Creed - With Arms Wide Open (Official Video) 

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Music video by Creed performing With Arms Wide Open. (C) 2000 Wind-Up Entertainment, Inc.
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big vin
big vin Time siden
I think we all know that we’re here because of McNasty😂
Dante Ua
Dante Ua 5 timer siden
My pop’s favorite song , he passed n now anytime I hear this song I think of him , 💔 oneday I’ll see u again .
•Yorikida• 6 timer siden
This world sucks, they basically got cancelled in the 90s for being christians.
Bobby Horton
Bobby Horton 13 timer siden
This song playing softly in my mind as my son was born.
Hummingbird 22
Hummingbird 22 Dag siden
I had an endtimes dream a few years ago where fireballs were raining down, then a volcano erupted followed by a massive earthquake that made the whole earth vibrate violently. I've more recently been having dreams about WW3. I think that we're nearing the end. I'm ready to go 'home'. I hope that my husband is there to greet me with arms wide open, and to show me everything.
Tree Funk Jones
Tree Funk Jones Dag siden
“0:57 with mouth wide open”
Patricia Palomino
Me encanta esta canción 😍
Martin D
Martin D Dag siden
Make love. Not war ❤️
Scott Shamblin
Scott Shamblin Dag siden
You just got Creeded
Garçon Voûte
Garçon Voûte Dag siden
I miss the strip club
Logan Padilla
Logan Padilla Dag siden
Creed para siempre
No Name
No Name 2 dager siden
I remember hearing this song on the radio driving with my mom and dad growing up. The breeze in my face and the smell of the summer in the air, it brings me to tears to think about. Though I miss them, I wouldn’t change a thing. Their sacrifice has made so many amazing changes in my life and the lives of everyone around them. They saved so, so many people. I’d always known they were amazing, but I was completely blown away when they told me they were going to Brazil to provide relief. I thought it was going to be a life changing experience for them, and in a way, it was. While they were gone, we wrote old fashioned letters to each other. The postage was so expensive, I remember having to spend my allowance on it. But I kept each and every one of those letters. I cried myself to sleep the night they died. I read over each and every word you wrote to me. The day of the funeral, our family friend Peter pulled me aside. He said that a letter had arrived that was addressed to me. I panicked and ripped the paper open quickly, only to see, in my father’s handwriting, those words “Clearly you don’t own an air fryer”
Elvis Presley
Elvis Presley 2 dager siden
This song is a masterpiece! If you are listening and reading this comment I just want you to know that you are a special person, just keep being the best you that you can possibly be, always keep your head up and never doubt yourself. You are on this earth for a reason and there are people who love you!
MiamiCane14 6 timer siden
Thanks Elvis I really needed that tonight it means a lot brother
Live Tumanuvao
Live Tumanuvao 2 dager siden
Creed taught nickelback how to crawl
Live Tumanuvao
Live Tumanuvao 2 dager siden
Creed was like the nickelback we deserved but didn't get lmao
Magdiel Cardoso
Magdiel Cardoso 2 dager siden
Nostalgia Malhação 👏
editsbylexi 2 dager siden
i just had my twin boys on may 1st . it was a early labor and im still in the hospital recovering and hoping i can take my babies home with me soon. this song really helped me stay strong for them. thank u creed i was able to grow up listening to ur music and now my babies can as well!
editsbylexi Dag siden
@Hummingbird 22 thank you!
Hummingbird 22
Hummingbird 22 Dag siden
Congratulations on the birth of your twin sons !
Shannon Baker
Shannon Baker 2 dager siden
Saw them headline in San Antonio in the 90s with Foo Fighters opening!
S tyX
S tyX 2 dager siden
Love u dad...see u soon
Ken Moss
Ken Moss 2 dager siden
Great song for Dads of all ages, that moment you find out is all encompassing.
darwin ordoñez
darwin ordoñez 2 dager siden
si no son chinos son arabes no entiendo ni mierda
Manya Sahni
Manya Sahni 3 dager siden
Be the Man you have to Be!!🌚😊
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
B b t
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
Best g bang koko
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
R carl Heffner
R carl Heffner 3 dager siden
Irish rebel heart
Irish rebel heart 3 dager siden
one of the most beautiful guitar intros of all time
Anderson Mendes
Anderson Mendes 3 dager siden
0:16 Wuelé diz'orror, e eu num estudei.
Raphael Robles
Raphael Robles 3 dager siden
With legs wide open!!!!!
Diego Huaman
Diego Huaman 3 dager siden
esos solos son muy sublimes 2:14
Rebecca Frye
Rebecca Frye 3 dager siden
Jessica Zoterio
Jessica Zoterio 4 dager siden
02/05/2021 "00:06 hrs"
Clay Osiris
Clay Osiris 4 dager siden
The lead singer looks like a character from How to Train your Dragon.
José carlos Rocha medina
Lusitanio Sena
Lusitanio Sena 4 dager siden
Alguém aí em 2021 ouvindo da um salve ai
Poop 4 dager siden
Arms of sorrow is better
Werner ladislao Armas
Werner ladislao Armas 4 dager siden
This is a piece of metal
ALBUME 4 dager siden
Its $$$$
Lukas MTB
Lukas MTB 4 dager siden
My mom used to play this in the car when i was young
Sylvia Williams
Sylvia Williams 5 dager siden
Love this song
gleicilene Aparecida
gleicilene Aparecida 5 dager siden
Ivana Ferreira
Ivana Ferreira 5 dager siden
Daniel Barros
Daniel Barros 5 dager siden
Pedro & Julia (Malhação 2002)❤
Vickie Nygaard
Vickie Nygaard 6 dager siden
This tune is right there.😊🤟🎸🌺🌺
RaptorPacK7 6 dager siden
Down bad.
Kyle Cole
Kyle Cole 6 dager siden
This song has saved my life.
Daniel Dube
Daniel Dube 6 dager siden
Arms wide open... yes 🙌🏼
steven dodman
steven dodman 6 dager siden
ive driven some miles listening to this love it
Fernando Souza
Fernando Souza 6 dager siden
Amo essa música minha época de infância adorou ouviu ..
Heyitslolz 6 dager siden
Listening to this before Creed Humphrey gets drafted tomorrow 😂
Mac Waddle
Mac Waddle 7 dager siden
Loved their music until I saw a few videos. Do all of their videos ghey up the music? You can't take them seriously after watching the videos.
As Hole
As Hole 7 dager siden
I shat myself not long ago
A J557
A J557 7 dager siden
I need you. Your going to wait too long and my arms will not be open any longer. ❤️DB
Kevin Jackson
Kevin Jackson 7 dager siden
The story I try to live by.
Tarso Nascimento
Tarso Nascimento 7 dager siden
😃😃😃💪🤗🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷👏👏👏👍 2021🎉
Johnny 7 dager siden
Alex Carias
Alex Carias 7 dager siden
Joe budden podcast
Simi Heijnen
Simi Heijnen 7 dager siden
This song makes me cry from time to time,it's so beautyful.....❤
NineInchNailer 7 dager siden
This is worst than COVID-19...
ken takano
ken takano 7 dager siden
if someone is still listening to this song after 40 years, i might be dead already but i was here.
Shaheer Asparagus
Shaheer Asparagus 8 dager siden
ELA IS THICCC 8 dager siden
Only legends won’t forget this song
Syazwan Mohd
Syazwan Mohd Time siden
No,only legends won't forget about Creed
a bad opinion
a bad opinion 2 dager siden
I forgot it
FourthStooge 3 dager siden
Yes sir
ELA IS THICCC 5 dager siden
@Romi_Stamp yes sir
Romi_Stamp 6 dager siden
Indeed brother..
Edgar Steven
Edgar Steven 8 dager siden
When my Dad Died The part when it says I Don’t know if I’m ready to be the man I have to be But thanks dad for preparing me❤️
jarrod miller
jarrod miller 8 dager siden
The powers that be tried to destroy this band - because their songs are true and beautiful - they deserve more credit.
Joshua Betancourt
Joshua Betancourt 8 dager siden
Still beautiful since the first time I heard it.
Darkness Blazer
Darkness Blazer 8 dager siden
VAPØ GAMER 9 dager siden
Ethan Aleman
Ethan Aleman 9 dager siden
I karaoke this song 🎤 and dedicate it to my five kids.
puppy love
puppy love 9 dager siden
peopke hate it because he was such a hypocrite..you can hear his voice track was overdubbed multiple to get his vocal sound
Fervernt Hades
Fervernt Hades 9 dager siden
Dear beloved, insecurities means nothing to me “ in hell which I will cry to be by your side!
LASmith319 9 dager siden
First time I heard this enroute to my granddaughters's funeral burial fast forward years & loss of a grandson then my first G. Granddaughter born 5 years after his burial on my birthday! This song is prophetic in my life. Thank you! It has seen me thru so much as has my Heavenly Father. 🙌❤️🕊️
Codys Reviews &Vlogs
Codys Reviews &Vlogs 9 dager siden
Still love this song all these years later
Angel Breath
Angel Breath 9 dager siden
yeah, one of my fav. song 🖤🖤🖤😊🎵🎵🎵
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera 10 dager siden
My pops dedicate this song to me
Tais França
Tais França 10 dager siden
Essa música tem a letra linda e bonita mas eu gosto de ouvir na bad ...
Jhonlennon Loureiro de souza
A geração nuttelinha, nunca vai saber oque foi música de verdade.é pena ver lendas como está entrando em decadência.
Luciaewanessa Barbosa
Luciaewanessa Barbosa 10 dager siden
Malhação 2002 na globo Julia e Pedro.
Jonathon Roe
Jonathon Roe 10 dager siden
haaarms whhide haaaooopen
Jody Johnson
Jody Johnson 10 dager siden
If you have a heart like me can love be true so we live together just like a family cause this our home
Mr. Naim
Mr. Naim 10 dager siden
anyone need lyrics heooooah meah aorhoomes woooiadey opioan
Ingrid Souza
Ingrid Souza 10 dager siden
Amo muito 2021 eu aqui
Peter Burke
Peter Burke 10 dager siden
Zeh zot az za as da da and chemistry microbiology biology class semite demotic so I am
Peter Burke
Peter Burke 10 dager siden
Der die das den Dem meine Seine keine so I am
Peter Burke
Peter Burke 10 dager siden
Yahweh Elohim Adonai Jehovah is so deos logos word Christ
Peter Burke
Peter Burke 10 dager siden
Emmnation succession I am so
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