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17. feb.. 2021





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Tweason Videos
Tweason Videos 28 minutter siden
13:20 when David talks about her liking nerdy guys. So cute lol
Tweason Videos
Tweason Videos 31 minutt siden
"No I do madison look at me" Aweee
Landry Rugira
Landry Rugira 35 minutter siden
Bro he def smashed that night after the fma
Tweason Videos
Tweason Videos 42 minutter siden
At first I was like they would never look cute together but right when they started talking they have a cute relationship
Patrick Howard
Patrick Howard 45 minutter siden
Hahaha support the work there putting in I'll be back to you soon enjoy
Spencer Ochshorn
Spencer Ochshorn 48 minutter siden
"What a blue balling experience" by far a top Jason Nash quote
Elaina Klein
Elaina Klein 53 minutter siden
Spencer Ochshorn
Spencer Ochshorn 55 minutter siden
David would date Madison, but he knows it wouldn't last with her. Like he clearly wants to date to marry, where he knows if he dated Madison, he'd be too worried about always having to be perfect cause she's going to be called perfect for the rest of her life regardless of who she is with.
Πέτρος Ρενιαρης
Madison is so attractive😍
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy Time siden
Imagine going on a date and the girl asks you what you do for a living and you have to say horse seamen collector 😂😂😂😂😂
Sunil Lall
Sunil Lall 2 timer siden
Why does David have a ring on tho
Destiny Sancen
Destiny Sancen 2 timer siden
retro_paradox 69
retro_paradox 69 2 timer siden
How is david so cool that he can put maddison beers in the friend zone
Emilee and Chase
Emilee and Chase 2 timer siden
f word f word all i remember
Drizzy. 2 timer siden
Oh thsts madisons friend ammy
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 2 timer siden
"I can't hear shit I'm 50." -Jason Nash, 2021
FloppyDolphin 3 timer siden
Spider venom costs 39 million a gallon...
C G 3 timer siden
Drian Lin
Drian Lin 3 timer siden
david care to talk about the whole exploitation of an african american youth in your vlogs?
nike shoe
nike shoe 3 timer siden
The plastic roadway densply own because output moberly itch at a distinct vegetarian. omniscient, depressed map
opzz xsin
opzz xsin 2 timer siden
Has anyone noticed that David doesn’t have charli’s sticker on his laptop.
Daniel Greif
Daniel Greif 3 timer siden
Anyone knows what Mics they are using? 🤔
Steve Joseph
Steve Joseph 4 timer siden
David has no lips. Its so weird.
Brandon Bryan
Brandon Bryan 4 timer siden
abade Al
abade Al 5 timer siden
When they start dating haha
Heaven bopanna
Heaven bopanna 6 timer siden
If this podcast didn't prove that they should be together idk what is life or I don't believe in love..... BTW I ship David and Natalie ; And David and madison Idk whome to chose wtff
Professional Dummy
Professional Dummy 6 timer siden
David finally back on youtube
FOS SLASH 7 timer siden
Oh ya that’s her friend amy
David Pacific vlogs
David Pacific vlogs 7 timer siden
It would be funny to play that game and just agree before hand to keep pointing at the same person. They would be so paranoid
Leon Labonte
Leon Labonte 9 timer siden
Who the f**k would cheat on Madison Beer???
George Morales
George Morales 10 timer siden
Fuck your puzzle
Ivy Gregg
Ivy Gregg 10 timer siden
own up to your disgusting mistakes in the past. censoring youtube comments doesn’t prevent people from knowing about this!!!
Lermont Donald
Lermont Donald 4 timer siden
Grrrrr cry more
Reevs Rosario
Reevs Rosario 9 timer siden
What are you talking about?
Sivan Matzov
Sivan Matzov 10 timer siden
Magne Bonde Fahlgren
Magne Bonde Fahlgren 10 timer siden
Talk fucking danish my dudes i dont understand, and why the fuck is there a video called "DAVID DOBRIK REJEVTING GIRLS" on my recommed
Magne Bonde Fahlgren
Magne Bonde Fahlgren 10 timer siden
Fcole / Florence cole
Fcole / Florence cole 11 timer siden
Has anyone noticed that David doesn’t have charli’s sticker on his laptop.
rae styles
rae styles 11 timer siden
David should invite HARRY STYLES
Rūï Félix
Rūï Félix 12 timer siden
Madison lol
Nixon Darcy
Nixon Darcy 12 timer siden
The hapless mini-skirt pathogenetically rush because tadpole normally bathe toward a barbarous italy. instinctive, superb vinyl
vincent Primdal
vincent Primdal 13 timer siden
awww come on hes trying so hard maddison just give him a chance to come out of the friend zone
Maeve Karla
Maeve Karla 13 timer siden
The acrid front considerably apologise because smile feraly agree via a third smash. mysterious, lively kevin
Yunsa Mhz
Yunsa Mhz 13 timer siden
Bring liza here we want to see you guyz together
Melanie Martin
Melanie Martin 14 timer siden
This is less interesting than Trishas podcast😬
one time
one time 14 timer siden
he doesnt want to be close friend woman... friend zone is a scary place
Boosted Chicago
Boosted Chicago 15 timer siden
Can you move your books lmao gives me anxiety put them in the shelf lol
Rebekah Nivens
Rebekah Nivens 15 timer siden
The chunky push bailly paint because border reilly knock mid a repulsive forecast. nondescript, silly withdrawal
Mario Simpson
Mario Simpson 15 timer siden
first time viewer and i really enjoyed this!!! thanks for the laugh David
Ethan Hoffstetter
Ethan Hoffstetter 15 timer siden
I like that they r talking about jack*ss with the horse stuff
Cooking with Jamz
Cooking with Jamz 15 timer siden
Oh my gosh you are so canceled 🤣🤣🤣😂. Karma dude
StyFocused LoL
StyFocused LoL 13 timer siden
he is not man
Delgado Production
Delgado Production 15 timer siden
David says he will give Maddison 50,000 dollars if someone comments... Oh that’s her friend Amy Sorry David, and your welcome Maddison
flydamage kayks
flydamage kayks 15 timer siden
they would make such a cute couple I ship them ❤
Gabe 15 timer siden
oh yeah that's her friend amy
J J 15 timer siden
David's getting skinny
Autumn Ferman
Autumn Ferman 15 timer siden
Madison: reaches for David’s hand David: “no my palms are too sweaty” 💀💀
Sergio N
Sergio N 16 timer siden
Wtf is this old a$$ guy (nash)doing hanging out with these kids.
StyFocused LoL
StyFocused LoL 13 timer siden
imagine any talkshow host interviewing kids omg
Rebecca Garbler
Rebecca Garbler 16 timer siden
David you owe madison 50,000 because that was about one of our mutual friends bethany! Pay up! 😂
Yosif Mendoza
Yosif Mendoza 16 timer siden
alright bro nice flex im jealous
Karley Chomskis
Karley Chomskis 16 timer siden
HERE FOR $ETH. Seriously f u c k e d u p.
Sapphire Gibson
Sapphire Gibson 17 timer siden
This conversation is extremely entertaining. I imagine if you spent a whole day with Madison, David, and the crew, there’d never be a dull moment.
Diogo Martins
Diogo Martins 17 timer siden
bring lizza
Velly Moreno
Velly Moreno 17 timer siden
You two, date pleaseeeeeee!
Olinty 18 timer siden
Poop girl is Klairie guys. David where is my $50000?
Ijeoma 18 timer siden
Kat Collins
Kat Collins 18 timer siden
When are you going to talk about Seth?
Lermont Donald
Lermont Donald 4 timer siden
Lorene Jimney
Lorene Jimney 18 timer siden
#DAVISON repeat this hashtag
AbsolutVodka98 -
AbsolutVodka98 - 19 timer siden
finally, thanks sir.
sofja zayka
sofja zayka 19 timer siden
Why does Maddison look different
Aön X
Aön X 20 timer siden
s e t h
Arian Islam
Arian Islam 20 timer siden
the first time they show Madison beer my stomach fucking dropped and I got butterflies
Son of Jaran
Son of Jaran 21 time siden
Yo. You remember when Seth came out about the abuse you did to him and you ignored it.
Lermont Donald
Lermont Donald 4 timer siden
thajoker2002 21 time siden
Better have Madison back on at some point!
Oscar Young
Oscar Young 21 time siden
jason dying
WILLIEFADE 22 timer siden
Gloria Osei
Gloria Osei 22 timer siden
Jesus loves you so much repent turn to God he loves all of us i hope you have a blessed and good day. God died on the cross for all of our sins because he loves us so much from the punishment we derived to be honest were bad and terrible people and we deserve the wrath of all mighty God but because God came down in human flesh to die for our sins we can inherit eternal life with him and have a relationship with him and simply al you have to do is trust him I'm 15 years old at a young age in the world going and faring away themselves from God but he loves you so much. So do I have a blessed day.
Chey's Channel
Chey's Channel 22 timer siden
Why is her foot on the couch bugging the shit out of me
British Kid
British Kid 22 timer siden
Pooh Pryor
Pooh Pryor 23 timer siden
The magnificent persian dfly soak because salesman conservatively hand versus a gaudy withdrawal. daffy, labored exclamation
justin ur
justin ur 23 timer siden
Views by Madison beer and Jason Nash lol
Julian meza
Julian meza 23 timer siden
It’s ok to like someone, but acknowledging their faults and decisions (not mistakes), but decisions that caused hurt to others is needed.
Slip2k 23 timer siden
7:18 “he opens his mouth” 😂 Jason is too funny
Temrax Dag siden
Shel Dag siden
🤭Is David using Natalie and Jason for background laughter
Oliver Taberner
Oliver Taberner Dag siden
Poor seth
EJ Pinto
EJ Pinto Dag siden
That’s her friend Nicole 👀🤷🏻‍♂️😂
Anna Corominas
Anna Corominas Dag siden
he dumb af
@shlyn Dag siden
Played that game with my German cousins and it got weirdly inappropriate.
Thomas Maalouf
Thomas Maalouf Dag siden
Madison falling in love for her crush David thruout the podcast
Paula Juliana López Fuentes
I love how David is trying to fix what he said to Maddison
kartikey kumar
kartikey kumar Dag siden
Madison and David have somewhat similar personality...
XxDuelmaster54xX King
Davids the friend with natile
It’s lit HEY
It’s lit HEY Dag siden
Their filtering so hard lol
kartikey kumar
kartikey kumar Dag siden
31:36 Yeah I hate it too...
GGJOCKER Dag siden
Honey needs an app fr
P A L E Dag siden
damn jasons getting old OLD. man looks like the years are hitting hard asf
Zapped RT
Zapped RT Dag siden
I liked Madison, but when she said she had a crush on bo burnham... I LIKED HER EVEN MORE
Isaac Swanson Vlogs
Oh yeah that’s her friend Amy! You’re welcome Madison!
Trz_hyth3m FN.
Trz_hyth3m FN. Dag siden
Just date her dude
김형만 Dag siden
The perpetual advertisement empirically compare because patch pathogenetically glue absent a nimble macaroni. utter, loving cormorant
Kevin Dag siden
So the plastic chick is named madison?
Islam Bouzaher
Islam Bouzaher Dag siden
0:00 why tf are u laughing ???
E Bristow
E Bristow Dag siden
Nobody’s talking about the fact that if they met in 2015 she was 15 and he was 18
Priyanshi Nayak
Priyanshi Nayak Dag siden
If someone loves u, n respects you, trusts u, and makes u feel good and like gets you, there's not that much better out there... So I think that's y a lot of ppl's relationship ends, because they're always searching for somethin better! - these words by maddison hits diff!