Things That Happen Once In A Lifetime 

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13. mai. 2021





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dogvo548 The dog doggo
5:39 : duck: oof me: noooooo
Bingus 2 timer siden
Sam F
Sam F 3 timer siden
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DonaldTrumps microwave
Ok, I know I’m not the only one who tried touching squirrels when they were younger, and they would always run away 🥲
Maddy S
Maddy S 4 timer siden
She think about it squirrel is kind of like Pikachu like really make the squirrel big grey Pokemon
Patience P.F
Patience P.F 5 timer siden
I have a pet squirrel but she is not that nice especially if your bald and tall
Pfeffer Hsiu
Pfeffer Hsiu 6 timer siden
The annoyed cross algorithmically waste because waterfall electrophoretically record except a clumsy var verbs = [aardvark. striped, military hospital
Jonathan Manalo
Jonathan Manalo 6 timer siden
Indigo Tk
Indigo Tk 10 timer siden
WAywwww a whay YeL
Tina Leanne
Tina Leanne 11 timer siden
How many of you get a warm and cozy feeling when you hear "Hello friends, it's me"
Spencer Shay
Spencer Shay 13 timer siden
Did anyone else get the Hertz ad with the iconic Shania Twain song?
Amanda Gee
Amanda Gee 13 timer siden
And a hawk
Amanda Gee
Amanda Gee 13 timer siden
My friend caught an owl, a lizard and lots of snakes
Orla Corcoran
Orla Corcoran 14 timer siden
the glowing stuff at night is plankton in the dark :)
Doku Anime
Doku Anime 16 timer siden
Wait it the phone that fell from 10 thousand feet deosnt have the right time it's 17:00
Jaime 18 timer siden
I’m not a dog so cute
Jaime 18 timer siden
Those doggies are so cute
Jaime 18 timer siden
The baby seal is so cute
Jaime 18 timer siden
I love sheep they’re so fluffy
Jaime 18 timer siden
I like the school to and the baby ducks
Jaime 18 timer siden
The owl was so cute I think he was a baby
Leo Hauck
Leo Hauck 18 timer siden
You look nice in the shirt
Zach Fagan
Zach Fagan 18 timer siden
One time on my paddleboard an otter jumped on my board with me
Incognito 19 timer siden
3:15 iphone case on steroids be like XD
Jordan G
Jordan G 21 time siden
Bradley Rossin
Bradley Rossin 21 time siden
Owl owl is not a child some owls are just really small.
taylor parkinson
taylor parkinson 21 time siden
i hate the guy that ran over the baby ducks
Ashley Hipp
Ashley Hipp 23 timer siden
WHAT 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🖕🏻
milkshake_gaming 23 timer siden
I spawned next to a revine in minecrafy is that lucky? Or once in a lifetime
Sam F
Sam F Dag siden
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Neicey Brown
Neicey Brown Dag siden
Boy Boy
Boy Boy Dag siden
I can actually tell you why the sand glows it’s really cool 😂✌️
Visual-Gaming Dag siden
I know what type of whale it was that they saw it was a humpback
Adrene Henninger
The juvenile prose sporadically suppose because side concurringly greet an a female fertile bay. icy, nasty yacht
madi7261 madi7261
the glowing water is caused by algae when there's a certain type of algae in the water its sensitive to sound and contact
Aaliyah Alihashi
Do a vid about mandela effect the pringles thing is
bekoi petei
bekoi petei Dag siden
The hanging sprout individually judge because icon booly melt towards a sable fir. flat, sedate karen
katatibi1 Dag siden
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Natalia Rivera
Natalia Rivera Dag siden
The last one
No one gonna talk abt how the owl is so cute- THE SQUIRREL IS JUST SO-
Eakta Naphray
Eakta Naphray 2 dager siden
The blue sand and the Blue Water reminded me of the movie moana when the water glows
LBA  Toys
LBA Toys 2 dager siden
There were baby ducks in my backyard
Manon HAO ARAUJO 2 dager siden
For the glowing sand i actually did that and also in the water they are planktons that are scared
Lunar_Teddy 2 dager siden
The beaches were the sand and ocean is blue it's only at specific beaches and it's better when it's night I know because my dad took me to a beach like that
Gangster Mickey
Gangster Mickey 2 dager siden
I live in Wisconsin
Shădøw Fůřy
Shădøw Fůřy 2 dager siden
"The water and the sand glowin blue at night" Me:yo thats the place where moana lives!
Daymaruby Navedo
Daymaruby Navedo 2 dager siden
Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the first video
Hannah Foster
Hannah Foster 2 dager siden
Owls mean bad news true ok 😑🙄😏
Hannah Foster
Hannah Foster 2 dager siden
Honey 🍯🍯 👅👌
Hannah Foster
Hannah Foster 2 dager siden
Honey 🍯🍯
Six of White
Six of White 2 dager siden
I got ad that genshin impact but it video of you on your video
Mallory Pauley
Mallory Pauley 3 dager siden
The phone dropping one why does it look like she is falling to the earth from space 👁👄👁
Rowan Blackburn
Rowan Blackburn 3 dager siden
Am I the only one that doesn’t see the pigeon
army gantz
army gantz 3 dager siden
The disillusioned booklet conclusively kneel because arch macropharmacologically march astride a illegal quiver. rhetorical, magnificent windchime
Scarlett Bermudez-Richardson
that little doggie
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 3 dager siden
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Treytrey L
Treytrey L 3 dager siden
😡😡😡😡😡 Hey snapples look so ugly
Treytrey L
Treytrey L 3 dager siden
potato 3 dager siden
Lil.cherry Bxtch
Lil.cherry Bxtch 3 dager siden
bruh I live in Wisconsin
Z singh
Z singh 3 dager siden
GRINGO BRONX 3 dager siden
Wowww it the first time I see your channel you are very beautiful ❤️
Trystan Owen
Trystan Owen 3 dager siden
When my friend doesnt know where his mom is and we go whale watching and I say hey there's tour mom
Rosa Cartagena
Rosa Cartagena 3 dager siden
The last is the cutest I almost fainted.
martin mutty
martin mutty 3 dager siden
the bear was thinking, now this is what I call fast food!!!!!!
N. Sheik Ahamed Iqbal
N. Sheik Ahamed Iqbal 3 dager siden
That Owl was Ron's Pig (Owl's Name)
Fatimah Badat
Fatimah Badat 3 dager siden
My sister does not like when I watch you
Khurshid Alam
Khurshid Alam 3 dager siden
Ansa Afridi
Ansa Afridi 3 dager siden
Uhh the bird poop thing you did it last year
Ansa Afridi
Ansa Afridi 3 dager siden
Hi 🙋‍♀️
Kennedy Kiambi
Kennedy Kiambi 3 dager siden
Rip mama duck
Laurice Visto
Laurice Visto 3 dager siden
I saw the Hollywood cow he was wanted it's a tt bruh
Lin 6314
Lin 6314 4 dager siden
The duck💔
Chex 4 dager siden
Reyna López
Reyna López 4 dager siden
The owl your accepted to hogwarts
Freya Cottrell
Freya Cottrell 4 dager siden
7:25 the water is glowing I think because of microscopic bugs in the water :) Btw love your vids!
Valentina Vathaj
Valentina Vathaj 4 dager siden
Dude lia wales dont knock off b oats😞😞😞
L A M NICK STUDIO 4 dager siden
these al is Allah merical
Yehia Gomaa
Yehia Gomaa 4 dager siden
I ain't never seen two pretty best friends
Rebecca Vasquez
Rebecca Vasquez 4 dager siden
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katsuki Bakugo
katsuki Bakugo 5 dager siden
I want that Owl it’s so cute
Cora Owens
Cora Owens 5 dager siden
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Raffle Entry
Raffle Entry 5 dager siden
The callous drink ultrascructurally smash because begonia arespectively repeat for a wild salmon. boundless, colorful mailman
Jasmine 5 dager siden
I’ve also seen the blue sand and ocean in real life in Florida idr how it happened but it was pretty cool I think it has something to do with like an algae but idk
Cooking Parker
Cooking Parker 5 dager siden
The exultant basin daily plan because offer interestingly reproduce across a ceaseless oval. gamy, obsequious dill
Lainei Batts
Lainei Batts 5 dager siden
The one of the guy catching the ball is for a commercial, not real.
Sabrina Gagnon
Sabrina Gagnon 5 dager siden
Amina Xhaferi
Amina Xhaferi 5 dager siden
NOsectionsrs show their email in videos stupid right
heather Woodworth
heather Woodworth 5 dager siden
4:26 every time i open on i get a perfet one
Queen Livly
Queen Livly 5 dager siden
Cops and there's a murderer: drives at 2 mph Cops on the Hollywood sign has been touched: DRIVES AT 100 MILES PER HOUR.
mia and the Fandom gang
0:27 made me laugh
PaStEl CrIzY pLaYz
PaStEl CrIzY pLaYz 5 dager siden
"she has to ttgank the tree for saving her phone"
sharmaine shally
sharmaine shally 6 dager siden
The ludicrous mint contrastingly crawl because hardware basically support with a sloppy frown. befitting, panicky war
Christoban Rodriguez
Christoban Rodriguez 6 dager siden
She's SOO loud!
TreeGamez 6 dager siden
Fun fact: The glowing things that u see in the Tik tok are actually planktons.
Axolotl_Rulez 6 dager siden
My school got hacked and my sister got put down as my brother’s parent and I got put down as an assistant principal