanka 3 dager siden
“Contestants who love or hate Alex” would be a great one
Emery Krulish
Emery Krulish 3 dager siden
What a title lmao
Jason Tan
Jason Tan 3 dager siden
*Puts Alex in a dehydrator*
S0T5î Ranger
S0T5î Ranger 3 dager siden
"Oooh I can't see the colors!" XD
Bruh 3 dager siden
Would've gotten all of these except the gap one. I had no idea that the "baby gap" thing even existed. I would've chosen a more... Violent approach...
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 dager siden
Inbetweeners have ruined Greg for me. When he was looking through clear plastic I expected him to yell "Mckenzie!"
CrazeBanana *〰*
CrazeBanana *〰* 3 dager siden
I Actually thought of the yoga mat one
Hannah L
Hannah L 3 dager siden
i havent seen this but id be so dissapointed if it doesn't include the 'don't blink' challenge where NOBODY THOUGHT TO JUST CLOSE THEIR EYES
niduoe stre
niduoe stre 3 dager siden
This show is just a huge case of "if it's stupid but it works, it ain't stupid"
Sam Wh
Sam Wh 3 dager siden
How does Joe always come back with the perfect response? 😄
WaterYaDune 3 dager siden
ah fuck, guess it’s time to binge clips of british tv shows again
Lindsie Ambrose
Lindsie Ambrose 3 dager siden
JESUS LOVES YALL 💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕💗💓💘💖❤💕💗💓
Mickky Jay
Mickky Jay 3 dager siden
What do u think about this: Task says whoever alex takes to untie the slowest wins. What if they didn’t tie themselves up in the first place. Then they could never be untied therefore Alrx wouldn’t have been able to do what was needed. Would’ve been nice to see someone do that. But I guess they would have said, but that means u are released so a time of 0 seconds would’ve been awarded.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Dag siden
One of the rules was that you tied yourself up tho.
Roy Slapped
Roy Slapped 4 dager siden
The mighty boosh. I'm old greg!
Steve Nick's
Steve Nick's 4 dager siden
We are lucky Rhod Gilbert decided to take a go at comedy and not world domination.
Kamuka1024 4 dager siden
Why couldn't Alex just ask the cameraman to untie him when Rhod was done?
A.J. Steinman
A.J. Steinman 4 dager siden
So was the "tie yourself up as securely as possible" part of the scenario rules of no consequence? Just fluff?
A.J. Steinman
A.J. Steinman Dag siden
Yes, but by no standard of "as securely as possible," which was the crux of my point.
Bellsab 2 dager siden
He had a rope around his wrists, thats being tied up!
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 dager siden
The task where they have to tie themselves up and that look of realization when the siren goes? Comedy gold
apple juice
apple juice 4 dager siden
6:20 I would have tried to duct rape the ball to the front XD
Varr James
Varr James 4 dager siden
bowen voowy
bowen voowy 4 dager siden
Rhod Gilbert: the best to ever play the game. Bar none.
hang da clown
hang da clown 5 dager siden
0:22 Hubert Cumberdale, is that you?!
MoMo 5 dager siden
this vdeo was realesed on my bday
Jessica Zhi
Jessica Zhi 5 dager siden
I would've popped the yoga balls.
Jessica Zhi
Jessica Zhi Dag siden
@Andy Smith Ah, I watch at 2.5x speed to save time and then faulty memory does the rest of the damage.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith Dag siden
"fully inflated" was one of the rules.
bazukawars 5 dager siden
on the last task it says at the end, "the task is complete when all 3 balls sit fully inflated and stationary on the mat." so Richard was right.
M4XC4V413R4 5 dager siden
This show is just a huge case of "if it's stupid but it works, it ain't stupid"
pyro master alex
I think its more of "how much of a smartass can you be?"
WK Bacon
WK Bacon 5 dager siden
16:21 How I would’ve completed the task: Ask Alex if he has a ball pump, if not go shopping, find one and come back, deflate the balls, carry them up the hill, and inflate them on the mat.
re el gesh
re el gesh 5 dager siden
that's what i thought was gonna happen
Modern Assassin
Modern Assassin 5 dager siden
I'm only watching this cause NOsections recommended it and i don't understand the title...
Aaron Hicks
Aaron Hicks 5 dager siden
How about tasks where the answer was right in front of the contestants
SingenStatt Atmen
SingenStatt Atmen 3 dager siden
That video already exists.
Cicero 5 dager siden
0:01 dude looks like an elf from skyrim
Bill Bauer
Bill Bauer 5 dager siden
I haven't been aware of this show until watching this clip just now. How typical are the solutions that were presented in this clip? Were these the only times when the contestants thought outside the box? In other words, if I loved this clip, is it likely that I will like watching this show?
Bill Bauer
Bill Bauer 4 dager siden
@chloe megan Thank you. I have got to check it out!
chloe megan
chloe megan 4 dager siden
also the side by side of people messing it up and the people like this video doing it perfectly makes it better lol
chloe megan
chloe megan 4 dager siden
more than just the people in this video have done tasks in this way, i think you’ll enjoy the show with or without out of the box thinking as it’s always entertaining
foopyu nooui
foopyu nooui 6 dager siden
Rhod Gilbert is absolutely wasted in comedy, with lateral thinking like that, he would have made a hell of a good smuggler...
James M
James M 6 dager siden
how similar is unplugging the hose before the shower versus just unplugging the running machine before the task?
Erulian 6 dager siden
For that yoga ball on hill task, I've always thought you'd just have to deflate the balls and carry them up there. Alternatively, if the balls aren't saggy enough, I'd elicit some help and carry them up there.
Anthony G
Anthony G 6 dager siden
sannio komi
sannio komi 6 dager siden
Rhod Gilbert: the best to ever play the game. Bar none.
Crimson Shadows
Crimson Shadows 6 dager siden
Inbetweeners have ruined Greg for me. When he was looking through clear plastic I expected him to yell "Mckenzie!"
Mr Rogers
Mr Rogers 6 dager siden
Tim Vine puns | Taskmaster
HowlingArmadillo 6 dager siden
Never heard of this show in my life before this showed up in my recommended videos tonight and I feel cheated that it didn't happen sooner.
sannio komi
sannio komi 6 dager siden
Scraping the barrel for entertainment this
Getting cocky with those no skip ads every couple of minutes eh 🤨
SierraRomeoRomeo 5 dager siden
What ads?
El Guapa
El Guapa 6 dager siden
Isn't the plug a part of the running machine?
chding zuure
chding zuure 6 dager siden
just the deadpan "im coming now"
B McK 6 dager siden
They have no clue how to tie a basic knot
SierraRomeoRomeo 5 dager siden
Justin W
Justin W 6 dager siden
A comma would have clarified the yoga mat challenge: Place these 3 exercise balls on top of the yoga mat, on top of the hill.
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 5 dager siden
I still think that's ambiguous. Changing the word order would have done it. "Place these 3 exercise balls on the top of the hill on the yoga mat."
hellwroughtangel 6 dager siden
Making the ice disappear by throwing it in the river was brilliant and should have been in here lol.
Eter Puralis
Eter Puralis 6 dager siden
See now, i would have just gotten a knife (or preferably a knitting needle), broken the ball, and put it on the handles with the knife (or knitting needle). Sitting like that looks exhausting.
RipleySawzen 7 dager siden
As clever as these are, if all anyone ever did was cheat the system, the show would be far less enjoyable. I hope they got zero points.
Lennon Wu MASJIKAL 7 dager siden
So this in another video with the same 10 clips we've regurgitated the past year ? Just in another order, for this channel to get some more ad revenue ?
mijuo roui
mijuo roui 7 dager siden
Rhod Gilbert: the best to ever play the game. Bar none.
Harvey Hodgson
Harvey Hodgson 6 dager siden
He was very average at the game I thought. Hugh Dennis was the master at the actual tasks but was terrible at the prize tasks
Wild,Giants,Mets 7 dager siden
richard didnt understand it unusually i would have done the same thing
Runar Andersen
Runar Andersen 7 dager siden
This is just brilliant.
Mutt Lee
Mutt Lee 7 dager siden
Scraping the barrel for entertainment this
SierraRomeoRomeo 5 dager siden
So why are you here then? Too stupid to not watch or just a sad little troll? Both?
Mathew Miller
Mathew Miller 7 dager siden
“Would you like something for lunch?” “Yes please, something sharp” Should have brought him some slices of sharp cheddar cheese
Úna Parkinson
Úna Parkinson 7 dager siden
"I'll get you" is an underrated quote from the tie-yourself-up task
Andraca The Duck King
Andraca The Duck King 7 dager siden
richard osman and the yoga mat changed the entire show forever. no hyperbole
c0mputer 7 dager siden
I wish for every task they had someone from the crew or something complete the task in the MOST clever way possible. That is if one of the contestants hadn't already done it that way.
Andarer 7 dager siden
So, this may be because I'm not an English native, but why did the first one work? The task was to tie themselves but he tied the conductor, what's the workaround to make it be valid? Or is it because his tying was so "secure" that the conductor couldn't untie him... because the conductor couldn't move?
Olivia Daly
Olivia Daly 7 dager siden
I think it was the 2nd part. Alex was tied up so well he couldn’t untie Rhod and that task was to take the longest to be untied. Rhod eventually untied himself I presume
timtimzi 7 dager siden
4:04 is that f1 driver George Russell?
Jonathan Reyes
Jonathan Reyes 5 dager siden
I don't think James Acaster looks anything like an F1 driver.
Tim Portantno
Tim Portantno 7 dager siden
What compilation will the 666K subs gets?
Juanito Montes
Juanito Montes 7 dager siden
Sidemen Taskmaster coming soon.
Paloma Niem
Paloma Niem 7 dager siden
The person who decided the tittle understood the assignment
KoRed 8 dager siden
I love that the sled in the shed is called "Rosenknopp"
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 8 dager siden
you gotta love when Hugh Dennis absolutely aces a task
Geoffrey Okrongly
Geoffrey Okrongly 8 dager siden
“The task is complete when all three balls sit inflated, and stationary, on the yoga mat.” Nothing about being on top of the hill to win. Good on him.
SpaceBug 3 dager siden
@1ProAssassin yeah, I remember watching it and my first thought being "just bring the yoga mat down" because I am a stubborn pedant, also known as a smartass prick, who is incapable of thinking inside the box when I could go around it
1ProAssassin 7 dager siden
They edited it and accidentally cut off the “The task is complete when all three balls sit inflated, and stationary, on the yoga mat on top of the hill.” They say the exact phrasing at 17:51. The solution is still technically correct if u consider that the phrase "yoga mat on top of the hill" is only to point out the location of the yoga mat instead of the destination of the task.
JEB THE GOD EMPEROR 8 dager siden
I thought someone was gonna cut open the Camel and remove the stuffing so it could fit through a thin gap.
Almighty Kellus
Almighty Kellus 4 dager siden
Other than Lolly, the rest of the contestants that had that task did do that. I think one of them even put parts of the camel in a blender.
Keb8907 8 dager siden
Not sure how I ended up here but now I have something to binge watch
Keb8907 8 dager siden
@gtoss chddy just watched the first two episodes and that's not actually true to the show as a whole. This was a very specific video.
gtoss chddy
gtoss chddy 8 dager siden
all the tasks are just "bring 'X' to 'Y' without touching 'Z'
mitre hj
mitre hj 8 dager siden
The gap one is sketchy.
john taphouse
john taphouse 8 dager siden
she didnt get the camel "through the gap", she took it in then out of the gap, school girl mistake, disqualified, shoulda asked to use the back door, silly mare
Doc Acher
Doc Acher 8 dager siden
I loved Mel's "Baby Gap" solution! Such great lateral thinking!
Doc Acher
Doc Acher 8 dager siden
Rhod is a genius
WarpRulez 8 dager siden
This is supposed to be funny somehow?
WarpRulez 5 dager siden
@SierraRomeoRomeo And how exactly am I a troll? I'm expressing my honest opinion. Does my opinion differing from yours make me a "troll"? How does that work? What's your definition of "troll"? Is it "everybody who has a different opinion from mine"?
SierraRomeoRomeo 5 dager siden
No, it's supposed to lure pathetic little trolls into the comments section. It works like a charm!
Olivia Daly
Olivia Daly 7 dager siden
In context with the rest of the show can be hilarious It is bafta winning
lior yunfh
lior yunfh 8 dager siden
"get THIS camel...get THIS camel...GET this camel through the small---GET this camel through the smallest gap" lol
Will Hobson
Will Hobson 2 dager siden
@Trae McPherson think you’re over complicating it a bit there mate
Trae McPherson
Trae McPherson 4 dager siden
See, on that task. I would have wondered if “this camel” would have referred to the word on the paper. Cut out “this camel” and then go find a train or subway, and put it in the gap.
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