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From series 8, Iain Stirling, Lou Sanders, Paul Sinha, Joe Thomas and Sian Gibson attempt to find the receiver of a baby monitor hidden somewhere in the Taskmaster house.


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In this Broadcast Award-winning, BAFTA and Emmy Award-nominated entertainment show, Taskmaster tyrant Greg Davies (Man Down, Cuckoo), with the help of his loyal assistant Alex Horne (The Horne Section and the show’s creator), sets out to test the wiles, wit and wisdom of five hyper-competitive comedians.

Comedians that have risked life, limb, and dignity in the hope of making the Taskmaster proud so far include: Frank Skinner (The Frank Skinner Show), Mel Giedroyc (The Great British Bake Off), Romesh Ranganathan (Asian Provocateur), Hugh Dennis (Outnumbered), Sally Phillips (Bridget Jones’ Diary), Rose Matafeo (Edinburgh Comedy Award Winner 2018), and Russell Howard (The Russell Howard Hour). Unaware of what awaits them in each wax-sealed envelope, only one competitor can become the victorious owner of His Royal Task-ness’ golden head and be crowned the next Taskmaster Champion.



20. juli. 2021





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Bloodyblade num1
Bloodyblade num1 5 timer siden
Thank God someone took it off the string
MrTurtleninja69 8 timer siden
full tasks are my favorite
Mercedes Dag siden
skuzlebut82 2 dager siden
This is such a great show. I was excited when they decided to make a US version but the US version was absolutely terrible.
Andrés Soto
Andrés Soto 3 dager siden
I just came to say hello!
André Benites
André Benites 3 dager siden
5:17 I loved how the drop of the music was synchronized
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 dager siden
I like that the post box has "US MAIL" stamped on the door
Grant Rosenbaum
Grant Rosenbaum 4 dager siden
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 dager siden
Joe Thomas… what a legend
somethingelse 4 dager siden
2:46 for the Ultimate Joe Thomas Mood
Darrin Batchelor
Darrin Batchelor 4 dager siden
Hey. Hey. Hey. Do my eyes deceive me, or does the "post box" read "US Mail"? WTF?
OmniscientWarrior 3 dager siden
Always has.
Dapper Man Photo
Dapper Man Photo 4 dager siden
Their engineer really didn't think about counter balancing the helmet huh? 😂
Maarten De Temmerman
Maarten De Temmerman 2 dager siden
how do you not see the counterbalance? its right there on the back of the helmet
Irok 121
Irok 121 4 dager siden
Part of the fun
Rock girl
Rock girl 4 dager siden
This was in the series right? For some reason I have no memory of this task
ringtyler 4 dager siden
I like that the post box has "US MAIL" stamped on the door
nieooj gotoy
nieooj gotoy 3 dager siden
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 5 dager siden
A task where you must throw something blindfolded, or perhaps in the dark after the lights go out - sounds fun
Bloodyblade num1
Bloodyblade num1 5 timer siden
00linered said it word for word 1 day prior
Bloodyblade num1
Bloodyblade num1 5 timer siden
You literally copy pasted this comment
JS 09
JS 09 5 dager siden
Just goes to show that memorized knowledge has got nothing to do with intelligence! Paul is an idiot!
hufflepuffwannabe 5 dager siden
"two to Lou" is one of the greatest things I've heard
dcoog anml
dcoog anml 5 dager siden
69k views and 666k subs
00linered 5 dager siden
A task where you must throw something blindfolded, or perhaps in the dark after the lights go out - sounds fun
Sunprism 5 dager siden
"I don't think you look like a twat" "Yes, He does" "Oh."
Blessing Zakari
Blessing Zakari 5 dager siden
I wake up everyday healthy and sound without any pain, recovering so fast from my herpes disease damages after using a herbal supplements from Dr IGUDIA on NOsections.
Icelandic Potato
Icelandic Potato 6 dager siden
Greg we have to meet before I die. I’ll buy you a beer.
Cleta Austin
Cleta Austin 6 dager siden
The thundering prepared peripherally face because glass mechanically dislike lest a womanly snowflake. instinctive, teeny-tiny chard
TriCutNinja 6 dager siden
Does anybody know when Series 9 will be available in the US? I keep getting notifications that a new episode is uploaded, but I keep getting the "Video unavailable The uploader has not made this video available in your country." message.
joel smidts
joel smidts 4 dager siden
Just go for a VPN 👌🏼
Ethuil UI
Ethuil UI 5 dager siden
Dont know about when it will be available in the US, but I can confirm that 1 to 9 episodes of Series 9 are up here in eastern Europe. Next week is supposed to be final episode, so might be after next week.
Moist Wontons
Moist Wontons 6 dager siden
Blue C. Lupei
Blue C. Lupei 6 dager siden
Alex pointing at it was my breaking point, that was the best.
Jeff Thurston
Jeff Thurston 7 dager siden
For more compilations, how bout one with every time the name of the episode is said. Or one with times the Contestants Should Have Stayed Quiet. Like after James Acaster did the circles and tried to talk during the next one and Greg was like how dare you even speak, or when Tim Vine brought in the cupboard hinge and Greg said, just you shh, or something.
Andrew Kelsey
Andrew Kelsey 7 dager siden
What's with the US mailbox?
OrgaNik 6 dager siden
I believe it's called "a prop".
MEKKANNOID 7 dager siden
This was in the series right? For some reason I have no memory of this task
Adriano Vaz
Adriano Vaz 7 dager siden
It's the very first task in Series 8 maybe thats why lol
Andrew Gyde
Andrew Gyde 7 dager siden
Is that the same guy from the chasers show? Man...
Joe Reynolds
Joe Reynolds 7 dager siden
Their poor neighbours.
you silly, stupid, thick muppets... are hilarious sweethearts and saved my life last night by distracting me and cheering me up. if my mom knew, she'd say thanks
AlejoLab 7 dager siden
Take out the batteries, the receiver will beep because the signal is lost.
Alas 7 dager siden
69k views and 666k subs
Mr.Digital 1
Mr.Digital 1 7 dager siden
I like hinos approach, he went to a nearby shop and bought a similar one
columbus8myhw 7 dager siden
"I don't think you look like a twat." (like saying a fun fact) "Yes, he does."
Jill B
Jill B 7 dager siden
So quick and funny!
Your Dad
Your Dad 7 dager siden
This task would've been funnier if they gave them the receiver and they had to find the transmitter so they went around trying to make as much noise as possible hoping the transmitter would pick it up
Hayzy Horses
Hayzy Horses Dag siden
Oh, that would be really fun!
pavlovianprogramming 7 dager siden
I hope they upload the blindfolded cart obstacle course. One of my favorite tasks from this season if not the whole series.
Obscure Reference
Obscure Reference 7 dager siden
Spoiler Alert: "Watch the video and you'll know where it is"
seyfert73 7 dager siden
Nandani Seepersad
Nandani Seepersad 7 dager siden
I don't know what it is, but this particular video is not loading for me at all. Watched a different one, came back, didn't load, went and watched another video, came back, and I still can't see it. :(
Julia Müller
Julia Müller 8 timer siden
I dont have any problems with it
Quinton Wilson
Quinton Wilson 7 dager siden
Anyone else notice the post box says U.S. MAIL on it?
Isabella Earnhardt
Isabella Earnhardt 7 dager siden
T_2wo 8 dager siden
“Have you found it” “Take a wild guess Mr. Horne”
Tanner Huotari
Tanner Huotari 8 dager siden
Not sure if Paul Sinha or Cillian Murphy from 28 days later…
Thijs De Boer
Thijs De Boer 8 dager siden
lewis capaldi would be great in this show
Mitch Rudolph
Mitch Rudolph 8 dager siden
Garbage music
starfish. 8 dager siden
Dallas Krock
Dallas Krock 8 dager siden
So is that how the NHS looks for cancer? "Hello!"
Niesłychane! 8 dager siden
The phrase "Looking like a twat on a chase" entered my daily vocabulary after I watched this episode.
Mychal Burnworth
Mychal Burnworth 8 dager siden
CucumberpatchAddict 8 dager siden
S8 is one of my absolute favourites, so many great moments
Matt Maloney
Matt Maloney 8 dager siden
The contestants and taskmaster all seem to agree that the monitor speaker goes with the baby. In contrast, I tend to believe it would have to be the parents in the postbox rather than the baby.
Matt Maloney
Matt Maloney 7 dager siden
@Akyomi Haha, indeed. At the beginning he seemed to know the difference in purpose between the microphone side and the speaker side.
Akyomi 7 dager siden
0:53 Alex said they were the baby looking for mum and dad
GelberStuhl 8 dager siden
Can the birds please shut up
Enycma Pie
Enycma Pie 8 dager siden
Paul Sinha: An intelligent man with a medical degree. Also Paul Sinha: Shouting 'HELLO!' into a baby monitor while wandering around in his bath robes for almost 30minute without thinking of a different method.
JS 09
JS 09 5 dager siden
Memorized knowledge has got nothing to do with intelligence!
OrgaNik 6 dager siden
This is why I never read the comments. Get a better hobby.
Momon 7 dager siden
@Mitch Rudolph Likewise. Farewell, wonkaphobe!
Mitch Rudolph
Mitch Rudolph 7 dager siden
@Momon 😂 I actually enjoyed this interaction
Momon 7 dager siden
@Mitch Rudolph Those kids had it coming! And a railing around the chocolate river would completely ruin the whole 'open' concept he was going for.
57thorns 8 dager siden
If you knock on the microphone, you should get a loud noise in the speaker that is not masked where you are.
Jonathan Blair
Jonathan Blair 3 dager siden
some models also have a "find me" button... now guess how many sets i've had to buy due to that button being useless (because kids)... hint: more than one, less than 10
Roy Hullegie
Roy Hullegie 7 dager siden
Turning it off normally makes the receiver been could work too
Katja Pukhova
Katja Pukhova 8 dager siden
I didn't see that one contestant did this sry :D
Katja Pukhova
Katja Pukhova 8 dager siden
Or just put the microphone near a sound speaker and play music.
Joseba Rosell
Joseba Rosell 8 dager siden
Or just blow at the microphone, I think it'd be better
siriol duffy
siriol duffy 8 dager siden
nobody: rupual at the start of every episode of drag race: 7:06
You Blue That One
You Blue That One 8 dager siden
Speed Shot
Speed Shot 8 dager siden
Bee Dazzle
Bee Dazzle 8 dager siden
I love how the mailbox flag is up, indicating something has been left inside it to be picked up.
Claire Buckley
Claire Buckley 7 timer siden
Lol clever U can see it clearly 2:43
OmniscientWarrior 3 dager siden
It is so often that the answer is almost being given to them.
Dan Tate
Dan Tate 8 dager siden
Never noticed. Brilliant
Avarickan 8 dager siden
"Running out of ideas" Was saying "hello" your only idea?
hunter wilk
hunter wilk 6 dager siden
He tried being angry at it.
David Ha
David Ha 8 dager siden
I ADORE Paul's subdued rage in "Found it?" "Take a WILD guess, Mr. Horne."
evilclown019 8 dager siden
Oh wow. This ones new. Sweet.
soulistheanswer 7 dager siden
@Dani Johansson I'm not in the UK. Actually people in the UK can't see it on NOsections but only on the TV channel's website, afaik.
Garrett P
Garrett P 8 dager siden
@Dani Johansson I saw this entire season here a few months back and I am not in UK
Dani Johansson
Dani Johansson 8 dager siden
@soulistheanswer Prob for UK peeps
soulistheanswer 8 dager siden
All of season 8 is available on this channel
firerednaxela 8 dager siden
Paul Sinha: [can name every US state capital] Also Paul: "Hello hello heLLO HELLO HELLO HE-"
sydney johnson
sydney johnson Dag siden
@Explicit Refrigerator very cool & nuanced take mr. fridge
Explicit Refrigerator
Explicit Refrigerator 7 dager siden
Hierarchy of innate intelligence is an overrated concept. Context is everything.
Mitch Rudolph
Mitch Rudolph 7 dager siden
@Jacket also this is a game, it isn't evidence of how people actually do things, but whatever
Mitch Rudolph
Mitch Rudolph 7 dager siden
@Jacket hes literally a doctor, thats all about problem solving Someone tells you their problem and then your job is to solve it
Jacket 7 dager siden
@Mitch Rudolph There's a difference between being intelligent and being knowledgable. Intelligence is more based around being able to apply knowledge and solve problems. Paul is actually a perfect example of the difference. Of course, he's a very knowledgable man and no doubt very academically gifted, but when faced with this challenge, he struggled to adapt to it.
Mike 8 dager siden
Keijoz 8 dager siden
"whats the camera for?" "We're gonna show this on the tv" i lol'd
Tiny Biceps
Tiny Biceps 7 dager siden
lolol ive replayed it 5 times it's so funny
Abraham 8 dager siden
@DionTheWeirdo laughed outed louded
DionTheWeirdo 8 dager siden
You laugh out louded?
Joof Bing
Joof Bing 8 dager siden
I’m happy this line was on TV
Kevin Morris
Kevin Morris 8 dager siden
Paul Sinha cluelessly ambling around the Taskmaster grounds while shouting hello into a baby monitor dangling in front of him is a modern-day Sisyphean tragedy.
Johny Bender
Johny Bender 8 dager siden
This was the worst season by far
Shfjhfd Dududhd
Shfjhfd Dududhd 7 dager siden
@Senna Augustus Liza and Tim were lovely, Asim, Alice, and Russell on the other hand 😬
Daniel Hamby
Daniel Hamby 8 dager siden
I feel this season is one worth sticking with. it get’s better as the season goes on
Made By Mehdi
Made By Mehdi 8 dager siden
It's my favorite season
Johny Bender
Johny Bender 8 dager siden
@Jasper This was more of an example of the whole season. There were some moments as there are from all seasons, but this one was my least favourite.
Jasper 8 dager siden
@Johny Bender That's more the task's fault than theirs tbf. It didn't lend itself to a lot of lateral thinking
starfish. 8 dager siden
Joe Thomas… what a legend
Band Aid
Band Aid 8 dager siden
Thank you so much for uploading to NOsections! Not all heroes wear capes.
Senna Augustus
Senna Augustus 8 dager siden
EchoSappho 8 dager siden
Hello hello hello HELLLOOO
Mai N
Mai N 8 dager siden
Hello hello HELLOOO!
heyo hi
heyo hi 8 dager siden
CucumberpatchAddict 8 dager siden
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