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highlights from the jake paul vs ben askren kick off press conference in Las Vegas as both jake paul and ben askren spoke on their upcoming fight on April 17th on Triller! As Jake Paul talks about how he will become the biggest star in boxing and Ben Askren talks about how annoying Jake Paul is as we bring to you the jake paul vs ben askren press conference highlights!
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26. mars. 2021





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Fight Hub TV
Fight Hub TV 27 dager siden
Put together this little highlights package for everyone who doesnt want to sit thru the full press conference! Enjoy!
Miles Bruno
Miles Bruno 10 timer siden
I dont know if anyone gives a damn but I just hacked my gfs Instagram password by using InstaPlekt. Just google for it :)
Old school tv
Old school tv 19 dager siden
bigzoot69 22 dager siden
how isnt the face off included in a highlights video like man thats the best part
Blue Statik
Blue Statik 24 dager siden
Anwari Jan
Anwari Jan 25 dager siden
Surah rahman
Alexander Eidenbom
Alexander Eidenbom 5 timer siden
Jake fight ryan garcia
Ishan Sahu
Ishan Sahu Dag siden
Watching this after the fight is gold.
Neuthard Dag siden
ben would look bad ass without hair, the rock 2.0
Xavier Valenzuela
Xavier Valenzuela 2 dager siden
Jake was stuttering so much lmao
lightless 2 dager siden
"your teeth is yellow" "i can write songs for you" "speak english" enough cringe for me to not care
Troy Bilheimer
Troy Bilheimer 3 dager siden
He acts like he does because people on social media give him the power and it gets him paid guess what? No NOsections no jake paul end of story
its imi
its imi 3 dager siden
Jesus he is so immature
Fujio OFFICIAL 3 dager siden
Lmao got knocked out
Gary Murray
Gary Murray 4 dager siden
Mcgreager haha you fought wee deji . N a bastetball player. No one's call u out lmao. But your self. Give ksi a flight
Mikkiiiboy 4 dager siden
Ksi still hiding
duaplex1 5 dager siden
Sure Jake, whatever say.
Clovis Perron
Clovis Perron 5 dager siden
He Win 😂
Gday Osandu
Gday Osandu 5 dager siden
Here comes the excuses after Jake won😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Biaze 5 dager siden
Jaggy Jolly
Jaggy Jolly 5 dager siden
Well umm...
Cayden Garrett
Cayden Garrett 5 dager siden
Cayden Garrett
Cayden Garrett 5 dager siden
Man's got bodied.
Itz Jeremy
Itz Jeremy 5 dager siden
Who just seen jake paul knock him down to the ground
ju mo
ju mo 5 dager siden
No way he really try to say he wanted to fight Nate or nick Diaz...what a 🤡
Mikkiiiboy 5 dager siden
Probably would lay them out too
Shootingblankzz 5 dager siden
Hes been studying too many mcgreggor fights
romano kralis
romano kralis 5 dager siden
Man i reallly hope jake gets knocked the fuck out and see his escuse why he lost
Jon Gavazaj
Jon Gavazaj Dag siden
@romano kralis ksi is getting knocked out round 1 if he fights
romano kralis
romano kralis Dag siden
@Jon Gavazaj ksi isnt hiding he just does his music and videos remember when jake said when i see ksi i will jump him like half a yr ago he saw him and put his head down 😄
Jon Gavazaj
Jon Gavazaj 2 dager siden
@romano kralis he absolutely murders KSI ksi is hiding for years now
romano kralis
romano kralis 5 dager siden
@PNUT THE_AFTER_LIFE think about why he always wins because he only accept fights from people who cant fight but ignores people who can fight its taking him 2 yrs to accept the fight with ksi because he knows he will lose
GedasMVP 5 dager siden
Damn. Never heard that this fight is happening. Who is the other dude
Rushe Rush
Rushe Rush 5 dager siden
What on planet earth is this, Jake you're seriously so deluded and Ben you're just talking to a Muppet and fighting an absolute clown 🤡
toad champion
toad champion 5 dager siden
Stephan Watson
Stephan Watson 5 dager siden
How hilarious would an MMA fight between the two of these people be
Stephan Watson
Stephan Watson 5 dager siden
If you're trying to intimidate someone, who's demeanor during your attempt is like they're waiting in line at the grocery store, you'd probably lose if you actually fought that person.
Mikkiiiboy 5 dager siden
What happened? Your boy got smashed you clown
Carl Collis
Carl Collis 5 dager siden
Celebrity death match called all this shite years and years ago 😂😂😂😂😂
Ezio Auditore
Ezio Auditore 6 dager siden
Salty jake act like Drunk Conor
James massone
James massone 6 dager siden
Less losses than mcgregor doesn’t mean a thing dude !!!!!
Mikkiiiboy 5 dager siden
Smashed him hard
Samay Chakraborty
Samay Chakraborty 6 dager siden
I think Jake doesnt realise if he fought in an MMA ring he would get demolished by anyone. Because at this point the opponent is going to use ANYTHING in his inventory. And there are less rules in MMA than boxing. I have huge respect for boxing. But when it comes to MMA its whole different level. Ben Askren being a wrestler gives him the advantage of being more stable in terms of stances as wretslers have amazing balance. Jake does strike hard but we also need to realise that Jake has never fought a proper fighter.
Marin Leko
Marin Leko 6 dager siden
Jake is a bully, here Ben speaking facts and here Jake interruptnig him...
Marin Leko
Marin Leko 5 dager siden
Mikkiiiboy 5 dager siden
Bullied the shit out of Ben in the ring
Sumer Rana
Sumer Rana 6 dager siden
All the haters of Masvidal in this comment section lmao! Ben and Jake Paul are doing all this drama to sell the fight, they don't hate each other u fools as they them self made this fight happen!!! How can people not see this and be so naive lol. Its just like wwe except the fight will be real for MONEY so they are trying to bring heat as this whole fights soul purpose is to make money..boxing is none of theirs career..they are all involved so take it easy guys be smart.
ForThoseWondering 6 dager siden
If i wouldve put grandma against masvidal she would've lasted longer. What an smart analogy...
wes yas
wes yas 7 dager siden
Logan is a great kid . Thats what happen when you Watch dana white
Lance A.C
Lance A.C 7 dager siden
I can't wait till the fight ends and I get to come back to all these comments and see yall reactions when Ben loses to Logan Paul's little brother
怪我ドル Z O M B O I D
Jake Paul is an absolute nobody in boxing and he's up there speaking like he's accomplished anything of worth in the sport. He had 3 entirely lopsided fights with smaller people where two are NOsections gamers with no athletic experience, and the last with a 36-year-old retired NBA slam dunk champion who clearly didn't spar once. It's all a joke. Askren needs to win and shut this dumbass up forever.
McKdog Drums
McKdog Drums 7 dager siden
If Daimon Hellstrom is the son of satan, this guy is the son of narcissism. I give you 20 bucks this guy would walk in to your workplace and be an asshole no matter what.. unless ofc you bow down to his fame and fortune. Plz Ben do us a favour and make it quick
didacus36 7 dager siden
Parecen dos judíos discutiendo la thorá
M B123
M B123 7 dager siden
Jake a idiot it's like some shit in the school play ground primary school
Aran Basra
Aran Basra 7 dager siden
Ben I have officially marked off your loss to masvidal just because of the conference 😂😂 Paul’s an idiot
submissions72 7 dager siden
Did he say Bisbing? Bisbing would kill him.
Major Music
Major Music 7 dager siden
Jake so dumb😂😂
Jade Mulon
Jade Mulon 8 dager siden
Stop embarrassing yourself jake paul. Ben is unbothered
Dafydd Johnson
Dafydd Johnson 8 dager siden
so jorge hates ppl that talk shit online.... oh your a hypocrite now?
Howard Howard
Howard Howard 8 dager siden
ben wearing jandals in this haha I love him
Matthew 8 dager siden
Lmao imagine what Bisping, conor, or diaz would do to this guy? XD
AshtrayAnnie 8 dager siden
I hope Ben cleans Jakes clock. What a moron.
prateek jevoor
prateek jevoor 8 dager siden
Jake Paul is scared of people who wear a different foot wear than him. Never be this guy.
E G 8 dager siden
"I'm a boxer...I'm a fighter..." Has fought: A NOsectionsr who didn't train much and barely won A NOsectionsr who choked A tiney ex basketball player Ok dude, reign it in a bit. CHILD
E G 8 dager siden
"This clip doesn't bother you?" No, the dude is a fighter...
Tyler Ray
Tyler Ray 8 dager siden
Jake needs to realize that the hot shit talking is irrelevant because we all know that if they had an actual fight, this child would get severely injured.
Kookko 8 dager siden
Ben is pretty humble guy
Mikiel Sahagun
Mikiel Sahagun 8 dager siden
Brandon Rose
Brandon Rose 8 dager siden
If Paul wins I don’t wanna hear how great of a boxer he is after beating an “mma” guy. If he’s such a great boxer than fight a real boxer.
Ryan Dallacqua
Ryan Dallacqua 8 dager siden
jake is making random sounds which is literally implying that he cant come up with a valid comeback so he resorts to the basic elementary school mockery
Ryan Dallacqua
Ryan Dallacqua 8 dager siden
jake acting like a middle schooler lmaooo
Bunker Wise 215
Bunker Wise 215 8 dager siden
I didn't think it was possible to be more immature than Israel adesanya
enderTriX 8 dager siden
You have two different fighters the barking dog and the silent lion
Mohammed Wisam
Mohammed Wisam 9 dager siden
i can’t wait for ben to clap him
Kristen L'Abbe
Kristen L'Abbe 9 dager siden
I mean Jake was right in literally everything he said
jay vdub
jay vdub 9 dager siden
Somehow this is boxing vs mma, but he can only box? Let’s have a real fight then.
Miguel Crisostomo
Miguel Crisostomo 9 dager siden
Jake is literally trying hard to roast Ben, who is wearing flipflops and like enjoying the childish insults appropriate for grade schooler fights.
Thomas Jackson
Thomas Jackson 9 dager siden
My cousin is a lot like jake but less annoying
Russell Rowland
Russell Rowland 9 dager siden
Full transparency. I hated Jake Paul. After he knocked nate out I started to pull for him some because it seemed like he was being quiet and focusing on the sport. After this I'm think I hate him again.
Colin Cavarzan
Colin Cavarzan 9 dager siden
*"I'm a boxer"* *Has fought a couple NOsectionsrs and a... basketball player?*
Silent FossiL
Silent FossiL 9 dager siden
At the beginning there was like 2 people clapping for jake 😂
DBZD 9 dager siden
Does the youtuber have a purse? 👜
DBZD 9 dager siden
The youtuber thinks he’s in the fight game. If he was a real fighter he’d be the cage doing mma. Boxing is a game, mma is fighting. He says he wants to “fight” a real mma fighter, but he wants to box with them. He’s an idiot. I mean look how stupid he looks. He’s just looking for attention
Billy Jackson
Billy Jackson 9 dager siden
Does jake actually think he can beat diaz in a boxing match😂 someone please put them in the ring together
Mikey Mic
Mikey Mic 9 dager siden
This isn’t boxing vs mma. If it was it would take place in the mma ring. Jake is such a duece.
Alexander Rapelje
Alexander Rapelje 9 dager siden
ben askren finna whip his ass so badly. Hes an olympian
KAG 10 dager siden
Jake reminds me of the democratic party full of shit!
Dale HighRoller
Dale HighRoller 10 dager siden
It's official. Logans little brother is a fuckin tool shed.
Dale HighRoller
Dale HighRoller 10 dager siden
They should just do MMA. I bet Logans little brother wouldn't be so sassy.
Mehmet Usta
Mehmet Usta 10 dager siden
I unfortunately have to say that the chance to win this fight for jake is higher than Ben. Because Jakes opponent is, again, not a real boxer.
Alex 10 dager siden
Jake is being douchebag just so he can get people to watch his fight. We gonna watch it alright and we’re gonna stream the sh*t out of it. He wont get a red cent for me. When Ben kicks his ass I’ll hit Ben’s cashapp for the the 50 bucks.
Ella Tallulah
Ella Tallulah 10 dager siden
Sexual abuser Jake Paul! Even if Ben lost, which I doubt he will, Ben still wins. He doesn’t sexually abuse women. WINNER!
Antonio Solis
Antonio Solis 10 dager siden
Measel Batches
Measel Batches 10 dager siden
7:07 savage line of askren
Measel Batches
Measel Batches 10 dager siden
askren speaks like a matured man while jake speaks like a kid
FIRE 10 dager siden
*looks like old jakey didnt have his script with him lol*
Hunter 10 dager siden
jake seems nervous
Jack Benner
Jack Benner 10 dager siden
Man I feel like the odds were stacked against Ben, but after this we can all see what a real fighter and a real man looks like. Calm collected and ready, Jake is trying to put on some type of show and even he knows it’s not working, I don’t think Jake will have an answer
Ratul Kingston
Ratul Kingston 10 dager siden
Sorry Dude you can’t be Conor mcgregor..
Joe Santini
Joe Santini 10 dager siden
Jake loves to hear himself talk...
Samuel Gagnon
Samuel Gagnon 10 dager siden
Jake is a pure connor mcgregor wannabe
Denny Smith
Denny Smith 10 dager siden
Jakes about to get his ass kicked
Max Savage the Shredinator
I really feel like all of these triller fights are staged to be honest.
S17 10 dager siden
jake is such a tool
Damn Son
Damn Son 10 dager siden
Ben wins the trash talk but loses the fight.
GGS BHANGRA 11 dager siden
I swear to god man jake wants to go to the hospital if he ever fights McGregor, mans gonna get beat up
Jap.p.o 11 dager siden
ben seems so cool to be friends with ngl
Derrick Jones
Derrick Jones 11 dager siden
Jake Paul is everything I wake up every morning trying not to be😂
DRIPYGRAVE 11 dager siden
4:08 literally talkin to a child out of nowhere he start mockin stupidly good job at holdin this conversation i imagine how you talk to girls
Film Edits
Film Edits 11 dager siden
bruv when ben said about jake becoming a dad i was in histerics
Andy Reyes
Andy Reyes 11 dager siden
This like a Bully beat down 😂
Harry 11 dager siden
If they made a Zoolander equivalent film for boxing, Jake Paul could be the star.
Oliver Jooste
Oliver Jooste 11 dager siden
Jake needs more bling, that's not enough bling. And I feel quite strongly that if you are qualified to wear 2 silver chains then you can just aswell wear 7 chains 🤔
Marion M Dickson
Marion M Dickson 11 dager siden
I don't know too much about Jake but omg, he seems like an absolute arrogant twatt in this interview. I have never watched boxing but this is one fight I don't want to miss.
Duncan Feng
Duncan Feng 11 dager siden
70 ppl did not call u out jake, and those 6 names are out of ur league, ur basically an amateur with some money
Duncan Feng
Duncan Feng 11 dager siden
when jake tells ben that he sounds 'like a middle schooler', jake mate u belong in preschool
Anthony Haynes
Anthony Haynes 11 dager siden
I would defeat jake paul in a physical confrontation.