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We are a family farm located in west central Minnesota. est. 1918
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18. april. 2021





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iBelieve 8 dager siden
James Breault
James Breault 11 dager siden
Great video as always
Bmx bro
Bmx bro 11 dager siden
I love my grandpas cold starts with the 4630
Mike Mcdonald
Mike Mcdonald 12 dager siden
God bless your season and keep you and your family safe
Smooch Mcguire
Smooch Mcguire 14 dager siden
Great video thanks again
Dan Finley
Dan Finley 15 dager siden
Great video man it’s almost go time can’t wait til the next video
John Panning
John Panning 15 dager siden
What is the new camera system your using at your bins for loading trucks?
stephen glendenning
stephen glendenning 15 dager siden
I hope your with is doing good. You keep your safe and the family and staff. Pray for your all the family 👪. Yes be safe plantng and have a good summer 🙏
Tom Cleghorn
Tom Cleghorn 15 dager siden
So excited for spring
stumpy2816 15 dager siden
ajakarr 15 dager siden
Praying for nikki chet and family.....
MrGjc310148 15 dager siden
cheers chet and dad HI NICKYcome hom3e soon,gnz
Lonnie Curtis
Lonnie Curtis 15 dager siden
hi chet yup,have fun to chet,later that planter stuff is complicated,ha
Lee Goldman
Lee Goldman 16 dager siden
I have noticed that y'all are more like city dwellers playing farmers for none of you seem like you want to get dirty that is the backbone of being a farmer is to get dirty during the day and washing up at night but I suppose with this new era farmer things change and nothing wrong with that, love your videos keep em coming and I'll keep watching...
Dana Sheets
Dana Sheets 16 dager siden
David W.
David W. 16 dager siden
Da Big Sweed with his cameo, AWESOME!
Harvey Stephens
Harvey Stephens 16 dager siden
Big Swede, you are a blessing, hold things together during planting as you take some load off Chet Enjoyed watching
NAPA MGR 16 dager siden
business is picking up with spring time coming. great content guys. love it
curtis thompson
curtis thompson 16 dager siden
Have to talk to a Kimball midwest rep and get setup with all ur fittings and a portable crimper
Paul Bennett
Paul Bennett 16 dager siden
Martin sets the bar - Every shop floor I see now I expect to be as clean as yours...but they aren't. Your shop tops them all. for clean as well as cool.
Wyatt Davis
Wyatt Davis 16 dager siden
are you guys going to be at the farm progress show in decatur illinois this fall ?
3 V's
3 V's 16 dager siden
Its cold here in northern mt. It snowed yesterday and today.
Flavio Uccia
Flavio Uccia 16 dager siden
Gary Packwood
Gary Packwood 16 dager siden
Is the Big Swede getting bigger because of the work at Larson Farms or from Swedish Waffles Kanelbulle (Cinnamo Buns)?
Adam Smazenko
Adam Smazenko 16 dager siden
Just curious are those Eaton fittings?
C Chebuhar
C Chebuhar 16 dager siden
Nikki - the queen of editing ! 💪👍🏼
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 16 dager siden
Princess rapunzel says hell no 😂😂😂
Mod Squad
Mod Squad 16 dager siden
I drove my first semi last Friday. My boss son and I just loaded out some cattle then he asked if I wanted to drive I said hell yeah. It was only for 2 miles 😂
Staffan Elisson
Staffan Elisson 16 dager siden
Chris Hosken
Chris Hosken 17 dager siden
Do you think I can walk on the gravel instead of the dirt please 🤣🤣🤣 classic Dougo
John Robbins
John Robbins 17 dager siden
Got our corn planted last week about 1200 acres going to plant cotton and start setting out tobacco this week and in about 2 weeks start planting soy beans and bedding peanut land I hate planting peanuts you have to fill the planter every up and down all them bags
Mayank Raj
Mayank Raj 17 dager siden
ERIC- I almost got stuck... Not gonna tell a whole lot of people... Internet/NOsections: HOLD MY BEER
Promod1 17 dager siden
It's been 100+ degrees for the past week where I live
Steve Adams
Steve Adams 17 dager siden
Ya gotta admire the Big Swede, they argue like two little girls - women.. LOL Almost got stuck...
gary stanford
gary stanford 17 dager siden
How is you beautiful wife doing we are concerned.
Ted Musgrove
Ted Musgrove 17 dager siden
If, a person is too warm, why not reduce the amount of hair is on the head, under the hat? Ha! Till you need that hair and have not much to grow it out. Ha! But, why not buy your own machine, that way, you will have your own, and your friend will still be your friend and have his own, for his farm work.
blair breland
blair breland 17 dager siden
It can be also used for diesel but I am not up on the diesel part
blair breland
blair breland 17 dager siden
Again use seafoam for your gas engines. You will be surprised
Glory Ridge Farmstead
Glory Ridge Farmstead 17 dager siden
God bless
Alex. B 285
Alex. B 285 17 dager siden
Do you need a Class A trucking license to drive the semi trucks as a farmer?
Steve Neal
Steve Neal 17 dager siden
you guys are so funny. Love your dad. Great job guys. Be careful and thank you
777 Kustumz
777 Kustumz 17 dager siden
Praying for you guys, from Lancaster County PA, 🙏❤ 😥 hearts are heavy for yous, may God strengthen and give yous all the grace yous need. You guys are so much fun to watch , a family highlight to watch while were round the supper table here🙂👍👍
Curtis Owens
Curtis Owens 17 dager siden
American eagle
Kevin Christiansen
Kevin Christiansen 17 dager siden
Great video Chet Dougo and Big Swede
Billy Bob Harrison
Billy Bob Harrison 17 dager siden
Love the way your Dad says let me walk on the rocks and not the dirt lol
Ronald Proulx
Ronald Proulx 17 dager siden
Luv You Nichole. 💞 Ron &Susan NC
Sharon Klehm
Sharon Klehm 17 dager siden
Wondering how Nicole is. Would love to see her in a flog.
wesley jones
wesley jones 17 dager siden
“One day, still got both booms on, that’s a success” the Big Swede says😂😂😂😂😂
D JARRETT 17 dager siden
Praying for you Nicole. Please get better.
Sam Mapes
Sam Mapes 17 dager siden
Great video guys. Big swede employee of the month. Keep up the great work guys.
B H 17 dager siden
“Think I could walk in the gravel, instead of the dirt?” Lmao! 😂
Larry Kluck
Larry Kluck 17 dager siden
Great video
wild outdoors
wild outdoors 17 dager siden
we love nikki
Rob Sponenberg
Rob Sponenberg 17 dager siden
Would love to see the year through all your eyes this year. Chet, Dougo and Big Swede should all have cameras.
justintime 17 dager siden
👍 From Cadillac Michigan prayers for Nicole 🙏
Keith Mock
Keith Mock 17 dager siden
Dougo walks out looking professional. You get it chet and Swede right???
M C 17 dager siden
Maybe it's just the camera lens but it looks like the big swede is getting a little beefy. Maybe oughta up the lutefisk and cut down the doughnuts.
Kyle Golden
Kyle Golden 17 dager siden
All the way from South Africa.... 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
John Huheey
John Huheey 17 dager siden
What is O basis?
Allen Carlson
Allen Carlson 17 dager siden
Good PM next winter would be to use that 'borrowed' hose crimper to replace all the hoses on that terragator
Our Wisconsin farm
Our Wisconsin farm 17 dager siden
Can we see more of the 1086 maybe even a story time on it
Mike Crake
Mike Crake 17 dager siden
Yea, now we starting to cook with blue flame gas!!
Todd Maxel
Todd Maxel 17 dager siden
Still praying for you Nikki. God bless you and keep you strong through this ordeal. Read James 5:14-16. 👍
Robert Inscoe
Robert Inscoe 17 dager siden
That trailer looks like it was a boat hauler. Nice job on making it work for you.👍👍
Mike Mcguire
Mike Mcguire 17 dager siden
Thanks for sharing. 🇺🇸
joe gonnet
joe gonnet 17 dager siden
Have you seen my terra gator 8244 yet
Alan Wilcox
Alan Wilcox 17 dager siden
Hey Nikki: Great work as usual in editing! Loved the video.... Prayers for continued recovery..... Captain Al from Tampa😎
TheRantingCabby 17 dager siden
The last part looked like Eric was sitting in a Klingon Battle Cruiser getting ready.
Bryan Lloyd
Bryan Lloyd 17 dager siden
I enjoyed the video and hope that Nikki is doing well!!👍👍
caper2x 17 dager siden
Get well, Nikki!
Reid Umphrey
Reid Umphrey 17 dager siden
Another great video. Big prayers still flowing for Nicole, Chet and Family.
Janne 17 dager siden
I can not help it, I get sad when I watch your channel because I know what you are struggling with. It would have been nice if Nicole was in a video and she also talked and you do not have to be the most alert and look the best because I think we all followers understand how much you fight. I and many with me follow and pray and donate at Caringbridge but it is not the same as hearing and seeing Nicole tell a little how she feels and thinks and so on. love to you all, I wish I could swap with you Nicole ❤️
Steve Whipps
Steve Whipps 17 dager siden
Crimper is great as long as you have the right fittings. You never have the 17/64ths by 7mm o-ring unobtanium fitting
Ed P
Ed P 17 dager siden
The old moldy international is most reliable because it has NO electronics and computers!
David Skiffington
David Skiffington 17 dager siden
Can anyone tell me what “zero basis” is?
Danger Davis
Danger Davis 17 dager siden
David skiffington that means there actually getting the full price for corn as going on the stock market for no deduction
keith pierson
keith pierson 17 dager siden
my gramdpa is a trucker you put grease on the fifth wheel for lubercation
Dennis Hayes
Dennis Hayes 17 dager siden
I’m glad you kept the booms on the sprayer truck BIG SWEDE !!!
Larry Readman
Larry Readman 17 dager siden
Planting DOUGO please!!!!
Alex Drake
Alex Drake 17 dager siden
Don't feel bad about Chet and Dougo arguing for 15 minutes about backing machinery out of the cold storage shed. Heck, on our operation, by mid planting season, we are lucky if we don't have a Federal mediator, a UN negotiator, 3 anger management counselors, and a SWAT team all at one time there to break up arguments. As my dad says, " Thats why we all work here! Because the government requires us not to be exposed to the general public for fear our attitudes will spread!" Personally, i believe that is incorrect. The sooner people realize that I am right 100% of the time, the less arguing there will be.
Mrbink01 17 dager siden
Why is the hydraulic fitting storage on the floor?
CASE AGRICULTURE 17 dager siden
"This thing is ridiculously long" thats what she said
G D Hone
G D Hone 17 dager siden
Whatever NOsections's paying you it isn't enough. This is better than anything on TV. You make us feel like friends.....which would be awkward if we meet...."Chet!!!!!" Chet thinking "another weird creeper dude, the world is ending" 🤣
DAVID WOLFF 17 dager siden
great video Chet . sounds like you need another truck for on the farm use only
jceades1950 17 dager siden
Another great video. Ya gotta love the Big Swede! Continued "positive vibes" going out to Nicole.
scrotie mcbogerballs
scrotie mcbogerballs 17 dager siden
Great job guys glad the big Swede is starting to do more camera stuff he has a great sense of humor all of you do lol thanks for sharing god bless everyone Love you Nikki praying you keep getting better
Ryan Kroells
Ryan Kroells 17 dager siden
Cant wait to see that rx planting corn this spring
Exotic Tones
Exotic Tones 17 dager siden
It's coming boys.
H3N2 17 dager siden
What keeps the trailer side of the hitch from rusting now
Tyler Rankin
Tyler Rankin 17 dager siden
Eric chet and duogo are like the three stoges
Steve Nicoson
Steve Nicoson 17 dager siden
Thanks for the video. Lots of variety in this one. You did a lot of moving equipment around and cleaning some of it up. Eric was glad to get a bit of stuff on the field. 350 acres is not bad in one shot. Loved the clip of Dougo running. Hard on that old guy. Will not be long and you all will be super busy in the field. Spring around the corner. Thanks for your time to do the video. Thanks to Nicole for editing. We are thinking of you Nicole. Trust you are doing ok and feeling better. You take care. You all take care and be safe. Thanks. Iowa farm boy from years ago.
Jay Ewing
Jay Ewing 17 dager siden
4640 still dosent have a straight pipe 😢
B Drones
B Drones 17 dager siden
How many acres do you guys farm?
Thomas Vogelgesang
Thomas Vogelgesang 17 dager siden
Thanks for the great video. I know it has cooled off up there since this video was taken. Hope your planting soon.
Kim Stevens
Kim Stevens 17 dager siden
“ Eric - What cha doing?” 🤣🤣
david wagner
david wagner 17 dager siden
Duggo seems to wear the same blue shirt in every video
Kevin Williams
Kevin Williams 17 dager siden
Enjoyed the show
Steve B
Steve B 17 dager siden
Millions of dollars in equipment and you don't have your own hose crimping machine? 😉
dbmail545 17 dager siden
How's the weather looking? Cool and wet spring here in North Florida.
Jamie Howard
Jamie Howard 17 dager siden
Absolutely love you guys, keep the videos coming!! Full send from California!!
Quinn Reed
Quinn Reed 17 dager siden
Big swede: proceeds to explain to the camera how he almost got stuck. Then says he isn’t going to tell a whole lot of people. Then it ends up so the world knows. I like the way this guy works!
Kamden Allan
Kamden Allan 16 dager siden
@Braylon Frank wow! Took about 15 mins but it actually worked!
Braylon Frank
Braylon Frank 16 dager siden
Dont know if anyone gives a damn but yesterday I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using InstaPortal. You can find it by Googling for Instaportal account hack xD
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