WANDAVISION EPISODE 7 BREAKDOWN! Easter Eggs & Details You Missed! (1x07 "Breaking the Fourth Wall") 

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WandaVision’s seventh episode, “Breaking the Fourth Wall,” reveals Agnes is actually AGATHA HARKNESS, the witch behind it all, in a show of her own called "Agatha All Along." Meanwhile, Monica Rambeau reenters Westview transforming into Photon, and a mysterious Nexus antidepressant commercial hints that Wanda might still launch the MCU Multiverse after all. Erik Voss breaks down all the Easter Eggs you missed, including the deeper meaning of the WandaVision Episode 7 post-credit scene with Pietro, creepy background and VFX details snuck in by the editors, and major Marvel Easter Eggs in the opening credit sequence. What did Agnes do to the twins Billy and Tommy?
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Brendan Langdon
Cody Anderson
Dan Woodson
Karen Wang
O. Grometto
Pony Stark
Rick Denmon
Producer: Erik Voss eavoss
Producer: Zach Huddleston
Written by: Erik Voss
Executive Creative Director: Filup Molina filupmolina
Post Production Supervisor: John Costa
Staff Editor: Joshua Steven Hurd
Editors: Aaron Carrión, Kelly Joule, Devin Cleary, John Costa




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New Rockstars
New Rockstars 4 dager siden
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Superhero Odyssey
@bLoWc16 you are more of a clown than the sword agents in the hex🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
bLoWc16 Dag siden
@Superhero Odyssey talk about how pathetic that someone would get mad about your delusions 😂 😂 days later when no gives a F. You do know there are more important things than your delusions 😂... you’re so triggered to have some kind of approval.
Superhero Odyssey
@bLoWc16 talk about pathetic getting mad at someone who noticed something you didn’t 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
recruit roblox
recruit roblox Dag siden
No it would be glitched vanda vision then says Agatha all along in purple
a man george
a man george 2 dager siden
Keno Noke
Keno Noke 12 minutter siden
Remember the tiger on the table in the earlier episodes ok Dr strange gets his pwr from the vashanti i think it’s Dormamu
Matthew Heath
Matthew Heath 54 minutter siden
No mention of "Kids? What's next, puppies?"
Faris Ahmed
Faris Ahmed Time siden
i subd to you and the chaling
noah sigel
noah sigel 2 timer siden
The actually flower nationally tempt because meeting numerically moor athwart a amused glass. outgoing, glamorous fox
Kyro Zoltron
Kyro Zoltron 2 timer siden
Notice how everything in wandas house begin to glitch even more vigorously after Agnes/Agatha leaves with the boys and the first thing to glitch was the bouquet of flowers Agatha gave wanda in the first episode with the note
Stephen Kentner
Stephen Kentner 3 timer siden
Rosemary's baby all over again!
Ser_ Ryon_Vine
Ser_ Ryon_Vine 4 timer siden
Ralph is the name of Jack Gleason‘s character in honeymooners
Rokubot 4 timer siden
what if Agatha is the one to say "Previously on Wandavision" for ep 8
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 4 timer siden
Omg, the hilt of the blade being blue and accidentally merging with the blue screen was awesome!
KaBoomBox 5 timer siden
How did no one else notice the blood splatter on the back of the tarp when Wanda walks down into the basement?
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 4 timer siden
need to review children frozen in the cul-de-sac s1:e6 21:46 one was a dried up dead kid holding candy sack.
Gunja Das
Gunja Das 5 timer siden
Who was taking Agatha's interview??
Kippen Voer
Kippen Voer 6 timer siden
24:30 I think it’s ultron
Aswin Nair
Aswin Nair 7 timer siden
Magneto will come....🔥🔥🔥
My Show
My Show 8 timer siden
When the camera talks. It sounds like Arthur in Joker
the sparks
the sparks 8 timer siden
You know you're watching a true masterpiece when Silence of the Lambs and Jodie Foster is referenced.
Greg Mohr
Greg Mohr 9 timer siden
This is a little late, but hopefully Eric sees it. I don't think he's pointed this out. The Yo Gabba Gabba scene could be drawing a parallel between DJ Lance Rock and Wanda. Although he seems a bit more consistently blissful in his pocket reality :)
Mario Leandro Jerez
Mario Leandro Jerez 9 timer siden
At the end of the credits episode 7... SNOOPERS GOING TO SNOOP!!!!!!!!!!! Omg love that. I knew Agatha and “Pietro” were in this together all along!!!!!!!!
Shahir Kabiri
Shahir Kabiri 10 timer siden
there is only 2 episodes left. i don't think we will see much of mephesto
Red Leader
Red Leader 10 timer siden
og_ _avnger
og_ _avnger 11 timer siden
23:42 that plate number tho “u69fuk”
hee hee
hee hee 11 timer siden
Agatha's magical book could possibly be the stolen book in Doctor Strange
Ice -Tman
Ice -Tman 12 timer siden
Why does it say INERTIA on the wall at 19:38
[MADD]Scientist 13 timer siden
Image Doc Strange becoming Wanda's mentor......take my money and give me 5 tickets to see pls
Troy Hayder
Troy Hayder 13 timer siden
Wand division...
Mishlof 13 timer siden
you are so entertaining to watch....
Jeep_Gentleman 13 timer siden
need to review children frozen in the cul-de-sac s1:e6 21:46 one was a dried up dead kid holding candy sack.
Guru Universalista
Guru Universalista 13 timer siden
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht 14 timer siden
The book should be the Necronomicon, to avoid breaking with AoS, who still has a rabbit fanbase.
Jessica Walsh
Jessica Walsh 15 timer siden
if you watched agents of shield which I'm assuming you did the darkhold does not look like that and it was taken back to the place it came from by ghost rider
slowodanx / Nico
slowodanx / Nico 15 timer siden
Thinking agatha really is eating the children is something DC would come up and fail and get destroyed by it. So no.
Pugmaster0 15 timer siden
Hey look up that 12282 on google it says hex color
Gus Espinoza
Gus Espinoza 16 timer siden
The dependent david ultrastructurally unite because parallelogram postsurgically claim atop a didactic watch. poised, open blade
Zhanknight_777 16 timer siden
About the Sakata bug theory, it all makes sense because Agatha has been a round for a very long time dating back to the salem Witch trials that took place in February of 1692.
BEM Productions
BEM Productions 16 timer siden
Can I get a shout out
The Headless Gacha Boy
The Headless Gacha Boy 17 timer siden
“Get nexus antidepressant, it cures your depression by giving you more depression, isn’t that great?!?!”
MacKenzie Rogers
MacKenzie Rogers 17 timer siden
The Red Comet
The Red Comet 18 timer siden
what if the Hex is the mind stone
Joe Staats
Joe Staats 18 timer siden
This may be old news, but I was rewatching Agents of Shield episodes, and a particular design was covering the interior walls of the interrogation room. All in Hexagons! Thought it was interesting.
Connor Chatting
Connor Chatting 18 timer siden
The ice cream truck said ‘Funnel of Love’ on the side... it’s a song by an artist called Wanda Jackson - lyrics below: “Here I go, Falling down, down, down, My mind is a blank, My head is spinning around and around, As I go deep into the funnel of love. It's such a crazy, crazy feeling, I get weak in the knees, My poor old head is a reelin', As I go deep into the funnel of love. I tried and I tried, to run and hide, I even tried to run away, You just can't run from the funnel of love, It's gonna get you someday.”
graph _
graph _ 19 timer siden
Could senor scratchy be the black cat just morphed into a bunny
Rich Rayne
Rich Rayne 19 timer siden
You are on point on somethings, BUT DAMN SON, not everything is something
Moore2k5 19 timer siden
Could the cameo be Nick Fury???
Ivan Rojas
Ivan Rojas 19 timer siden
jesus, your reach is ridiculous. literally making things up as you go
Kthanid 20 timer siden
am i the only one who can hear the radio? unless the radio is those beeps and the entire thing is Morse code?
FIRIMEX 20 timer siden
I have a question. Why we never see again the bee keeper again even when he is on many promo image's?
Amanda Osman
Amanda Osman 20 timer siden
Dear Marvel, I'd like to see more Ithamar, please and thank you.
Jose Antonio Avila
Jose Antonio Avila 20 timer siden
Gard Helgeland-Rossavik
I like that the mcu tried to be pure sci-fi at the beginning and now has a witch as well as sorcerers and probably the devil
oedipa maas
oedipa maas 19 timer siden
Did it though? Thor was the 2nd character to get a solo movie - 3rd if you wanna consider Incredible Hulk.
Robert Weston
Robert Weston 20 timer siden
This is all coming out of way left field; since when is Agatha Harkness evil?
Mark Riddle
Mark Riddle 21 time siden
Y’all remember when they said they’ll have a “star wars level cameo”? Now how bout this, Monicas space engineer friend is BLUE MARVEL played by JOHN BOYEGA from STAR WARS
Gard Helgeland-Rossavik
I like the goldfish, I think it might be a reference to a fish named Wanda
Gard Helgeland-Rossavik
42 on trending
Alex Comtois
Alex Comtois 21 time siden
Paul Bethany said there was an actor he was longing to work with all of life and and it must then be someone very old-ish like Patrick Stewart or Ian McLellan.
Roblox with Gigi
Roblox with Gigi 22 timer siden
Ruby Albright
Ruby Albright 22 timer siden
agatha all along is such a bop tbh
annag cocl
annag cocl 22 timer siden
The book should be the Necronomicon, to avoid breaking with AoS, who still has a rabbit fanbase.
ACE boopypoo
ACE boopypoo 22 timer siden
this is the only cast member with no role. grey delisle
annag cocl
annag cocl 22 timer siden
Genuinely a very similar replica of the modern family house. Blue walls, the same blinds and and even the same kitchen.
Saagar Gaikwad
Saagar Gaikwad 22 timer siden
Vision went through basement we saw bones spider 🕸️ and grim ripper's helmet. Similarly when Wanda enters basement we see again bones spider 🕸️ and grim ripper's helmet too (white thing behind Wanda in basement)
SnYpaMasTa 77
SnYpaMasTa 77 22 timer siden
Agatha all along is similar to Ashley’s song from warioware Ashley is a witch
Barney logan
Barney logan 23 timer siden
Last time I saw the darkhold in the mcu it look different And Ghost Rider took it to hell with him In agents of shield
Marco Solis
Marco Solis 23 timer siden
I'm making a prediction the celebrity that's making a surprise visit on Wanda vision is going to be Anthony Hopkins....
Ishan Basu
Ishan Basu 23 timer siden
Wandavision has be come one of my favorite mcu property
Silver 23 timer siden
ItS BeEn AgaTHa All aLonG
Aaron Max
Aaron Max 23 timer siden
Why couldn't tom holland be in it. he would tell us everything we need to know
Danny Kidwell
Danny Kidwell Dag siden
No one mentions how the stork always disappears with red smoke... this is not something Wanda does.
Stacey Mangum
Stacey Mangum Dag siden
I loved how it went from mockumentary to a musical! ... Could it be referencing Glee that was also big in that decade.
youtube life
youtube life Dag siden
Paul bettany's "acting heroes" are Humphrey Bogart, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Peter O'Toole and Vincent Cassel. And Humphrey Bogart and Peter O'tool are both dead so it could only be Al Pacino, Robert De Nire or Vincent Cassel
Mavelavengerskids Bts
Look at the yo gabba gabba scene and I think you’ll find something cool.
Jade Hawk
Jade Hawk Dag siden
just here to say that i bet the 3d shape of the hex is a buckyball (buckminsterfullerene) [/science nerd]
Issa BlueNEW
Issa BlueNEW Dag siden
idk why but when i hear paul bettany seying an actor he has wanted to work with my mind goes to...... CAN YOU SMELELELLELLELLE WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING
Nicholas Chester
So strange to see the development of this channel. I remember when the asmr video came out years ago teaching me what asmr was which was something I noticed my whole life but no one knew what I was talking about. Now the channel is exclusively movie theories lol
Peter Cho
Peter Cho Dag siden
Ughh... Lizzie Olsen in those pink yoga pants... yes please.
Kiera Gibson
Kiera Gibson Dag siden
Genuinely a very similar replica of the modern family house. Blue walls, the same blinds and and even the same kitchen.
Christopher Stokes
I need this in my liiiiiiife! It's so good
Gorilla Trap Muzik
Most be me because in this video I don't hear a radio with all the other noise going on in the background
jwhaler82 Dag siden
Dennis the mailman has a rabbit on his cap. So yes, I think he's definitely working for Agatha.
Sharon Lent
Sharon Lent Dag siden
-cide in medication terms applies to killing whatever is causing the disease state. This is most likely a nod to getting out of the nexus.
Germán Zavala Estrada
Did anyone noticed that in the nutrition facts label, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium and Iron, are repeating... 🤔
Laura Dag siden
i love that they're placing small agents of shield easter eggs!!!🍋🍋🍋
Tilly Comedy
Tilly Comedy Dag siden
post credits scene?? i gotta go back to see
Dennis Lim
Dennis Lim Dag siden
Isn't Agatha Harkness supposed to be an old witch?
Oli 86
Oli 86 Dag siden
I found where Agatha's book is from
Oli 86
Oli 86 Dag siden
It's from doctor strange because there's a missing book
Oli 86
Oli 86 Dag siden
I found where Agatha's book is from
ilay even chen
ilay even chen Dag siden
the aspect ratio changed in episode 4 inside the hex so i dont think the dungeon is outside of it
Aventura pe Munte
Wouldn''t be surprised if Lamia were in that basement and drag everybody to hell :"D
Kashyap Vardhan BV
maja nahi aaya
Michael Wilkes
Michael Wilkes Dag siden
Plot twist Nick fury is blade😳
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Dag siden
Juliano Renkert Junior
The puny russian unintentionally gather because organ practically face like a annoyed lemonade. hysterical, gifted wrench
nijuo joing
nijuo joing Dag siden
Am I the only one that can’t hear the radio?
Emma Flowers
Emma Flowers Dag siden
3:19 it says the eighth
secret service
secret service Dag siden
The secret cameo is John Wick coming as Reed Richards and killing Agatha for killing Sparky
Hermiston's Good
Idk...but did everyone notice all that purple like mist hovering on Westview...maybe Agatha is getting full control of it and that’s why Wanda can’t fix it..
Dinosaurmojo54 Dag siden
Those singing lessons ended up working out for Agatha in Step Brothers
Inigo Dag siden
I tried to act surprised when watching the ending
MarkT2 Dag siden
Did anyone notice that the nutrition label on the Sugar Snaps cereal is basically equivalent to a meat product and that the total number of servings is only 2? Another hint of Agatha wanting to devour the children?
Biniyam Kiflu
Biniyam Kiflu Dag siden
Nightmare is the main Villain! Blue Marvel will come! Monica Rambeau And Blue Marvel will have a Romance moment in the MCU! Doctor Strange will appear in the last episode!
RajaMCool Dag siden
The 60s Intro was also in a hexagon
Sarosh Baig
Sarosh Baig Dag siden
Ive been having this theory that billy is gonna be the MCU version of Wiccan because they have the same colors on their outfit and billy has a similar costume in the halloween episode
RajaMCool Dag siden
We knew all along.
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