I Speak Normally For The First Time EVER 

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Speaking and sharing some thoughts about the past few years
also real personality reveal here
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17. feb.. 2021





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Davie504 2 måneder siden
thanks for the nice comments 🙏🙏🙏
Diego Morali
Diego Morali 9 timer siden
Thanks for sharing this. :)
leprofdemusique73 16 dager siden
you are still weird and it won't change for me ... NEVER :! ;)
Samuel Chng
Samuel Chng Måned siden
Antonio Ardito
Antonio Ardito Måned siden
Sei un grande
Pedro Xavier
Pedro Xavier 2 måneder siden
god 504
Irina Calvo
Irina Calvo 20 minutter siden
You're the best, keep slapping Davie!
Guy Goldstone
Guy Goldstone Time siden
Although I watch and enjoy your videos, this one made me subscribe! :)
rotze2007 Time siden
It's a good thing to able to reflect yourself. Keep that and don't mind too much about numbers and their impact. Slap you, for being a nice and smart guy!
I cried 🥲
Warlock 3 timer siden
Plot Twist, NOsections send the diamond play button already built into a bass.
Daniel Goncalves
Daniel Goncalves 3 timer siden
*getting Extremely emotional*
Daniel Goncalves
Daniel Goncalves 3 timer siden
Water Walker
Water Walker 4 timer siden
Davie's haters are people who are either doing it in jest OR the stupid ones who don't get the fact that he is just playing a character to make people laugh.
Aksel o.O
Aksel o.O 4 timer siden
Why no one asked if you play in a band ?
Aditya Karmokar
Aditya Karmokar 5 timer siden
Accent is real
HELL'S GUARDIAN 7 5 timer siden
this video helped me a lot
Misthema 5 timer siden
Thanks for the video! Im one of those who stopped watching your videos some time ago, cant remember why (probably because of the guitar curse xD). But hearing all those things you said in this one really inspired me and indeed helped me understand your position, so thank you again. Definitely gonna watch more from you in the future. ;P
Roger Floro
Roger Floro 5 timer siden
Salvador 10 timer siden
I just found you! I guess I must have been under a rock, but your content always puts a smile on my face. You make life richer. Keep going!
Daryl Ogalino
Daryl Ogalino 11 timer siden
Love seeing your realness Davie! Thanks for the awesome inspiration and entertainment! You're an awesome guy! Keep it up brotha!
Tiga Wu
Tiga Wu 11 timer siden
man the bald idea is brilliant you're good at finding new ideas
Tiga Wu
Tiga Wu 11 timer siden
6:41 the fish?
Marcelo Gomes
Marcelo Gomes 14 timer siden
scandap4e 15 timer siden
Dood that was awesome. Felt sincere and FYI I love your channel. Keep having fun and being true to you.
Ádám Vécsey
Ádám Vécsey 17 timer siden
With great power comes great responsibility - said your uncle. Wait, you're Spiderman's cousin?? :D I know actually that how much of a stress can be caused by such responsibility. I'm no NOsectionsr, I'm just a translator, but if I mess up something in my work, a single word or expression, the poop may hit the fan (for half of my clients, at least). So you just gotta do your job, but also try to let the stress go away. Not burying it inside you, just letting it out somehow. It's something that must be learnt, because if you let it pile up, it will eat you away, and that will do much worse damages than making not-so-interesting videos. And also, don't think that your videos are not interesting. Yes, you might've had more views with less subscribers, and it's strange to see this change of numbers, but it's still just numbers. What matters the most is what you feel, how you feel about yourself and about your videos, and not only the views, numbers and your viewers. You are the creator, after all, so primarily you should create for yourself, what YOU like and what YOU enjoy. I know there's tons of work behind each video, but I don't think your content will become boring anytime soon. You ARE making more and more interesting, more diversified, newer and newer stuff each time, and if you ever run out of ideas, go take some time off, watch some crazy anime (like Psy-nan or Gintama or something else), have a good meal, take a nap and see if you can go on. And I just know you will go on, because as you said, you're passionate.
ScottBird645 17 timer siden
Thank you for this thoughtful video. I am a relatively new subscriber and enjoy your content (and musical performance) very much. Keep up the good work! Wishing you all the best, Scott
GEEK675309 18 timer siden
yasas jayalath
yasas jayalath 22 timer siden
You are a very humble man...That's the reason why I love you...Keep it up...We always with you...DAVIE...❤
Alejandro Cortes
Alejandro Cortes 22 timer siden
Best slapper in The World
Shin Lin
Shin Lin 23 timer siden
I'm actually at the hard time now. You make me a big motivation. Thank you 💞
죄연재 Dag siden
To be honest, this type of video was boring for me but Davie... Gosh, you're making me cry. I love you bro!
죄연재 Dag siden
DAVIE I LOOOOOVE YOU. I dont play bass but I feel happy when you do, it feels like I can understand what you did even tho I don't.
Sergio Ramirez
Sergio Ramirez Dag siden
I’m subscribing now! Love your channel! I hope you reach 10 million subs very soon! 👍🏻
Keyra Del Fabro
Keyra Del Fabro Dag siden
odi così tanto la pizza all'ananas?
davexbit Dag siden
Thanks for this and wonderful bass playing
Bil' Cigs
Bil' Cigs Dag siden
750k subs more till 10M
Karmalooper Z
Karmalooper Z Dag siden
What?? I love your vídeos bro!
ize of the world
loved this! thank you, Davie!
Música Talvez
Música Talvez Dag siden
Slapping the like button from Brazil ❤❤❤
Patrick Silva
Patrick Silva Dag siden
I am new to this channel, you are hilarious! And even in this serious video you still found ways to be funny. That is so impressive. This really inspired me, don't stop being amazing!
Зиг Фрид
Зиг Фрид Dag siden
You very good man bro. Stay just as sincere and then 10 million will come by themselves. You're one of the best, don't forget that. SLAP FOR A BASS GOD
Mr Bring Back The Classic DayZ
Love this guy, you'll be having a bad day and Davie can change that in an instant. We love you Davie♥️
andreams Dag siden
Davie if you ever feel stressed and wonder if your audience still likes you then just think about what an amazingly large amount of people you helped picking up a passion of music that might have changed their life. even if it was only one person that would be an achievement but I'm sure there's thousands of them
Joshua Finau
Joshua Finau 2 dager siden
You’re cool as hell dude
Oksana Shiganova
Oksana Shiganova 2 dager siden
this touched smth deep inside my dark-dead-soul. thank you for sharing.
Mariusz Najsarek
Mariusz Najsarek 2 dager siden
I very carefully choose what to subscribe on youtube as most of the NOsectionsrs are simply not talented in any way but you sir - are worthy. Subscribed. Kepp up the good work!
reesa beee
reesa beee 2 dager siden
one thing you are is...Hilarious thx for sharing your passion for bass and extreme sense of humor
Varun Kulhalli
Varun Kulhalli 2 dager siden
I wish everyone could speak their hearts out like this..
Tomas Engström
Tomas Engström 2 dager siden
Sigh!!! ... now i have to travel around the world to "SLAP" 1.8k dislikers.....
legendarysaga 66
legendarysaga 66 2 dager siden
absolute respec
Key of Geebz
Key of Geebz 2 dager siden
WOW - loved this - My show is new but blowing up and I'm already feeling some the YT anxiety of numbers vs. views then doubt then blah. You have a great thing here. As an AMAZING bass player, you have taken yourself and acknowledged your obvious skills through performance and humor. Bravo Dave504! Continued success!!!
Sai - Elixir
Sai - Elixir 2 dager siden
First Reply :)
Theodore Voudrislis
Theodore Voudrislis 2 dager siden
Hello Davie. I'm a new subscriber to your channel. First of all, great bass man. Great bass. I truly admire what you do. Secondly, great sense of humor. I have the feeling that your NOsections persona has influences from the Ali-G persona of Sasha Baron. Great bass, great humor, great fun. Top quality videos. I'm happy to have met you. Lots of love from Athens, Greece :)
Harlee Ban
Harlee Ban 2 dager siden
God bless you keep going
Dayvid Mendes
Dayvid Mendes 2 dager siden
You are awesome, stay funky bro \,,/
Dayvid Mendes
Dayvid Mendes 2 dager siden
I know you waited so long to make the davie505 joke
Hater Bills
Hater Bills 2 dager siden
I actually knew that he is actually a guy with a lot of personalities. One hint is his eyes then others
The Random Channel
The Random Channel 2 dager siden
This is so wholesome
Gaurav Sharma
Gaurav Sharma 2 dager siden
You scored the video with such brilliance, I am awestruck. You were, you are and you will be A Rockstar.
Fikri Fuad
Fikri Fuad 2 dager siden
Davie504 I'm sorry I'm late but I appreciate this video!!
Antonio Salles
Antonio Salles 2 dager siden
You should try doing interviews...other bassists, or youtubers...have you thought of that?
Lisa E
Lisa E 3 dager siden
Davie504 is my Daddy504 , He is an abusive Daddy504 though. He SLAP me all the time. He think it is epic to SLAP me. OMG , SMH , It is not epic to SLAP me Daddy504 . Do you see I have to add 504 when I adress him ? "Daddy504" Checkmate Daddy504 , I have also revealed something of your true self.
Lisa E
Lisa E 3 dager siden
A jealous person is behind the hate
Bert Mon
Bert Mon 3 dager siden
Ace Vr
Ace Vr 3 dager siden
Wheres the face reveal?
Cong Tv
Cong Tv 3 dager siden
Just subscribe idiots that very basic!!!
Dane Paul Stewart
Dane Paul Stewart 3 dager siden
Brent Buan
Brent Buan 3 dager siden
0:09 it really means a lot to me His face: 🙂
Alberto Guglielmin
Alberto Guglielmin 3 dager siden
Bravo Davide non potevi che essere italiano per essere cosi bravo e simpatico. All inizio pensavo fossi un immigrato in America figlio di una famiglia dall uzbekistan !! Contnua cosi sei troppo forte ciao Alberto da Budapest
yonatan gielbartowicz
yonatan gielbartowicz 3 dager siden
you are a genius! you make me laugh so much and you really are a super talented person!
Soulgrave Omega
Soulgrave Omega 3 dager siden
what about you share tabs for all the anime songs? that will be awesome! love from México
꧁CeCe ꧂
꧁CeCe ꧂ 3 dager siden
thiago fioresi
thiago fioresi 3 dager siden
you're hilariousssss!!!!
Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker 3 dager siden
Crazy that you’re already to 9.24M after just 2 months.
Pete Howlett
Pete Howlett 3 dager siden
Being creative is tough for all of us. It's either black or white... there is no grey.
Bob Jamb Malawau
Bob Jamb Malawau 3 dager siden
Shoutout from Indonesia! Keep posting bro!
ellyot 3 dager siden
I'm sad but I'll never say anything bad about you, CHECKMATE !
Tyler Tristan
Tyler Tristan 3 dager siden
That was legitimately the most honest and open NOsections video I've seen in years. I appreciate you Davy!! Legend
Gerry DC
Gerry DC 3 dager siden
Bella Davieeee - keep it up man!
Stanley Murray
Stanley Murray 3 dager siden
That was one of the most honest videos I have ever seen on NOsections
Calenc 4 dager siden
You know what is Funny? I know nothing about music, I play no instruments, but still, I enjoy watching talented musicians, in this case, it comes with funny jokes.
shital sapkota
shital sapkota 4 dager siden
Just few more weeks then we gonna slap new bass 🤗
World of Gaming
World of Gaming 4 dager siden
Imagine Davie504 having 30mil subs or even more Big respect for Davie for telling the truth love his vids
Ali Afrouz
Ali Afrouz 4 dager siden
Hey Tall guy with a great big heart.... At first , im not good at english ... I just want to thank u for every thing u have done through this years and make us laugh , learn and practice more. You always have nice content and i love them , sometimes i ve watched your videos with my gf or parents . Supporting you is the only thing i can do at least . Wish u best Davie(504)
maren perbost
maren perbost 4 dager siden
I really like davie ‘s real personality
Majesty Nja
Majesty Nja 4 dager siden
Hey Davie, I'm an upcoming girl bass player and I stumbled on your channel last year. I just want you to know that I love your content and I watch a video everyday! You inspire and push me to learn the bass and be the best at it. Thank you so much for the calming videos🥺 And don't mind the haters out there, they're just jealous and short sighted People. Be strong Davie and know that you've got someone looking up to you and no matter what, you won't let me down. Stay slapped!
Tim Krause
Tim Krause 4 dager siden
Very cool
B33R SAUC3 4 dager siden
Davie stay strong for me man. Keep your hard work up and just create what you want to create. Success is great but it is not the meaning of life or the reason for why you're here. Keep striving to be better.
Jerry Kittle
Jerry Kittle 4 dager siden
how about a virtual concert with you and your best friends?
Silver4448 4 dager siden
heya davie, just wanted to say that your content is awesome. Keep on slappin!
J H 4 dager siden
I love you
Elo 4 dager siden
Davie: shows clip of him laughing *Everyone liked that*
Adnan Wazir
Adnan Wazir 4 dager siden
7:31 you became the very thing you swore to destroy. PS:- No matter what happens life will move on. Doesn't matter if it's good times or bad times life will keep going. So don't stress out to much. Find joy in every thing you do And take care really love your videos.
Balogna 4 dager siden
You're videos are helping me through a dark time in my life. Thank you Davie504.
Blooky's Sound
Blooky's Sound 5 dager siden
are you actually the real doo?
TheStengah 5 dager siden
I was hoping normally meant high pitch or something hahaha. Good video anyway.
Basicbassist 5 dager siden
If you make bass vids we're watch it, if it's a vid of just staring at the sea doing nothing bet we'll watch it
Y A 5 dager siden
Thanks!, this video motivated me enough))
herrbigdoktor 5 dager siden
you're great, mate. have been following your videos for years now. always liked them a lot. you are a talented guy. cheers from Brazil!
DHRUV MALLICK 5 dager siden
Brilliant Awesome Superb Slapper
Kardèl 5 dager siden
I didn't moved even by an inch while watching this whole video
John Newman
John Newman 5 dager siden
I'm happy to be here before 10M subs. I really enjoy your content. Keep it up!
Lucas the Lemur
Lucas the Lemur 5 dager siden
we love you man. and btw, i'm not very socially active, either. i feel like people don't really feel comfortable around me, and that stems from my high school problems. i've just kinda given up making friends. Thank you for sharing your feelings, it makes me (and my others) feel less alone. :) *slaps "post comment" button*
Tim O
Tim O 5 dager siden
holy moly bud this was a great video thanks fro taking the time to let us know more about you. great job
Queen_fan 5 dager siden
Davie... This is very brave! Thanks a lot for everything!
Christopher James Rawn
Genuine. Human. Thoughtful. Worthy.
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