Diving into the R34 GTR Fuel System 

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This car is certainly being "overbuilt" for the power goals - but it's exciting using a lot of these really cool parts that keep things so "simple". Beyond excited to get this thing running!
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23. feb.. 2021





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Jose Sollberger
Jose Sollberger Måned siden
Jose Sollberger
Jose Sollberger Måned siden
Duna duna tata ta! That background music is great
Malachi Gonzales
Malachi Gonzales Måned siden
Was just in the smokies this weekend and it was beautiful perfect driving weather.
ethan stevens
ethan stevens Måned siden
Why does idubbz look like adam younger brother
Jordan Painter
Jordan Painter Måned siden
Check out the Rennsport Dragon Rally to stretch the gt3 legs for a few days in June. 1000 miles for mountain roads over 3 days.
steinke24 Måned siden
Can’t lighting brake clean on fire and breathing it in kill you lol
IT'S DAVE! Måned siden
did the audio quality improve ? johan sounds fucking sexy
Alex Drifts
Alex Drifts Måned siden
Adam said he is going to run a -10 feed, I think someone there needs to check flow rates for fuel systems. -8 is all you need for up to 1300hp. I run -8 feed for an 1800hp 2jzgte and I run -6 feed and return for a 700awhp R32 kit I make. I also run a single -8 feed for my s550 mustang that makes over 1000rwhp on e85 and i have ZERO fuel problems. Also I may have misheard but adam also said something about running the fuel system at 80psi ????? What the hell are you guys doing? it is 43 psi at idle and at MOST the fuel system should see 70psi MAX. With the set up you have you are going to see at most 800 rwhp and thats way over shot Realistically you will see around 650-750rwhp. I wish one of you guys would see this comment you DO NOT need to drop tank at all you can run -8 through the passenger side, also again DO NOT RUN -10
AshleyChandy Måned siden
Why is that cap so special?
Luis Carrion
Luis Carrion Måned siden
I prefer to take down the tank, with all that has been or need to be done
Hello Jii
Hello Jii Måned siden
Install Pioneer AVH-3300NEX in the r34. That will complete the 90’s jdm vibing. Also apple car play!
Castillo Blackburn
Castillo Blackburn Måned siden
The tan canoe micrencephaly snore because song conceivably prevent given a thundering minibus. mushy, draconian patient
Jeff Gothard SGD
Jeff Gothard SGD Måned siden
Fun fact about the iPhone video mode fun fact lol. You can also use the same process to grab the red emergency release on your garage door if your power is out and you’re locked out of the house.
Benjamin Hogervorst
Benjamin Hogervorst Måned siden
Johan is the best.
Aydin Kaynak
Aydin Kaynak Måned siden
Slap the GTR on tarmacs and daily it
Cool thing about 93' is absolutely nothing.. LOL
Nathan Summers
Nathan Summers Måned siden
Tail of dragon was dry today and about 65F. Did a run in about 9min in EM1
M J Måned siden
Amazinggg 🍉🍉🍉
Stanley Patrickson
Stanley Patrickson Måned siden
The tacky metal sporadically wrestle because star uncommonly mend for a impossible turnover. entertaining, seemly harmony
Gaming With Dab
Gaming With Dab Måned siden
Yo Adam i heard you were searching for a e30, ive tried reaching out to you on Instagram about this with no luck so I figured I'd try this, I have 4 e30s, 3 convertibles and 1 coupe. If your intrigued at all just lmk.[ no rust garage kept up until I found them this fall]
Tre Cobb
Tre Cobb Måned siden
What auction site do you use?
Chris Måned siden
Johan : “Fancy camera don’t have lights “ Mike: “... nah”
Micajah McCurry
Micajah McCurry Måned siden
much of the smokies road are still frozen and shut down. Give it a month and bring it!
crfrider2005 Måned siden
Peak leash electronics they make a way smaller relay board that will work for that dual pump setup. The msd one is pretty trick As-well thoo
Harris DiMarco
Harris DiMarco Måned siden
I would buy one
Harris DiMarco
Harris DiMarco Måned siden
Yo LZ do an AUDI RS6 intake
Aussie#420Gaming Måned siden
Can we get a 2021 bmx video?
Sir Thicklocs
Sir Thicklocs Måned siden
Hold up 32k for a SEAT!?!? I’m new to the inside of jdm world
Beanfranked Now
Beanfranked Now Måned siden
So no more barra content, c ya
Timbeah Måned siden
I had that ross reference in my mind the whole time as well, funny to see Adam couldn't get it out of his head as well. Nice fluel plumpsy
Ethan Wier
Ethan Wier Måned siden
I love the og haggard reference 😂😂😂
TommyLYeah - Darkwraith Kaid
JzxGibbs Måned siden
There is spaghetti-o's in there man
anarchyr32 Måned siden
Imagine being as smart as jyohan is but having to explain something technical in not your native language 🤔 man's a beast ay
Yng1k_GTR Måned siden
i look forward to seeing Johan's smile more than the actual progress on the r34.
Lucas Ruttle
Lucas Ruttle Måned siden
you got spaghettio's in your full pump Ross?
stoopidperformance Måned siden
I feel like I could take a Tesla apart easier than an R34. TF Nissan 😂
Connor Hynes
Connor Hynes Måned siden
idubzz is the best
Ian M
Ian M Måned siden
My God, just stick a hose into the bottom of the tank and pump all the fuel out...
Hayden Hearn
Hayden Hearn Måned siden
It’s 70° and sunny up here in the Smokies. Perfect time for a trip.
M1racle_ _
M1racle_ _ Måned siden
Ayyy shomannnnn
BackIntoGear Måned siden
Any one thats ever changed an s14 fuel pump out knows bout this pump setup to. Its harder getting it back in
A.J.theChad Måned siden
make an adam lz discord.
Joshua Damons
Joshua Damons Måned siden
Dam yohan fade 👌🔥
Stunt SWE
Stunt SWE Måned siden
Nice car dude :D
BigPapaSemechki Måned siden
Holy shit, an idubbbz x LZ crossover. They said it was impossible
therealspudnic Måned siden
Drop the tank mate..
emptyzrider Måned siden
Why not just used a magnetic to get the tool out?
jdawghatesyou Måned siden
Oh man... if OSHA even needs evidence on non safe workplace evidence... I just hope they don’t look through his videos haha
Ranshika Fernando
Ranshika Fernando Måned siden
Nice of Dan's Meth and Customs to supply that Haggard Racing hat
sinio Måned siden
If you guys start to make N54 intake manifolds I’ll buy one 🤘🏼
Tom Måned siden
Have you never compared a S15 spec S and a spec R? Spec R has lots of extra bracing: the roof, top of the b-pillar, bottom of the b-pillar, front and rear strut tops, front subframe, rear subframe, front lower control arms, corners in the front of the boot and a bar in the rear of the boot.
Antonio Orozco
Antonio Orozco Måned siden
Who tf dis likes there’s videos
Stority Måned siden
"When do I wear gloves?, That's why he has two kids..." hahahahah
Håkan från Älvdalen
I'll remember to never do fuel pump on Skyline.
Garrett-8k Måned siden
Uberlight2 Måned siden
Sean Murray
Sean Murray Måned siden
gotta comment bc its at 666
Muffins Måned siden
Honestly incredible to see how far Adam has come. Crazy to think how someone could go from making bmx videos and plasti-dipping his BMW wheels to building some of the nicest and most iconic rides on NOsections.
Axl Metcalf
Axl Metcalf Måned siden
An even better idea for the iPhone is using the torch in the magnifier tool... great for seeing inside stuff
liltuberculosis Måned siden
5:27 "fool plump" LMAO @Vlog Creations
Cas van Muijlwijk
Cas van Muijlwijk Måned siden
Hey, just a question, do you guys just replace everything on the car or are these parst broken?🙋‍♂️
Joey Henry
Joey Henry Måned siden
Should have dropped a magnet in the tank.🇬🇧👍
Bryce Abrams
Bryce Abrams Måned siden
Make some Subaru boxer parts and ill buy them
Jason Petrich
Jason Petrich Måned siden
Hahahahah Dan's. Rods and customs. What a joke. More like Dan's meth and guns. Where we take your money don't build shit then, don't give back said vehicles work was to be done to. Dan's a hack. Cheap!!!! always was
BigsGaming Måned siden
As soon as i saw the bent screwdriver i literally thought "it would just be easier to drop the tank at this point"
Justin Måned siden
i bet it smells like cool ranch doritos
Souldier I am
Souldier I am Måned siden
5:27 Ross creations reference really underrated channel
Bee Bee
Bee Bee Måned siden
Ok no to plastic burning.
Adrian Zavala
Adrian Zavala Måned siden
the tape is not gonna be fuel proof 😂
Deadly Donague
Deadly Donague Måned siden
Can Adam start a Bad Unboxing series? That gag was on point 👌🏼
Destiny M. Kirchhofer
weather report from the smokies, it's beautiful up here, come visit us some time!
PlayboyP Måned siden
That mustache needs to go bro!
Christian Archbold
Christian Archbold Måned siden
just one peek at the rx7 please its too beautiful
Garyn Brannon
Garyn Brannon Måned siden
Weird to think I can pull apart an r chassis interior faster than Adam
Devin Buchhorn
Devin Buchhorn Måned siden
this is going to be the best R34 ever created!
zach jakuboski
zach jakuboski Måned siden
You should drive the blue ridge parkway in the Porsche. It’s fun to rip on during the week when there isn’t much traffic!
B’s 12 WRB Limited STI
Let’s not use a magnet to get the screw driver out just tape me up 😂😂😂😂
Brandon Fennell
Brandon Fennell Måned siden
Ever feel like auto engineers design vehicles so nobody can ever work on their car easily?
Sidney Måned siden
Adam, in aircraft maintenance we just put our arms in trash bags and tape them at our shoulders! Tip for next time!
Cade Midgett
Cade Midgett Måned siden
Haters: “Adam doesn’t even work on his cars.” Adam: @6:56
Kouki Måned siden
Why didn't you guys send a magnet down there and fish the screw diver out. Beats ripping hair off your arm yoo
Brendon Stevens
Brendon Stevens Måned siden
There's no 2JZ intake manifolds available and ready to ship says you're sold out!!!!
Chris Måned siden
On the grind nice work boys
Joey Bergum
Joey Bergum Måned siden
Johan looks like he's losing some weight. all those pie cuts.
J.C Darkfire
J.C Darkfire Måned siden
How did u get a r34 in the us
Mike vlogs
Mike vlogs Måned siden
100s of thousands of dollars of tools and equipment and NOT ONE magnet tool for retrieving stuff
XRG Cosmo
XRG Cosmo Måned siden
Rip haggard garage
Dan Verkerk
Dan Verkerk Måned siden
One of those modules should be a factory amp for the oem stereo.
Vuittxn Måned siden
Appreciate the videos everyday Adam
Razor Jimmy
Razor Jimmy Måned siden
I love you Adam LZ
13th Legionnaries Indiana
This man is welding in slides ❤️ my hero lol
Niall Goddard
Niall Goddard Måned siden
Those idubbz references made me crease 😂
Kiddo Måned siden
Adam is the Florida man of cars
matt hill
matt hill Måned siden
That's parking lot outside the shop is ridiculous 😍😂
glam1310 Måned siden
Tail of the Dragon or Six Gap in Ga.
Jox Oddshots
Jox Oddshots Måned siden
That Idubbbz part made me so fucking nostalgic, good shit Mike! :D
SilentKilla Måned siden
I wanted to see if the bucket survived :(
BigDirtyFo Måned siden
"Collett likes me for my skin" Ol boy finna go home and get the hose again 😬
Mike Daly
Mike Daly Måned siden
dans rods and customs is a PREMIUM reference hahahaha
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