The Weeknd’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LV Halftime Show 

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The Weeknd performs at the Super Bowl LV Pepsi Halftime Show.
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7. feb.. 2021





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Brandy Nicole Morrison
😂😂😂 Those dudes on the fields wearing their frickin jock straps on their heads look like doppelganger of the little boy in the movie Us...Lmao😂😂😂😂
Karen Kazadi
Karen Kazadi 3 timer siden
cant get over this performance 😩
Taneil Schenck
Taneil Schenck 3 timer siden
Now this was the worst halftime show
Lu Lima
Lu Lima 3 timer siden
rude and people who hate the weeknd ur rude
Araceli Figueroa
Araceli Figueroa 3 timer siden
I loved it !! But if he had invited daft punk that could have been their last performance and the show would have been the most epic half time show
kinki stone
kinki stone 3 timer siden
Seme pone la piel de gallina no manches
The Rock
The Rock 4 timer siden
The Rage in his eyes in the end. The best part of the show....
Kathleen Veronesi
Kathleen Veronesi 4 timer siden
Excellent. Transitioning back to being human, albeit the lizard masks.
Robert Duncan
Robert Duncan 4 timer siden
WHAT A singer just FANTASTIC
Pamuji Ku
Pamuji Ku 4 timer siden
I hope next year after the weeknd is ariana grande🙏🏻
Jay Den
Jay Den 4 timer siden
Everything's good till you realise the fake violin playing
s 5 timer siden
Bro this is insane.
Ângelo Gabriel
Ângelo Gabriel 5 timer siden
this guy is just amazing! I will not lie, I felt the shudder in "Blinding By The Lights"
Екатерина Вивтоненко
Храни его Бог. Талантище
John Valencia
John Valencia 5 timer siden
Much Love XO
Monstie ꪜ
Monstie ꪜ 5 timer siden
I love this man
I watch this everyday. Make me happy make me smile 🙂
MMcMichael -
MMcMichael - 5 timer siden
Nice satanic ritual. This world is sick
CalebD5429 5 timer siden
your a moron
Adam Whoriskey
Adam Whoriskey 5 timer siden
Difference between football and NFL the nfl is a show a commercial football is a way of life
Diamond Supreme
Diamond Supreme 5 timer siden
Totally awesome!!
Latonia Williams
Latonia Williams 6 timer siden
This was the best performance I have seen in a long time #loveit
h b
h b 6 timer siden
this man is a legend
Pam Speraw
Pam Speraw 6 timer siden
I love this song What is it called
Fernando Varela
Fernando Varela 6 timer siden
Blinding lights actually is an anthem and it will be for ages.
CostaTheMythical 7 timer siden
I love how he putted in the end : House of balloons/glass table girls
Mehmet Zengin
Mehmet Zengin 7 timer siden
Spencer Bishop
Spencer Bishop 6 timer siden
Nise elish
Jonathan Rangel
Jonathan Rangel 7 timer siden
Imagine if they would’ve played Smile...that would’ve hit different! RIP Juice
Busisiwe Mafeka
Busisiwe Mafeka 7 timer siden
11:24 No ways 😩
Dellon Babb
Dellon Babb 7 timer siden
Earth is so cool bro..
Cuba Tattoo Ink Family
Ahí no hay COVID 19??
Maurício Gadelha
Maurício Gadelha 7 timer siden
O Brazil te ama nego lindo fofo
Tammy Joshua
Tammy Joshua 8 timer siden
Wished he performed Secrets from Starboy really underrated song.
COOL BUDDY Shashank 9 timer siden
I m just imagining One Direction reunion in a Super Bowl performance !!!! First all the guys singing their solo songs one by one and then at last all coming together as One D .! 🤩😭
COOL BUDDY Shashank 9 timer siden
0.00000001% chances of this to happen but still .
Adrian Ciobotaru
Adrian Ciobotaru 9 timer siden
Well done America
sᴏᴘʜɪᴀ ɢᴀᴍɪɴɢ
The weekend deserves so much I swear I can’t find I song I don’t like from the weekend XD
deinla roland
deinla roland 9 timer siden
I had ever wish before daft punk separated ways..they have joined this superbowl..🥲
Fénix' C3
Fénix' C3 9 timer siden
Eso si es un concierto! Saludos desde México!!
R1Z2Y 9 timer siden
As soon as I heard "Wooah" I got so excited! It brought back a lot of memories. I never thought he would play "House Of Balloons" on his super bowl, this was honestly amazing! Cheers to the king! 👑🎊
HIMESH KUNDAL 9 timer siden
3:55 This is what you came for
hitxorth 9 timer siden
jokes on you, i am weeknd's fan
Irgendwer 9 timer siden
I love it!!!!!
Karen Barbara
Karen Barbara 9 timer siden
От облика до отражения, от духа и до трона
wild king24
wild king24 9 timer siden
What a GOD!! 9:16 to 10:04 and 11:14 to 13:48 The 'BEST' parts.
Tony Diaz III
Tony Diaz III 10 timer siden
I can't believe what's happening in our world today, y'all see all these people on TV wearing masks and y'all think it's normal?!? SMH!!!
John Michael Rantay
John Michael Rantay 10 timer siden
I feel it coming & Save your tears 🔥🔥🔥
Knut Norberg
Knut Norberg 10 timer siden
This was just boring.
Irgendwer 9 timer siden
I think it was great!
El Tee Productions
El Tee Productions 10 timer siden
Let’s be honest, it’s not your first time here. And it won’t be your last.l
David Ramírez
David Ramírez 10 timer siden
why no one is talking about that football ball at 3:47?
L** Dal****
L** Dal**** 10 timer siden
One of Satan's slaves.
LYSI Krat 10 timer siden
Красивое шоу....!!!!Певец -красавчик!👍👍👍👍👍
HENDI 10 timer siden
Would you mind checking my new cover of Blinding Lights on my channel ? Give me your thoughts. I would appreciate critics to get better next time.
Diamond 10 timer siden
11:25 YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sarthak Sharma
Sarthak Sharma 11 timer siden
Constantine dranganas
Constantine dranganas 11 timer siden
Happy House Siouxiseeee ❤️🙏
Julio A Palacios Jr
Julio A Palacios Jr 11 timer siden
Lol I literally just wanted to hear blinding lights
Julio A Palacios Jr
Julio A Palacios Jr 11 timer siden
Lol literally only wanted to hear blinding lights
Alison Cheung
Alison Cheung 12 timer siden
so surprised to see house of balloons coming up!
Waad Mohamed
Waad Mohamed 12 timer siden
I get goosebumps every time I watch this even though it’s the thousand time 😭😭🖤❤️
pa333 12 timer siden
How come I don't see enough credit to MJ. 🙏
Sonny W
Sonny W 12 timer siden
Man I was waiting for his robot friends to come out. Smh man😭
Abin Lama
Abin Lama 13 timer siden
Worth every second
idontevenknow 13 timer siden
Imagine how nervous or exited the guys near abel were
Chris Allison
Chris Allison 13 timer siden
Easy favorite half time show
Sandratra Oliva
Sandratra Oliva 13 timer siden
Sebastián López
Sebastián López 13 timer siden
I thought daft punk was going in 5:09 😔😔
MiroAxk 13 timer siden
Weeknd doesn’t need a Grammy Award. The Grammy needs him.
Conchur Mackey
Conchur Mackey 14 timer siden
Yo this was the best Super Bowl halftime show ever
Miguel Mejia
Miguel Mejia 14 timer siden
Joe P
Joe P 14 timer siden
It wasn't Prince in the rain, but this was pretty damm good! #DaftPunkRIP
Josh Vitola
Josh Vitola 14 timer siden
Next year, at Los Angeles. Post Malone for halftime show. Mark my words
marcos velasco
marcos velasco 14 timer siden
Es un genio 🏈👍
YESHUA ORTEGA 15 timer siden
Excelente me encanta the weekend
Eiyu Hello
Eiyu Hello 15 timer siden
Lol fake ass violin section. Not even violinists 😂😂😂😂
Lizbeth De La Cruz Santana
Catherine Mardling
Catherine Mardling 15 timer siden
Sounds like every other song to me
Iris Yessilth
Iris Yessilth 15 timer siden
Ok so can someone help me out I watched this so many times and I don't know if my brain is ok so someone help me out💀
zulema Diaz
zulema Diaz 15 timer siden
Retired Double Agent
Retired Double Agent 15 timer siden
This is how great Daft Punk is btw
Angelina Callahan
Angelina Callahan 16 timer siden
Do you think this would be a difference performance if we weren't in a pandemic? I feel like part of the reason this isn't on the turf so much is because a majority of people watching are at home so this feels more tv friendly.
Carlos Ant
Carlos Ant 16 timer siden
el evento de medio tiempo de este año fue una locura
Gavin Doby
Gavin Doby 16 timer siden
Gavin Doby
Gavin Doby 16 timer siden
Linda Monico
Linda Monico 16 timer siden
My kids can dance better
sheeba sree
sheeba sree 14 timer siden
@baka huwan yan?! That jacket weighed 44 pounds, made out of real rubies
baka huwan yan?!
baka huwan yan?! 16 timer siden
hes not even there to dance lol. And for your information he is wearing a really heavy made out of ruby jacket he is a singer not a dancer lol.
Rebekah marie
Rebekah marie 16 timer siden
Easily my fave SB performance. He looks like he is having the time of his life too
Woomy 16 timer siden
The puppy bowl was adorable.
Arjun C
Arjun C 16 timer siden
I cannot stop watching this
마룬5 다음 최악의 쇼
Orialie Dan
Orialie Dan 17 timer siden
Stop saying it’s bad,whoever does u prob like an ostrich’s voice
Chloe Kilbride
Chloe Kilbride 17 timer siden
yep i’m here for the 5th time
Keshav Jaswal
Keshav Jaswal 17 timer siden
Who is here who disliked the video.. that’s the disrespect to such a great personality who invested his time and money for this event .. shame on such people .. #proudonabel #weeknd
ModForS 17 timer siden
Come back Wrestlemania 😎🔥
ModForS 17 timer siden
Come back Wrestlemania 😎🔥
Hannah 17 timer siden
If they can do all that with masks on you guys can walk around with a mask on
Flackdo 17 timer siden
I like how songs come full circle because he really couldn't feel his face
NO NAME ಠωಠ 17 timer siden
SueRhonda GROOVER 17 timer siden
Why in the cam
CraftsWithCarly 17 timer siden
the way the dancers move during the chorus and instrumental of blinding lights is me in a nutshell during a great part of a song. Just running and flailing haha! I totally felt them!
Tmac Voye
Tmac Voye 17 timer siden
10:04 is the best part in my opinion
JB Dixon
JB Dixon 17 timer siden
10:05 Itd be neat to see a POV in the corner of his trek down to the field while house of balloons plays buying him time
Razburry Boi
Razburry Boi 18 timer siden
3:57 "Me trying to find my mommy at Wal-Mart"