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12. nov.. 2020





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SmarterEveryDay 5 måneder siden
Favorite line: "Bob's gonna die". If you' enjoyed this video and want to help me make more like it, the best way is to support on Patreon. I will send you a Smarter Every Day / Rocket City Trash Pandas baseball. I ship one to literally everyone who supports as a Patron. Here's that link if you're interested: www.patreon.com/smartereveryday Thank you so much for watching this video! Destin
Filippo Bertolazzi
Filippo Bertolazzi 3 måneder siden
There's fire in the other shot too 9:50
Joseph Manjarrez
Joseph Manjarrez 4 måneder siden
Make, hitting a super sonic baseball with a ____mph baseball bat
Christian Newkirk
Christian Newkirk 4 måneder siden
Love you guys and the vids
Jonathan Mora
Jonathan Mora 4 måneder siden
Fantastic Fred!
Fantastic Fred! 4 måneder siden
Oh no not Bob
Kriglum07 41 minutt siden
They created a weapon
Drew Duncan
Drew Duncan Time siden
fire from the friction. like rubbing 2 sticks together. that's my hypothesis
vic vic
vic vic 4 timer siden
Robot baseball 2100
Kevin Tanner
Kevin Tanner 12 timer siden
One of the coolest videos seen yet on the internet
Genius Gaming
Genius Gaming 14 timer siden
"Bob's gonna die"
Scott Garmon
Scott Garmon 14 timer siden
I know how you can catch a Super sonic baseball.....you shoot the ball straight up in the air and catch it on its way down.
stirange 14 timer siden
you should try putting some body armor on him and see how he holds up/
Traylor Nagem
Traylor Nagem 15 timer siden
Now all you have to do is make a time traveling baseball!
compton cityog
compton cityog 16 timer siden
the doll was like awww
JE - 05CJ 807759 Parkway PS
Guys the ball caught on fire before contact with the glove so it was going so fast it set on fire
Bro Cobra
Bro Cobra 17 timer siden
"we got a.... glove in front of bob...."
James West
James West 17 timer siden
I want to see the baseball hit that bullet proof glass
xsaynbix xl
xsaynbix xl 20 timer siden
6:25 kill ball aura xd
Robin Duta
Robin Duta Dag siden
smart kids u have, god bless them
Pitoslayerr Dag siden
Bobs gonna die 😂
Zachary Gray
Zachary Gray Dag siden
They should make a new home run record with the baseball cannon and the mad batter, it would go like 2000 feet
Agent Joe
Agent Joe Dag siden
A MacBook Pro running Windows 10. Okay
Qsey Dag siden
Jason Kyle Chua
Jason Kyle Chua Dag siden
dude he can put a projectile and then it becomes a tank gun
Jordinho Charles
If Saitama was a pitcher 😂😂😂
Jordinho Charles
I bet I can throw faster 😌
Ryan Moir
Ryan Moir Dag siden
I watched all this for a bike commercial. What a ripoff. When was there a bike pandemic?! Gtfo.
Dominik Raith
Dominik Raith Dag siden
It would be very interesting to see how far the baseball would fly, if you aim the canon at a 20 degree upward angle
Samantha Fox
Samantha Fox Dag siden
Just a suggestion, this is now the Supersonic Baseball Cannon M1 *A* because you modified it. ;) Love it!
canadian_gamerzs lol
is it just me or is the guy talkijng about bikes johnathen torrents ? face wise there twins
Dark Knight
Dark Knight Dag siden
Know make it faster then light
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Phillips Dag siden
What is the thickness of your camera Plexiglass? Next time you take this toy out, lets see how it holds up. 1" plexy....I say it will go through 6 of them.
James M
James M Dag siden
Friction is a crazy thing
Ezio Robledo
Ezio Robledo Dag siden
am I the only one that read 24/7 in the title
Jack Weyland
Jack Weyland Dag siden
14:06 The ball definintley slows down
1 0
1 0 Dag siden
I’m no scientist and this next question will make it obvious. Can something move so fast toward a fixed object that it bends light between both objects and produces fire?
lovelessissimo Dag siden
I wonder what is the highest speed a ball can impact a glove without breaking the leather.
lovelessissimo Dag siden
@Jamal ColoradoYou took the effort to write that?
Jamal Colorado
Jamal Colorado Dag siden
Okin Nivlek
Okin Nivlek Dag siden
That bicycle brake is pretty neat.
James Insley
James Insley Dag siden
what the... the ball had fire behind it when you put the 1st glove in front of bob
Tim Cuatt
Tim Cuatt Dag siden
I love how much damage the GLOVE SHRAPNEL did to poor bob.
Jacob Nash
Jacob Nash Dag siden
Is there a reason you don't use mirrors and you high-speed camera?
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Dag siden
You guys should hook up the bat machine and do the real longest hit
Melissa Sonntag
Melissa Sonntag Dag siden
My son LOVED this! He is 9 yrs old and I am homeschooling him. What advice do you have for him if he wants to do stuff like this one day?
Absolutely unbelievable. You guys are geniuses. 👏🏼
Carver Hall
Carver Hall 2 dager siden
I love mark rober and I love baseball he’s a baseball mark rober
Hou Felix
Hou Felix 2 dager siden
super cool
Maa Media
Maa Media 2 dager siden
Brute.force through 9 gloves 😜
Mr Pudding
Mr Pudding 2 dager siden
Yamcha playing baseball?
Joseph Dodgson
Joseph Dodgson 2 dager siden
They've made a 3 inch cannon. I wonder in what jurisdiction they made/filmed this because someone might come after them for at least some sort of licensing or registration of that thing? A baseball has a diameter of 3 inches and a weight of over 5 ounces and they are firing it at 1500 feet per second? !!? It certainly will go through the dummy and leather like butter. Consider that a shotgun slug is 1 ounce and is less than 1 inch in diameter and typically has a muzzle velocity of 1500 feet per second or even less. So this baseball has 5 times the mass of a shotgun slug not taking into account the different density in material and diameter (thats the only reason it doesn't dent or penetrate the steel plate) making it at least 5 times as powerful as a shotgun with velocity being equal. Now if they fired a ball made of different material or some kind of sabot metal slug in this bore and now they have a serious cannon with steel penetrating ability.....and maybe legal problems???
Andrew Guillen
Andrew Guillen 2 dager siden
They should’ve put catchers gear on the dummy and hit the helmet and the pads with the baseball
Dylan Waybright
Dylan Waybright 2 dager siden
Bro I was thinking the ball would go through all of them and then it did and I was amazed cus it was slowing down and was like [no way its gonna] well theres my successful answer 😄
jo #gacha
jo #gacha 2 dager siden
you can literally see a blue flame like when a asteroid hit earth you see a flame behind it "got to go fast"
Sophia Huang
Sophia Huang 2 dager siden
I wonder what will happen if you build two cannons and shoot them both at the same time
Dani Mota
Dani Mota 2 dager siden
man, money and time. this is one of the results.
TheCatInASuit 2 dager siden
i hope i dont see this in a war
Rolando Gamboa
Rolando Gamboa 2 dager siden
This baseball cannon vs the baseball bat from Stuff Made Here
Jo Schi
Jo Schi 2 dager siden
My bet on "where does the fire come from" would be a high compression of air before the basket weave (while the air can escape more easily through the H-straps). The concept can be demonstrated by a so called "pneumatic lighter" which is a fun experiment by itself. What do you think, could that be the reason for the fire?
Russell Scott
Russell Scott 2 dager siden
Atta boy Bobby, way to keep your body in front of the ball. Bob? Bob? Nice play, Bob. Bob? Bob? Bobby? Hello?
DesignGear 3 dager siden
I'm dying we have a glove in front of bob! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL
jbcooler ninja
jbcooler ninja 3 dager siden
yikes you can see the speed behind the ball 6:25
Fahim Maf
Fahim Maf 3 dager siden
Try golf ball
SeregaKhl 3 dager siden
Less talk for videos chrono, more video pls
Christian Gerard Mantuano
What will happen when the glove is metal Plz Do Dis
Nah Nah
Nah Nah 3 dager siden
1:27 that’s how was ps2 song was made
Maira Cisneros
Maira Cisneros 3 dager siden
I want to see how far that will go
william bush
william bush 3 dager siden
Id like to see it throw a knuckle ball and a curve. maybe put tacky something on one side of barrel bore for a curve ball. shoot an undersized ball for knuckler.
william bush
william bush 3 dager siden
11.31 the oil or mink grease is combusting from the intense mojo.
vr4 luva
vr4 luva 3 dager siden
now steel ball
Casey Kelso
Casey Kelso 3 dager siden
Fire happened 2x in the 9 mit test , only on weave ones , look closely
Jessica Guarin
Jessica Guarin 3 dager siden
so does that mean I can't bunker baseball gloves in case there is a war with baseballs?
Bill M.
Bill M. 3 dager siden
I heard that the Yankees just signed this thing..."2022 - To the End of Time World Series Champs!" 😂
Rens de Vries
Rens de Vries 3 dager siden
i live in the netherlands and those bikes arent so special, we are bike royals over here
Дмитрий Сергеевич
looks like demolition ranch with Math
OBS J Lee 4 dager siden
Y’all should see if will shoot the baseball threw a tree lol
Mitchell Barker
Mitchell Barker 4 dager siden
The ball that created combustion when hitting the glove actually had a flame trailing behind it right before it hit!
Okin Nivlek
Okin Nivlek Dag siden
Good eye. I just went back and there's definitely something like fire behind the ball before impact just after 10:51.
Malibu Ice
Malibu Ice 4 dager siden
I think because the basket weave mitt has more surface to surface contact with the ball so it creates enough friction to cause a spark.
J.Films09 4 dager siden
The vapor coming off that ball
PizzaDog500 4 dager siden
5:04 looks like Ludwig
Matthew Calmert
Matthew Calmert 4 dager siden
This is why anime baseball doesn't work
chad kenty
chad kenty 4 dager siden
What dose it do in water a vacume or boble cose of the presur
brady moritz
brady moritz 4 dager siden
I love this cannon but it's definitely wasting a ton of air. Most of the volume is dumping after the ball is long gone. I'm almost certain the valve is not opening rapidly enough.
Troy Smith
Troy Smith 4 dager siden
Anime villain: 4:54 Anime villain 30 seconds later: HEH HEH! This is just getting interesting!
BNZ 369
BNZ 369 4 dager siden
try shot the bes ball to the bes stick mabey the stick is broken
Redpanda Plays
Redpanda Plays 4 dager siden
you guys have made a war weapon;-;
Dylan L.
Dylan L. 4 dager siden
Idk about bob but I would’ve simply caught the ball
Kunay 4 dager siden
Rip Bob🙏🏻
Alain Isabelle de Montréal
wet the glove
Tayler Marks
Tayler Marks 4 dager siden
so cool
Mensa Swede
Mensa Swede 5 dager siden
TIG welding is your friend if you’re building awesome stuff like this!
Tommy Macdonald
Tommy Macdonald 5 dager siden
This is pointless and fascinating at the same time
Sergio Guerra
Sergio Guerra 5 dager siden
I can only imagine a fighter jet getting being striked down by literally a supersonic baseball
WoUd WaNg
WoUd WaNg 5 dager siden
Coach: the pitch isn’t that fast The pitch:
Corey Kregenow
Corey Kregenow 5 dager siden
Not sure if anyone else has mentioned this b/c I didn't read every comment but something I noticed is that the ball is traveling with no rotation. Trevor Bauer has written a piece about the correlation between ball rotation and velocity as well as pitch movement. Obviously you want the ball to travel straight so you'd have to look at what type of rotation. I'm just saying you can get that cannon faster than 1050mph with the right spin... Keep up the excellent work!
Alexander Yeverino
Alexander Yeverino 5 dager siden
If you aimed the cannon straight up how high will the baseball go?
binkymagnus 5 dager siden
"Hit by pitch, take your base!...........You ok?"
ZeroXF5 5 dager siden
Wonder if this thing could fire a wiffleball and how would it travel ?
ThatSaltyKid 5 dager siden
I mean, you CAN do this at your friend's house because it says to not try it at YOUR home.
Eva Stephens
Eva Stephens 5 dager siden
the ball was on fire once! litteraly! also i am a 9 year old
Autumn Aarilyn
Autumn Aarilyn 5 dager siden
When Ted Williams talked to Mark McGuire, he asked him if he could smell the bat smoking when he hit.
Geo VII 5 dager siden
4:54 The ball becomes a hadoken.... wtf.
Jeremy Chung
Jeremy Chung 5 dager siden
I'm surprised this is even legal. This could totally be used to shoot planes out of the air or knock down castle walls or perform other warlike tasks. It totally looks like an anti-aircraft gun
RicardoM. Santiago
RicardoM. Santiago 5 dager siden
Waooo..... I see the ball wooo...
Stampy Cat
Stampy Cat 5 dager siden
youtoober2013 5 dager siden
When you don't come prepared with enough mitts for your own supersonic baseball cannon: 11:11
MLB Weirdest Pitching Styles
Is it GO TIME?!
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Setup Wars - Episode 241