NASA And SpaceX Crew-2 Mission Highlights 

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On Saturday, April 24 at 5:08 a.m. EDT, 9:08 UTC, SpaceX’s Dragon autonomously docked with the International Space Station (ISS) after Falcon 9 launched the spacecraft to orbit from historic Launch Complex 39A (LC-39A) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida on Friday, April 23 at 5:49 a.m. EDT, 9:49 UTC.

This is the first human spaceflight mission to fly astronauts on a flight-proven Falcon 9 and Dragon. The Falcon 9 first stage supporting this mission previously launched the Crew-1 mission in November 2020, and the Dragon spacecraft previously flew Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley to and from the International Space Station during SpaceX’s Demo-2 mission in 2020.

As part of the Commercial Crew Program, NASA astronauts Shane Kimbrough and Megan McArthur, Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) astronaut Akihiko Hoshide, and European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Thomas Pesquet flew aboard the Dragon spacecraft on its second operational mission to the space station. This will be the first time Dragon will fly two international partners and it will also be the first time two Crew Dragons are attached simultaneously to the orbiting laboratory.

After an approximate six-month stay, Dragon and the Crew-2 astronauts will depart from the space station no earlier than October 31 for return to Earth and splashdown in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Florida.

Following docking Kimbrough, McArthur, Hoshide, and Pesquet joined the Expedition 65 crew of Shannon Walker, Michael Hopkins, Victor Glover, and Mark Vande Hei of NASA, as well as Soichi Noguchi of JAXA and Roscosmos cosmonauts Oleg Novitskiy and Pyotr Dubrov. The crew was welcomed aboard during a ceremony with Steve Jurczyk, acting NASA administrator; Kathy Lueders, associate administrator, Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, NASA Headquarters; Hiroshi Yamakawa, president, JAXA; and Josef Aschbacher, director general, ESA.

Crew-2 Astronauts:
- Shane Kimbrough (NASA)
- Megan McArthur (NASA)
- Thomas Pesquet (European Space Agency, or ESA)
- Akihiko Hoshide (Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA)

Partner Agency Experts:
- Steve Jurczyk (Acting NASA Administrator)
- Bob Cabana (Kennedy Space Center Director)
- Junichi Sakai (JAXA ISS Program Manager)
- Frank de Winne (ESA ISS Program Manager)





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PAWEL KOLASA 4 minutter siden
10:40 and around it. WHY do they have "space suits" that are useless for INSIDE rockets? They could be in normal clothes. And to go OUTSIDE, those suits are Useless too. Lol. So why don't they hire me to consult? I can be reasonable... They can afford well made fakes. They pocket billions.
PAWEL KOLASA 11 minutter siden
0:30 bad job. The "satellite" goes hwaaay to fast. Slow it down! Also, the "earth" is hwaaay too small. And you could use a better 3d model. I see need to improve. I know 3D animation.
Nazla Dian
Nazla Dian 2 dager siden
Love it👍👍
Wiyada Suwannaja
Wiyada Suwannaja 3 dager siden
WoW​ Very​ Good~~!!👆😊💭🎊🎉
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen 4 dager siden
am i the only one feels the spaceX space suit looks amateur and ugly?
Jonathan Chen
Jonathan Chen 4 dager siden
also watch how the astronauts waving their hands. the suit looks very stiff and obstructive.
FIFA Show 5 dager siden
Earl Wyatt McCrory
Earl Wyatt McCrory 6 dager siden
Commentary is baby 🐥🍼 lunch professional this ain't no joke 😂 .
Jennifer Carson
Jennifer Carson 6 dager siden
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Richard Bruno
Richard Bruno 6 dager siden
Jhst say enter and exit.
Gooner 72
Gooner 72 7 dager siden
This is a massive 2 fingers up at the rest of the World, but especially to the Russians.... This is how you do space travel, well done Elon Musk and it shows that you should never give up on your dreams.
Gloria L. Darnell
Gloria L. Darnell 7 dager siden
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Pistol Pete
Pistol Pete 7 dager siden
Has anyone seen Good Burger before?
Bond Alanna
Bond Alanna 9 dager siden
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NENG SAFA MARWAH 10 dager siden
nice NASA
Lemon Checks
Lemon Checks 10 dager siden
looks like they are getting ready to ride a roller coaster!! you can really easily see how Space fight is going to quickly progress to commercial tourism! exciting times!! 🧑‍🚀✨
Wahid Saifudeen
Wahid Saifudeen 13 dager siden
I just wonder how the space station looks bright at night just before the lift off? Can some one pls explain.
ixa 9 dager siden
Because it reflects sunlight.
Betsy Lynn Watson
Betsy Lynn Watson 13 dager siden
Samuel M
Samuel M 15 dager siden
6:20 These commentators are just awful.
tom waits
tom waits 15 dager siden
Don't worry the 16 year old's shut up soon.
Michael 15 dager siden
Who are the name of the song used in this video ? 5:57
Lisa Reid
Lisa Reid 15 dager siden
How did they get off the spacesuits?
Keith Obrien
Keith Obrien 12 dager siden
They took them off while we were watching the atmosphere shots and it cut a bit for viewing
rtrfdg fger
rtrfdg fger 16 dager siden
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Drake Blake
Drake Blake 17 dager siden
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Tej karan
Tej karan 19 dager siden
every things stylish
Tej karan
Tej karan 19 dager siden
no its not
hafizah mohd rawi
hafizah mohd rawi 19 dager siden
Lihat lah salah sorang Astro bhubung dgn pusat kwln di bumi bgtahu mereka berada di groud zero seterusnya akan menuju hampiri ISS dan bersatu di tmpt yg telah ditetapkan pusat kwln...
hafizah mohd rawi
hafizah mohd rawi 19 dager siden
Cuma besar luas dragon ni dan selesa bagi 4 astronunt didalamnya utk ke ISS....
hafizah mohd rawi
hafizah mohd rawi 19 dager siden
US kerap buat kapsul tbaru banding Russia yg kekal dgn Soyuz hga skrg ni...sbb nya Soyuz dianggap kapsul yg paling slmt utk ke ISS....wl US punyai kapsul berbeza dgn kapsul dulu tapi kurang slmt bagi angkasawan utk dibawa ke ISS...kapsul USA byk alami kecelakaan masa diluncur dan kembali kebumi...tp Soyuz kurang alami spti itu..cuma sedikit saje gagal diluncur kapsul buatan Russia...
hafizah mohd rawi
hafizah mohd rawi 20 dager siden
Ini kapal model terbaru yang dibuat USA.... Boleh membawa empat org di dlm nya.. Besar dan luas dalamnya utk para angkasawan pergi ke ISS.... Pakaian pun berbeza dari yg mula dulu... Pakaian nya cukup ringkas kal putih banding dulu yg byk alatan di pakaian tsbt serta berat..
Salom Suprith vines
Salom Suprith vines 21 dag siden
Elon Musk........❤️❤️❤️❤️🤗🤗💪
Business Size
Business Size 22 dager siden
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FIFA Show 5 dager siden
اخي هاذه جذب لا تصدكهم
1983 seieikou
1983 seieikou 24 dager siden
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 18 dager siden
Flat Earth Theory Biggest hoax ever
World of Rio
World of Rio 24 dager siden
Jeff Besos riding blue origin left the earth. haha
Abde Ab
Abde Ab 25 dager siden
Tout ça c’est faux regarde bien la vidéo personne ne peux bougée a27000KM ni la tête les jambes 🦵 ni les bras supercherie tout ça
Au9_2045 25 dager siden
Imagine one of them wanna go to toilet so tight right before 10 seconds (T -10) the Rocket launch.
Au9_2045 19 dager siden
@GOD's BEAUTIFUL FLAT EARTH yes nobody is ON the rocket, they are IN the rocket. Lol improve your grammar
Au9_2045 24 dager siden
@GOD's BEAUTIFUL FLAT EARTH lol where does this flat earthers come from? :/
Nobody is on the rockets.
rahul sharma
rahul sharma 25 dager siden
Seriously humans hav a long way in space tech,,,from hanging wires to sitting in box like space crafts,,,to touch screen controls nd stylish space suits,,,the real future starts from here,,,words will nevr be enough wht we hav achived,,,a journey into vast nothing to search our existing everything......
Maxime Ledreau
Maxime Ledreau 26 dager siden
Merci Thomas Pesquet d'avoir dit deux trois mots en français pour ceux qui ne comprennent pas l'anglais ça fait du bien d'entendre du français
Kourosh Salahshoor
Kourosh Salahshoor 26 dager siden
Amazing 👏👏👏👍
Da Wae
Da Wae 26 dager siden
I love the no.29 girl those cake if you are single call me 😎 12:20-12:25
Adriano Afonso
Adriano Afonso 27 dager siden
Asha Sugesh
Asha Sugesh 27 dager siden
C Nguyen
C Nguyen 28 dager siden
Thank you very much for the stunning views of the highlights video. Well done “Launch America” 🌍🚀🚀👏👏👏
Bendor Favino
Bendor Favino 29 dager siden
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Lucenny Matias
Lucenny Matias 29 dager siden
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ʇᴉɥɔ uᴉʍ 9 dager siden
Bro me too
Felicia Bryant
Felicia Bryant 29 dager siden
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BLACKVELVET21 Måned siden
How do you pee?
GodDamn Recordz
GodDamn Recordz Måned siden
I feel really good, humans are beat🚀🚀🚀
Luca Ser
Luca Ser Måned siden
Se incontrate il virus corona avvisateci da lassù ok che aspettiamo molto ciao e guardate se ci sono altri pianeti viventi di vita ma non disturbate il signore che vi osserva da molto in alto cosa fate ciao
Ileana Mediros
Ileana Mediros Måned siden
Amazing fantastic. Thank you
THE MAKRANGS Måned siden
It is real one?
GA650 !
GA650 ! Måned siden
This thing is fake
GA650 !
GA650 ! 6 dager siden
Your the one hating on me your the one saying the flat earth is fake and I’m not telling you anything you weirdo
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 7 dager siden
@GA650 ! I’m fine, you’re the one riddled with delusion
GA650 !
GA650 ! 8 dager siden
@Jack Whitlock are you okay?😂 that doesn’t even make sense
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 8 dager siden
@GA650 ! Just because it looks fake, doesn’t mean it is
GA650 !
GA650 ! 8 dager siden
Just look at the footage it looks so fake
Austin Kilgore
Austin Kilgore Måned siden
So how on can expect space porn? Lmao A few more years I presume?
fellpower Måned siden
Looks sooo easy, but think about all that thousends of people, doing their jobs, to make this possible......wow....
SAENZ TRADES Måned siden
That trap music though👨‍🚀
MARK CHIANG Måned siden
34:20 May I ask who took this?
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 18 dager siden
Someone on the ISS
Louieboy Dela Cruz
Louieboy Dela Cruz Måned siden
33:30 Wow!
R Ravi Sankar
R Ravi Sankar Måned siden
Wonderful real time informative educational video. Thanks NASA and SpaceX.
Nur Santoso
Nur Santoso Måned siden
Only one word "Luar Biasa"
Ricky Tobas
Ricky Tobas Måned siden
Who are speaking in the video
Nasri Yaseri
Nasri Yaseri Måned siden
It’s all bullshit no one can leave Earth
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 18 dager siden
Good joke
Phosphenic Resistance
Is it me or it looks like this shit is in a giant swiming pool ? There is something odd with how the ISS looks in the total darkness.. I don't know why i have this feeling..
Silam kasih ditaman Hayat
no one knows i know
no one knows i know Måned siden
Just make sure they undergo in swabtest🤣, so we can avoid passing covid in alien world🤣✌✌
abilio lopes
abilio lopes Måned siden
Enjoy watching from Timor-Leste❤
Documentary Måned siden
Isaak Zulfi
Isaak Zulfi Måned siden
amrel anzures
amrel anzures Måned siden
I'm enjoying watching time check 3:09am here in UAE... I am from Philippines 🇵🇭
Abid Alwi
Abid Alwi Måned siden
I saw Merlin’s dragon 😁 Knight the the First blood spilled Chapter 1 doto
Stefan Yoshovski
Stefan Yoshovski Måned siden
Everything is so stylish. The spaceship, the SpaceX crew, their suits, the transport to pad with the teslas, even the space X logo is so damn futuristic.
Dude, They don't actually go to space.
Stefan Yoshovski
Stefan Yoshovski 26 dager siden
@Nitram 4392 He's definitely both a tech and a marketing guy
Nitram 4392
Nitram 4392 26 dager siden
Say about elon what you will, but he knows, that if you want to sell the public on tech it has to not only work but also look cool.
Paul Paul
Paul Paul Måned siden
From Nairobi Kenya I have cried when the crew were saying goodbye to their families 😭😭 May they come back home in peace.. wish I can get a chance to visit NASA headquarters
Scott Combs
Scott Combs Måned siden
Cry baby ass!
Matt W
Matt W Måned siden
United Corporations of Musk imperialism.
Andrew Quach
Andrew Quach Måned siden
@25:41 what’s that ? Did anyone see some round thing fly through
ixa 9 dager siden
Throughout the video you can see several flying objects fly by, which probably are just satellites or debris. There is an insane amount of those flying over the Earth.
Toxic gaming
Toxic gaming 16 dager siden
It might be a party of a destroyed satellite or even a part of a meteor not sure though
Jag 321
Jag 321 Måned siden
come on ppl its all BS think about it brainwashing BS watch really close maybe figure it out
ixa 9 dager siden
You wouldn’t know what’s real or not either way because of all the BS inside your head.
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 18 dager siden
Yes, the flat earth theory is all BS
Amna Majeed
Amna Majeed Måned siden
Enjoyed watching From Pakistan 🇩🇿
Carlos Felix
Carlos Felix Måned siden
Why can’t we ever see stars in the background? It’s always so dark.
ixa 9 dager siden
And because it’s focused directly to the closer objects, so the background, which is incredibly far, gets blurry. The earth is lighted by the sun, so it’s easier to see. Also, what we see in the sky from Earth is filtered by our atmosphere, where particles reflect/disperse/block light from stars and our sun. So outside the atmosphere we don’t have that filter causing the sky to be black and the sun outshines every other light source. That’s my best guess.
Jack Whitlock
Jack Whitlock 18 dager siden
It’s a problem with the camera’s exposure and aperture
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez Måned siden
Tim Jesse
Tim Jesse Måned siden
@spaceX I‘d love to have some other background Musik - please tell the the editors to put the songs the astronauts are actually listening to in the background 🙏🏻🤍🤍🤙🏼🇩🇪🇪🇺🇯🇵 🇺🇸 🇫🇷 and at some parts just some easy listening Synth chill wave . Love you
Terezinha Maria das Graças Toledo Corcino
Cade os br kkkkk
unique_talents Måned siden
New suits look like moto gear
ahbengj Måned siden
For those on earth who always wanted to settle things with war, let them see..we just some tiny creatures who wants to achieve greater.
Tammi Lee
Tammi Lee 25 dager siden
MelodiaTodoElDia Måned siden
I wonder what these astronauts will do when they get up there and see the Earth is flat
kenneth thomas
kenneth thomas Måned siden
Flat Earthers say this is fake because of the Devil. They sound like the Water Boy's mom. LOL.
christian smith jr
christian smith jr Måned siden
They dont care about me. Nobody does.
Maire Paca
Maire Paca Måned siden
Are you ok?
S S Måned siden
Where is the black crew like usual? 🤔😀
แก่ง นาง
การฟังสัญญานสื่อสารและสัมผัสมือกันของมนุษย์อวกาศเป็นการเช็คว่ามนุษย์อวกาศมีใครหลับระหว่างเดินทางหรือเปล่า ให้ขยับตัวตามการสื่อสาร ให้เห็นว่าทุกคนตอบสนองและไม่หลับหรือเหม่อลอย ซึ่งเป็นอาการที่อาจเกิดขึ้นกับมนุษย์อวกาศที่กำลังเดินทาง
แก่ง นาง
ไหนว่าจะสร้างสันติ แล้วทำไมNASA ยังปล่อยให้คลื่นAi มาวุ่นวายกับชีวิตผม โพสต์เมื่อ5.05.2021
แก่ง นาง
NASA very bad. NASA mind control People Amerikun. NASA คือกบฎสหรัฐ.
Erick Marcelo
Erick Marcelo Måned siden
Name beat minute 37:36
Nelma Akino
Nelma Akino Måned siden
Have a good mission in the outer space
Joe Dill
Joe Dill Måned siden
Enjoyed watching it from apollo beach Cape Canaveral National Seashore 🚀🇺🇸👍👏
Claudio Correa
Claudio Correa Måned siden
Fuck All Religion
Fuck All Religion Måned siden
Why they can’t show the full earth from above. They always show the earth from the window. What a fucking fraud. Hmmm
Hello World
Hello World Måned siden
This would be so perfect if you put time stamps..
Yulduz Ikromova
Yulduz Ikromova Måned siden
Amazing video, god bless astronauts , it‘s so good
General channel
General channel Måned siden
Joian Duron-Burdeos
Joian Duron-Burdeos Måned siden
Just WOW! 😍
Panduka HewaGajamange
Tears of joy ❣️ Congratulations to all crew of NASA and Space X and good luck to all astronauts who is currently working at The ISC🌏🚀 #madlove👨‍🚀❤️
NASA and SPACE-X are a SCAM.
Scott Combs
Scott Combs Måned siden
Cry baby ass!
French Viking
French Viking Måned siden
Disney for adults.
Aydin Colak
Aydin Colak Måned siden
Love those rubber boots
Very Buck Rodgers. 🤖
Who Is SMARTER? 😂 #shorts
TWICE "Alcohol-Free" M/V